Desperate Housewives Spoilers and Reviews

Some reviews of Sundays episode of Desperate Housewives, and to correct everyone’s French when Orson said “Tu me manques, Monique” he said “You miss me Monique” in like I knowyou miss me, not the I miss you that everyone is interpretating it as.

And for the Spoilers according to Ask Ausiello, Mike will awaken from his coma with no recollection of his love for Susan. Enter revisionist historian Edie, who will make Mike think that she was the love of his life pre-coma. Making matters worse, Susan will be on a romantic getaway with Dougray Scott when Mike finally comes to.

From TV Guide: October 1, 2006: It Takes Two

Bree The title of this episode could’ve been “Wrong Baby, Wrong Body.” The first thing I thought when the black baby came out of Xaio-Mei was: “Did she have sex with one of the Applewhites?” You never know with this show. But then it was revealed that the clinic artificially inseminated Xaio-Mei with the wrong “stuff.” Loved when Carlos said (while looking through the video camera): “I’ve got to get the color fixed on this thing,” followed by Gabrielle lowering the camera so Carlos could realize his camera was not faulty. I also enjoyed the scene that followed — having Carolyn Bigsby (Laurie Metcalf) walk into the morgue right after Orson said the dead body was not his wife, Alma’s. I thought for sure she was going to identify it as Alma, but she also said it wasn’t her. Nice way to add to the mystery by having Orson whisper “Tu me manques, Monique” to the body, indicating it was yet another person he probably killed. “Tu me manques” means “I miss you” in French, so this should be an interesting plot.

Speaking of that plot, ABC continues to cast former Oz cast members in their shows and I have no problem with that. That was Ernie Hudson as the detective who assumed the body was Alma’s. Here’s hoping Alma doesn’t come back as a ghost since we know Ernie has had his share of ghostbusting.

Even though I dislike the Scavo story line, I liked that Lynette referred to Nora as “Squeaky Fromme” and that she sat Nora with a bunch of single men at Bree and Orson’s reception. Too bad it ended up being Carlos who Nora was into. Having Tom be the emcee at the reception gave Doug Savant a chance to be quite funny, especially when Susan and Ian (Dougray Scott) kept going back and forth with their toasts. I laughed at Susan pretending to be a brain surgeon with Ian’s parents and Susan covering Mike’s ears at the hospital when Ian referred to their “date.”

Giving Jesse Metcalfe (no relation to Laurie — she spells her name without an “e”) a run for his money in the hunk department was Josh Henderson (from Over There) as Austin, Edie’s nephew. How perfect for Susan’s daughter Julie to be the first character to see Austin shirtless and to pretend not to be attracted to him (“You’re not that hot”). With Jesse returning to the show next week, it will be a hunk-a-thon. But I want more Nicollette Sheridan!

Once again, most of the funniest lines went to Eva Longoria. My favorite was Gaby after Xaio-Mei told her she was bored: “Why don’t you try putting on a pair of pants? That should kill a couple of hours.” Second favorite was Gaby trying to make Carlos jealous by flirting with the attractive but gay cater waiter and saying to him, after he asked her, “Should I cup your boob?”: “No, I’ll drive.”

Your comments about last week’s episode ranged from “Loved it… it’s back on track” to “Ugh… same ole same ole” so I can only assume we’ll get various opinions again. But that’s what makes this intriguing, so chime in, peeps.


From EW:


The Wedding Crushers

On ”Desperate Housewives,” fights, labor, a corpse, and inappropriate toasts combine to make Bree’s day special


The episode opens with Bree obsessing over all of the meticulous details of her wedding day. (Go figure.) But why the rush to get married? I mean it’s only been one episode since they got engaged. Helping to plan the perfect wedding so quickly does not give a whole lot of time for the other ladies to snoop around about Orson. I’m glad Susan decided to get off her ”key lime ass” and investigate.
Turns out there are others in the world who are just as OCD as Bree. According to Laurie Metcalf’s Carolyn, when the police checked Orson’s house after Alma ”disappeared,” the entire place had been scrubbed with bleach. (Translation: He’s hiding something.) Hey, if you’re going to be a killer, you might as well be a clean one!

Susan delivers her findings to the ladies at the church, but Bree is still not convinced. She tells her bridesmaids she has no doubts about Orson, yet she decides to pull him aside during the ceremony and casually ask him if he murdered his wife. He swears he didn’t, and they can now live happily ever after. Right, Bree, because if he was ever planning to admit his dark secret to you, it was going to be right before you’re pronounced man and wife.

Speaking of creepy newcomers to the show, what is up with Nora and her taste in men? And why the heck does Tom care so much? It’s not like he has to sleep with her. (Dear ABC, please don’t ever make Tom cheat on Lynette with Nora — he’s too clean-cut and she’s too frizzy.)

I was thinking the Tom-Lynette-Nora story line was getting incredibly boring until Carlos and Nora started swapping spit at the wedding, leading to a public Gabrielle vs. Carlos spat, which was then cut off far too soon by the breaking of Xiao Mei’s water all over the dance floor. This is the stuff good TV is made of!

The reception continues, once ”they mopped up all the amniotic fluid” (props to Tom for delivering that funny line). Ian gives a touching toast to the newlyweds, even though he has no business being at the wedding except to stalk Susan. What is it about her that makes men fall so fast? Come on — they’re even crashing weddings in her honor. It’s a tad unrealistic.

Again there was no sign of Bree’s kids in this episode, although I noticed Shawn Pyfrom’s and Joy Lauren’s names during the opening credits. One new teen I’m liking a whole lot: Austin, Edie’s adorable nephew, who is not at all coy about his physique. I’m sensing a little fling between Julie and him. As he told Edie after Julie saw him shirtless, ”She couldn’t take her eyes off my abs. I felt violated.”

I was very disappointed that the corpse (who, I should mention, had had all of her teeth pulled out!) was not Alma’s, but then again, what did we really expect? To actually find out some kind of truth about Orson? Yeah right. The real mystery I’d like to uncover: What the heck did he whisper to the dead body before he left the morgue? I rewound my DVR about five times, and all I could make out of it was the word ”Monique.” [Editor’s note: I’m pretty sure he said, ”Tu me manques, Monique,” French for ”I miss you, Monique.”]

Hands down, the best scene of the entire episode was when a black baby popped out of Xiao Mei. The looks on Carlos’ and Gaby’s faces were priceless! Something as ridiculous as embryos being accidentally switched could only happen on this show.

So I leave you guys with a few questions: Do you think Carlos and Gaby will get back together? Will Susan and Ian’s love affair last? Will Lynette ever stand up to Nora and kick her out of their lives for good? And finally, what is the connection between the dead body and Orson? 

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  1. I’m assuming that Carlos and Gabbie come back together since John’s fiance makes an entrance. Susan and Ian won’t last long since Mike will come out and Ian’s wife might die. As for Norah, I’m not sure but I’m presuming she might die soon otherwise it would be tricky to scrape her off and I’m defintiely sure that the body has something to do with Orson having worked in the prison!

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