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Premise: Sibling teens adjust to life in Beverly Hills after moving there and enrolling in West Beverly Hills High School, where their father is the new principal. An updated spin-off of “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

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  1. alexg

     /  February 1, 2009

    WoW great show!!! leighton messssssssster should play thor in new avengers movie. jensen ackles got his dickkk cut offff while having rough sexxxxxxxxxxx with patrick dempsey and jensen ackles and patrick depsey started crying in agoyny how good it felt. pennn badgely got hisss dickkk cut offfffffff giving a quick blow jobbb to karen chaeszzzzzzzzzzz’ 34567ft long pennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnisssssssss. michael pina who is jason vorheees facialllllllly etc has a face only like kyle from csn henderson 07- 08 season a mother can love. eric astrata got hidddd dcikk cut offffffffffffffffffffffff while filming behind enemy lines 5.

  2. I have to say that I am very disappointed with 90210. I fast fwd to the old characters- Kelly, Brenda and Donna. The new characters are boring. Bring back the old characters and get rid of the new ones. PS: Donna and David would never break up with a new baby. Stupid… Kill him off and bring back the old characters…

  3. ksjty

     /  May 18, 2009

    check out kat st. john and her new hit single disrespectfull currently climbing the charts in the u.s. google kat st. john

  4. R C

     /  May 20, 2009

    90210 sucks big time.

  5. TheLynn

     /  May 28, 2009

    Please bring back new episodes or I will hurt you.

  6. raddieyjojo

     /  June 30, 2009

    really good show but it would be better without jon couplan, YOU IDOIT JON COUPLAN NOT IN THE SHOW YOU DUMBASS
    Dont be so harsh Jojo, i thot he was!
    Oh, okay then….

  7. Makenna

     /  July 9, 2009

    I have to say the older 90210 series is better than the new 90210 series!!

  8. jazmin

     /  July 12, 2009

    heyyyy i say to the older is muchhh betterrrrrr

  9. shantel

     /  July 14, 2009

    new season ! PLEASE ! ; and fast i need 2 see wha happens next .

  10. sharn

     /  August 4, 2009

    90210 is GREAT what u on about
    and the new characters are Better
    than the old Ones!
    and the men are All fit!!
    and the girls are pretty

    Loveyou Ty and Dixon ❤

  11. ebsubght

     /  August 6, 2009

    OMG!!! just tell us who dies! I luv 90210 soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  12. 90210rox

     /  August 6, 2009


  13. Kieraa

     /  August 11, 2009

    it’s sooooo freeeking amazing!
    I need to know what happens next!

  14. Jesal

     /  August 11, 2009

    plezz bring the new season on already…im dying 2 c wat happens

  15. katie

     /  September 12, 2009

    i hate dis show its so stupid beverly hills 90210 was way better

  16. Awsome Kid

     /  November 30, 2009

    R C, i totally agree with you!! but all 90210 episodes and seasons suck my hairy balls!!!

  17. Cool Kid

     /  November 30, 2009

    I agree Awsome Kid, except the hairy balls part.

  18. Suzy Lockwood

     /  May 25, 2010

    I LOVE YOU 90210

  19. Theo Esta

     /  July 18, 2010

    Grrrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaatttttttttttt show. KIp it going.

  20. haylie123

     /  December 21, 2010

    I hate Adrianna right now. She’s being such a spoiled little bitch.. I’m glad karma hit her in the ass and she’s stuck with that mansion and that Nevede is done with her.. Also Silver has been with almost every guy in that group hahaha. Annie isn’t as involved this season which is weird…AND as if the show didn’t even continue with her selling her eggs, they just completely dropped it after Annie’s mom said no. Some things need to be explained more!

  21. leanne

     /  April 15, 2011

    liam mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum.

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