TV Spoilers Aug 30, 2013: ‘Castle’ Season 6 premiere: 6 spoilers to know about ‘Valkyrie’



‘Castle’ Season 6 premiere: 6 spoilers to know about ‘Valkyrie’

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Thanks to a rather annoying (and awesome) cliffhanger at the end of the Season 5 finale — when Castle (Nathan Fillion) broke out a surprising marriage proposal for Beckett (Stana Katic) — it’s been a long summer for fans of the show….READ MORE

Castle Season 4 Premiere Spoilers Episode Recap: 4.1 “Rise” Beckett’s Secret, She Remembers Everything

‘Castle,’ Season 4, Episode 1, Season Premiere: TV Recap

Source: WSJ, 9-19-11


We ended the last season of “Castle” with a classic cliffhanger: Beckett was shot by a sniper at Captain Montgomery’s funeral. Castle had tried to knock her out of the way when he saw what was happening, but he wasn’t successful. As Beckett lay bleeding, Castle confessed his love for her.

The season premiere picked up exactly where it left off. Beckett is being frantically rushed into surgery. She is slipping away. We are taken back and forth between the operating room and the hallway where everyone has gathered.

In surgery, Beckett’s boyfriend Josh has to start the surgery to save her life despite protests from around the table. “You can’t operate on her, she’s your girlfriend.” To which Josh responds, “She’s dying.” And then he cuts in to stop her bleeding.

Outside in the hallway, Beckett’s father, Castle’s daughter wait. Josh, relieved by another surgeon, comes out of surgery and slams Castle into the wall, blaming him for forcing Beckett to investigate her mother’s death. Back in the room Beckett flat lines.

Castle admits, “I put her on the crosshairs.”

Meanwhile, an envelope is pulled out of a mailbox with the name Smith on it. Montgomery sent it before he was shot. Castle’s pictures, a news article about Beckett’s shooting and some other paperwork are inside and once Smith read’s it all, he places a call to someone who is high up in government.

Beckett doesn’t really flat line. She pulls through. Castle visits Beckett in the hospital while she’s recovering. He says, “I just never thought I’d see again.” Followed by “I heard you were opening a flower shop so I thought I’d pitch in.”

Jokes aside, he quickly realizes Beckett doesn’t remember anything about the day she was shot, including his confession of love. She says, “There are some things better not being remembered.” Not that it matters because Beckett tells Castle to leave. She tells him she’ll call him. But she doesn’t.

Then, with the magic of TV, it is three months later, Beckett returns to work, still not having contacted Castle. She learns Castle had worked tirelessly to figure out who shot her and that the new captain, Captain Victoria Gates (who prefers to be call sir) kicked Castle to the curb anyway. Castle has taken the files home so he can continue working on finding Beckett’s shooter.

Beckett gets into it with the new captain because her case has been closed and because she has to retrain to get her gun back even though she did okay on her psych examine. With no leads on her shooter the captain said it was a waste of time to keep pursuing.

Beckett finally decides to connect with Castle so she catches up with him at a book signing. He is furious she had let three months go by without a call, explaining that it was painful to watch her die on the ambulance, and then recover. He is angry, but softens when Beckett said she needed to work through some things.

“Did Josh help you with that?”

“We broke up.”

After some small talk, Beckett reveals she built up a wall inside after her mother’s death. She tells Castle she needs to put the murder to rest in order to have the kind of relationship she wants. Castle tells her he’s still mad, but says they will figure it out. He softly changes the subject and tells her he’s been working on the money trail to find her killer, but has no leads. He promises to get reinstated by Gates.

He goes around Gates to get back into the squad, having called his pal the mayor to pull strings. Gates is not happy. She threatens to bury Beckett if she ever lets Castle embarrass her again.

The team is in the middle of connecting some dots on a warehouse fire deemed accidental that might lead to some clues on Beckett’s mother murder, when Gates sends them all out on another lead. Becket is back in the saddle, but clearly isn’t ready. After a chase she hesitates to raise her weapon when faced with one pointing at her. Her hand is shaking and Esposito and Ryan come in and take down the bad guy before anything happens.

Back at the station, Castle confronts her on freezing and the shaky hand. She says it won’t happen again. The two of them go and talk to the fire investigator about the warehouse fire that might lead to her shooter. He insists the report is accurate. Beckett flips out and accuses the investigator of lying, and being pressured to falsify a report. He throws them both out of the fire station.

She and Castle go to her home to review the files and they disagree on the fire investigators guilt and the cause of the fire. Beckett can’t accept this because it would mean she has no leads in her mother’s murder.

After they part, Castle gets a call from someone claiming to be a friend of Montgomery’s. Presumably the high-placed official silenced by Montgomery’s mail. He’s got the envelope’s contents spread out in front of him.

“We need to talk.”

Here’s the crux of that call: the contents of that envelope are so damaging to people in high places that they ensure the safety of Montgomery’s family. Beckett was shot at the funeral because that envelope arrived late. She’s safe now and won’t be targeted again, as long as Beckett doesn’t pursue the case any further.

Castle decides to not mention the call to Beckett and instead decides to work to steer her away from the case. He convinces her to take a break until she feels better.

Beckett focuses on the killing of a debutant instead, that they thought had already been solved. She figures out who the killer is, which is not the guy in custody. This time, when they chase the suspect down Beckett doesn’t hesitate and she faces the second gun barrel of the show. This time she prevails and cuffs the suspect.

“We’ll figure it out. That wall inside won’t be there forever,” says Castle as they part.

And just when you think its over, the last few minutes of the show set up the season to come. Castle has, for the time being convinced Beckett to stop pursuing the case, but he is clearly still looking into finding her sniper. And Beckett, in an appointment with her shrink, acknowledges she actually remembers everything from the day she was shot.

Why do you think she lied to Castle about not hearing him say, “I love you”?

Lost Season 6 Premiere Episode Recap: “LA X (Parts I and II)”

Matthew Fox and Terry O’Quinn

What’s old is new again: Tuesday’s episode of Lost answered several questions, but it also raised several others. We learned what happened when Juliet bashed Jughead with such purpose, who’s still alive, who died and who — spoiler alert! — rose from the dead. We finally got confirmation on those rumors that Season 6 would show us what happened if Oceanic 815 landed safely in Los Angeles. We even got to see a glimpse of the long-missing Claire. But we also met some new characters, whose roles in the big picture are intriguing, but are, naturally, as yet unclear. It’s a heady brew, as usual, and I’m already half in the bag….read more

Pushing Daisies Premiere: Season Spoilers & Previews

Pushing Daisies: Chuck’s life is changing. She will move out of Ned’s house and land a job.  And though the Pie Maker is heartbroken over her absence, he’ll find a way to be near her. As for Chuck’s aunt/secret mother, Lily, she’s sending Olive — who now knows the truth about her — away indefinitely. What else? Well, Vivian’s going on a date. Emerson Cod’s writing a kids book! And Ned’s bearing his chest for a nice little shirtless scene! — KorbiTV at

The weirdest crime procedural on television (and considering the amount of competition, that’s saying something) springs back to life with more murder mysteries, colorful characters and G-rated romance between Ned and Chuck, the soul mates who can’t even touch each other. The Season 2 premiere finds Chuck acting as the lead investigator when she goes undercover at a honey-based cosmetics company. And Olive lands in an even stickier situation when she learns an astonishing secret from Lily, who tries to lock her away in a nunnery in order to ensure her silence. — Jack Rodgers, TV Guide


Pushing Daisies

From Kristin at E!Online

After a very long, strike-induced hiatus, ABC is relaunching this dramedy as if it were its very first season. Meaning anyone can (and should) watch.

So what’s the inside skinny on the new season? Pushing Daisies boss Bryan Fuller was kind of enough to share some juicy details…

Did Someone Say “Sex Toy”? As season two begins, Ned and Chuck continue to struggle with their impossible love. (Refresher: If he touches her, she’ll be dead for good.) Still, Bryan Fuller insisted, “They are meant to be together, that’s the relationship to root for. And we’re implying that things are progressing with their intimacy. There’s bedtime contraptions; there’s some bedtime, classic sexy—I think episode eight is when you see the device.” Um, device? I thought he was kidding, but no, Chuck and Ned are getting down, and you’ll be amused at how.

Skivvies Alert! In tonight’s premiere, expect Ned (Lee Pace), Chuck (Anna Friel) and Emerson (Chi McBride) to continue waking the dead and catching bad guys, including a bee-based case that involves Pace strippin’ down to his Skivvies. (Ooh la la.) But the big news is that Olive quits her job at the Pie Hole and retreats to a nunnery! Diana Scarwid plays Olive’s mother superior in the first three episodes. “She’s kind of brilliant, she and Kristin—it’s comic gold,” said Bryan.

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Kristin: Olive Snook, aka brilliant Broadway diva Kristin Chenoweth, will sing again! “We have her singing in episode one, we have her singing in episode eight and we want more singing, and hopefully we’ll have more episodes after 13 so we can have more singing from her.” Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming Pushing Daisies soundtrack that includes at least two songs from season two: an operatic homage to Rodgers and Hammerstein and the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame.”

More on Chuck’s Dad: We know the shocking reveal of the identity of Chuck’s mom (Swoozie Kurtz), but what about daddy dearest? “Episode 5 through 10 are a big arc,” said Fuller. “And that involves the Stephen Root character. He’s a guy who knows Chuck’s dad and knows Ned’s dad. He knows a few secrets, too, so Swoozie’s character is not fond of him being around. We have a romantic story for him and Ellen Greene.” Also, don’t blink! If you do, you’ll miss the Pie Maker’s dad’s cameo in the first episode.

Time for pah! Or pie if you must call it that. It all goes down at 8 p.m. on ABC, and if you’re excited and you know it clap your hands down onto your keyboard and comment below…

Chuck Season Premiere Tonight! & Spoilers Alert!

New Spoilers!

Chuck and Sarah are in for a roller coaster this season: They get together because they think Chuck is going to be free, they flirt with third parties (her ex-BF and his ex-roomie Bryce Larkin and Melinda Clarke as foreign operative Sasha Banacheck), and then they realize that there’s no getting out of it: Sarah has to be Chuck’s protector and not girlfriend. Wahh! Also, Lester (Vik Sahay) operates like a crack-addled Dwight Schrute when he becomes assistant manager of Buy More, and it’s pretty funny… — Kristin at E!Online

Trae Patton/NBC PhotoZachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Michael Clarke Duncan, Chuck
8 pm/ET NBC New

Fans of Chuck, you’re in luck! The seriously solid comedy-drama about a meek, geeky freak (Zachary Levi) returns for a second season. In the opener, unlikely spy Chuck is still entangled in guns, gadgets and girls. (Or is that bullets, bombs and babes?) Here, he mixes it up with a formidable operative (Michael Clarke Duncan) named Colt. This Colt has real kick: He’s out to obtain a device that would potentially give rise to a new Intersect. Later, believing his spy career is behind him, Chuck asks Sarah out on a true first date. Back at superstore Buy More, Morgan uses quirky means to hire a new assistant manager. — Dean Maurer, TV Guide

Zachary Levi reflects on the comedy’s strike-shortened first season, saying, “It’s tough when you’re off the air” for so long. That said, he’s glad to celebrate the series’ return on Sept. 29, “which just so happens to be my birthday!”

Levi also talks about his “double”-the-everything promise for Season 2 (at the 2:45 mark), the prospects for Chuck and Sarah moving in together (3:30), and the fine roster of guest stars on the way, including John Larroquette, whom he says “is a god, but not the God.” — TV Guide

New Chuck Video Interview

Nerd alert!

America’s favorite adorkable TV spy, Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), is back tonight, as NBC launches the long-awaited second season of the loveable action-comedy Chuck. This sophomore series has most definitely upped its game: The first hour back is even funnier, sweeter and more entertaining than what we saw last fall, so you best be setting your DVR.

Zach spilled on why he loves being on such a family-friendly show and on what’s in store for Chuck and Sarah (Yvonne Stra-hot-ski) this season. – Kristin at E!Online

Desperate Housewives Season Premiere Recaps!

‘Desperate Housewives’ recap: The housewives enter a new era… READ FULL RECAP


Hard to believe it’s been five years, huh? As the dreamy, haunted voice of Mary Alice puts it: Where did the time go? Because in those 1,800-odd TV days, a lot has happened to the ladies of Desperate Housewives, and we’re not quite sure how it all went down just yet. Full disclosure: I’ve already seen next week’s episode as well, and while I’m no Spoiler McGee, I will say that you should prepare for a bumpy ride as the implications of all these changes becomes much clearer… READ FULL RECAP

Susan and Mike were in a terrible car accident since we last saw them. Mike appeared to have been badly hurt, but we discover at the end of the episode that he’s alive and well, unlike the mother and daughter in the car they hit. Susan’s constant guilty obsessing about the accident drove Mike out the door, it seems, and now they share custody of their adorable son.

Though she claims not to be ready for a real relationship, Susan has no problem having hot sex with her house painter, hiding him from her friends in a plot that somewhat resembles Gabby’s fling with the gardener in season one. He wants a real relationship but she doesn’t feel ready, so he agrees to hang out for a couple more months and give her a chance to change her mind…. READ FULL RECAP

Mary Alice’s voice is still haunting Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives, telling us about how Susan and Mike got into a horrific car crash during the five year jump. We then get quick glimpses of all the desperate housewives.

Susan is sleeping with her new man, the house painter, but he’s not allowed to stay over because she’s still having relationship issues. Gabi tries to shove her fat daughter Juanita into a princess dress for a kids party, to no avail.

Bree struggles to deal with a photo shoot for her newest cookbook cover, and Katherine gets snippy because it means Bree is ignoring their catering business. The Scavo Pizzeria has been turned into a dive where Lynette is shocked to see her teenage sons gambling and drinking.

Neal McDonough plays a creepy, slightly insane guy who shows up to a house on Wisteria Lane and hands the owner two giant wads of cash to leave immediately. A little persuasion gets the job done, and Mr. Williams now owns the house, along with his wife Mrs. Williams, who happens to be the former Edie Britt.

The next morning, Edie washes her car in a bathing suit, which gets the other four housewives to come asking questions. Edie invites the girls in to meet her new husband, a motivational speaker named Dave. Edie mocks Gabi’s weight gain, but Dave calms her down and seems to have softened Edie’s demeanor a whole lot, causing the other ladies to fall in love with him. They decide to throw a “welcome back” party.

Lynette yells at Tom for thinking the boys’ pranks are cool and going against her decision to ground them. She eventually agrees to side with Tom by letting their sons go to a homecoming dance, but as punishment for her husband, Lynette lets the boys take Tom’s new mid-life crisis convertible. The boys are late for their curfew, giving Lynette a chance to talk to Tom about how they need some more serious parenting to turn the boys into responsible adults. When they get home, Tom lays down the law very seriously.

At the princess party, Gabi is upset that Juanita is indulging in her second big piece of cake and the other moms are mocking the fat kid, so when they leave, Gabi drives ahead, forcing Juanita to run and chase it. After several blocks of this, Juanita gives up and gets on a bus, forcing her mother to now give chase. Back at the house, Gabi breaks down because she’s actually upset over how she’s let her own body go since having the kids, but blind Carlos says she’s still beautiful to him.

Bree and Katherine feud over Bree’s new cookbook containing stolen recipes. During a live video segment for a local TV show, Katherine feigns injury, forcing Bree to finalize a recipe from the cookbook that was originally Katherine’s that Bree can’t do, resulting in disaster.

At the party for the Williams couple, Edie is stunned that Karen McCluskey is still alive. Things get tense when the ladies and Edie debate whether this is a “We’re sorry for kicking you out of our town” party or a “We forgive you for acting like total bitch” party. Dave takes Edie aside and tells her they need to have everyone like them so it all goes well.

Susan’s house painter does some karaoke, singing “I Want to be Your Boyfriend” to Susan. She drags him off stage and confesses she can’t be in a relationship. Later we see the aftermath of the crash, and Mike is OK, but the mother and baby in the other car died. Susan blamed Mike for their deaths, so now Susan and Mike share custody of their son.

In the final scene, we learn that Dave Williams really is crazy, because he’s an out-patient from a mental institution. He was committed for issues with rage, and while he’s not a danger to himself, we see a videotaped session of him saying there’s only one person who should be worried. Uh oh, someone on Wisteria Lane is in trouble.

Quotes/Highlights from

  • Favorite quote- Edie to the ladies: “Oh, you don’t know. I have a husband now!” Susan: “Really? Whose?” Snap!
  • Second favorite- Edie to Gabby on her looks: “What happened to you?” Gabby: “I had two children.” Edie: “For what, breakfast?” Hee.
  • No sign of Adam, so it’s unclear if Katherine is alone.
  • Gabby’s child looks a lot older than Susan’s. I mean, I know she’s supposed to be big for her age, but there’s no way that kid is four and a half. Right?

Desperate Housewives: Spoilers and Burning Questions Answered!

From TV Guide:

Desperate Housewives by Ron Tom/ABC
080926pre-desperate.jpgWhen ABC’s Desperate Housewives returns Sunday at 9 pm/ET, viewers finally will get some answers to the big questions raised by the season-ending five-year jump. Bree and Andrew are chummy? Gaby’s no longer a size double-zero? And a mom? And why is Susan no longer with Mike, but instead kissing Gale Harold? Executive producer Bob Daily tackles those and other burning Qs. — Matt Mitovich As you got down to the business of actually writing the new episodes, did you realize any unforeseen benefit of the five-year jump?
Bob Daily:
We have an episode where we fill people in on some of the details from the past five years — some of which are serious, and some of which are just funny and frivolous. It gives us this great well that we can dip into periodically for back story. Fleshing out those five years is proving to be really fun. Which housewife would you say is most different?
Gaby’s circumstances have changed the most — she’s gone from being this self-absorbed woman who shops and does lunch with her girlfriends to a mother of two girls with a blind husband. We’re also playing that over the course of the five years, she and Carlos dropped rung by rung down the ladder, so she’s dealing with a lack of money and social status. Psychologically, Susan has changed most. Something happens in the first episode that explains why she changed so much. Obviously we saw in the finale that she came home and kissed a man that was not Mike Delfino, so that was a huge change for her. Her attitude has changed in that she’s given up on looking for the fairy tale romance. She’s a little cynical now. She tried so hard with Mike, that for it to hit whatever major roadblock it hit probably took the wind out of her sails.
Exactly. That’s what her story is, and in the first episode you’ll see how she has come to this point in her life. Tell me about the conversation where you and [series creator] Marc Cherry tell Eva [Longoria Parker] that she’s going to be frumpy for a little while.
Honestly, she has been so on board with this, I can’t tell you…. I know that while we were filming the first episode, she asked to see dailies, which she hasn’t done much before. She wanted to see how she looked, which made us all a little nervous, but she came back and said, “I don’t think I look frumpy enough. Give me some more padding, lets take the makeup down a bit….” Everyone who didn’t know Eva was surprised at how into it she was. Lynette and Tom’s marriage has been on shaky ground. Are they on more solid of footing?
They are, but…. We’re playing Tom as starting to go through a bit of a midlife crisis, and Lynette will be dealing with that — not in a marriage-rocking sort of way, but in a humorous way. We’re going to do an arc where the men of Wisteria Lane start a garage band, a “recapturing their youth” kind of thing. That will torment Lynette audibly, because they’re playing in her garage. When you wrote off Edie last season, did you have to reassure Nicolette Sheridan, “Listen, you’ll be back.” Or was she actually being written off at one point?
No, she wasn’t. Marc did explain it to her, and she to her credit wasn’t worried. She knew we’d take care of her. That’s always a scary moment for an actress when you get that script showing you pounding a “For Sale” sign in front of your house. Neal McDonough‘s character, Dave, enters through Edie’s story?
Exactly. He brings mystery with him to Wisteria Lane. He has been fantastic. From his first scene in Episode 1, people are going to be really intrigued. The guy just looks spooky!
Yeah…. But he has a charm, too, which sort of makes him twice as spooky. The ladies — and some of the men — on our writing staff are all finding him extremely handsome, but that makes him even spookier. Which is the more compelling story — why Susan is now with Jackson (Gale Harold), or why she is no longer with Mike?
Initially, for our loyal fans, it will be why she’s not with Mike. We answer that in our first episode. But our goal over subsequent episodes is to show how she ended up with Jackson and what makes them a fun and interesting couple, despite Susan’s reluctance to dive head-first into another relationship. Bree is now this successful Martha Stewart type. How goes the rest of her life?
There are some mysteries there to reveal. One of the things we’re playing for fun is that Andrew has gone to work for her. She and Andrew have had a rocky relationship, and Andrew has been a loose canon, so the fun thing is Bree realizing, “Oh, I can take that talent that has gotten him into trouble and use it to my advantage.” Andrew is sort of her hatchet man: “Andrew, could you take care of this for me in aw ay that will enable to me to keep my hands clean?” [Laughs] So if Katherine starts getting too greedy for piece of the literal pie, Andrew could keep her at bay perhaps.
Exactly. He’s Bree’s “muscle.” And we did reveal in the final episode that Bree and Orson were back together, and in one of the first three episodes we’ll reveal how that came to happen. The end of Episode 17 had her saying to Orson, “I don’t think I can take you back.” We’ve seen the last of Nathan Fillion, right?
Right. We loved him but our deal with him was always for not even a year, because he wanted to be able to do pilots. We knew we had him for a limited time. We were glad he was able to come back for the finale, because we weren’t even sure about that. Which of the kids is most different? Have any pulled a 180, personality-wise?
Actually, we just did an episode where Danielle returns, and I would say she’s changed quite dramatically, in a fun way. The trajectory you saw for Danielle at the end of last season has altered in the five years. As for Lynette’s twins, one of her arcs for this season is going to be dealing with these twins who have gone from being youthful troublemakers to juvenile delinquents. They’ve gone from stealing Mrs. McCluskey’s flower pot to stealing her car. Lynette’s sort of realizing, “We only have a couple more years with these boys, we need to get them on the straight and narrow.” And yet they’ll be likeable?
They’re very charmingly cast. We got lucky because our casting director just about had a heart attack when we said we needed twin actors who looked like [the original Porter and Preston] and were good actors. We had actually talked about hiring a single actor and doing a Patty Duke Show sort of thing — “Where’s your brother? Let me go get him…” Thank god we were able to find these great kids. Any other characters of note?
Bob and Lee are still around. That was a great color for us to play sometimes, and we love those actors. Mrs. McCluskey is still around. I understand that Ida’s cat goes missing?
Yeah, that’s part of the mystery in one of our early episodes. … and there might be foul play involved….
Yes. Ida’s cat has caused a lot of trouble for Mrs. McCluskey! She gets wrapped up a little bit in the mystery herself. Kathryn Joosten [who since this Q&A has won a second Emmy in the role] is fantastic, we love her. It’s great to have actors like her who you can bring in for a great scene. When Housewives does a flashback, will you co-opt the whooshing noise from Lost?
No, we’re going to use Wayne’s World’s “do-da-loo, do-da-loo….” I guess we have to come up with our own noise. We’ll get our sound effects people working on that. Did you ever seriously think about rewinding the show five years and ending where you began, with the gun shot?
I think that was thrown out there when rumors of the five-year jump got out there. That was just some “misdirection.” Though some folks in the writers room then thought, “Actually, that is kind of a cool idea.” Maybe for Season 7!

The Best Quotes From the Ugly Betty Premiere!

From EW:

“Oh… my… God. Oh my God! Oh, Betty! Oh, I forgot how big and bright you are!” —Amanda (Becki Newton), after Betty (America Fererra) returns from her vacation to find Mode a cold, dark place

“I’ve been looking out for you, but you gotta look busy. Even if you’re doing nothing, which is one of your strengths.” —Marc (Michael Urie), urging Amanda to get to work before Willy swoops in and gets rid of her

“Oh my, it’s back.” —Willy, upon seeing Betty return from vacation to Mode

“I was once voted the lay of the land.” —Player assistant Ginger (Kate Reinders), after Daniel (Eric Mabius) tells her to give Betty the lay of the land at her new magazine

“I said gingham, and you give me Japanese floral-garden kimonos. And dragon prints, really, Margaret? Dragon prints? After all these years? And thank you, Rodrigo, for the gift of white-face kabuki makeup. You really put the gay in geisha!” —Wilhelmina, chastising her staff for their bad taste

“Like taking candy from a tranny.” —Marc, after he and Wilhelmina duped Alexis (Rebecca Romijn) into appearing on Live! With Regis & Kelly for nefarious purposes

“Oh my God, look at this! ‘Brittle and horny? Afraid your bones will crack in the sack?’ Been there, done that!” —Regis Philbin, while interviewing Wilhelmina and Alexis about Hot Flash, Mode’s new magazine for older women, on Live! With Regis & Kelly

“Well, I’m not a cheeseburger, so I know you’re not gonna eat me.” —Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan), after Betty threatens to hurt her for insulting Ignacio (Tony Plana)

“She’s as reliable as she is fertile.” —Marc, about Kelly Ripa, after the host helped him and Wilhelmina carry out their plan to bring down Hot Flash

Brothers & Sisters More Season Premiere Spoilers Revealed!

From Kristin at E!Online


Dave Annable, Emily VanCamp, Brothers and Sisters

Sunday, 10 p.m., ABC

Why to Watch: The best dang family on television is making a comeback—and making out, wheee!

Yes, the much-buzzed-about romance between Justin (Dave Annable) and the girl he thought for a little while was his sister Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) is most definitely heating up in the new season, and you’ll see that they have just as difficult a time coming to terms with it as some of the viewers have. Still, “I actually really like the storyline,” Emily tells Kristin at E!Online. “It is giving us a lot to work with. A lot to do.”

Regardless, the Brothers & Sisters third-season premiere is a solid offering, and you’ll be delighted, I’m sure, to see that one of the most compelling and well-written series has not lost its oomph.

Kitty and Robert are moving foward with their hope for adopting a baby, Kevin is moving on up, Rebecca is moving on out and oh, yeah, there’s the talk of that secret brother Ryan no one ever knew they had.

New Desperate Housewives Casting & Premiere Spoilers!

Desperate Housewives: Susan’s now-adult daughter, Julie (Andrea Bowen), is hightailing it back to Wisteria Lane later this fall, and I hear she’s got a helluva surprise in store for Mum. (Hint: It has to do with her new BF.) — Ausiello Files

Kathrynjoosten Desperate Houseguy: Edie’s new shady husband, hell bent on getting the residents of Fairview to look kindly upon him and his wife, will charm most of the women on Wisteria Lane. But it won’t take long for one lady in particular to suspect that something’s off. Mrs. McCluskey (the Emmy-winning Kathryn Joosten) and her cat, Toby, will be the first to fall victim to Mr. Edie Britt’s special brand of bullying persuasion, and the plucky McCluskey won’t just forgive and forget. — KorbiTV at

ABC/Andrew Eccles

Desperate Housewives

Sunday, 9 p.m., ABC

The time jump really seems to work, and in the season premiere, you’ll see a whole new take on the Wisteria babes: Gabby the frump, Bree the entrepreneur, Felicity the warden, Edie the good little wifey and Susan the jaded singleton.

Still, the best reason  to watch? The new Desperate men! Neal McDonough—aka the world’s hottest albino—is terrifyingly creepy and brings fantastic new energy and intensity to the show (think Kevin McKidd on Grey’s), and Lynette and Tom’s terror of twins, Porter and Preston, are now 16 and played by Charles and Max Carver, two 20-year-old USC students who look a little like Matt Damon and will make a few of you younger female viewers all tingly.

Food for Thought: Gabby has a controversial storyline with her four-year-old who has “weight issues.” Too young for such talk? Or does anything go on this fantastical show? — Kristin at E!Online

Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recaps & Spoilers: “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

Here are two early recaps of the amazing season premiere!

Episode Recap: “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

“Fairytales don’t come true,” Meredith uttered as she stood in the very same spot we last saw her in Season 4, in the midst of her house of candles. Suddenly, we were reminded of all the things we feared might happen when Derek left her that night to end things with Rose. Could things already be coming to a crashing halt?

If you only caught the first few minutes of this episode, you might have thought the fairytale ended with a fatal car crash involving Derek. Thankfully, that scene wasn’t real as we learned that Meredith was being plagued by those haunting images in a recurring dream. But creator Shonda Rhimes wasn’t done playing with us yet. Rose later surfaced to deliver the news that she was carrying Derek’s baby! Again, another ruse, but I have to admit I enjoyed the way the writer’s turned the tables on us and acknowledged the obvious obstacles they could have thrown at Meredith and Derek, yet they did not. Instead, it looks like these two are in for a much bumpier ride—the reality of moving in together…. FULL RECAP

‘Grey’s’ returns with new hunky doc, old drama

Kevin McKidd moves from ‘Rome’ to Seattle to liven up season premiere

By Linda Holmes, MSNBC contributor

Back to basics: When “Grey’s Anatomy” returned Sept. 25, Meredith spent the episode talking herself in and out of moving in with Derek, eventually (as always) using her patients as tools of self-discovery and choosing cohabitation. Derek successfully shook off a resentful Rose, who agreed to retreat to another specialty so she won’t keep stabbing him during surgeries…. READ FULL RECAP

From Kristin at E!Online:

Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Grey's Anatomy

Who wanted to scream “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” at Dr. Meredith Whiny-Pants Grey during tonight’s premiere of Grey’s Anatomy? Thankfully, Cristina (Sandra Oh) did the honors in a scene that pretty much stole the two-hour episode —well, along with the intro of her new love interest Major Hottie, who so lived up to his name.


Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy

A Major Case of the Hotties: Anyone else foaming at the mouth during those scenes with Cristina Yang’s hot-as-fire new love interest, Kevin McKidd? Sure, the facial hair takes a little getting used to, but I for one am digging the raw, rugged, and so-not-pretty new flavor at Seattle Grace.

Hot Flashes, Then Chills: I know we’re supposed to feel for Alex given everything he’s been through, but his whiplash-inducing hot-cold nature toward Izzie is a bit nauseating, isn’t it? I really wish the writers would just pull these two in one direction or the other, and oh, hey! Look down there in the Diagnosis section—we have some amazing, definitive, exclusive scoop on Alex and Izzie’s fate!

Incredible Non-Melty Icicles! Grey’s has never been known for its realism, but I’m sorry, I had to laugh out loud at that renegade icicle piercing Christina’s gut (I hate it when that happens!) followed by a long scene in the O.R. where they debate what to do with it, in which the icicle…wait for it…does not melt. Cue the scientists: This technology could cure global warming.

The Gaying of Grey’s: First the writers plan two seasons ago to make Cristina’s character bisexual (a plan foiled by some loudmouth scoop hound whose name may or may rhyme with Shristin), then they start the current “exploration” storyline with Callie and Hahn, and now comes the news that Melissa George is coming on to play a bisexual character who may do a tonsil tango or two with Callie and/or Hahn.

Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Grey's Anatomy ABC

“It’s On!” This is what sources very close to the show tell me regarding the couple many of you have been waiting to see since season one: Alex and Izzie. I’m told it’s definitely happening this season and will be a major storyline—most likely, I’m guessing, that “huge love story” Shonda Rhimes promised for Heigl.

Major Hope: Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Kevin McKidd, aka the army doctor who planted one on Cristina.

McMansion: I’m told their dream house is still in the works, so don’t give up on Meredith and Derek just yet. She may stop whining and learn to embrace her happily ever after, after all!

Grey’s Anatomy, “Dream a Little Dream of Me”: Pain don’t hurt

by Alan Sepinwall/The Star-Ledger, Thursday September 25, 2008, 11:00 PM

… I wanted to throw a brick at the TV when we got the dream sequence fake-out about McDreamy being in a car crash, and again with Rose’s pregnancy joke (which led to an ABC promo that Shonda had to publicly disavow). And, yes, Lexie suddenly having an unrequited crush on George in the same way he did on Meredith way back when is a little too cute and self-conscious a role reversal. And, yes, I still think Callie and Dr. Hahn are gay for each other (but not, in an unexpected twist for Hahn, for anyone else, past or present) only because the writers needed to give these two characters something to do.

But every minute of it was worth it for the moment when Izzie started counting to 30 after Mariette Hartley woke up from surgery, then realized that this woman would spend the rest of her life having to be told, over and over and over, that her husband was dead. That Izzie found a way, in the end, to turn Mariette’s curse — a condition that makes Leonard from “Memento” seem like a lucky bastard in comparison — into a blessing (Mariette will instead be perpetually told that her husband is just around the corner) didn’t diminish the awesome horror of that earlier moment. If anything, it elevated all the fairy tale talk, because it showed how every fairy tale is a horror story, and vice versa, depending on the perspective you take on it.

Really, aside from the missteps I mentioned above, I quite liked “Dream a Little Dream.” I’ve made peace with the aspects of the series I know are fundamental to its DNA — the narration, Meredith’s need to obsess about her relationships every minute of every day — and the running meta-commentary about the drop in the hospital rankings  suggests Shonda and company are aware of how they slipped in recent years and are going to make a good-faith effort to get back to doing what they do best (possibly, although ABC & Shonda Rhimes denies it).

On Kevin McKidd… they laid on the “He’s a combat field surgeon who doesn’t play by the rules!” thing a little thick — and, as noted in the column, the surgical staple gag was straight outta “Roadhouse” — but McKidd brings a distinctly masculine energy that the show has needed for a while.

More Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere Spoilers and Previews!

Grey's Anatomy Bob D’Amico

From Kristin at E!Online


Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) & McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey):

  • The show’s marquee couple is finally getting together! Meredith is ready to commit, and McDreamy is happy to have her. Meredith will be taking baby steps (two forward and one back), so be patient with her, but they are on the road to happiness.
  • One major obstacle is out of the way: Rose’s (Lauren Stamile) last episode is tonight. McSteamy (Eric Dane) spends the episode nagging McDreamy to just take care of the Rose problem once and for all, but that’s not exactly how the final Rose-McDreamy split goes down.
  • Last but not least, the love shack is coming: Sources on the set told me that later this season they’ll be working on a McMansion for the happy couple.
Katherine Heigl, Grey's Anatomy BOB D’AMICO / ABC

Izzie (Katherine Heigl):

  • Izzie’s dead fiancé drops by tonight. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s appearance is one of the dreams referred to in the title “Dream a Little Dream.” (By the way, the title makes for a great tension builder. There were several scenes where I found myself wondering…wait, is this someone’s imagination or is it real?)
  • Izzie is also front and center this season. ABC boss Steve McPherson has said of Katherine Heigl: “She is absolutely staying with the show. She has an unbelievable storyline for her this year, which is really central to everything that is going to go on this season. Shonda is really excited about that; she’s the one who actually crafted that.”
  • I’ve got the dish on Izzie’s future, and I’ll tell you all about it in tonight’s “Grey’s Anatomy Dissection” post after the show airs!
Eric Dane, Grey's Anatomy BOB D’AMICO / ABC

McSteamy (Eric Dane): Our mischievous little McSteamy is growing up! Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) is going to get a real, live, single love interest this season. Eric told me exclusively: “I think he’s going to [find real love] this season. I don’t know how long that’s going to last. The nature of the show is people don’t stay together very long. We always end up getting back together, and then we break up again, then we get back together again—but I think this year he’s going to find somebody.” Is it Lexie as the season premiere hints? (Sloan is unusually nice to her.) Could it be Izzie? Is it the Little Miss Type A character for whom they are now casting? The debate continues…


Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy

Major Hottie & Yang: There are more than a few meaningful glances exchanged between Dr. Yang (Sandra Oh) and Major/Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) when he arrives at Seattle Grace after having intervened on scene at a major trauma. Cristina also delivers the line of the episode (which I am sworn by Shonda under penalty of torturous death not to reveal) while in the presence of Owen Hunt. His accent is awesome, his acting is better, I have lurved him since Rome, and I think you guys will take to him right away. (The Chief certainly hearts him.) Keep an ear peeled for his description of trauma surgery in the field during war. It turns on Cristina, and it’s fascinating for us civilians as well.

Our Good Friend the Nazi: I talked to Chandra Wilson at the Emmys and asked her how Bailey’s marriage was doing, among other things. She said, “Bailey’s trying to be real professional right now and take care of her stuff at the hospital. She’s doing a lot of surgery this season and trying to move ahead, but I think there’s going to be some counseling and therapy for her in there somewhere.”

Justin Chambers, Grey's Anatomy BOB D’AMICO / ABC

Alex: Ah, Alex. You know, the best thing about Grey’s is it tells you what it’s doing without ever being too on the nose. Alex and Izzie heat up tonight, and then flare out, but not before Justin Chambers breaks our hearts in one scene by helping a patient with her dilemma and in the process telling us a little bit about why Alex can be such a butthead.

Callie & Hahn: Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) are a go. They’re taking it slow, much like McDreamy and Mer, but they are gearing up to hook up. As Brooke Smith told me about the storyline, “Anything can happen…And it could really rock your world, I imagine, if you all of the sudden thought you were in love with a woman and maybe you weren’t before…” Excitement in the works for both of them…BTW,  in the premiere, George expresses regret about his the marriage to Callie. Too bad. Callie O’Malley was the best married name ever.

Inside the Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere, More Spoilers!


Spoilers from KorbiTV at

Erica Hahn interviewIt seems Callie and Hahn are a bit unsure about it themselves. They’ll spend most of the season opener avoiding each other. Turns out neither ladies has any prior girl-on-girl experience, so neither is totally comfortable with the kiss they shared. But Callie will soon reap the benefits of Hahn’s desire to become a better teacher and that could be the catalyst for the beginning of a real romantic bond between them.

Alex and Izzie’s relationship will continue along a rocky path with ups and downs.

Jeffreydeanmorgan Denny’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) appearance is tasteful and appropriate, as opposed to soapy and silly. But you may be disappointed by his amount of screen time.

Meredith’s main concern this season is her relationship with Derek — who’s moving in with her, btw — and of course, her true love, Cristina. Besides, Lexie’s about to find out that Meredith slept with George — who Lexie’s now totally in love with — and that could complicate things further.

KevinmckiddKevin McKidd’s character is a real bad a-s and a nice match for Cristina…

More Spoilers…

Shonda Rhimes is apparently doing cartwheels over Kevin McKidd’s work thus far. Literally doing cartwheels. Although McKidd’s status is technically still recurring, he will probably be made a full-time regular by the end of the season. — Ausiello Files

Also a flash-forwardish sequence will show us what two characters might be up to several years in the future. Rather, a flash-forwardish sequence will show us what two characters might be up to several years in the future.

More Desperate Housewives Premiere Spoilers & Scoop!

Mike Delfino will be back for this season of Desperate Housewives and that he and Susan are seperated. Mike and Susan’s estrangement is the result of a tragedy the two were involved in (car accident). Not to worry, we will still see plenty of the plumber. Plus, Susan’s new guy, Jackson the house painter (Gale Harold), is pretty likeable.

Marc Cherry said Edie’s husband is the wild card this season
… We’ll get an idea of the secret Edie’s new husband is keeping by the end of Sunday’s premiere. Supposedly the seemingly calm and collected inspirational speaker has some serious rage issues. — KorbiTV at

New Brothers & Sisters Premiere Spoilers

In Sunday’s premiere, a member of the Walker clan discovers that the former sibs are dating and blackmails Justin with the info! Later in the season, Kevin starts to feel his biological clock ticking, Saul gets an architect boyfriend, and Kitty goes on The View — all in exactly that order. — Ausiello Files

New Spoilers From the Grey’s Anatomy Thursday Season Premiere!

Where things are left off with Alex and Izzie at the end of the season premiere are not indicative as to what lies ahead this season.

Also, one of the docs gets stabbed; according to Ausiello’s multiple choice this seems to be Rose stabbing Derek, because apparently she’s bye-bye forever after this episode.  And you will see why in the season premiere—she has a weird Dexter-like moment.

Sandra Oh rants at Meredith with something some of you fans have been wanting to say for a while now: “Shut up about Derek!” It is an awesome scene. Look for it.

Supposedly the interaction between “Major Hottie” (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina is amazing. He plays a no-BS Army doctor who is so raw and tough and dirty…. – From Kristin at E!Online

Last Night’s Heros Bombshell: Spoilers Ahead!

If you did watch last night’s Hero premiere stop reading MAJOR SPOILER ahead!

Heroes‘ Mother of a Bombshell: What’s Next?


Cristine Rose as Angela Petrelli on Heroes by Chris Haston/NBC

From TV Guide

This post contains spoilers from the season premiere of Heroes.

Monday’s two-hour season premiere of Heroes ended with a super twist: The Petrelli boys have a new brother, and it’s none other than power-robbing supervillain Sylar.

The shocking revelation was made by Cristine Rose‘s Angela Petrelli in the premiere’s closing moments. In a recent interview with our own Matt Mitovich, Rose revealed that another shocking shoe will drop in Episode 3. “It really has a double punch,” she said. “The revelation that he’s my son is just the beginning.”

Rose said her scene with Sylar was originally planned for Episode 13 of Season 2, when she was only meant to be his mentor. “They wouldn’t tell me until I actually read it, but they had been hinting at this big surprise,” she said. “In the interim they added the fact that he was indeed my son, and we reshot parts of it.”

So should we expect Sylar to pick out flowers and Mother’s Day cards soon? Don’t hold your breath. “That’s really not why I need him or want him,” Rose said. “In the last two seasons, I dealt with whether I loved my children or whether I bore them out of a need for power and used them as weapons. I think of Sylar as my weapon of mass destruction. Eventually anyway.”

What did you think of the twist? Do you think Sylar is actually Arthur Petrelli’s son or is there another piece to this puzzle? Share your thoughts below and check back next week for answers to that question in Mitovich’s full Q&A! — Adam Bryant

More Heros Spoilers: What’s in Store for the Villians…

Jackcoleman_jimmyjeanlouisFrom Zap2It’s Korbi TV

HRG, Who Are You?: We see very little of Noah Bennet (aka HRG), who seems to still be imprisoned as we last saw him, in the first hour of tonight’s premiere — his scene is less than thirty seconds long and involves no talking — but Jack Coleman promises he’ll be a lot more involved in the second hour of the show. After jokingly reenacting his first hour scene, Jack spilled that several characters — including HRG — will quickly come to the conclusion that another hero is being kept against his or her will at the same location he’s at: “But how you see it work itself out is very cool and very Heroes,” Jack said. “Unexpected and cool beyond what your average TV show will do.”

Once HRG is released from captivity, don’t expect him to be solely on the side of “good.” “If you think about the episode last season where I shot my mentor in the head,” Jack said, “That was cold-blooded. You will very quickly see HRG’s cold-blooded side. They sort of keep him on a moral pendulum. If he gets too good, they bring him back. If he gets too bad, they bring him back. But I do some very, very questionable things this year.”

And some of that shadiness may jeopardize how his beloved daughter, Claire, feels about him. “I can tell you somewhere around episode five [things change],” Jack sighed. “HRG and Claire — he’s done everything he can to protect her and keep her out of his world. But those worlds collide in a big way in episode five. And it generally changes the nature and the trajectory of their relationship. She turns up at a very unexpected place in the middle of a mission and sees what it is I do and how I do it. And she’s never quite the same.” Oh boy.

Zacharyquinto Sylar, Sex Symbol: Fans certainly love the bad boys. And the ladies will definitely get their Sylar fix in the season premiere — though they might not like whose head he cuts open. Zachary laughed about that, “I hit the ground running this year and I don’t slow down for a while. It’s going to be a pretty exciting season for my character.”

And what about the episode showing a future with Sylar as a daddy? “That’s one thing our show does so well,” Zachary said. “We explore different time lines and different story lines that happen as a result of things that you may not see on the show. There’s an episode where we flash into an alternate future where Sylar’s gone in a different direction, settled down a little bit, and focused his energy on a nurturing quality. The mother is maybe somebody you’ve met already, maybe someone you’ll meet this year, maybe someone you’ll never know. I know, but you’ll have to wait and see.”

Is there any risk that Sylar might turn good permanently? Zach says no. “I keep getting asked questions about my character going soft, but I certainly don’t think that’s possible for too long. We might explore shades of it, but I think evil or darkness will get the best of him. I think Sylar is a well-explored character as far as the writers are concerned. He’s constantly put in situations where he’s wrestling with aspects of himself. Whether or not he is killing someone or getting rid of someone in a less violent way, I think it’s rooted in a deep exploration of his psyche.”

BreagrantNew Kid On The Block: Brea Grant joins Heroes this season as Daphne (aka Speedster) and she’s out to give our heroes a run for their money. We’re first introduced to her in the tonight’s premiere when she steals a valuable family secret from Hiro. He stops time to try and track her down, which fascinates Daphne when she realizes what he’s doing. “I think it’s the first time she’s ever met someone with powers,” Brea said. “She never met anyone who could stop her, so that’s a big deal for her, and she’s trying to figure out in that moment, how is this guy stopping me? That really interests her.”

Hiro won’t be the only familiar face Daphne interacts with. Brea told me she’d be working with “basically everyone,” though a good portion of her time will be with Masi Oka. Will something possibly romantic bloom between Hiro and Daphne? Brea did hint that there might be some more love stories on the show this season and when questioned if that might involve her, she looked at Masi — who was getting fans in the crowd to yell out “Yatta!” with him — and giggled. Hmmm…

So is Daphne, aka Speedster, one of the Villains for this volume or not? According to Brea, “Daphne’s like a lot of us, she’s in the grey. She starts off as a villain, but you get to see her sort of deal with that as time goes on.”

Jimmyjeanlouis The Haitian’s Homecoming: Season three brings the return of the Haitian! Jimmy Jean-Louis, who plays the aforementioned character, was MIA for the last few hours of season two, but according to Jimmy, he’ll be in most of this year’s episodes. We’ll first see him back in Haiti taking care of some family business. However, he won’t be alone. “He’ll be joined by some of the heroes,” Jimmy shared. He wouldn’t specify whom, but he did say the characters would be males.

More Heros Premiere Spoilers! The Petrellis


Executive Producer Jeph Loeb spoke with Zap2It’s Korbi TV about the new Hero’s Volume and what’s in store for some of the main characters:

We’re going to get to see the other side of things — The original premise of the show was, what if ordinary people suddenly got extraordinary powers — Now it’s all about what happens if those ordinary people happen to be bad guys. We live in a world where it’s very difficult to understand which side you’re on, so it’s a good place to be [exploring]. Let’s just say that some choices are going to be made that aren’t in everyone’s best interest. By the end of premiere night, a lot of secrets will be revealed, a lot of characters will be put in situations we’ve never seen before, characters you love.

Angela Petrelli may be one of those characters. She is very much involved in the third season opener. Not only is she a prominent figure in one of the cliffhangers that will end the two-hour premiere, but we learn one of her powers tonight. Yes, you read that right. When I talked to her portrayer, Cristine Rose, she seemed to strongly hint that Angela may be harboring more than one power. But no one was more surprised than Christine about her character having any abilities: “I assumed when I did the pilot that I had no powers.  But her power makes perfect sense — even going back to the first episode — if you look back, you’ll go, oh, of course!”

Miloventimiglia As for Angela’s boys, we’ll find the Petrelli brothers in interesting shape this year. “Peter’s not quite himself,” Milo Ventimiglia admitted. How long should we expect him to stay in this strange state? “I don’t quite know,” Milo told me. “I think it may go on for longer than people would like to see, but what we can take from it, is that Peter is influenced by the people around him, by the situations he finds himself in. It’s not without the people around him to know who Peter is. Peter is a direct result of everybody he comes in contact with. It’s fun to play a character that is brought to power and also brought down by everyone in his life.”

Adrianpasdar Could one of those people be his big brother, Nathan? As I’m sure you’ve heard, the shots fired at him in last season’s finale were not enough to take the politician down, but post-shooting Nathan will be a changed man. He will turn to religion: “It’s a kind of stutter-step, false start. The belief in a higher power is what gets him to the stage where he realizes what really happened.”

And Nathan will play a major part in the first half of this third year as unexpected alliances are formed. “There’s something that people are trying to put together,” Christine Rose explained. “And politics and imagination bring together some strange bedfellows. You never know who’s going to be changing, not only shapes, but sides. You never know how alliances are going to be formed. So when you meet up with one person and that might seem like a good fitting, you might find out they’re on a very different side…”

More Spoilers on the Desperate Housewives’ Premiere!

We’re going to see why Mike and Susan split up, and it involves a seriously bad car accident. Also, a certain 5-year-old will be missing from Bree Hodge’s house, and it’s a sad goodbye. Also, Lynette’s twins have grown into pretty cute teenagers—in fact, I’m on set today, and I can tell you these boys (Max and Charlie) are going to have screaming-girl groupies off-screen and a cougar love interest (shhh…) onscreen in no time. Neal McDonough‘s Dave Williams is Edie’s new man, and he is just downright scary. Among other things, he’s got a leash on Edie, although not the fun S&M kind. — Kristin on E!Online

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