Supernatural Premiere Recap

From TV Guide (Really sums up this great Episode):

In My Time of Dying:

I’m just so glad this show is back on the air. This second season premiere gave us so much goodness, some questions and lots of sadness, specifically when John seemingly sacrificed himself for his son. Let’s just take this one step at a time, however.

SupernaturalThe recap: This time it was set to Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” — this is a song I admittedly don’t know much about, but the title and some of the lyrics say it all. It feels like an appropriate song to kick things off even though I still think Kansas’ “Carry on My Wayward Son” set the standard for these classic-rock recaps.

The crash aftermath: I’m not sure why the demon inside the trucker just took off after Sam threatened to kill it with the Colt. Self-preservation, maybe? From the looks of the crash, it seemed like John would have been even more beat up, huh? But then we wouldn’t have gotten the face down with the demon if that had happened. Also, not sure how much time spanned from the accident to Dean realizing he was in a coma. Does anyone have any guesses?

The new title page: Loved the fiery Supernatural title page. Very appropriate to the meaning of the show and the tone of the show. Love it.

Spirit Dean: Whereas in “Faith” it seemed that Dean readily accepted his impending death, it definitely seemed like he wasn’t wanting anything to do with death in this episode. I liked the idea of the reaper taking a human form (Tessa) in order to help Dean come to terms with what was supposed to happen. I like a Dean who fights to live even better.

The Brothers: The connection between Sam and Dean is just so great, isn’t it? Even when Dean’s spirit is roaming the hospital, that doesn’t stop these two from communicating and finishing each other’s sentences. Must have something to do with Sammy’s extrasensory abilities. Jared and Jensen’s chemistry is still going strong — especially in that Ouija-board scene.

The Impala: Sam letting Bobby know that the Impala needs to get fixed no matter what just felt so right. We need that car back. Sooner rather than later.

Sam and John: These two continued to fight the entire hour to the point where spirit Dean even tried to act as mediator. But when Sam couldn’t figure out what to do, he knew his dad would know what to do. That’s family.

The demon vs John: The guy who played the face of the demon was scary. Nothing against the actor, but he did evil really well. Here’s where the questions enter the equation: Why did the demon say that Sam isn’t much of a threat to him? What is this truth about Sammy and the other children? I hope we find out by the end of this season.

Tessa and Dean: The reaper asked Dean to make a choice. Stick around and end up becoming an angry spirit, or accept his death. Part of me wishes the demon didn’t save Dean until we found out his choice. That was Lindsey McKeon playing Tessa. Saturday-morning TV fans know her from Saved by the Bell: The New Class, daytime-soap fans know her from her days as “Marah Lewis” on CBS’ Guiding Light, and WB/CW fans know her as Haley’s sis on One Tree Hill.

John and Dean: Last season, I felt like we never got any quality time between John and Dean. This episode basically took care of all that in two especially poignant scenes:

1) Dean’s still a spirit and he comes upon John sitting by his bed. Dean’s asking his dad to help him instead of just sitting around doing nothing.

“I’ve done everything you ever asked me. Everything. I’ve given everything I’ve ever had. And you’re just going to sit there and watch me die? What the hell kind of father are you?”

Of course John couldn’t hear Dean at the time, but Dean’s just saying that was big. We’ve never heard him question his dad like that before. Little did he know what his dad was planning.

2) John knew what was going to happen and he asked Sammy to leave him and Dean alone. The resulting conversation was so satisfying — it was better than the flashbacks we got in “Something Wicked.” It was better than Dean starting to talk back to John in “Dead Man’s Blood” and “Salvation.” We knew that Dean had to give up a lot of his childhood to the hunt and to taking care of Sam, but it had never been stated so definitively before.

“I put too much on your shoulders, I made you grow up too fast. You took care of Sammy, you took care of me. You did that and you didn’t complain – not once.”

What did John whisper to Dean? I’m so curious.

More Big Daddy Winchester: John explaining his behavior after he was resigned to his fate was also really powerful. He admitted he made mistakes, that half the time he doesn’t even know what he and Sam fight about. Then, of course, there was that monologue of love to Dean. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was simply excellent. But unlike Denny on Grey’s Anatomy, my guess is we’ll be seeing Big Daddy Winchester again in the future. That’s the beauty of a show about the supernatural. Anything can happen.

Favorite lines from “In My Time of Dying”:

1) “You’re the psychic. Give me some ghost-whisperin’ or something.”
2) “Dean’s going to be pissed.”
3) “If there’s only one working part, that’s enough.”
4) “You see me messing with crystals or listening to Yanni?”
5) “Dude, I full on Swayze’d that mother.”
6) “I just want you to know that I’m proud of you.” “Is this really you talking?” “Yeah, it’s really me.”

Gilmore Girls…Back on Track?

Gilmore GirlsTuesday’s Gilmore Girls premiere was viewed by 4.55 million, better than the WB’s top 7th Heaven the day before and the best serial rating so far on the new CW, but debates still rage on are Gilmore Girls just as good as when the Palladinos ran it. Many viewers are commenting no, while others thought it was a great, maybe not the best but still very good. Dave Rosenthal has been scrutinized this past week for his writing and directing of the show, should he?

Last season viewers were upset with the Lorelai and Rory estrangement, and then April and Luke freezing out Lorelai. Many of the supporting Stars Hollow characters we know and love were absent, it was the beginning of Rory’s dumbing down too. Theses were stories written by the Palladinos. Season six was actually deemed the worst creatively for the show. Actually throughout the series many of the best episodes were not written by the Palladinos especially season one, when only a sprinkle were written by them.

Rosenthal was put in a hard place, what to do with Luke and Lorelai after she so apparently slept with Christopher in the season finale. The best solution was to roll with it, flip flopping fans might feel sad now for Luke, but last year he was the villain. I too feel sad about the whole L/L story, but they made an awkward couple, their pre-couple bantering was great, but afterwards it was a letdown. The actors don’t seem to like each other anymore. Even Lauren Graham admitted last year she’d like Lorelai to end up Christopher. It should be interesting to see how they work out as a couple they never had a chance and that needs to played out even if Lorelai ends up marrying Luke in the end.

I have a disagreement with the way Rory is portrayed both by Alexis Bledel, and through the writing, she is becoming more ditzy, and less smart and rational that was part of the show’s premise. This is not Rosenthal’s fault, but has been happening since she hooked up with Logan it is an old problem that should remedied quickly!

As for the premiere’s writing the characters were like themselves, they are not acting strange, not every episode especially in the past season were full of pop culture references, and yes the pace was a little slower, but do they need to always appear like they are on speed, it was refreshing. I especially enjoyed seeing the rest of the Stars Hollows gang, Taylor, Kirk, Babette, Lulu, Patty, and even Gypsy, who has been missing for too long, they are important part of the humor, and yes Rory has often found town stuff humorous and even Kirk.

Next week’s episode was written by Rina Mamoun (Everwood) so it should be emotional, that was a hallmark of Everwood and it will be great to see some of that at Gilmore Girls. And from upcoming spoilers it sounds that Gilmore Girls will be just fine, maybe even better.

TV Guide:

September 26, 2006: Danes’ Pains and Automobiles

No matter how many inn reservations Luke Danes made, no matter how much cool stuff he packed for a romantic honeymoon, no matter how long he stood there with those puppy-dog eyes begging for forgiveness, nothing called off his quickie wedding plans faster than Lorelai?s one line: ?I slept with Christopher.? Even I was equally blindsided by her flat, emotionless admission. But that?s probably because I was watching the entire episode on the edge of my couch, judging every line, analyzing every shot, hoping our girls would be handled with care by new show-runner David Rosenthal. But when the screen went dark, and the credits flashed, my eyes immediately welled up. (Yeah, yeah, I?m a big softie. You guys knew that already.) But you know what? Those tears were really, really good news. The show is going to be OK.

Actually, it?s going to be way, way better than OK. David got it down right out of the gate! The real Lorelai never minced words when she was hurting, so of course she was going to tell Luke as bluntly as possible. The new guy also nailed the fast-paced dialogue. (Sookie running around the kitchen extolling her forearm strength, Paris cutting down a mom whose kid needed SAT tutoring.) He also worked in the funny pop-culture refs:

Rory: So Logan and I were on the couch…
Lorelai: Wah, wah, wah!
Rory: Chachi?
Lorelai: Proud!

And he included the bizarre hilarity that is Stars Hollow. (Kirk crashing Taylor?s classic 1964 Ford Thunderbird into Luke?s Diner after being blinded by the newly installed ?auto patrol? camera flashes.) But most importantly, he worked well with several subtleties, an Amy Sherman-Palladino specialty. That car wreck wasn?t just a ha-ha moment. When the tow-truck driver asked Luke about taking out the car or waiting for the insurance guy to show, he got the same angry diatribe from the night before: ?Don?t pressure me! I don?t like to be pressured. It?s not one or the other. Give me time to think.? Not much to think about, actually: The T-Bird/Lorelai had to be removed from the diner/Luke, and both need to be fixed.

Want some more symbolism? Did you Google that ep of the Twilight Zone? Yep, it exists, and it?s a perfect allegory for both Logan and Rory, and Luke and Lorelai: two couples who try to stay in sync for all the right reasons but just can?t seem to get the timing right. Will it take 40 years? We have one season, hopefully more, to find out. I can?t wait.

EW: No Man, No Cry

In the season premiere of ”Gilmore Girls,” Rory and Lorelai talk about living without Logan and Luke, but not as wittily — or as movingly — as they would have before

After tuning in to my wonderful girls for six seasons, I look for certain things in an episode: Lorelai and Rory cracking wise in the same room, Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop, where is your Emmy recognition?) throwing a fit, some physical comedy from my should-be best friend Sookie, and a good cry. I like jokes about Desperate Housewives and Somerset Maugham and Jude Law’s nanny. I worry that I what I liked most, though, was the whoosh and zing of creator-writer-director Amy Sherman-Palladino’s brilliant brain. The new CW network parted inelegantly with her at the end of last season, so, needless to say, I approached last night’s premiere with some anxiety.

We kick off where we left off, with, oh God, Lorelai in Christopher’s bed. Lorelai, who broke, ripped, and spat on my heart last year when she gave Luke that wrenching ultimatum to stop stalling and marry her already, sought comfort from Christopher. I was shocked then; I’m still shocked. (Make no mistakes, I’ve always loved me a little Christopher, and Luke behaved like a major lunkhead for much of last season. But still, sex with the ex? Lorelai! Don’t worry, I’m just like Sookie. Still here for you.) Christopher looks like a dopey smitten kitten, and Lorelai looks like she just ate cat food. He offers to make her breakfast in bed, and she bolts.

Rory, meanwhile, is missing Logan, who left hours ago for a year in London. (Oh Logan, I’ve got lots of friends — smart ones who are into nice guys, not jerks — who sing your praises. Sorry, blondie, I’m not buying it.) He’s left her a strange present that she doesn’t understand the significance of, a model rocket. Screw the spaceship, I say. He also left you a fully furnished rent-free apartment for a year. Invite Paris over and get loaded on homemade rocket fuel! Rory is bummed, though, and moves home to Stars Hollow for the summer to live with Mom.

And here is where, perhaps unfairly, I start to worry about new show runner David Rosenthal. Lorelai and Rory reunite, and Lorelai spills about breaking up with Luke (leaving out the part about consoling herself in the open arms of Rory’s father, of course). She’s not ready to get into it, though, and the two engage in some lame-brained blather about what they could do to keep from talking. Hello! Luke and Lorelai have broken up. They were supposed to grow old together, and he was supposed to make her special plates of diner food for the rest of her life. And now she doesn’t get to wear her blush-colored wedding dress! (Oh, I loved that dress. Not that weird fairy veil though.) I get that she’s in shock, but wouldn’t she break down for half a second? Or at least not get grinningly distracted by subpar banter about racquetball for God’s sake. Racquetball! (Amy, were you watching? Were you gloating?) That said, the later scene at the gym — Lorelai and Rory in cute workout clothes, sitting cross-legged on the court — was quite dear.

Later in the episode, Rory misses Logan so much that she calls him with the intention of inviting herself to London for the summer. He underestimates her enthusiasm and says he’s already bought her a plane ticket. For Christmas break. She feels dumb and deflated and hangs up. Why? Why couldn’t she have just said, ”Wow, you bought me a plane ticket? Thanks, blondie! I might buy my own plane ticket and come for a visit this summer. Cool?”

In the end, Luke (and Scott Patterson, I must say, you have never been better) shows up at the house looking sweaty and sheepish and like he might pass out from fear of losing Lorelai for good. The truck is packed, and he wants to whisk her away to get married, and he’s got all these heartbreaking plans for honeymoons. Lorelai, still stone-faced, tells him she slept with Christopher. Luke, poor, poor thing, burns rubber out of there.

And yet, no cry for me. No lump in my throat, no calf chills, no nothing. And, as Lauren Graham can do no wrong in my book, I blame the writers. I blame the writers for, in the era of Star Jones, James Frey, Katie Couric, Lindsay Lohan, Stavros whoever, only giving us one lame Fast and the Furious joke. I want more pop-culture funny. And I want to believe that you all can do better and that I’m totally jumping the gun and these are perfectly understandable early-in-the-season kinks. I’m 100 percent keeping my Tuesday nights at 8 o’clock free, but I want there to continue to be a swell reason to do so.

What did you think? Am I panicking unnecessarily? Will Lorelai and Christopher be a thing now? Is Logan bopping Kate Moss in London, or can he be trusted? And is The Fast and the Furious worth revisiting? (Never mind answering that last one.)

Desperate Housewives are back…with a Vengeance

Watched by 23. 85 million, last Sunday’s season premiere of Desperate Housewives was just as show runnerr Marc Cherry had promised. The storylines were funnier and the mystery far more suspenseful and scarier (especially the last chilling shot of the body, could it be Orson’s missing wife.

Desperate Housewives

As usual the best scenes and stories of the evening were given by Gaby and Bree. Gaby’s banter with her surrogate were humorous and witty. While Bree’s sexual awakening was amusing to say the least. They also had the best line of the show, both given away in the ads. Gaby’s “You wouldn’t buy a car withiut a test run” methaphor for sex, and Bree’s “but I am a Republican” during her awakening.
Here are EW’s and TV Guide’s reviews, both were positive about the premiere. (to be posted shortly)

Major Spoilers: Meridith chooses McDreamy and…

Last night CTV in Canada aired the second episode of Grey’s Anatomy instead of the premiere, which is the ultimate spoiler.
All Canadians know that after waiting a whole summer Meredith chose both Finn and McDreamy, so there is still a cliffhanger, nothing is resolved except that finally Derek ended his marriage with Addison, and she has already gotten over him with a half naked McSteamy.

Meredith and Derek

Here is the spoilers/summary from

… Izzie bakes muffins all episode, up until the end when Bailey comes to the house and reveals that she partially blames herself for how things ended up with Denny… Addison chooses to take a day off work and drink all day at Joe’s instead, revealing that she knows her marriage is over. Alex has sex with a patient who opts out of having surgery for lung cancer after she leaves the hospital because she wants to embrace life. She ends up indicating she’s going back to the hospital and probably getting the surgery. The chief, who’s been sleeping in his office, discovers Callie has been living at the hospital and tells her it is against all kinds of code, and Callie points out that the chief has been too. Derek and Finn both show up at Joe’s because Meredith asked them too, and she tells them that she can’t really choose between them, so she’d like to date them both. Neither opt out. Derek goes to the hotel Addison is at, saying how awful he feels for how she found out, and that he feels sick that the marriage didn’t pan out. Addison, sitting in a robe after an obvious shower, nurses a glass of champaigne… after Derek confirms the marriage is over, McSteamy emerges from the bathroom, putting a towel on, and notes how awkward of a situation it was. All of a sudden, Derek doesn’t feel so bad anymore, and he leaves.] Source: Kash [Note: As it was revealed by Kristin from E!, ABC switched the order of episodes but it seems they forgot to tell the Canadian network CTV. Therefore, the Canadians saw episode 2 and the US saw episode 1.]

Note to Canadian viewers the premiere will air next week.

The CW: Free to be Together and Launch!

Tonight The CW launches with America’s Top Model, but they have already been airing repeats on Monday and Tuesday accompanying their “ET Presents The CW A Launch of a New Network”, (Launch Party coverage on Tuesday’s airing), a fall preview special focusing on the new network and line up, it was filled with tidbits and previews from the season premieres.

Lauren Graham Tyra Banks

On Monday, The CW had their launch party, Lauren Graham, Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Scott Patterson, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and a few stars from One Tree Hill and 7th Heaven where there, along with 300 stars and staff of the new network.

Here is the Zap-Zit story on The CW Launch

Farewell to the WB

Just a few words about The WB’s farewell on Sunday before discussing The CW Launch. For their “A Night of Favorites and Farewells” they showed 4 pilots: Felicity, Angel Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dawson’s Creek. The WB FrogThough either the pilots from Charmed or 7th Heaven would have been more appropriate than Angel, since they lasted the longest on the network, through their various phases and defined the network more, not that I didn’t enjoy Angel when it was on I did.
For me Felicity and early Dawson’s Creek were treats to watch, but also made me teary eyed, especially the final montage of their stars and the last Thank you, seeing the network‘s Frog even made me sad but also sent me back in time. I watched the WB from the beginning and remember way back in 1995 the hype that was made in its launch, and over The Jamie Foxx Show. A network that started out focusing on half hour comedy made a mark however, with their hour dramas, dramedies, and supernatural folklore. They were an important part of my life, there were points when the only shows I watched were on this one network, and almost every show they launched whether they lasted years or a couple months were watchable and enjoyable.

Dave Rosenthal Speaks! Gilmore Girls Spoilers

Ausiello posted this insightful interview with new Gilmore Girls show runner Dave Rosenthal in August. Some of the spoilers are already known, but some are new and interesting. Also it’s reassuring that there is a future for Luke and Lorelai, but theirs is still a long journey, maybe that means a couple of more seasons?

It’s a Gilmore Girls Spoilerganza!

No, I won’t be revealing any more letters to that nagging asterisk puzzle today. Sorry, but you Gilmore Girshippers have proven way too sharp for your own good, and I promised certain VIPs that I wouldn’t spill the proverbial beans this early in the game. But here’s something that should more than make up for me being a big ol’ tease. I recently unearthed from the archives this exclusive interview with Gilmore show-runner David Rosenthal that I conducted in August for TV Guide’s Returning Favorites issue (on newsstands now). It’s chock full of spoilery goodness ? some of which I’ve already doled out in Ask Ausiello ? so proceed at your own peril. And please, don’t shoot the messenger, no matter how strong the urge. Remember: The messenger is good. (And last I checked, kinda sexy.)

Ausiello: Now that you’ve completed your first episode as show-runner, what was it like?
David Rosenthal:
It was great. Everybody’s in great spirits and very excited, and it was a really good first week. It’s a group that’s been together a long time, so they really know their stuff.

Ausiello: When will the show take its traditional summertime leap forward in time?
The first three episodes of the season are kind of the summer. You know, Rory’s home from school. And then Episode 4, Rory will be heading back to school. So the big jump will be between episodes 3 and 4. There will be a few weeks between 2 and 3, but 1 and 2 are pretty continuous. We view them as a two-hour Gilmore Girls movie. It’s just a lot of emotional stuff that we’re facing.

Ausiello: I got the sense that Luke was headed somewhere at the end of the premiere.
Luke will definitely be heading somewhere when we come up in Episode 2, but I don’t wanna ruin it. I think people will be very curious and interested to see where he’s going.

Ausiello: Will those first three episodes primarily focus on the fallout from Lorelai’s night with Christopher?
Yeah. I mean, there are so many ramifications, not only for Lorelai and for Luke, but you know, for Rory and for Christopher. Something like this sends shockwaves out, so there’s a lot to deal with. There’s still obviously a lot of other [fun] stuff going on, but in terms of emotionally, yeah, there’s a lot of fallout. I also feel like the first five or six episodes are really kind of setting Luke and Lorelai on a course for the season. And it’s gonna take a few episodes for us to get them out at sea and on their journeys for the year. But I’m hoping the audience will be with us and interested and ready to follow them where they’re going.

Ausiello: Is it safe to say Luke and Lorelai are taking separate journeys?
They definitely are on separate journeys, but their journeys will also intersect and overlap. It won’t be like Luke’s over here and Lorelai’s over there and never the two shall meet… not at all. They’re on their own journeys, but those journeys will come together.

Ausiello: There’s a line in the first episode where Lorelai tells Luke it’s over. How much should L/L fans read into that?
Time has a way of healing. She means it, but is that the case forever? I don’t believe that. Do I think Luke and Lorelai ultimately are soul mates? I do. I really do. But does that mean they’re gonna run off together tomorrow and live happily ever after? No. But I think it seems like they’re at a point where they both have some regrowing and changing to do and some things to figure out. It’s over for now.

Ausiello: How pivotal is Christopher in Lorelai’s journey this season?
Very. He’s a big part of her life and he’s a big part of Rory’s life. This past season he really showed a different side, a more patient side, a more mature side. And I feel like he’s earned their trust in a way he really hasn’t before, and he’s in their lives in a way he really hasn’t been before.

Ausiello: Will they be back together romantically?
Certainly, given what’s happened… yeah. Absolutely.

Ausiello: And I assume Anna and April will be a big part of Luke’s journey.
Absolutely. Those relationships will continue to intensify.

Ausiello: What’s up with Richard and Emily?
Obviously, the Luke and Lorelai relationship will impact them. They’ve always been very conflicted about Luke and his role in Lorelai’s life. Also, Richard is going to be offered a guest lecturership at Yale, so he’ll be on campus and around Rory. Emily, as part of her DAR work, is doing a little cotillion training for young girls. She’s running her own little etiquette school, which will be very funny. I think it’ll really be a great thing for her. There also might be some health issues coming up this year.

Ausiello: For Richard?
Yeah. So that’s something that could impact them significantly in terms of his work and also kind of Emily’s role in his life and their dynamic. I think health issues can create stress and conflict and trauma in a family, but they can also bring the family together. It can bring mothers and daughters close together and it can bring grandparents and grandchildren close together.

Ausiello: I hear the stork will pay a visit to Stars Hollow this season.
There will be multiple babies born this season. There also will be a marriage.

Ausiello: Please tell me Lorelai won’t be faced with a “who’s the daddy?” quandary.
No, no, no. I promise. There are no sharks anywhere near our set and there will be no jumping of them.

Ausiello: OK, that’s fantastic news. Why did you decide to keep Logan in London? I thought for sure he would find some way to wiggle himself out of that situation.
I think it presents an interesting issue for Rory, and it’s a complicated thing when you’re still in college and your boyfriend or girlfriend has graduated and moved on. And not only moved on ? he’s in the professional world and she’s still in college. We just thought, why rush him back when there’s stuff to explore there? I think it’s interesting for Rory to have to find her own way at Yale without Logan, and also try to maintain this relationship and to see how much she really loves this guy, how deep the feelings run. But I promise you, Logan will be a major part of her life this year, and they will find ways to be together.

Ausiello: Were you OK with Matt Czuchry doing an episode of Veronica Mars?
I just wanted to make sure he was not playing a character similar to who he’s playing on Gilmore Girls. I think Matt’s a terrific actor. He has great range and an ability to play all kinds of characters. I support Matt and would love him to do all kinds of work outside the show. I just didn’t want it to feel like, ?Logan’s guest-starring on Veronica Mars.?

Ausiello: When and how will Marty reappear in Rory’s life?
He makes kind of a surprising appearance when she’s least expecting it. And whether intentionally or unintentionally, he definitely stirs up some trouble in her personal life in a big way. He really causes her a lot of problems. Marty’s grown up a little. He’s developed a thicker skin; he’s a little tougher. He’s not such a boy anymore. His actions will definitely cause trouble in Rory’s life.

Ausiello: Now for the most frequently asked question from fans: Will we ever see Mr. Kim?
Nope. Mr. Kim is a mystery. Perhaps one day that mystery will be answered, but there are no plans now. I think Mr. Kim is like Norm’s wife, Vera. Better to just imagine him.

Desperate Housewives Spoilers

Entertainment Weekly has the Desperate Housewives as their cover story this week, it includes tons of spoilers for the first couple of episodes, plus has revealing insights from show runner Marc Cherry.

Third Time’s the Charm ”Desperate Housewives”: Sexier. Funnier. Better? Eva Longoria and company have a juicy secret: They think their upcoming season will be the best yet. One promising sign — nobody is locked in a basement

More Gilmore Girls Premiere Info

The CW has given out the summary for the Gilmore Girls premiere. Interestingly Ausielo left out something important, Luke actually wants to elope with Lorelai, albeit I little too late.

Lorlelai & Luke

Picking up on the day after last season’s finale, Lorelai wakes up in bed with Christopher. Confused and mortified, she makes a hasty exit, ignoring Christopher’s pleas that she stay. Once at home, Lorelai tries to get rid of everything that reminds her of Luke and ends up practically emptying her house. Rory receives a toy rocket ship as a parting gift from Logan and is baffled as to its meaning. She decides she should join him in London for the summer, only to learn he has bought her a ticket for a visit at Christmas. Kirk and Taylor cause a bizarre accident that damages Luke’s diner. Finally, Luke shows up at Lorelai’s door and asks her to elope. Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale and Liza Weil also star. Source: The CW


Grey’s Anatomy Scoop

At the recent Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 DVD launch the actor’s were a little loose lipped, which is unusal. Kate Walsh (Addison) gave the Associated Press some insights into the resolution into the triangle between her character, McDreamy and Meredith, for more info visit CNN’s story:
‘Grey’s’ gossip: Love triangle resolution?

Grey’s Anatomy is also Entertainment Weekly’s cover story, it includes some general spoilers:

”Grey’s Anatomy”: More McSex, McDrama, and McDreamy

Suri Cruise’s Big Debut!

The biggest news in entertainment or otherwise was when last night Katie Couric as the new anchor of the CBS Evening News unveiled the October cover of Vanity Fair with adorable Suri Cruise, with her parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. The mystery is over she has finally made her debut at five months.

Vanity Fair Cover

(Photos by: Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair)

In an excerpt from the cover story on the Vanity Fair site, Katie Holmes describes the media frenzy and gossip surrounding Suri as “heartbreaking.”
For more info visit Vanity Fair and People.

Short Cuts

Beyonce’s ‘B’Day drops today, definitely better the Dangerously in Love, the best tracks are Get Me Bodied, Ring the Alarm and Irreplaceable… Supernatural’s first season also drops today.

Vanished News and Spoilers

According to TVGuide Vanished has been given the green light for 3 additional episodes from Fox…


9/11: Before the Flood: A clue that was planted for Agent Kelton to find helps uncover the place where Amanda McNeal was drowned, and a motive comes to light in her kidnapping, leading Kelton to believe he knows the reason for Sara’s abduction.

9/18: The Feed: Kelton learns that Ben has been transferred to federal custody without his authorization. When the agent goes to move Ben out, he arrives just in time to keep him from being harmed. Later, Ben tells Kelton about Quinn Keeler, who sent him to Mark Valera, and Kelton takes a team out to look for her. (TitanTV)

Gilmore Girls Premiere

Mike Ausiello at TV Guide posted some major spoilers about the Gilmore Girls season premiere:

I’ve Seen the Gilmore Girls Season Premiere! Imagine finding a Christmas present under the tree — and knowing it could very well turn out to be a lump of coal. That’s how I felt when a DVD labeled “Gilmore Girls Season 7 Premiere” recently came into my possession nearly a month before its Sept. 27 airdate. As you know, I had read — and loved — Dave Rosenthal’s inaugural script as show-runner. But that was no guarantee that the gold wouldn’t get tarnished, or altogether lost, in translation. So while I was hopeful, I was fearful, too.

Luke and Lorelai

Well, I must’ve been a good boy this year because Santa came through. For the most part.

First, the good (and it’s a biggie): The episode looked, sounded and felt like a typical hour of Gilmore Girls. Actually, I would rank it up there with some of the show’s most entertaining episodes. The pacing and tone were what we have come to expect — and love — and, despite all the sturm und drang of the Luke/Lorelai/Christopher triangle, it was funny. Very funny. At times, even hysterical. And there was also a fair share of romance courtesy of Rory, Logan and a two-foot-tall rocket ship (yes, that’s the flying object I’ve been hinting at).

Other highlights (warning: spoilers abound):

* Any scene that ends with Babette explaining to Lorelai how she’d like her “intimates” dried is a winner in my book.

* Paris’s SAT-tutoring business exceeded all of my comedic expectations. When a mother of one of the control freak’s potential pupils asks why they both have to take a preliminary aptitude test, Paris barks, “Basically, I need to know how much of this is her fault and how much of it is yours.” The funniest Paris line is also the one most likely to fly right past you, so pay really close attention. (BTW, I hereby nominate Liza Weil for president. Of anything. Just put her in charge of something. The girl’s a genius.)

* Taylor’s decision to install a red-light camera to catch lawbreakers leads to all sorts of frivolity, not to mention one of the funniest Kirk sight gags ever.

* Although some of you will likely groan at the mere thought of Lorelai and Rory playing a sport, the Girls’ racquetball game/exercise in distraction works precisely because it is so preposterous. And if you had any doubt whether Rosenthal could nail AS-P’s signature prose, consider this line, in which Rory tells Lorelai that there was nothing good about her tearful good-bye to Logan: “It’s a very poorly-named ritual,” she laments. “It was a bad-bye, very bad-bye.” Speaking of Rory and her beau, the aforementioned rocket was a gift from London-bound Logan and is, initially, a source of great angst for his favorite Girl. I don’t want to reveal why, but I will say the symbolic gesture ultimately brings them closer together than ever. (Hint: It all goes back to the episode title, “The Long Morrow.”)

Ironically, the weakest part of the episode was something boss man Rosenthal likely had little control over: Lauren Graham’s emotionally guarded performance. Don’t get me wrong, LG was at her gloriously pithy best. And a summer away in North Carolina shooting Evan Almighty clearly suited her; she looks even more fetching than usual, if that’s possible. But much of the episode called for Lorelai to be distraught over what she had done to Luke (i.e. bedding Christopher), and, unfortunately, LG rarely gives you a sense of that anguish. Lorelai behaves as if she had just broken up with some poor schlub she dated for a few weeks — a Max, for crying out loud — rather than the love of her life. The final, heartbreaking scene should have torn Lorelai’s insides up but instead elicits little more than a frown. The way it plays, she’s not devastated, she pities Luke. Huh?

Perhaps a line change in the episode may shed some light on the show’s direction this season – and, possibly, the increased creative role LG has in this post-Palladino era. In a telephone conversation with Christopher, Lorelai — according to Rosenthal’s original script — told her ex this “will never happen again.” This, of course, being the dirty deed. But on screen, the line was delivered as, “I don’t think it should happen again.”

That’s a big difference. And not a positive one, IMHO. Regardless of where you fall in the Luke vs. Christopher debate, I think we can all agree that it’s extremely out of character for Lorelai to even entertain the idea of falling back into the sack with Christopher mere hours after the original sin was committed. If Lorelai loves Luke the way we were led to believe she does, she would be disgusted with herself and would have instantly rejected such a notion – regardless of where the exes are headed later this season.

But I’m willing to forgive such a glaring inconsistency because the rest of Rosenthal’s Gilmore debut is such a smashing success.


There has been a lot of criticism about the Luke and Lorelai situation in the comments sections Here are some of my own thoughts on the matter:

Everyone who has watched the show, knows Lorelai doesn’t get too emotional over the negative in her life except for the uncharacteristic interlude of moodiness last season (that was out character.) She stood Max up at their wedding and there was never a break up scene, it was very much left up in the air; viewers actually had to wait two seasons to see Lorelai and Max discuss it. If Lorelai was a weepy emotional type she never could have left her parents house in the first place at such a young age and make it on her own, she is strong and doesn’t easily fall apart or even feel too guilty, Lauren Graham understands this best, she’s been her for the last 6 years.

As for Christopher he has also been like her Linus’ blanket, she always falls back in bed with him, he is a comfort zone for and she needed him now and lets face we can never be too sure she won’t need him again, that is very consistent with Lorelai’s character. They have a long history, he was a first love that never truly died, 22 years later and she still runs to him. The fans also seem to want to ignore that Luke’s behavior was completely uncharacteristic, he pined for Lorelai for years and he got her he basically threw her away, he should be feeling guilty for his behavior. He was too emotionally connected to Anna last season never really confirming if the kid was his, Anna’s word was law, it was a different kind of cheating. It was a huge betrayal when essentially he chose Anna and April over Lorelai not finding a balance for both in his life.

Shows have ups and downs that what makes them interesting and what makes you want to tune in, there would nothing left to show if Luke and Lorelai lived happily ever after, that’s what series finales are for.

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