Smallville Spoilers: Doomsday Interview!


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Beating the life out of Tom Welling, stealing Aaron Ashmore‘s lady and getting naked on set… Smallville‘s Sam Witwer, who joined the series this season as Davis Bloome — alter ego: Doomsday, the dude who kills Superman — fills me in on what’s to come…

Tonight’s episode is big for you, yeah?
Sam Witwer: Yeah, it’s the episode called “Prey” and I figure pretty heavily in.

What’s going down?
Davis is having these blackouts. He’s losing a bunch of time and he doesn’t know what’s happening to him in those periods, so he’s naturally very curious about it and he starts to investigate what’s going on during the blackouts. And it’s potentially not very good.

Does he uncover the mystery in this episode?
He figures a few things out. But I think the way the episode goes is a bit surprising. I really like the way it ends. No matter what is resolved or what isn’t resolved, he still has a lot on his plate, this guy.

Is there a sort of cliffhanger at the end?
Maybe a little bit, yeah. A tiny bit. You can’t really help having things dangling with this character at the end of episodes considering the fact that he’s eventually going to kill Superman.

Tomwelling Is that a definite? I know it’s part of the Superman mythology, but you guys have sort of re-imagined Doomsday and created your own version of the character, so I wasn’t sure if killing Superman was definitely in the cards. Is it?
Are you asking if I’m going to beat up Tom Welling until he stops breathing?

Are you?
It’s very possible. To be honest, that much I don’t know. Am I pretty sure they’re going to throw down? Yes. But is he going to be successful and choke him out? He might be. In fact, it may even be likely. He is Doomsday after all.

Right. It’s in the name.

You could end the whole series.
[Laughs] That would be great. We throw down. I beat him up. He dies. Roll credits.

So, in tonight’s episode, Davis is trying to figure out what’s up during these blackouts, but how long will it take the other characters to realize there’s something sketchy going on with him?
Well, that depends very much on who he trusts and who he doesn’t and I’ll leave it at that.

Allisonmack_2 I think he trusts Chloe.
[Laughs] You don’t know that, you’re just making that up.

You guys definitely have chemistry. Sure, she’s engaged, but is there something more to come between Davis and Chloe?
You know, possibly. Allison [Mack] and I enjoy each other personally and we like hanging out on set and we get along well and I think that translates on-screen. As for where that goes plot-wise, you never know. But my thing is, I’m a big Jimmy Olsen fan, and I think Aaron Ashmore is a really good actor, so I actually shy away from any thought of taking his girl.

You don’t want to steal Jimmy Olsen’s girl?
No! Aaron Ashmore is just too cool of a guy.

What about Clark? I’m thinking the two of you are not going to have such a harmonious relationship. Is he the one who’ll try to convince Chloe that Davis is bad news?
Clark is concerned about a lot of things. It wouldn’t surprise me if he tries to mess up my friendship like that. It’s very possible that Clark [will act] with the intention of protecting his friend from a potential threat. As for the specifics of that, you’ll find out [tonight].

Because Davis doesn’t really know what’s going on, he is a really nice guy and he doesn’t seem to have any control over what’s happening, will the other characters have sympathy for him when the truth is revealed? Or will everyone turn on him?
It really depends. In later episodes, it gets complicated. Certainly I hope the audience has sympathy for him. As for other characters, I think the potential is absolutely there, yes, but I can’t spoil it for you.

Are most of Davis’ scenes with Chloe?
Generally Chloe, yeah. But I’ve worked with just about everyone at this point. As a matter of fact, I think I have worked with everyone except Cassidy [Freeman]. I haven’t worked with Tess, which is unfortunate because Cassidy is an amazing actress and she is also a fellow Chicago native, and our dads know each other. And I just really like her.

Oh, cool. Maybe there could be some interaction there in the future?
Yeah, I think there will be. I think [the producers] get a kick out of the fact that we have this connection aside from Smallville.

Do you know how many episodes you’ll be in? How often will we be seeing you?
You’ll be seeing me more and more as the season goes on.

Cool, can you clue me in on what’s to come for Doomsday? Maybe stunts or special effects?
Stunts or special effects… what can I talk about? I had to do a shower scene. Take that as a stunt.

Tell me more.
Oh God, shoot me in the face! No, in all seriousness on special effects, you’re going to see some stuff. I’d rather not give it away, but I very much enjoy doing the physical stuff. I really love it.

But not so much the shirtless shower scenes?
Bleh. I don’t know what it is with this show and naked, but every now and then, they like to throw that in.

When is that coming up?
You’re just going to have to keep your eyes peeled.

Haha, okay. Any last words regarding Davis Bloome?
Yeah, you know, we created the Davis Bloome character so we could eventually drag him through the mud and have this very psychologically intense journey with him. And eventually that’s going to bring us to the point where you see something very similar to what you would expect from the Doomsday character.

You mean from the original mythology?
Yes. Absolutely. This re-imagining might not be as far out as some people think.

Hmm, okay… So you are going to kill Clark!
[Laughs] You never know. You never know.

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