One Tree Hill Season or Series Finale Recap? 7.22 “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You…”

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You…”

This week’s One Tree Hill finale went out with a bang, literally, and all I can say as a devoted fan is we better get a Season 8 so we viewers get a nicely wrapped-up ending. But although one story line may leave us hanging, at least many of the other characters got happy endings.

Haley, still extremely depressed about the death of her mother, jumps into her pool and stays below water until her husband pulls her back up. It’s the last straw that leads her to finally speak to a therapist…

‘One Tree Hill’ season finale: Is this the end?


We don’t know yet if “One Tree Hill” had its season or series finale tonight, but either way it sure went out with a bang. Literally.

According to Zap2it’s own Korbi, the show filmed two separate finales in event it wasn’t picked up for an eighth season. Considering the massive cliffhanger involved, I’m thinking the show is safe. If not, The CW brass better lock their office doors because some very angry fans are comin’ a’knockin’!

It’s time for Julian’s big film festival premiere, so the gang (including, randomly, CHASE!) packs up and heads to a big cabin in Utah for the festivities. From the time they get there until the premiere, nothing actually happens. Seriously. There are some nice character moments with Haley still working through her feelings, Mouth and Skills coming together, Alex and Josh bonding, Alex and CHASE! bonding, and Quinn and Clay having random scantily clad hijinks, but otherwise? No real plot points are put down. It’s basically one big music montage. Not that it’s a bad music montage. It’s actually quite pleasant, for the most part.

At the premiere, Julian is extremely nervous but the audience and industry folk love the film and he ends up selling the rights for $3 million. Julian celebrates by taking Brooke on a lovely walk in the woods and very sweetly proposing to her, which she accepts.

Meanwhile, Haley finally gets the sign she needs to start letting her mother go (in the form of a very, very scary and large owl). She also happily drops a bombshell on Nathan: she’s pregnant! And she thinks it’s a girl! I don’t know why she thinks this, but it is still very exciting!

Back at her hotel room, Alex continues her chase of CHASE! (see what I did there?) and beats him down until he finally agrees to go on a date with her just as Mia texts him and says she wants to get back together. Wow, a love triangle no one really cares about! Fun.

Finally, we end the hour with Clay and Quinn lounging in front of a fire and generally looking beautiful, in love and very content. Just when we think everyone is going to end the episode with a happy ending (and make us believe this is the series finale), Crazy Doppleganger Katie shows up and shoots both of them! Oh no she didn’t!

Random thoughts:

  • So, obviously the show has to come back right? Because if they filmed two different endings and then aired a cliffhanger knowing the show was done that would be a very mean trick.
  • All of the music in this episode was fantastic, even more fantastic than normal.
  • It looks like Grubbs is gone out on tour. I guess that means CHASE! is back as the random bartender of choice for next season?

Favorite quotes:

  • “Wait, how do we know you again?” – Jamie, to CHASE!
  • “My whole life my hair’s been out to get me, like it resents my forehead for taking up too much room.” – Julian
  • “Open with a sex scene. Nice work, Polanski. Good luck explaining that one to the kid.” – Nathan, to Julian

What did you guys think? Is the show coming back? How about that cliffhanger — do you think either Quinn or Clay are actually dead?

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