Gossip Girl Season 3 Spoilers: Set Photos, Blair, Chuck, Nate & Serena!

Gossip Girl – Episode 3.01 – Set Photos


Gossip Girl – First Set Photos from Season 3

Here are the first set photos from Gossip Girl Season 3

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Gossip Girl – Episode 3.01 – Set Photos

Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 6th July


Gossip Girl – Chace on the set

Gossip Girl – Ed Westwick on Set

Source: Robert Taylor@TwitPic

Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 9th July


Gossip Girl – More Set Photos


Gossip Girl – More Season 3 Set Photos




Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 10th July

Gossip Girl – Set Photos



Gossip Girl – Set Photos

Pics: ‘Gossip Girl’ Filming Season 3 in Soho

In the spirit of summer, Vanessa wears a bright shorts while Dan is in his usual simple style.

Jessica Szohr Source: Ace Showbiz

See larger image © Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Some of “” cast were seen filming for the third season in Soho, New York City on Thursday, July 9. , who plays Vanessa in the series, is spotted with summer outfit, clutching a bright yellow bag and heading somewhere. On another scene, aka Dan is shooting near a limo. Vanessa will hook up with someone new in the season, someone whom EW’s Michael Ausiello hinted as a person she met briefly at the end of last season. Also, Vanessa will get a new roommate while in college. guest stars for seven episodes as Olivia Burke who is a movie star seeking an ordinary college life.

Some scoops surrounding the hookups in Upper East Side are sprouting lately. from “” has signed for 4 episode-arc as Nate’s love interest. Hilary’s Olivia is said to catch Dan’s eyes but an on-set photo reveals Penn kissing aka Dan’s old flame Serena in the series. The third season of “Gossip Girl” kicks off September 18 after ““.

Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 20th July


Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 22nd July

Source: GG Fan

Gossip Girl – Set Photos

gossip girl set 7229 16

Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 22nd July

Gossip Girl – More Set Photos

Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 28th July

Source: GG Media

Gossip Girl – Set Photos


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Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 3rd August

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Gossip Girl – On the Set – 4th August

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Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 5th August

Source: GG Media

Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 7th August


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Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 11th August

Gossip Girl – Set Photos 11th August

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Episode Recap 2.2 “What’s Done is Done”

‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’: Looking to blame someone

Source: Zap2it.com Recaps

Grace This week’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” focused on, as I think we all expected, the aftermath of Marshall Bowman’s death. Grace and Tom were very strong in their opinions about who was responsible, and neither of them thought Grace was innocent. Tom blamed Adrian for making sex looking like fun, and Grace blamed herself for having sex, but both essentially placed the blame on Grace’s actions on the evening in question. I understand where they were coming from, but I for one don’t believe that sort of thing to be possible.

As for the specifics of Grace’s logic, she figured that her dad was there to tell her what to do and what not to do, and because she refused to listen to her dad about having sex, God opted to take her dad away. Thank goodness Kathleen did her best to nip that idea in the bud. I do have to wonder whether Kathleen believed what she was saying however. There was a moment there at the end of the scene where Kathleen looked as though she too might blame Grace. I’m hoping that I misread her look – there was certainly nothing definitive about it – but I’m not sure I did.

Adrian certainly took the news that Tom blamed her pretty hard. She didn’t agree, but just because she didn’t agree doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. I have to applaud Adrian’s trying to protect Grace though, Grace said she didn’t want to see anyone – including Adrian – and Adrian did her best to dissuade people from going to Grace’s house. Adrian failed, Amy was going to go no matter what, but she tried and even called Grace her best friend.

Elsewheres tonight, wow was Amy annoyed at the idea of Ben babysitting. Now, if Ben has been over there every night since John was born, has he really not spent enough time with John for Amy to be comfortable with Ben watching John? Have they not tried some sort of “dry run” babysitting with Ben upstairs with John and Amy downstairs panicking that Ben was hurting the little one? Of course, maybe Amy wasn’t wrong because Ben did leave John with Leo and Betty.

Ah, Leo and Betty. Is Leo really engaged to her now? Talk about a whirlwind romance. After hearing Betty’s story about the “dog” that was a man who may still be her husband, I have to wonder if she’s just with Leo because Leo has enough cash to make her dog of a possible husband disappear forever. And, wasn’t it just last season that Leo still felt as though he never wanted to move forward from Ben’s mom?

Anne definitely indicated tonight that George wasn’t the father of her new pup, that it was David, but I wonder if that was solely because George denied that he could possibly be the father due to the vasectomy. I’d like to know if Anne has empirical evidence on the issue (did George admit to not having gotten the vasectomy in front of Ashley, that last “no” seemed inconclusive). David took the whole dad thing very well, but come on now, do you really think it ends there? With either David or George?

Odds and ends:

  • Kathleen’s hysterical laughter after Anne saying that she wasn’t telling people yet about the pregnancy – awesome, pure awesome.
  • Is George going to try to make a play on Kathleen? As fun as that might be to watch, I’m sticking with my stated desire from last week to see George and Anne get back together.
  • I really liked how happy Adrian was at the idea of being a part of a family and living in a house with said family. Definitely a good moment for the show.
  • Was that beer Jack was drinking after his fight with Grace? Is that going to be his big story for the season?

Friday Night Lights Season 4 & 5 Spoilers: Show will end in 2011

In addition to Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, full-time returnees include Jesse Plemons, Taylor Kitsch, Aimee Teegarden, and Jeremy Sumpter. Adrianne Palicki, Minka Kelly, and Zach Gilford will likely be back for short-term farewell arcs. (Michael Ausiello) Zach Gilford will be back for around five episodes next season. (Michael Ausiello)

Taylor Kitsch recently said he’s coming back for season four, but Minka Kelly is only back for a few episodes, which Connie Britton teased is not good news for Lyla and Riggins fans: “Riggins is going to have to move on. The reality of the situation is he’s in Dillon; he’s never going to leave Dillon probably, and she is. She has a whole future, and I think it would be really interesting to see what that does to him. Maybe she’ll come back and do some episodes, and we’ll see where she’s gone off to and see the difference between the girl who gets out and the guy who doesn’t. Those old high school relationships where you think [you’re] going to be forever together and then you’ve got your whole life ahead of you and everything changes. ” (Watch With Kristin)

Rumor has it that Riggins does not stay faithful to Lyla while she’s away at college. (Watch With Kristin)

The show is casting three new series regulars and one recurring guest star.

Vince: A charming yet dangerous East Dillon junior. He’s African-American and, when we first meet him, he’s running from the cops. Look for Coach Taylor to put his speed to better use as a member of the Lions. Series regular.

Luke: Vince’s classmate and arch nemesis. He’s Caucasian, cocky, and charming. Reminds some of a young Paul Newman. Dillon’s new geographical breakdown has him playing for the Lions, and he’s not happy about it. Series regular.

Jess: The super-energetic daughter of a onetime NFL hopeful, she knows the game inside and out. When she’s not busy coaching her younger brothers, this sophomore/junior is getting crushed on by every guy in Dillon, East and West. Series regular.

Becky: A freshman beauty queen whose family is purebred trailer trash. Think Blair Waldorf with lousy genes. She finds Riggins in bed with her mother and reacts by trying to seduce him herself. She is listed as recurring. (Michael Ausiello)

Scott Porter talks about his future on Friday Night Lights: “I may have a guest spot return to Dillon in season five. In the final episodes of the wrap-up season, we’ll put a bow on everybody. There are definitely some ways to bring Jason Street back. If Riggins gets in trouble, or if Riggins ends up getting married, then I’ll come back for that. [Street’s return] is probably going to be Riggins-related, although since I’m a football scout now, I could probably come down and look at some of the new kids at East Dillon.” (Watch With Kristin)

Exclusive – Friday Night Lights – Season 4 – New Characters

[VINCE] African-American, a Junior in high school, 16-17 years old, from a lower-class background. He is charming but dangerous and sometimes a little menacing. His father is in jail and Vince is involved in criminal activity on his behalf. We first meet him quickly fleeing the cops of East Dillon and it is that kind of speed Vince brings to the football field as well as a toughness we’ve never seen before. He has a dark side and occasionally he snaps. We see him at one point being mocked for a football loss and winds up pulling a gun on the guy making fun of him…SERIES REGULAR

[LUKE] Caucasian, a Junior in high school, 16-17 years old, a young Paul Newman type, cocky and charming. His family are ranchers, scraping to get by. Luke will initially be reluctant to become an integral part of the Lions. His enthusiasm for football has been stamped out by the politics that had him playing for Dillon and now for East Dillon. However, he is the strongest player on the team – except possibly for Vince – and he assumes a leadership role quickly which puts him at odds with Vince…SERIES REGULAR

[JESS] Female, African-American, a Sophomore or Junior in high school, 16-17 years old, Jess is the daughter of the smoker at a local BBQ joint who was himself a onetime NFL hopeful who never made it. Raised in a family steeped in football lore Jess knows the game inside and out. She has several younger brothers who she coaches/bosses around during youth football practices. Jess is a force of nature, super-energetic, and the type to make a big entrance and big exit. All of our male characters will be at least a little bit crazy about her sptv050769…SERIES REGULAR NOT ALL SHOWS PRODUCED

[BECKY] Caucasian Female, Texas Beauty Queen type, 18-20 years old to play high school freshman. A beauty pageant vet from a ‘trailer trash’ family, Becky is well aware that her good looks can get her just about everything she wants. She is surprised when, after meeting Tim Riggins when he wakes up in her mother’s bed, she can’t seem to convince him to hook up with her, too. Becky is the leader of the ‘Trash Bees’ a group of girls who discover that being in a new school means they can declare themselves the most important people in the social hierarchy…RECURRING GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Friday Night Lights – Connie Britton Interview

Source: TV Guide

A rather glorious thing happened in March, when TV’s acclaimed if undersampled Friday Night Lights was renewed for not one but two more seasons. Although the series’ NBC return is a small eternity away (summer 2010) and its DirecTV premiere is still “TBD,” we tackled the opportunity to speak with Connie Britton about Tami’s “roller coaster” past, and apparently finite future.

TVGuide.com: I want you to know that my wife got hooked on Friday Night Lights this past season — and I think it’s largely due to the tactile and real performances given by you, Kyle Chandler, et al.
Connie Britton:
Aw, that’s so awesome! That’s what I’m talking about, that’s what we need to do.

TVGuide.com: Hey, every head counts. What was your favorite thing about playing Tami last year?
For me, it felt like a roller coaster. The whole aspect of being principal was really interesting, because when I first heard about that, I was heady with power! I was like, “This is the be-all and end-all,” Kyle was jealous. … It was fantastic. And then they were like, “Yeah, but you’re going to have a huge head-to-head issue with Buddy, and ultimately you’ll lose.” [Laughs] I was like, “No fair!”

View photos from Friday Night dates gone by

TVGuide.com: What are the odds that Tami and Eric will be working at rival Dillon high schools next season?
Knowing our writers, I bet that’s the way they’ll go, because that will be so interesting and challenging. And that’s how we do it at Friday Night Lights.

TVGuide.com: Last season we said sad goodbyes to both Smash and Jason…
C’mon, admit it, you cried during those episodes.

TVGuide.com: Maybe. Will Season 4 serve up anything similar for Matt (Zach Gilford), Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) or Lyla (Minka Kelly), all of whom could be heading off to college?
The writers just now are concocting their story ideas, but I would think they do a little arc for all those characters — or at least the ones they can. All these actors are going off and doing awesome movies and stuff. We are the farm team for Hollywood, with our actors, our writers, our director…. It’s crazy.

TVGuide.com: Executive producers Jason Katims and Jeffrey Reiner have gone off to do other projects (NBC’s Parenthood and Trauma, respectively). How might their absences affect the mood on the set?
: I don’t think it will be different at all. We’ll have some different players on the team, but we also will have a lot of the same players. There’s Michael Waxman, who was our First [Assistant Director] for a long time before starting to direct some episodes, and we just love him. I think he’s going to be picking up some of the Jeff Reiner slack.

TVGuide.com: Plus you’re going into this transition as one of the business’ best-oiled machines.
I really do think that’s true. We’ve always attributed the success and greatness of Friday Night Lights to its process, and that involves every single person, from every department.

Review NBC’s complete 2009-10 TV season plan

TVGuide.com: What was the thinking behind a two-season pick-up? Was it financial?
I’m not involved in all those negotiations, but if I had to guess, the only reason somebody would do a two-season pick-up is if there’s a financial advantage. It impacts syndication, packaging….

TVGuide.com: So are you shooting Seasons 4 and 5 back-to-back? That’d be cost-effective.
No, I think there will be a little break between seasons, if for no other reason than to let the writers regroup.

TVGuide.com: Did you have your hand slapped at all for telling EW.com that after these next two seasons, the show is done?
No! I don’t think I’m out of bounds in saying that. I think that is the intention.

TVGuide.com: Hey, end dates are the new black — everybody is doing them.
Exactly, and we are all looking at it as an advantage. One of the things that’s so hard about TV is that time at the end of the season where it’s a guessing game of, “Will we ever see each other again?” That’s tough, man. So for us to have the luxury of knowing what we have in front of us and, frankly, knowing when we get to say goodbye, is great. Listen, if the show suddenly started making phenomenal amounts of money and gets phenomenal ratings and they’re like, “Let’s keep it going,” that would be great. But I have a feeling that this is a really good way to be really specific with stories.

2009 Fall TV Season Premiere Schedule

Fall 2009 Primetime Schedule

August 16
Mad Men (AMC), 10:00 PM/ET

September 5
Saturday Night Football (ABC), 8:00 PM/ET

September 8
90210 (The CW), 8:00 PM/ET
Melrose Place (The CW), 9:00 PM/ET

September 9
America’s Next Top Model (The CW), 8:00 PM/ET

September 10
Vampire Diaries (The CW), 8:00 PM/ET
Supernatural (The CW), 9:00 PM/ET

September 11
20/20 (ABC), 10:00 PM/ET
The Wanda Sykes Show (Fox), 11:00 PM/ET

September 12
COPS (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
America’s Most Wanted (Fox), 9:00 PM/ET

September 13
Football Night in America (NBC), 7:00 PM/ET
NBC Sunday Night Football (NBC), 8:15 PM/ET

September 14
Gossip Girl (The CW), 8:00 PM/ET
One Tree Hill (The CW), 9:00 PM/ET
The Jay Leno Show (NBC), 10:00 PM/ET

September 15
The Biggest Loser (NBC), 8:00 PM/ET

September 16
So You Think You Can Dance (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
Glee (Fox), 9:00 PM/ET
The Beautiful Life (The CW), 9:00 PM/ET

September 17
Survivor: Samoa (CBS), 8:00 PM/ET
Bones (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update (NBC), 8:00 PM/ET
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 8:30 PM/ET
The Office (NBC), 9:00 PM/ET
Fringe (Fox), 9:00 PM/ET
Community [moves to 8:00 PM/ET October 8] (NBC), 9:30 PM/ET

September 18
Brothers (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
Til Death (Fox), 8:30 PM/ET
Dollhouse (Fox), 9:00 PM/ET

September 21
Heroes (NBC), 8:00 PM/ET
Dancing with the Stars (ABC), 8:00 PM/ET
House [2 hour premiere] (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 8:00 PM/ET
Accidentally On Purpose (CBS), 8:30 PM/ET
Two and a Half Men (CBS), 9:00 PM/ET
The Big Bang Theory (CBS), 9:30 PM/ET
CSI: Miami (CBS), 10:00 PM/ET
Castle (ABC), 10:00 PM/ET

September 22
NCIS (CBS), 8:00 PM/ET
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), 9:00 PM/ET
The Good Wife (CBS), 10:00 PM/ET
The Forgotten (ABC), 10:00 PM/ET

September 23
Dancing with the Stars (ABC), 8:00 PM/ET
Parenthood (NBC), 8:00 PM/ET
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS), 8:00 PM/ET
Gary Unmarried (CBS), 8:30 PM/ET
Criminal Minds (CBS), 9:00 PM/ET
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC), 9:00 PM/ET
Modern Family (ABC), 9:00 PM/ET
Cougar Town (ABC), 9:30 PM/ET
CSI: NY (CBS), 10:00 PM/ET

September 24
Flash Forward (ABC), 8:00 PM/ET
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), 9:00 PM/ET
CSI (CBS), 9:00 PM/ET
The Mentalist (CBS), 10:00 PM/ET

September 25
Law and Order (NBC), 8:00 PM/ET
Smallville (The CW), 8:00 PM/ET
America’s Next Top Model [repeats] (The CW), 8:00 PM/ET
Ghost Whisperer (CBS), 8:00 PM/ET
Medium (CBS), 9:00 PM/ET
Southland (NBC), 9:00 PM/ET
Numbers (CBS), 10:00 PM/ET

September 26
Crimetime Saturday (CBS), 8:00 PM/ET
Dateline NBC (NBC), 8:00 PM/ET
Trauma [repeat] (NBC), 9:00 PM/ET
48 Hours Mystery (CBS), 10:00 PM/ET
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit [repeat] (NBC), 10:00 PM/ET
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 11:30 PM/ET

September 27
60 Minutes (CBS), 7:00 PM/ET
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC), 7:00 PM/ET
The Amazing Race (CBS), 8:00 PM/ET
The Simpsons (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
The Cleveland Show (Fox), 8:30 PM/ET
Desperate Housewives (ABC), 9:00 PM/ET
Family Guy (Fox), 9:00 PM/ET
American Dad (Fox), 9:30 PM/ET
Cold Case (CBS), 10:00 PM/ET

September 28
Lie To Me (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
Trauma (NBC), 9:00 PM/ET

September 29
Hell’s Kitchen (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
Shark Tank (ABC), 8:00 PM/ET

September 30
Hank (ABC), 8:00 PM/ET
The Middle (ABC), 8:30 PM/ET

October 4
America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC), 7:00 PM/ET
Three Rivers (CBS), 9:00 PM/ET

October 9
Ugly Betty (ABC), 8:00 PM/ET

October 15
30 Rock (NBC), 9:30 PM/ET

October 16
Supernanny (ABC), 8:00 PM/ET

Ugly Betty Season 4 Spoilers & Casting!

Episodic Spoilers

Episode 4.01: Title Unknown (Season premiere) Airdate: October 9, 2009

The series is currently looking for a female African-American with a Bermuda accent to play a maid; a female salon customer from Queens; a very good looking and masculine man in his 30s; and a wealthy male customer at an upscale restaurant. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 4.02: Title Unknown Airdate: October 9, 2009 at 9 p.m.

The episode will introduce Maliq, a potential recurring character. This teenager is said to be the popular high school bully. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Ugly Betty – Episode 4.02 – Casting Call

[JOAN] female, mid 30’s-40’s, attractive, professional, HR manager of Meade Publications. Please submit all ethnicities. 3 scenes. GUEST STAR.

[OLIVINE] female, 50’s-80’s, iconic jewelry designer from the 1960’s or 1970’s. PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES ONLY. All ethnicities. GUEST STAR.

[SCHOOL SECRETARY] female, late 30’s-50, possibly heavy set, works at Queensboro High School, seeking authentic New York character actress. Please submit all ethnicities. 1 line, 1 scene. CO-STAR.
Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.03: Title Unknown Airdate: October 16, 2009

Sopranos vet Jamie-Lynn Sigler is joining the cast of Ugly Betty in the recurring role of Natalie, Daniel’s sexy, spiritual, funny new assistant, sources confirm to me exclusively. Natalie replaces Betty, who was promoted to features editor in last May’s season finale. Source: The Ausiello Files

General Spoilers:

Ugly Betty – Casting News

Actress Smith Cho, who played Zoe on NBC’s short-lived Knight Rider reboot, has found a new set of wheels. She’ll debut on Ugly Betty’s two-hour Oct. 9 season premiere as Betty’s quirky new office mate, Megan. With Betty promoted to features editor, she’ll be looking for new friends, which won’t come easy considering everyone knows she’s the boss’ favorite. Megan, who is a recurring character, is not sure what to make of Betty. Source: TV Guide Magazine

  • Rescue Me’s Adam Ferrera is guest starring as a queens contractor who crosses paths with Hilda. (Michael Ausiello)
  • It looks like the musical episode is finally going to happen in the spring. (Michael Ausiello)
  • It looks like the musical episode is finally going to happen in the spring. […] Rescue Me‘s Adam Ferrera is guest starring as a Queens contractor who crosses paths with Hilda. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • Mode’s getting a new editor! Her name’s Amber, she’s in her 20s, she’s Asian, and is a master at the backhanded compliment. Casting is under way. Also, I’m hearing (and already laughing) about a possible Mob subplot involving Hilda. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • Producers are adding a twentysomething African-American actress in a major recurring role, which makes me to wonder if Wilhelmina’s daughter is about to get an extreme makeover. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • Series creator Silvio Horta reveals about next season: We’re going to explore [Justin’s sexuality]. He’ll be going to high school and getting older, so we’ll definitely be exploring that. We want to see Marc and Amanda’s love lives. [Betty’s] braces will be off by the end of next season. Next year, there’s going to be a progression in her look overall. It’ll still be Betty, but you’ll see some growth in that direction. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • Question: Will Daniel Eric Gold, who plays Betty ex-BF/boss Matt, be returning to Ugly Betty next season? Ausiello: Not only is he returning, but sources confirm to me exclusively that he’s been promoted to a full-fledged series regular! But don’t take that to mean Matt and Betty will reunite and live happily ever after. In fact, I hear Betty producers are already cooking up a fresh obstacle for the pair, and rumor has it they want him to be lovable and blue collarish. (Think Seth Rogen only much cheaper.) (Michael Ausiello)
  • Amanda and Marc will be back next season. (Michael Ausiello)
  • Producers are adding a twentysomething African-American actress in a major recurring role, which makes one wonder if Wilhelmina’s daughter is about to get an extreme makeover. (Michael Ausiello)

‘Ugly Betty’ scoop: The braces are coming off!

Are you looking at Matt and Betty as a long-term couple?
As long-term as it gets in TV. As with any romance, there will be obstacles as well as some misunderstandings before the finale, and it’s going to lead to some juicy stuff next year. Matt’s going to be around and their relationship is going to be changing and growing.

How significantly will Henry’s return threaten their relationship?
They’ve both moved on, but they obviously are still an important part of each others’ lives and that’s going to become a complication. There’s going to be feelings of insecurity on Matt’s side, and there are some unresolved things between Henry and Betty.

Speaking of Betty’s exes, might we see Gio again?
Potentially, but there are no plans at this point.

Will the issue of Justin’s sexuality be addressed next season?
Yeah, we’re going to explore stuff. He’ll be going to high school and getting older, so we’ll definitely be exploring that.

Will Marc find love after Cliff?
We’ve been discussing it. We haven’t started breaking the exact stories for next year, but that’s one of the things we’ve really talked about. We want to see [Marc and Amanda’s] love lives.

How would you characterize Ashley Jensen’s departure? Was it mutual?
It was mutual. She’s amazing. From the get-go, we found some really good stories for her, but we never found enough to service her character the way we wanted to and the way she wanted to. She wanted to do more, but it was [difficult] with a large ensemble like this to give her more. I hope in the future she’ll come back. She’s an important part of the show.

Will Christina get a satisfying send-off?
She will. Next week’s episode will [set things in motion] with Wilhelmina’s baby – or her supposed baby – and it’s going to lead to a lot of complications.

Ana Ortiz gives birth in June. Will we see less of Hilda at the start of next season due to her maternity leave?
We may write her a little lighter in the beginning, but we’re not writing her out or anything.

Who is Rachel Dratch playing in the finale?
She’s playing a dual role. She’s playing Penny Meadows, an editor at Mode, and she’s also playing Mindy Meadows, her twin sister. It’s a one-time guest stint, but she was great.

The most asked Ugly Betty question from my readers: When is Betty getting her braces off?
Her braces will be off by the end of next season. Next year, there’s going to be a progression in her look overall. It’ll still be Betty, but you’ll see some growth in that direction.

Lincoln Heights Season 4 Spoilers!

What can we expect from the new season of Lincoln Heights? Russell Hornsby, who plays Eddie Sutton, tells us the family goes through some growing pains in season four: “It’s time for Eddie to start letting his kids grow up,” he says. “I think that’s where he is at the beginning of season four, with this notion that his kids are growing and they’re getting older.” Nicki Michaeux (his wife, Jenn) adds, “This is the most challenging season for the kids. They are the most headstrong individuals. And they’re doing all sorts of things we’ll all see over the course of the season. It’s just really challenging for the parents this year.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Nicki Micheaux (Jenn Sutton) and Russell Hornsby (Eddie Sutton) recently said that the show could be changing ZIP codes. “[It’s] very much a possibility,” says Russell. “There was a big earthquake in the season finale,” explains Nicki. “So we’re waiting on our FEMA money so we can make repairs on our house, like so many people in places in the States, so the dilemma is what are we going to do? Maybe we should just move.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Private Practice Season 3 Spoilers!

Private Practice: Violet Is Alive, but Is Her Baby?

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Spoiler Alert: Violet (Amy Brenneman) is alive! Let’s all take a moment to jump for joy now that we know she survived that makeshift surgery by the unstable patient stealing her baby.

Now onto the juicy stuff! Amy is dishing what really happened with the slicing and dicing of Violet’s belly, who comes to her rescue and who the real baby daddy is, so be warned. It can’t be all serious though; Amy has a good laugh telling the cast of Grey’s Anatomy to “calm the hell down.”

So can Pete (Tim Daly) and Violet survive this life-changing moment? Watch the video above to get the scoop from Amy, and then read on below for Tim’s opinion on the matter.

Private Practice, Tim Daly, Amy Brennemen, Chris Lowell ABC/RON TOM

Amy seems to think Pete and Violet can withstand anything, but can Pete really love a damaged Violet? Tim Daly tells us, “Violet is so f–ked up. She’s got something because a lot of people cut her a lot of slack. A lot of people love her despite all her difficulties, so I would say of course Pete could love her.”

What’s happened with Violet does spill over to the Oceanside Wellness Center. Tim teases, “There’s a lot going on. Violet is going through this trauma that she has to deal with, and that’s going to affect everyone around her. Naomi has quit. It’s all a big mess.”

What we’re really wondering about, though, is which guy is the baby daddy? Tim doesn’t help us out much there: “The baby might survive and either Pete or Sheldon might be the father. I found out who the father of the baby was yesterday. However it plays out, some poor schmuck—might be me—is going to have to act with a baby a lot.”

Did he just let slip that the baby survived the ordeal? Hit the comments to discuss!

Promo: Private Practice (Season 3)

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Question: Do you have anything scoopy for Private Practice? The season finale left me clinging to my seat and cringing in pain for Amy Brenneman! Ausiello: Two things I can share: Violet lives. And twenty minutes will have lapsed between the last frame of the finale and the first frame of the premiere.

Question: I loved Addison and Noah on Private Practice. I know Josh Hopkins is on Cougar Town now, but will he return to give closure to the storyline? Ausiello: Currently, there are no plans for Hopkins to return. Amanda Detmer, however, will be back as his wife.

Do you know if Violet and Charlotte are coming back on Private Practice? Good news! KaDee Strickland has confirmed her return for the third season, but it did come down to the wire. Says KaDee, “Until I got my pickup letter, I didn’t think I was coming back like the rest of us. I think Amy [Brenneman] got hers; I’m sure she did. It should be an interesting thing to see what they do when we come back.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

What’s the deal with the Private Practice season finale?! Is Violet being killed off? MATT: What, you don’t think crazy Katie can pull off her first C-section, using just a “how to” manual? And what of Charlotte, who just got canned by Bill Buchanan? I asked Amy Brenneman about both of those possible departures, and she said, “As far as I know,” both Violet and Charlotte will return for Season 3. Brenneman even hinted that things aren’t quite over for Violet and Cooper, romantically. “That’s the eternal love, let’s be honest,” she said. “So yeah, don’t give up hope.” Source: TV Guide Online

Private Practice – Tim Daly(Pete) Interview

Source: TV Guide

In its second season, ABC’s Private Practice prescribed much growth for Pete Wilder. Originally introduced as a bad boy for Addison to lust after, Tim Daly’s alter ego has since been revealed to have a noble past as a member of Doctors Without Borders. What’s more, when a fling with Violet caught afire and resulted in pregnancy, Pete stepped up to profess his paternal leanings. TVGuide.com invited Daly to reflect on the character’s evolution, as well as wish for Wilder days ahead.

TVGuide.com: When we spoke at the start of Season 2, you had certain hopes for Pete’s trajectory. How satisfied were you with how things actually played out?
Tim Daly:
I was pretty happy. He remains rather mysterious, and he seems to be vacillating between being a lothario and someone who wants to have a more meaningful relationship. We left him making a strong play for Violet, and in a very earnest way. I’m not sure where he’s going to wind up, but… I’m still interested in him. It’s funny — I like the character a lot, and usually when I like someone I wish them smooth sailing and a calm, serene life. But as an actor I hope that Season 3 offers nothing but trouble for Pete. It’s so much more fun when you have something going through a lot of s–t.

TVGuide.com: Did you fear that a Pete-Violet hook-up would be a tough sell?
You know, I didn’t really think of it that way. I thought that Pete and Violet were oddly good together…

TVGuide.com: Which we quickly saw. But the way they were abruptly thrown together, sometimes that can backfire on a story.
: Yeah, but I like working with Amy [Brenneman] so much, I thought we should just let it rip and see what happens. So far, it’s good. Again, relationships on television played out over a long period of time are only good when there are tons of problems, and clearly they have some coming up. I also feel there’s an inevitability to Pete and Addison at some point getting together. So many fans continue to reference that to me, so… we’ll see.

TVGuide.com: Did you in fact have an issue with the message that the Pete-Violet-Sheldon/”two possible dads” story was sending? When I spoke to your longtime friend Amy Brenneman, she dismissed it as your “ego” talking.
Oh, no, no, no — she’s insane. [Chuckles] I do think that in a certain respect women have been struggling for so long to get men to take responsibility for the children that they father, and here we have a woman with two men saying, “I’m willing to be responsible” — and she is saying, “Ah, never mind.” I think it’s very odd, but the fact that I might disagree with it is great. I don’t need to be acting in a show where my point of view is at the forefront of a storyline. It’s almost better when I disagree. The thing that’s great about [Private Practice creator] Shonda [Rhimes] is that, whatever you think of her, she is unafraid to create controversy. She has this understanding that a lot of television executives certainly don’t, which is that when an audience disagrees passionately with a storyline, that’s not bad. That means they’re invested in it.

TVGuide.com: Speaking of which, was there any discussion or hesitation about that very last scene from the season finale? The morning after it aired, I got this sense that ABC might have had some misgivings. [Pregnant Violet had been sedated by a crazed patient intent on surgically stealing her unborn baby.]
I don’t know what the network thought, but it stirred people up — and when entertainment does that, it’s a good thing. One of my favorite episodes we did this season was about euthanasia. Joel Grey played an old friend of mine who was dying of cancer and wanted Pete to help him die. That’s controversial stuff. We’ve done stories about abortion, and vaccination and autism…. For a television show that’s appealing to a large audience, that’s pretty cool.

Greek Season 3 Chapter 5 Spoilers!

Greek Season 3 HD Trailer

Calvin & Grant (GREEK Season 3 sneak peak)

ABC Family Greek – Episode 3×01 – The Day After – Promo

ABC Family Greek – The Love Triangle Continues – Casey and Cappie talk about Season 3

Greek Season 3 Premiere – Class is Back in Session!

Greek – Episode 3.01 – The Day After – Promotional Photos

GREEK- “The Day After” – The students at CRU feel the ramifications of the Kappa Tau’s “End of the World” Party, on the Season Premiere of “GREEK” airing MONDAY, AUGUST 31 (9:00 – 10:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/KAREN NEAL) SPENCER GRAMMER, JACOB ZACHAR

(Copyright © 2008 ABC, Inc. / SCOTT GARFIELD)

Greek – Episode 3.01 – The Day After – Press Release


New Guest Stars for the Season Include Olivia Munn (“Attack of the Show!”)as Lana, Olesya Rulin (“High School Musical”) as Abby, Kadeem Hardison (“A Different World”) as Brian Howard, and Tom Amandes (“Everwood”) as Jack , Thomas Calabro (“Melrose Place”) Returns as Senator Ken Logan

Burbank, CA (Monday, July 27, 2009) – ABC Family presents another semester of theme parties, sisterhood rivalry and – oh yeah – making the grades with an all new season of “Greek,” premiering Monday, August 31 (9:00 – 10:00PM ET/PT). The series will return with ten all-new episodes airing through November.

“Greek” picks up where it left off, with the events from last season’s “End of the World” party dramatically revealing themselves in the first episode entitled “The Day After.” After learning of Max’s departure, Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) wonders if he made the right decision by telling Casey he wasn’t interested in giving their relationship another chance, while Casey (Spencer Grammer) struggles with the aftermath of Cappie’s unexpected rejection; Rebecca’s (Dilshad Vadsaria) late night kiss with a mystery man can’t stay a secret for too long; and Rusty (Jacob Zachar) risks failing in o-chem and losing his honor status, while roommate Dale (Clark Duke) faces a huge moral dilemma.

And if campus drama weren’t enough, add family dynamics to the mix as ZBZ celebrates father-daughter weekend, with guest stars Kadeem Hardison (Ashleigh’s father, Brian), Thomas Calabro (Rebecca’s father, Senator Ken Logan), Tom Amandes (Jordan’s father, Jack) and Jerry Lambert (Casey’s father, Russell.)

Thanks to their less than stellar pledge class, the ZBZ house also begins sliding in the ranks among the other sorority houses. Casey, Rebecca and Ashleigh do everything they can to maintain their status as one of the top houses at Cyprus Rhodes. ZBZ pledge Abby (Olesya Rulin) drives Casey crazy when she expresses her disappointment in the lack of party invites and questions the sorority’s relationship with the popular fraternities.

Also, a new hottie waitress, Lana (Olivia Munn), hits the Cyprus-Rhodes scene and captures the eye of a big man on campus.

Source: ABC

Greek – Episode 3.02 – Our Fathers – Promotional Photos

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Greek – Episode 3.02 – Our Fathers – Press Release


Kadeem Hardison (“A Different World”) Guest Stars as Ashleigh’s Father, Brian Howard;
Tom Amandes (“Everwood”) Guest Stars as Jordan’s Father, Jack;
Thomas Calabro (“Melrose Place”) returns as Rebecca’s Father, Senator Ken Logan

Casey solves the mystery of the man Rebecca locked lips with during the End of the World party and tries to keep it a secret. But Rebecca admits to the scandal herself, causing a huge fight amongst the ladies of the ZBZ house. When their fathers arrive for the Daddy/Daughter weekend, they wind up getting pulled into the drama! Find out which guy’s smooch caused so much drama in an all new episode of the ABC Family hit series “Greek,” premiering Monday, September 7, 2009 (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “Our Fathers,” was directed by Patrick Norris and written by Jessica O’Toole & Amy Rardin.

Meanwhile, Rusty is nervous about impressing Jordan’s father who expects a jock over a science nerd. Rusty goes against Calvin’s advice and tries to win him over by playing aggressively during a game of flag football leading to painful results!

Upset over the loss of his virginity, Dale visits his pastor to seek forgiveness, which leads him and Cappie on a journey to explore different religions. They wind up meeting a Catholic schoolgirl, Mary-Elyse, whom both guys are interested in for very different reasons.

Source: ABC Family

Greek – Episode 3.03 – The Half-Naked Gun – Promotional Photos

Greek – Episode 3.03 – The Half-Naked Gun – Press Release


Nora Kirkpatrick (“Dorm Life”) Guest Stars as the Panhellenic President, Katherine

Burbank, CA (Tuesday, August 25) – As Rusty and Jordan are awkwardly deciding when to take their relationship to the next level, the Gotcha Game comes between them as the final two players left in the game. Cappie becomes Rusty’s bodyguard and Rebecca becomes Jordan’s, as the happy couple battle it out so their house can win the game. Who will pull the trigger first? Find out in an all new episode of the ABC Family hit series “Greek,” premiering Monday, September 14, 2009 (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “The Half-Naked Gun,” was directed by Michael Lange and written by Roger Grant.

Casey takes over as the ZBZ Panhellenic delegate, butting heads with the president, Katherine (Nora Kirkpatrick), over the annual “Undie Run”. After Katherine has the event canceled, Casey uses Evan’s help to get enough signatures to overturn the decision and save the traditional event. Casey turns the run into a charity cause by donating everyone’s clothes to the homeless.

Meanwhile, Calvin and Grant are trying desperately to find some alone time so they can be together away from their raucous Omega Chi brothers. In the end, they decide to leave campus for a romantic dinner, but are surprised when Evan is one of their waiters!

Source: ABC

Greek – Episode 3.04 – High and Dry – Press Release


Featuring Leslie-Anne Huff as Whitney
Nora Kirkpatrick (“Dorm Life”) returns as the Panhellenic President, Katherine

It’s Dry Weekend at Cyprus Rhodes University, and Casey plans a non-alcohol party night amongst all of the houses. But when she and Evan are partnered together to patrol each of the houses for signs of any prohibited beverages, they each have a brownie at the Psi Phi house – unaware of its secret ingredient – causing them to hide out in the ZBZ bathroom until the effects wear off. Meanwhile, Ashleigh frantically tries to find Casey, and Fisher offers to help, making her further question whether or not she should take him back. Tune in for an all new episode of the ABC Family hit series “Greek,” premiering Monday, September 21, 2009 (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “High and Dry,” was written by Casey Johnson & David Windsor and directed by Shawn Piller.

Grant’s high school girlfriend, Whitney (played by Leslie-Anne Huff), surprises Grant (and Calvin!) by visiting for his birthday. Calvin enlists Rebecca’s help on a double date as he patiently waits for Grant to tell Whitney the truth about himself.

Rusty learns that he earned a new nickname in the engineering school because of his slipping grades. He decides to approach the infamous Dr. Larsen at his book signing event to see if he will sponsor Rusty in an experiment. Cappie joins him for moral support and attempts to flirt with the engineering girls.
Source: ABC

General Spoilers

By the end of the show’s current 10-episode run, Casey will be in a committed, long-term relationship with either Cappie or Evan. (Michael Ausiello)

Ashleigh and Casey are having big problems this season. Amber Stevens says, “Their friendship will be tested. [The fight] won’t last too long, but they are definitely unhappy with each other and have to figure out if they can make their friendship work. Ashleigh is mad at a lot of people next season.” (Watch With Kristin)

Dilshad Vadsaria teases, “There’s a whole Comic-Con episode. There are aliens involved.” (Watch With Kristin)

Dilshad Vadsaria talking about the new season: “We start where we left off and there’s flashbacks to the End of the World party that show the audience things no one knew about in the season finale. Every character is affected by what happens at this party. Rebecca did something really bad to a friend. She really hurt a really good friend, so she’s trying to make up for it. It’s somebody who she cares about, and Rebecca doesn’t do that for everybody. In this case, Rebecca is actually apologetic, and she does truly feel bad and tries to redeem herself. Maybe not in the best way, but she tries.” (Watch With Kristin)

Amber Stevens talking about the new season: “Something big has happened at the End of the World party, and it will cause some problems between Ashleigh and Fisher [Andrew West]. Ashleigh will have Fisher on a short leash for a little while, while they try to figure out if their relationship is worth salvaging. Something does happen where they are going to have some problems between the two of them.” (Watch With Kristin)

Amber Stevens talking about the ZBZ house this season: “What’s going on with the ZBZ house is that they’re no longer No. 1 on campus. There’s a possibility of making the house No. 1 again, and it all falls on Ashleigh, and she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing. She doesn’t have any experience and never even asked to be the president. She has no idea what her duties entail and that gets her in trouble with the new pledges in the house. She is asking Casey all the time for help, and just trying to figure out what to do.” (Watch With Kristin)

Is Cappie going to come to his senses and be with Casey? The question will be answered this season. You’ll have to wait a little bit to really get into what’s going to happen, but first episode back Casey and Cappie are going to figure it out. You’ll get some sort of answer right at the beginning of the season. I don’t know that Ashleigh really approves Cappie for Casey, but she knows they’re meant for each other. (Watch With Kristin)

There are no specific love interests for Rebecca, but there might be a little spark that doesn’t necessarily come to fruition. They want to see where that goes and where they’re going to take that relationship, but there is a spark. I think now you’re going to see Rebecca figuring out that she’s in the house and in college, so she’s going to have fun. There are things that she does, and you kind of wish you could do it. She’s going to be that girl. (Watch With Kristin)

The friendship with Cappie and Evan [Jake McDorman]—they are trying to figure out if they can be friends with each other. Also, the relationship that Calvin [Paul James] gets into takes you through the season. (Watch With Kristin)

Ashleigh has an arc on how she perceives people. You have Rusty’s [Jacob Zachar] relationship, not just with Jordan [Johanna Braddy], who is his love interest. Rusty and Dale’s [Clark Duke] relationship goes to a place where you really didn’t think Rusty and Dale could ever go to. I think every character is given something. Also, the Kappa Tau and Omega Chi relationship—definitely with the season finale—that’s going to be huge. (Watch With Kristin)

Olivia Munn causes a love dispute between some of the boys on the show; she starts somewhat of a triangle with the boys. Nora Kirkpatrick comes on the show as one of the Panhellenic leaders, and she’s really funny. She and Spencer have a lot of scenes together. [Charisma Carpenter] won’t be back this season. Not yet, so far. (Watch With Kristin)

Greek – Episode 3.01 – The Day After – Synopsis

Rusty risks being dropped from the honors program if he cannot raise his grade in organic chemistry; Casey adjusts to single life. Airs: 31st August 2009. Source: SpoilerTV

New Promo of ‘Greek’ Season 3

Casey, Rebecca and Ashleigh do everything they can to maintain their status as one of the top houses at Cyprus Rhodes.

Source: Ace Showbiz

New Promo of 'Greek' Season 3 See larger image Cyprus Rhodes students recover from the End of the World party while Cappie ponders his future with Casey in an all new season of ““. The promo for its third season which is premiering on August 31 has been released, showing Casey confronting Cappie about their status of relationship. “Greek” picks up where it left off. After learning of Max’s departure, Cappie wonders if he made the right decision by telling Casey he wasn’t interested in giving their relationship another chance, while Casey struggles with the aftermath of Cappie’s unexpected rejection. Rebecca’s late night kiss with a mystery man can’t stay a secret for too long, and Rusty risks failing in o-chem and losing his honor status, while roommate Dale faces a huge moral dilemma. Guest stars coming to the third season are Olivia Munn who plays a hot waitress name Lana, Kadeem Hardison (Ashleigh’s father, Brian), Thomas Calabro (Rebecca’s father, Senator Ken Logan), Tom Amandes (Jordan’s father, Jack) and Jerry Lambert (Casey’s father, Russell).

Greek – Episode 3.01 – The Day After – Casting Call

[SECURITY GUARD] Male or female, 30s. This kind but gullible security guard outside the Chemistry building greets Casey and Rusty to let them in, and gives Rusty a candy bar when Rusty fakes being hypo-glycemic (actually, he/she pinches off a piece of the candy with his/her fingers and pushes it into Rusty’s mouth). Later, the security guard discovers Cappie inside the chem building.sptv050769..CO-STAR

[PETER] He is 18, a pale, friendly Canadian resident, complete with accent, who lives on Max’s floor…CO-STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.03 – The Half-Naked Gun – Casting Call

[KATHERINE] Female, 20-22 years old, the President of Panhellenic (an umbrella organization that supervises all joint sorority activity), Katherine is attractive yet uber-buttoned-up, an overachiever who is dressed casually smart and always manages to get the best of every argument. She’s a no-nonsense type who doesn’t suffer fools and who has future leader written all over her…GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[TARA] Female, 20-22, another delegate to Panhellenic, Tara is delighted when Katherine acknowledges her birthday — but soon her smile fades as Katherine coolly reminds Tara that she forgot to send out a birthday reminder e-mail.sptv050769..CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.04 – High and Dry – Casting Call

[DR. LARSEN] 40s to 50s, male, this professor is the superstar of the Science Department and a best-selling author…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[WHITNEY] 20 years old, female, cute, bubbly and attractive, in a sweater set and pearls, she comes to visit her boyfriend at CRU…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[HILARY] 19-21, female, an attractive, sophisticated science student at Dr. Larsen’s book signing…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[ENGINEERING STUDENT] 19-21, male, a nerdy but confident engineering student (“enginerd”)…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[SCIENCE GIRL] 19-21, female, she’s a cute science student at Dr. Larsen’s book signing…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[PARKER] 19-21, male, he’s a smarmy fraternity brother at the OX House (“think James Spader in any 80s movie”)…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.05 – Down on Your Luck – Casting Call

[LANA] 22, female, this “beautiful but guarded” young waitress is a late bloomer who doesn’t realize her own allure. She is smart, witty and just a tad abrasive…POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[CLERK] 20s, this clerk at a Greek supply store reluctantly looks in storage for a rare item…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[BUSINESSMAN] 35 to 40, male, this nebbishy, sarcastic businessman is attending a convention at a local hotel. He’s rude to his waiter…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[HOT FIREMAN] 25 to 35, male, this sexy fireman responds to an alarm at a sorority house…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[SOPHIE] 19-21, female, this sorority sister responds indignantly to Ashleigh’s chance comment…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[OX BROTHER] 20, male, this brother tells Evan that the first round is on him.sptv050769..CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.05 – Down on Your Luck – Casting Call

[ABBY] 18, female, this ZBZ pledge is very pretty in a cute, girl-next-door way. Very sharp and to-the-point, she’s upbeat, polite and just a bit of a pain in the butt…POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

Source: SpoilerTV

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 2 Premiere Recap “The Big One”

‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’: Someone else is pregnant

Shailenewoodley_secretlifeoftheamericanteenager_s3_290 Source: Zap2it.com Recaps

When we last left “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” our pregnant teenage hero was no longer pregnant, having given birth to a beautiful bundle of joy. She’d also secured the cushiest part-time job ever at a church-run daycare. The daycare would not only pay her, but watch the little one for free and was also going to give her health insurance. I had no idea that being a teenage mom was quite so easy, but what I did know was that with the start of a new season, life was about to throw Amy Juergens a few more curveballs.

We saw immediately that Amy hasn’t been having it all that easy with John – even with help, taking care of an infant isn’t simple. It was nice to see that while the show went fantasy on the part-time job with full benefits thing, they’re not completely glossing over the hardships of parenthood.

At the end of last season, we all sort of suspected that Anne might find herself with child this season, and before the opening credits, Amy had the same suspicion. Thank goodness they didn’t make us wait to find out the truth there (and I’m going to tell you right now, which isn’t a spoiler because this is a recap of the show, heck, I might even tell you more important things later), Anne is in fact pregnant. Of course, that left us with the ultimate question – George or David?

I’m hoping for George. I know that his relationship with Anne is on the skids what with the divorce and all, but I’m still hoping that they work it out. Yes, George claimed that he’s been “neutered,” but I’m not convinced that’s true and even if it was, those things don’t always work.

Think about how good it would be for Amy if the new kid was George’s. If George and Anne get back together they could move in together which would allow Amy to live in the other house right next door. I don’t think George and Anne should just let her have the house, some sort of payment schedule ought to exist, but it would be another step towards adulthood for Amy, and that’s never a bad thing.

As for Grace and Jack, they jumped into the whole sex thing, awfully quickly, didn’t they? The relationship was obviously headed in that direction, but I thought the deed would occur much later in the season. Clearly though, with Grace’s dad dying in a plane crash as she was having sex, Grace is not going to be doing it again anytime soon.

The other surprise with Grace wanting to have sex with Jack was Adrian stopping them during their initial attempt. I definitely didn’t see that coming. I know that Adrian from time to time comes up with good ideas, but after last season’s Max thing I didn’t think her good ideas were ever in the sex department.

Even if you think I’m wrong with Max, what about her wanting to have sex with Ricky tonight despite her dad being right in the living room? The girl has a weird relationship with sex and to hear good advice in that area come out of her mouth was surprising.

Bits and pieces:

  • What do you make of The Sausage King’s new woman, Betty? Is she just after him because he’s the king or is there more to it? There’s no way Leo’s paying for those dates, right (wouldn’t Betty have provided her own condom if Leo was paying)?
  • Next question — Ben, Ricky, and Amy… do you think Ricky still has any designs on Amy or was he offering to stay the night simply out of the goodness of his heart? Tell me goodness of his heart, please tell me goodness of his heart. I don’t believe it, but I’m hoping.

Burn Notice Season 3 Spoilers!

7865173 14adbe40900f55c2191713b14e872eeb 4a0c6bcd scaled

Burn Notice – Season 3 – Cast Promotional Photos

Source: Copyright NBC

Burn Notice – Season 3 Promotional Posters

Burn Notice – Upcoming Episode Info

Episode 3.05 – Signals and Codes
A paranoid mathematician enlists Michael’s help to stop the vice president of a defense firm from selling company secrets; Michael tracks down a new contact in the intelligence community.

Episode 3.06 – The Hunter
When he hears about an operative from his past who is hunting him, Michael turns to a prominent member of Miami’s underworld for help; a man approaches Michael with an offer.

Episode 3.07 – Shot in the Dark
Michael, Sam and Fiona help a young boy whose family is being terrorized by his abusive stepfather; Michael’s new contact returns with an interesting proposition to help Michael get back into the intelligence community.

Episode 3.08 – Friends Like These
Barry enlists Michael’s help in tracking down his money-laundering client list, which has been stolen; Fiona disagrees with Michael’s attempts to reconnect with the intelligence community.

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.01 – Friends and Family – Promotional Photos

(Click to Enlarge)

Source: Copyright NBC

Burn Notice – Episode 3.03 – End Run – Promotional Photos

Source: Copyright NBC

Burn Notice – Episode 3.04 – Fearless

Source: Copyright NBC

Burn Notice – Episode 3.05 – Signals and Codes – Promotional Photos

(Click to Enlarge)

Source: Copyright NBC

Burn Notice – Casting News

Burn Notice has tapped Tony and Golden Globe-nominated actor Ben Shenkman to join the cast as the man of Michael Westen’s dreams: a dude who can make his burn notice disappear forever. Shenkman, last seen raging against Derek for killing his ailing wife on Grey’s Anatomy, will play the recurring role of Tom Strickler, a smooth-talking, gregarious freelance spy broker who offers to cancel Michael’s (Jeffrey Donovan) burn notice in exchange for an unspecified — and potentially lethal — job. Shenkman’s on board for a minimum of four episodes, the first of which will air midway through the show’s third season (debuting in June). Source: EW

Burn Notice – Episode 3.02 – Casting Call

[PATRICIA] Female, 30s, any ethnicity. A pretty Suburban soccer mom who has recently separated from her husband, Howard. When their son is kidnapped, her first reaction is to blame her estranged husband. But despite their animosity, it’s clear that she cares more about him than she lets on. GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

[HOWARD] Male, 30s, any ethnicity. A mild-mannered, buttoned-down sales manager who once put his job ahead of his family. When his young son is kidnapped, Howard feels responsible and discovers a courage he didn’t know he had. sptv050769 GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.03 – End Run – Casting Call

[CARVER] Male, 40s, any ethnicity. An engineer type. A mid-level employee in the R & D division of a weapons manufacturer. Intelligent… but thinks he’s smarter than he really is. A life-long bachelor with an abrasive personality, Carver is short on patience and has a quick temper. He’s also a gun nut, who doesn’t hesitate to take the law into his own hands…GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.04 – Fearless Leader – Plotline and Casting

Michael tries to get Detective Michelle Paxson off his back by handing over her latest prime suspect, crimelord RICK HEINEKER; trying to get to Heineker via one of his henchmen, TOMMY D’ANTONIO, Michael discovers to his surprise that Tommy’s actually a decent guy who winds up helping them put Heineker away. Meanwhile, Sam is tortured by an IRS auditor, STACEY CONNOLLY…

[STACEY CONNOLLY] Male, in his late 20s to 30s, an IRS desk jockey, Stacey is a bookish, humorless (to the point of funny), by-the-book auditor who’s come to do an audit on Sam’s rather whimsical tax documentation for the past four years. A bit vindictive in his obvious intent to make Sam pay–and pay and pay–Stacey turns out to have a personal agenda vis a vis Sam, who dated his mother when Stacey was just a kid…LARGE GUEST STAR (12)

[TOMMY D’ANTONIO] Male, 40s to 50s, a low-rent, slightly past his prime thug trying to climb the criminal ladder, Tommy is one of kingpin Rick Heineker’s satellite wannabes, inept but eager, always trying to get Rick interested in one of his schemes, and constantly humiliated by him instead. Truly a terrible crook, Tommy is thrilled to be flattered by a young, ambitious hoodlum (Michael using an assumed name), complete with his own crew, and he’s even more excited to discover during a small robbery job that they’re truly talented. Thinking to use his new crew to work his way into Heineker’s good graces, Tommy is horrified when Rick wants to try them all out on a job that’s purely a suicide mission, and can’t bring himself to offer it to Michael. Stunned to learn that Michael isn’t who he seemed to be, Tommy agrees to help them bring Rick down–after which, he decides to go straight.sptv050769..LARGE GUEST STAR (15)

[RICK HEINEKER] Male, 40s, cold, calculating, and heartless with a cruel streak, Rick is a crime kingpin who makes his living ripping off drug dealers. A guy who delights in humiliating his low-level thugs like Tommy, Heineker repeatedly rebuffs Tommy’s efforts to go in on a job with him. However, when Tommy comes to him with a new and talented crew, Heineker decides to bring him in on his next job–knowing full well it’s a suicide mission for them…GUEST STAR (14)

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.05 – Casting Call

[SPENCER] In his early 30s, any ethnicity. Schizophrenic. Excitable. Manic, but endearing. MIT graduate. A broken math genius with a big heart. Spencer is now a window washer at a Halliburton type company, where he uncovers a plot to sell the names of undercover spies. Spencer is passionate about stopping the plot, and delusional to the point that he thinks aliens are behind it all. Seeing what the disease has done to him will break your heart…GUEST STAR

[SHANNON PARK] In her 30s, any ethnicity. A Vice President in the Tech Division of Stone Kittredge, a private defense firm a la Halliburton. Whip smart, with an overwhelming sense of competence… Shannon possesses a mastery of her field. As icy cold as she is intelligent, she has a dark presence and no morals. She has used her high-level clearance to steal encryption software and has been selling the names of covert operatives… three have died so far because of her actions, and she has no intention of stopping…GUEST STAR

[DIEGO RENZA] In his 40s, Latino. Charming, friendly, suave, but not in a cheesy way… imagine George Clooney if he were Latino and had spent the last twenty years working as a field operative for the CIA. Diego has traveled the world, and been in his fair share of hot spots. Now, he’s more than happy running out the clock on his career working at a black-bag CIA distribution center in Miami. His simple life of shipping boxes for the government is threatened when Michael lands on his doorstep… and Diego makes it very clear he’s not interested in helping Michael get back in.sptv050769..GUEST STAR. POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE.

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.06 – The Hunter – Plotline and Casting Call

When Michael finds out he’s being stalked by a group of vengeful but mysterious Ukrainians, he turns to JAMES BECK, an importer of hijacked cargo with ties to Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, before the uncooperative Beck can help, Michael is kidnapped, along with Beck, by his adversaries, who turn out to be working for the Russian PYOTR CHECHIK, a ruthless Russian mobster who is not a fan of Michael’s…

[JAMES BECK] Male, 40s, African American, a hard-core, intimidating, well-dressed man, Beck is a successful truck hijacker who ships his stolen cargo to the highest bidder; as Fiona puts it, he’s “like FedEx for the caviar and Kalishnikov set.” Well-connected in Eastern Europe, Beck is more of a businessman than a thug, and he’s not happy when Michael, who’s learned that some Ukrainians are after him, tries to befriend him for some information. He’s even less happy when he’s kidnapped along with Michael by the Ukrainians, who assume he and Michael are partners. Furious at being reliant upon Michael’s survival skills as they flee their pursuers through Florida swampland, Beck would prefer to just shoot as many people as he can to get himself out of the situation, but he’s forced to concede that Michael’s plans are generally better than his own when it comes to staying alive. Ultimately wounded when one of his own schemes goes awry, Beck is kept alive by Michael’s efforts, and in the end admits to a grudging respect for him…LARGE GUEST STAR (7)

[PYOTR CHECHIK] Male, Russian, 35-55 years old, MUST SPEAK WITH AN AUTHENTIC RUSSIAN ACCENT. A mobster/warlord the leader of a criminal syndicate, powerful, ruthless, smart, “bad temper; good shot,” Chechik had a bad run-in with Michael some years ago, has finished fifteen years in prison, and is now going after him with an army in tow. A man who seems to enjoy the hunt, Chechik follows Michael and Beck through a Florida swamp, where he taunts Michael over a two-way radio, explaining to him how his business has changed from provincial to international, providing him a “Ukrainian team, Hungarian weapons, Russian funding.” A crafty and tenacious enemy, Chechik ultimately proves no match for Michael.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (31)

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.07 – Shot In The Dark – Casting Call

[TOM STRICKLER] Male, Any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Free Lance Spy Broker. A fast talking hustler, Strickler makes a living by contracting current and former spies to do work on the side. He’s like a talent agent, but for spies. A born salesman, Strickler is charismatic and gregarious, but underneath the charm is an edge that can turn deadly under the wrong circumstances. He offers to cancel Michael’s burn notice in exchange for an unspecified job — a blind date that could easily get Michael killed. He waits and watches while Michael wriggles and twists — but ultimately Michael decides that he has no choice but to accept a deal with the devil…GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE. MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR A 4-EPISODE ARC FROM 4/29-6/10. LOOKING FOR NAME ACTORS ONLY.

[APRIL LUNA] Female, Caucasian, in her 30s, April is a pretty young mom with two children, 13 year old Joey and 3 year old Danny. Unhappily married to a local politician with mobster connections, Erik Luna, she’s in the middle of a messy divorce from her husband, who regards “spouse” as a synonym for “punching bag.” Facing a bitter custody dispute, she fears that Erik will use his cash and connections to take her children away — and when Michael agrees to take her case, she sees the first glimmer of hope..GUEST STAR (10)

[JOEY] Male, Caucasian, 12-14 years old, he’s the son of April Luna and the stepson of Erik Luna. He loathes his stepdad Erik for his quick fists, and is determined to kill him, free his mom and half-brother, and live with the consequences. Caught by Michael while in the act of trying to boost a weapon from Fiona’s apartment, he spills his story, and cannot believe it when Michael agrees to clean up his family dispute without using an attorney or a shotgun. But Joey is an impatient kid without trust or foresight, who tries a second time to eliminate Erik the direct way…GUEST STAR (6)

[ERIK LUNA] Male, Caucasian, in his 30s, handsome and arrogant, Erik is a rich, well-connected local politician with mobster connections; he’s on every political board, he’s a big deal down at the docks, and he owns a piece of the local country club. He’s the face of the operation, with his brother Quinn providing muscle and guns to back him up. He’s certain that he can put over any crooked deal he dreams up. A little too cocky, he’s in the middle of a custody battle with his wife April, and he intends to leave her with no kids and no money, but with maybe a pair of black eyes to remember him by. Having been foolish enough to sell some very pricey (and confiscated) luxury cars without his brother’s okay, Erik has left himself open to attack from outside, and Michael mercilessly exploits that advantage, convincing Erik that he cheated on an unstable psychopath who’s out to kill him. Quickly reduced to a state of babbling paranoia, Erik winds up locked in a nuthatch by his brother Quinn, who can’t afford to have a madman as his front.sptv050769..LARGE GUEST STAR (13)

[QUINN LUNA] Male, Caucasian, 40, he is Erik’s older brother and the muscle of the family, a mobster with a commanding presence, a permanent scowl, and a staff of bodyguards. The guy who built the Luna family empire over the cracked skulls of his rivals, he’s let his smooth-talking, polished brother become the front for the family enterprises — only he can’t afford to have Erik betray him or lose control in any way. A professional smuggler who ordered his brother to marry April so that he would look respectable, Quinn has to take serious action when he’s convinced (by Michael) that Erik has lost his marbles…GUEST STAR (13)

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.08 – Friends Like These – Plotline and Casting Call

Michael sucks it up and does a small but vital job for the slippery Stickler, who promises to clear Michael’s burn notice as a quid pro quo. At the same time, he agrees to help Barry (who’s just as slippery financially as Stickler is slippery politically) to retrieve a vital business ledger that has been stolen by extortionists…

[NATALIE RICE / WOMAN] Female, Caucasian, 30s, MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH AN AMERICAN AS WELL AS ANY OTHER NON-AMERICAN ACCENT. Natalie is an attractive woman local realtor with a picture of her son on her keychain. She’s been blackmailed into accompanying villainous Serbian extortionist Milovan Bakic on a driving tour of Miami while he sets up a chain of safe houses. Captured by Michael and Sam along with Milovan, Natalie puddles up, convincingly acting like a terrified, sobbing, wailing mess of a woman who insists that she’s just the driver. Busily pleading for a chance to save her life and see her son once more, it turns out that Natalie is not as vulnerable and innocent as she appears…GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECURRING.

[MILOVAN BAKIC / MAN] Male, Caucasian, 40s-50s, MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH AN AUTHENTIC EASTERN EUROPEAN ACCENT. Milovan is a foreign looking and scary as hell extortionist. He is a former torturer for an Eastern European intelligence service. Part of an elaborate scheme to extort $5 million from a hapless Barry, Milovan is captured along with his “stupid American driver,” realtor Natalie Rice. Familiar with every trick in the interrogator’s handbook, Milovan is stonily impervious to Sam’s best efforts to crack him wide open and find the location of the stolen ledger.sptv050769..GUEST STAR

[AMY] Female, Any ethnicity, 30s. She is the feisty girlfriend of Barry, the money launderer with the priceless ledger. In fact, Amy is not as interested in Barry as she appears, and she’s been offered $100,000 in order to help a pair of extortionists facilitate the theft of his ledger. Basically a clueless dupe who betrayed her doting boyfriend for a fistful of dollars, Amy is unpleasantly dragged into the real world when Michael and Fiona point out an awkward fact: her employers attached a huge firebomb to her brand new BMW… PLEASE SUBMIT MIAMI LOCAL HIRES ONLY FOR THIS ROLE, WHICH MEANS ACTOR IS WILLING AND ABLE TO TRAVEL AND BOARD THEMSELVES IN MIAMI.
Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice – Episode 3.09 – Casting Call

[SEAN GLENANNE] – Male, IRISH, 30-45 years old, Fiona’s brother. LOOKING FOR NATIVE IRISH ACTORS ONLY. Charming, intense, well educated. A bit of a live wire, and no stranger to violence… imagine the male version of Fiona. Sean has a fiery passion for both love and war. Sean’s past may be slightly shady, but his intentions are noble. He’s lived his entire life in Dublin, and speaks with a flawless Irish accent…GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE.

Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive Burn Notice – Episode 3.11 – Friendly Fire – Plotline and Casting Call

It’s a time for unlikely liaisons, as Michael teams with a local gang leader and Sam teams with a detested former buddy in order to bring a notorious child predator to justice…

[MACK] Male, Caucasian, 50 years old. Sam’s old friend and former fellow SEAL, he is fit and looks like the original Marlboro Man. He and Sam had a mysterious “dust-up” and Sam still hates his guts for what he considers a past betrayal. Now with the Houston P.D., Mack lost two men on the trail of Rincon, a notorious child predator, but the case has been closed, and Mack is still determined to see justice served. He asks Sam to help him capture Rincon, and Sam reluctantly agrees. But while they’re blowing things up trying to get their man, the two men wind up mending some old fences as well…LARGE GUEST STAR.

[OMAR ENRIQUEZ] Male, Latino, 20’s to early 30’s. This good-looking gangbanger is the “king of the barrio,” but although he dabbles in criminal activities, he’s actually a benign leader who provides peace and stability in his neighborhood. Both perturbed and infuriated by Michael, who leans on him to help find a notorious child predator who has gone to ground in the area, Omar eventually joins forces with this mysterious gringo, who helps him battle a vicious gang leader that is muscling in on his turf. It’s an odd liaison, a quid pro quo that ultimately benefits both men…GUEST STAR

[FELIPE VEGAS] Male, Latino, mid 30’s to early 40’s. This steely-eyed and ruthless gangbanger is a drug-dealing scumbag who is muscling in on Omar’s territory. Insisting that Omar pay him regular “protection,” Vegas is the man protecting notorious child predator, Rincon, a former drug partner. He’s convinced that he’s invulnerable, but when Omar and Michael join forces, their unlikely alliance brings Vegas down with a big bang.sptv050769..GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT

[RINCON] Male, Latino, 30’s to 40’s. A SCARY looking gangbanger. He is “Evil personified,” and a notorious child predator who recently killed a couple of Mack’s fellow officers. Now under the protection of his former drug partner, Vegas, Rincon seems to have successfully eluded justice — that is, until Michael and his team come after him…GUEST STAR IS CREDITS WARRANT.

Source: SpoilerTV

Burn Notice‘s Gabrielle Anwar Ponders a Combustible Coupling

Source: TV Guide Online

Gabrielle Anwar

Burn Notice (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET) is on fire, both figuratively and literally (usually thanks to Fiona’s pyrotechnic work). After opening its third season with a cool 6 million viewers, the USA Network action-drama has been spying impressive demos. But will things ever combust between Michael and his onetime lady love? Gabrielle Anwar offered TVGuide.com a peek at what’s to come.

TVGuide.com: That was some nifty knife-throwing Fiona demonstrated in last week’s episode.
Gabrielle Anwar:
[Laughs] Thank you. I fooled ya, huh? Yeah, that wasn’t me. I did learn how to throw that thing, but I confess that they wouldn’t let me do it if there was another human being within a mile radius.

TVGuide.com: So then what fun skills have you learned on the show? Is there anything you could pull off in a pinch? Maybe wire some C-4?
I could probably blow something up. But I think our props master, who is quite the genius, is reluctant to give me every ingredient in the recipe, just in case I ever have a pissy moment.

TVGuide.com: Jeffrey Donovan in real life boasts some mad martial-arts skills (including a black belt in karate and six years of aikido training). Does he ever show you moves?
When we do have a fight sequence, he shows me what to do because I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen if I, you know, flick my elbow this way or thrust my knee that way. He’s been quite instrumental in my not hurting anyone!

TVGuide.com: Fiona this season seems somewhat intent on making inroads on a relationship with Michael. Is that an accurate take?
I suppose so, yeah. She’s a girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t like to be crossed. She’s definitely setting out to get inside his head.

TVGuide.com: In the season premiere, her “I’m glad you are alive” was terse yet seemed laden with emotion.
Yeah, I don’t think that her verbal articulation is quite as seasoned as her physical expressions. She’s not one for mincing words.

TVGuide.com: Will the Michael-Fiona fans ever get more than a forehead kiss?
I hope so! We haven’t shot anything like that yet this season. But we do have some steamy moments.

TVGuide.com: Do you think there is a way to put them together and still keep things exciting?
I don’t know…. It depends on what your definition of “put them together” is. I know that in my own personal life, once something is taken for granted, no matter what it is, it loses that element of enigmatic passion. It’s the nature of the beast. I can’t imagine that Fiona would ever settle for a mundane lifestyle. I doubt that “Fiona settles down” would ever be in one of the episode outlines.

TVGuide.com: Moon Bloodgood’s new character, Det. Paxson, was billed on-screen as “Michael’s worst nightmare.” Might she prove to be a thorn in Fi’s side as well?
Perhaps, and possibly as more than an obvious physical [rival]. I think it’s more another element that’s going to keep Michael preoccupied, and away from me. I think that if Fiona was bothered by every absolutely drop-dead, stunning, gorgeous chick that came along, she may as well just head out of Miami.

TVGuide.com: There have been some recent headlines about Burn Notice‘s production having troubles down in Miami. What’s that all about?
Yeah. There’s some sort of political rumblings about the property that we use for our production offices and sound stage. There’s a possibility that it might be torn down. I’m not sure where it’s going.

TVGuide.com: Do you think the show would ever relocate and change its setting?
For what the show is right now, I can’t imagine it being anywhere else. It’s a key feature. I’ve heard Jeffrey say in interviews that Miami is a character unto itself, and I couldn’t agree more.

TVGuide.com: Plus, any place less warm wouldn’t allow Fiona to wear so little.
[Laughs] That is a very good point!

Bones Season 5 Spoilers!

In the September 17 season premiere: The episode features a time jump that’s longer than two weeks but less than six months. And an MRI holds the answer to one of the show’s biggest questions. (Michael Ausiello)

“Rosie is out of the picture for now,” confirms series creator Hart Hanson, who adds that “Angela and Hodgins belong together every bit as much as Booth and Brennan — perhaps more. And they will get there. But it’ll be a rough, rough road.” (Michael Ausiello)

In the season premiere, Booth says those three little words…and Brennan says them back. Does it stick? You’ll have to tune in September 17 to find out. (Watch With Kristin)

Booth will demonstrate some pretty strong feelings for Bones right off the bat . . . and they might not be good. (TV Guide)

‘Bones’: Will Booth & Brennan smooch in the season premiere?

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Davidboreanaz The much-hyped Booth/Brennan sex scene which turned out to be little more than a figment of someone’s imagination came and went a couple months ago, but the cast of “Bones” is now back at work and we’re starting to hear a bit of intel on the upcoming fifth season premiere.

Will fans have a reason to smile again? Think so.

First of all, Booth’s amnesia? Not really an issue, at least not in the traditional sense. Apparently, when Booth asked Brennan who she was in May’s finale, he didn’t mean to imply that he didn’t remember her. Apparently Booth just wasn’t sure whether she was his partner, Bones, or his wife/baby mama from the hallucination/alternate reality he experienced while drugged up.

Because of his confusion, we’re hearing Booth will continue to struggle with romantic feelings for the good Dr. B throughout the season premiere and may even kiss her after rescuing her from a dangerous situation.

But just because B/B are sort of taking steps forward in their relationship, there’s no reason to think they’ll be back in the bedroom anytime soon. Executive producer Hart Hanson has already said that there won’t be any sex between them this season… a pretty daring statement to fans, many of whom are still bitter about getting blue balled by the season finale.

However, Hart and his cohorts were the ones who insisted the finale sex scene would be real, so it’s certainly possible that the whole “no sex this season” stuff could just be another bait-and-switch to prevent the surprise from being ruined.

Oh and p.s., on the non-relationship front, EW.com is reporting that Cyndi Lauper will be making her “Bones” debut during the season premiere as a psychic who attempts to help Booth and the squints solve a murder. Anyone else hoping this inspires Brennan to do an encore performance of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”?

Brennan was so on the baby train last season on Bones! How can she be going back now? She’s not going back as much as she’s staying undecided and unpredictable. (All the better to torture us with!) As Bones star Emily Deschanel told us when she was at the Monte Carlo TV Fest last week, “I loved the fact that Brennan was adamant about not having children, because with so many female characters it’s just a given that they want children, and I think that is a wonderful choice. I think its important to have people represented who have made the choice not to have children. But I also love and respect the fact that she’s unpredictable, and she did make that decision that she wanted to have children. These characters are so unpredictable, they have contradictions, and that was one thing I loved from the beginning of the show.” Source: E!Online

Will Angela’s old flame Roxie return to Bones next season? We caught up with Roxie (Nichole Hiltz) herself at the Los Angeles Times’ Envelope Emmy screening series, where she told us that she will not be back on Bones: “Not that I know of, unfortunately, but I loved being on that show. I loved playing that part. I wish it had gone on longer and been fleshed out a little bit more. Michaela Conlin is honestly one of the sweetest, loveliest girls I’ve ever worked with. There was no awkwardness whatsoever. I had a great time on that show. It’s a good cast.” Source: E!Online

“Booth’s problem isn’t remembering who Brennan is,” [Hart Hanson] tells me, “it’s remembering which Brennan she is. ” Source: The Ausiello Files

Emily Deschanel Says a Bones-Booth Pregnancy Unlikely Next Season

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Not only did Bones and Booth not have baby-making sex on Bones last season, they probably aren’t going to creating a l’il Brennan anytime soon, as Bones star Emily Deschanel says it’s unlikely her character will become pregnant anytime soon.

“There are complications along the way of [Temperance and Booth] discussing having children,” Emily explained during an appearance at the 49th Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco. “I think it’s very possible she will be pregnant in the future but I don’t think its going to happen right away. I think she has some growing to do.”

“Everyone is aware that once you get the two characters together you lose that glue that holds the show together, which is that sexual tension,” she said. “I think they are being very careful about how to move forward without destroying that tension.”

Emily also revealed part of season five’s guest-star lineup, which includes a very famous lady rock star…

Apparently performer Cyndi Lauper will be stopping by next year. Emily said, “I don’t think [Cyndi] will be playing herself, but I’m not sure what role she’ll play, they’re debating it now.” Emily says the guest gig came about when, “I sang ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ in one episode. She saw it and was interested in being in the show. She was an idol from when I was a child so I will probably be beside myself that day.”

Stephen Fry will also be back, and it’s still true that Emily’s sis Zooey Deschanel may stop by the Bones set one of these days. (FYI, Emily’s cinematographer father Caleb Deschanel has directed a Bones episode, and her mother Mary Jo Deschanel, an actress, guested on House last season as Kutner’s mourning mother.)

Emily says of the possible sister act, “[Zooey] is interested in being on the show, and I know [Bones executive producer] Hart Hanson would love to have her on the show. It’s just a matter of finding time where she’s available…It’s very difficult because she’s always working as an actor or touring as a musician or recording, she’s very busy. So just getting the time together to get her to work on bones has been difficult but hopefully by the end we will have her on the show.”

Greek Season Finale Recap 2.22 “At World’s End” Will Cappie & Casey Get Together?

‘Greek’ Finale: It’s the end of the world as they know it

Source: Zap2it.com Recaps

It’s season finale time on “Greek” and all you loyal fraternal viewers know what that means: it’s time to do the Casey/Cappie dance yet again. Where does all this drama go down? At the “End of the World” party, of course!

Casey’s drama is the main story of the finale, with her fretting over Max’s imminent return which just happens to coincide with the return of her feelings for Cappie. Things seem to be going well with their reunion until Casey falls into an open manhole cover (random!) and somehow this makes her realize that she’s in love with Cappie and has been all along. I know it makes no sense, but just go with it. She finally tells Cappie how she feels and he doesn’t buy it — he thinks she’ll regret choosing him over Max and lays out all of his faults (the ones that she’s so pointedly thrown in his face so many times before). Of course, Max catches them post-conversation and senses the awkwardness, knowing something is up. Cappie gentlemanly falls on the sword and tells Max he was the one hitting on Casey. Aw, Cappie. To her credit, Casey doesn’t lead Max on and tells him that although he’s the perfect guy, he’s not the perfect guy for her. Casey leaves the party alone and Cappie sulks on the roof until Ashleigh confronts him and basically tells him to man up and be with Casey once and for all. The episode ends before we find out what his decision is, so I guess we’ll have to wait until August to see what happens. I for one hope they finally put Casey and Cappie together, because up to this point their relationship has been a lot of tell and no show, and I’m ready to see what they would really be like as a couple. How about you guys?

Panhellenic holds a meeting to punish the Kappa Taus and ZBZ’s for the prank with Frannie’s float. Although the KT’s get off with nothing but a two week social suspension (which won’t even start until after they have an epic “End of the World” party that weekend), Frannie and her minions have it in for Ashleigh and threaten to punish her by reporting the incident to the university, which could result in a suspension for Ash. Holding the girls to a higher standard really just feels like a double standard, now doesn’t it? Even though what they did to the float was a little cruel, Frannie still sucks. Ashleigh goes the blackmail route to get Frannie to back off, but in the end good old fashioned shame is all it takes for Frannie to drop the complaint. In the process, Frannie finally realizes that IKI is a hot mess and disbands the sorority and makes her plans to leave Cyprus-Rhodes for good. I’ve enjoyed Frannie in the past, but her character really has nowhere to go and it’s time for her to leave.

Calvin and Dale spend the episode together trying to avoid having sex with the respective objects of their affection, and generally being hilarious. They even go so far as to take a purity pledge together, although Calvin qualifies his as only being pure of sex with Grant: all other sex is still on the table. Hee. Dale even goes so far as to pretend to be Calvin’s boyfriend in order to throw Grant off track. There is nothing funnier than Dale pretending to be gay, by the way. The purity pledge doesn’t really work for Calvin, though, considering he ends the episode by planting a huge smooch on Grant. Awesome! I am so ready for Calvin to have an actual relationship.

Rusty and Jordan are happy (and even grossly making up a celebrity couple name for themselves) but all their together time is taking its toll on Rusty’s studies. His professor gives him a chance to bring up his grade but Rusty ditches to party with Jordan and the KT’s. I’m sure this will come back to bite him next semester…

Favorite quotes:

  • “We can go. I feel kind of Betsy-ish having a drink at noon.” – Ashley
  • “She is the Energizer seduction bunny.” – Dale
  • “It smells like Hugo Boss and brimstone in here.” – Dale, upon entering Calvin and Grant’s bedroom
  • “Paging Dr. Grey! No wait, you are more like Joey Potter. No, you’re worse. You’re the F-word. Felicity.” – Ashleigh, on Casey’s romantic indecision
  • “But it’s not the end of the world. Don’t you read the scriptures I leave on your pillow? There will be signs!” – Dale

‘True Blood’ Season 2 Premiere Recap

‘True Blood’: Season 2 premiere

Source: Zap2it.com Recaps

True Blood” returned from a long hiatus tonight with a jam-packed episode that set a number of new things in motion for the upcoming season. If you’re like me, however, you’re only tuning in for one reason: to find out what the heck happened to Lafayette!

Season two picks up right where we left off last year, with Sookie and Tara discovering a dead body in Andy’s car behind Merlotte’s. A dead body that looked suspiciously like Lafayette. Andy checks out the body and — it isn’t Lafayette! Hallelujah! Quite honestly, I just don’t want to watch a “True Blood” without my favorite flamboyant cook.

Now that we’ve got that piece of business out of the way, let’s do a rundown on where everyone else stands this season:

The news that the dead body isn’t Lafayette is great for Tara because it means her cousin isn’t dead, but what’s not so great is that instead the body is her fraud voodoo exorcist. Furthermore, the exorcist’s heart was brutally ripped out of her body, seemingly while she was still alive by the look of sheer terror on her face. Awesomely gruesome. Tara tells the cops her connection to the dead woman and, more importantly, tells her mother the truth about her exorcism. The mysterious (and definitely evil…right?) Maryann shows up to take Tara home and in the process reams Tara’s mother something fierce for being a generally terrible person. It’s not that Tara’s mother doesn’t deserve it, but darn. That was harsh.

Bill, on the other hand, is dealing with frightening matters of his own: Jessica, the truly annoying vampire he turned last season. Amusingly, he has two main house rules: no hunting humans, and please recycle all your glass and paper products. I suppose if you know you’re going to live forever you would want to practice conservation. Let’s face it, he IS future generations. When Sookie shows up at Bill’s and discovers Jessica there, Bill must explain the whole ordeal that led to Jessica’s turning. Sookie isn’t jazzed to lean that she is basically the cause of this entire mess, but most of all she’s angry that it took him two weeks to tell her about it.

Sookie finally learns that sleazy Uncle Bartlett is dead and immediately suspects Bill as the murderer (and rightfully so). She inherits all of her uncle’s money but doesn’t even want anything to do with it, giving the lot to Jason. When she confronts Bill about the murder, he admits right away that he killed him. Sookie can’t handle feeling like she’s responsible for yet another murder (unlike Rene, indirectly this time) but when she goes to leave Bill pulls out the “I love you” card and they make up. Repeatedly. If you know what I mean.

Jason is busy finding God and declaring himself “saved” by the Fellowship of the Sun. He even says their book made him think, and Jason Stackhouse thinking is a scary thing, y’all. He meets the leader of the church, a Reverend who invites him to a leadership conference in order to deepen his faith. A leadership conference that costs $1200. Getting saved is expensive! Lucky for Jason he just came into a little money, eh? When Hoyt learns of Jason’s new endeavor and questions the church’s motives, especially those teaching people to hate vampires, Jason completely misses the point and says that the church is more than the hate. But Jason, if the hate is part of the church doesn’t that sort of negate all of the other stuff? Oh, dear.

My boy Lafayette has been located and although I’m sure he’s happy not to be the dead woman with her heart ripped out, the situation is not good. He and several other humans are trapped in Bon Temps’ very own version of “Saw,” complete with weird torture wheel! They spin the wheel why? I don’t know. Maybe they need exercise. He’s trapped there with one of the jerks from last season who refused to eat an AIDS burger, because being mysteriously kidnapped and held against your will obviously isn’t torture enough. The homophobic dude’s apology to Lafayette for being a homophobic dude and heartfelt confession that he once let another guy blow him is priceless. Turns out the captor is none other than Eric (Eric!) and he’s looking for information on crimes against vampires, and torturing humans in the know to get it. Don’t mess with Eric, fools, he’ll mess you up! And look extremely hot while doing it.

Sam expounds on his implied history with Maryann from last season via flashback, where we learn that she once busted a young shapeshifting Sam breaking into her house. As a punishment, she cougar-izes him in her bedroom. I would be happy for our young robber but the sheer weirdness of the encounter skeeves me out — the woman (thing?) VIBRATES and basically is in about four places at once during, um, completion. What exactly is her power? Whatever it is, it’s not benign, that’s for sure. Frustratingly, even though she and Sam have a confrontation in the present we learn nothing new about her or her motives. What is that witchy woman up to?

Random thoughts:

  • Is Tara’s new man legit or just a larger part of whatever Maryann is trying to accomplish? Considering the bitch slap Carl got for interrupting their kiss, I’m thinking he’s part of the plan. I’m still not sure if he’s in on it or just another patsy like Tara, however.
  • The pan to the sky and the thankful look on Jason’s face when he gets the money is pure hilarity. Ryan Kwanten really sells Jason’s naivete well.
  • Sookie and Bill’s back and forth was enough to make someone seasick this week. First she forgives him, then she takes it back when she learns about Jessica. Then she forgives him again, but takes it back when she learns about Uncle Bartlett, and immediately forgives him again when he tells her he loves her. I cannot keep up with this flip-flopping. They’re worse than Dawson and Joey.
  • Tie for favorite secondary character: Hoyt Fortenberry and Terry Bellefleur. When Terry smelled Arlene’s hair I nearly lost it, and Hoyt’s hesitation around females is just too funny.

‘True Blood’ exclusive: Lafayette speaks!

Source: Michael Ausiello

True-Blood-Nelsan-Ellis_l WARNING: Stop reading if you have not watched the season premiere of True Blood. I mean it. Everyone else, onward and downward…

Now that you’ve seen the season 2 premiere of True Blood, join me in a chorus of “Hallelujah, Lafayette lives!” Although last November’s cliff-hanger seemed to suggest that series creator Alan Ball was remaining faithful to Charlaine Harris’ books and sending Nelsan Ellis’ fierce, flamboyant alter ego to an early grave, Sunday’s debut confirmed what many fans had hoped: Ball decided to spare the wildly popular character. But why? In this exclusive interview, Ellis has the surprising answer to that question, as well as scoop on another possible detour Ball has up his sleeve — this one involving a deep connection between Lafayette and Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric.

When you first signed on to the show, did Alan Ball assure you he would not be following the books when it came to this character?
NELSAN ELLIS: No, no no. When I first started it was only a one-year contract, so I thought I was a goner after the 12th episode. In fact, [Alan] didn’t tell me that he was bringing me back until after the table read for [the season 1 finale]. He was like, “You know we’re not killing you, right?” And I was like, “I didn’t know but thanks for telling me.”

What was your reaction?
ELLIS: Thank you! I have a job for next season! That was my reaction.

Did he explain to you why he let Lafayette survive?
ELLIS: Not really. He just said he decided after the bar scene in [the pilot], but he didn’t tell me until the 12th episode. He didn’t really go into any detail as to why he decided to keep me — not to me anyway.

When did you realize the character was gaining a large following?
ELLIS: I’m beginning to realize it now. At first I didn’t. I am realizing more and more that people have seemed to respond well to Lafayette, much to my surprise.

Why are you surprised?
ELLIS: Well, because I would not know what to do with Lafayette or what to think about him.

Was it hard keeping his fate a secret during the hiatus?
ELLIS: It was hard. The question was asked every single day.

How will the experience of being locked in a dungeon and almost dying change Lafayette this season?
ELLIS: It certainly humbles him. It shows him there are some situations he just can’t get himself out of no matter how slick he is. He’s going to have to suffer the consequences of what he’s done. And I think he reflects back on his behavior and maybe for a second thinks about changing.

In an upcoming episode [SPOILER ALERT], Lafayette ingests a lot of Eric’s blood. The homoeroticism in that moment was off the charts. Was that something you were conscious of while shooting it?
ELLIS: I wasn’t. I know Alexander said that from his standpoint he thinks Eric is a little drawn to Lafayette. My intentions were that I was completely terrified of Eric and what he can do to me. As far as I know, I hated his guts. It’s funny what the camera picks up… Alan has been making jokes about me and Eric and what’s to come in the third season. I definitely think I’ll be one of his henchmen, but as far down the rabbit hole as that goes, I don’t know.

So we can assume that Lafayette does, in fact, survive to see a third season?
ELLIS: I think I’m back for the third season.

Do you think it’s possible for Lafayette to settle down and have a normal relationship with a guy?
ELLIS: I don’t know that his normal is the general norm for everybody. I don’t think he’ll ever be normal to everybody’s standards. I do hope, though, that the dude can find someone that he loves and that loves him back. Everybody should be capable of that — even Lafayette. (Additional reporting by Jeremy Medina)

24 Season 8 Spoilers & Casting Scoop!

Katee Sackhoff, Freddie Prinze Jr., Mykelti Williamson, John Boyd, Jennifer Westfeldt and Chris Diamantopoulos have joined the cast of 24 for the series’ eighth season. The Emmy Award-winning drama starring Kiefer Sutherland returns for its next astonishing day with a two-night, four-hour premiere beginning Sunday, Jan. 17 (9:00-11:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Season Eight will unfold in New York City amidst the shadows of the Statue of Liberty and the United Nations. In this new day, CTU has been upgraded and is run by MBA-schooled and razor-sharp head honcho Brian Hastings (Williamson, “Forrest Gump”). Cole Ortiz (Prinze Jr.), an ex-Marine who wants to follow in Jack Bauer’s (Sutherland) footsteps, runs the division’s Field Operations. Expert data analyst Dana Walsh (Sackhoff, “Battlestar Galactica”) collaborates with systems analyst Arlo Glass (Boyd, “The Notorious Bettie Page”) inside CTU. Rob Weiss (Diamantopoulos, “The Starter Wife”) serves as President Allison Taylor’s (Cherry Jones) new chief of staff, and Meredith Reed (Westfeldt, “Grey’s Anatomy “) is an ambitious journalist with ties to the unfolding situation. As previously announced, Sutherland, Jones, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Annie Wersching also return. In addition, Bollywood icon Anil Kapoor (“Slumdog Millionaire”) makes his American TV debut as Omar Hassan, a Middle Eastern leader who comes to the U.S. on a peacemaking mission. Source: FOX

  • As executive producer David Fury teased, Renee is a damaged person upon returning next season. However, Kiefer Sutherland says they are really trying to find peace for Jack, which includes all things that have the potential to make him happy. “People would like to see him at least have the option to have a good life,” Sutherland says. “We stripped a lot of those components over the years, by virtue of killing everybody, that whether he wants to live or die seemed to become innocuous—like who cares, there’s nothing really to live for. What we did for this season is to really try and create something that would make Jack want to live.” (Watch With Kristin)
  • “I don’t know with regard to the last season,” says Kiefer Sutherland. “It is the last season that I’ve been contracted to do 24, but I really don’t know.” (Watch With Kristin)
  • If it truly is Jack’s last hurrah, the producers are planning some return visits from seasons past. “There’s certainly a chance of [bringing back old characters]. We’ve certainly been talking about that,” says David Fury. “At this point, we’re only in the first third of the season, but we have begun to discuss some of the characters that could return.” Fury says he really wants to see Teri Bauer (Leslie Hope) return to the show. “If Tony [Carlos Bernard] is still alive, there’s every chance that Teri pulled through,” jokes Fury. In all seriousness, there’s a likely possibility that Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin) and Mandy (Mia Kirshner) could appear. Also, “You may see Tony—there may be an opportunity for Tony to be pivotal in the show,” adds Fury. (Watch With Kristin)

No word on if Kim Raver will be back as Audrey, but Elisha Cuthbert has already filmed scenes for Day 8’s first few hours. (TV Guide)

24 – Season 8 – Set Photos

24 – Big Casting News

Suddenly, I find myself counting the minutes until 24’s new season. Perhaps this is why: Katee Sackhoff is joining the cast! Sources confirm to me exclusively that the Battlestar Galactica heroine has been tapped to play the series regular role of Dayna Pakkala, a highly respected and down-to-earth data analyst at the new and improved New York branch of CTU. Translation: Chloe-Starbuck catfight alert! This fraktastic casting coup hit a road block last week when Sackhoff abruptly took herself out of running, prompting me to post this blind item. But late Friday, word surfaced that the BSG badass was once again in the mix.

Here’s more scoop on Sackhoff’s character… She’s in a relationship with fellow agent Davis Cole (played by the just-cast Freddie Prinze. Jr.), and she apparently has a skeleton in her closet she’s trying desperately to keep hidden. As previously reported, 24’s eighth season — which premieres Jan. 17, 2010 — will be set in the Big Apple and center on an assassination plot against a visiting foreign leader (Slumdog Millionaire’s Anil Kapoor). In addition to Sackhoff, Prinze, and Williamson, new Day 8 blood includes Kissing Jessica Stein’s Jennifer Westfeldt (as a journalist with ties to Kapoor’s diplomat) and The Starter Wife’s Chris Diamantopoulos (as President Taylor’s Chief of Staff). Source: EW

24 – Season 8 – Set Photos

Tuesday June 2nd Los Angeles, CA. **EXCLUSIVE** Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer and Benito Martinez as Victor Aruz film a scene for the 8th season of the hit show “24”. In this scene Sutherland assist Martinez who has a gunshot wound. The two are trying to elude law enforcement who are nearby and looking for them. In between takes Kiefer spits. Kiefer also wanted to be a camera operator for one of the scenes but was not allowed to actualy film the scene but instead just rehearsed as the camera operator.

Source: Photoshelter

Greek Season Finale Spoilers & Promos 2.22 “At World’s End” & New Season Spoilers!

Episode 2.22: At World’s End (Season finale) Airdate: June 15, 2009

‘Greek’ finale: It’s the end of the world as we know it

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Grammer_stevensGreek” will close out another killer season this evening and I beg and plead with you all to watch. I mean, we already know the show is returning in August, so it’s not in danger or anything. I just want you to tune in, because “Greek” is such a little gem. My heart was so full last Monday when they not only threw down an “90210”/Emily Valentine reference, but a “Party of Five” nod as well. God bless, “Greek.” So what’s on tap for tonight? Besides shout outs to “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Dawson’s Creek” & “Felicity”? Well, if you’re a spoilerphile, you probably know that it’s a pretty pivotal episode for Cappie and Casey. I may have mentioned that in my “Drinking with Dilshad Vadsaria” post… and Dilshad herself said this is the hour fans have been waiting for forever. But, be advised, the ep does go to black on a cliffhanger, so you’re probably not going to get everything you want this week. Still, there’s some very solid stuff which I doubt you’ll be disappointed by. I can also tell you that Ashleigh’s in serious trouble for last week’s phenomenal float prank., there’s talk of expulsion… and two of this season’s integral players — one of them, a series regular — are making their exits this evening and I don’t know that we’ll see either of them return. Oh, and Dale and Calvin become a couple tonight. Yep. They’ve bonded as a result of their abstinence pledge and one things leads to another…

Question: What’s this I hear about Cappie turning down Casey on Monday’s Greek finale? Finally she comes around, and now this? Why’s Cappie holding out?
Casey is quickly becoming Greek‘s Joey Potter, what with all the oscillating between men. So who does she finally pick? Assuming the rumor you heard is true, you could say that maybe Cappie doesn’t want to be a Pacey. Maybe he wants Joey to be with her Dawson. Love is complicated, dammit! (Click here for an exclusive sneak peek at the finale.) Source: The Ausiello Files

Preview of ‘Greek’ Season 2 Finale: At World’s End

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
leads to the decision to find Cappie and utter her true feelings.Experiencing near-death experience, Casey re-thinks about her life that

Preview of 'Greek' Season 2 Finale: At World's End
See larger image The preview for the second season finale of ABC Family’s “” has arrived. In the episode that will air Monday, June 15, Casey falls into a manhole risking her life and almost died. Sent to an emotional tailspin, she makes a huge decision about her relationship with Max and her lingering feelings for Cappie.

Spoiler Alert. The outcome is revealed via a clip released by EW’s Michael Ausiello where Casey edges Cappie into a closet to reveal her feelings. She kisses him and says “Something happened. I almost died, because of that manhole.” They laugh before Casey continues, “But, almost dying in that manhole made me realize that I could die at any time. I could slip in the shower. And I’ve been waiting all this time to feel the way with Max that I’ve always had with you. And if it’s the end of the world, I want to be with you.”

Meanwhile, Ashleigh faces her own punishment with Pan Hellenic after a complaint is lodged by Frannie for the Homecoming Float sabotage. Ashleigh turns to Casey to help fight the charge, but when Casey gets caught up in her own personal drama, she leaves Ashleigh to face Frannie alone.

Dale has trouble keeping his cougar girlfriend’s sexual advances at bay and Calvin tries his best to resist hooking up with his new hot roommate, Grant. Dale convinces Calvin to go in on a “purity pledge” partnership so they can help each resist their most recent temptations.

The third season will take over starting Monday, August 31. Sparing a word about the new chapter is Casey’s depicter who said, “I think the next season coming up we’re going to have a little more, at least for my character, it’s going to be a little more comedy. Maybe a little less love triangle story line. I’ve had like 80 triangles.”

What can you tell us about the Greek finale? Frannie is finally leaving Cyprus Rhodes University, but not before she stirs up some trouble, causing Ashleigh to almost get expelled from school. Also, Calvin becomes the first gay purity club member, just so he won’t sleep with one of his fraternity bros. What Calvin didn’t plan on was Dale pretending to be his boyfriend. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Greek – Official 222 Promo . Season Finale (At Worlds End)

Greek Sneak Peek #1 – GREEK Season Finale – At World’s End

Ashleigh and Casey are at Doblers making small talk when Ash gets a call about a special, last-minute Panhellenic/IFC meeting. But soon talk turns to Casey and Max, and how Case just hasnt been herself lately. Meanwhile, Cappies leading a massive drinking game, and shes just trying to ignore it. Suddenly, she gets a huge surprise.

Spoilery Greek Video Cappie Casey OMFG! – Ausiello TV GREEK Season Finale – EW com

Season 3 Spoilers

Kadeem Hardison (A Different World) has been cast as Ashleigh’s father, Brian Howard, in a season 3 episode. Pops arrives on campus to spend Father-Daughter Weekend at the ZBZ sorority with Ash. Source: EW

It sounds like the third season of Greek will be quite the religious experience. The show is casting the roles of a Mary-Elyse, a flirty Catholic girl who tries to recruit Cappie and Dale, and Pastor Dan, a laid-back minister who helps Dale get over his guilt issues. Season 3 kicks off Aug. 31. Source: EW

Greek – Episode 3.01 – The Day After – Casting Call

[SECURITY GUARD] Male or female, 30s. This kind but gullible security guard outside the Chemistry building greets Casey and Rusty to let them in, and gives Rusty a candy bar when Rusty fakes being hypo-glycemic (actually, he/she pinches off a piece of the candy with his/her fingers and pushes it into Rusty’s mouth). Later, the security guard discovers Cappie inside the chem building.sptv050769..CO-STAR

[PETER] He is 18, a pale, friendly Canadian resident, complete with accent, who lives on Max’s floor…CO-STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.03 – The Half-Naked Gun – Casting Call

[KATHERINE] Female, 20-22 years old, the President of Panhellenic (an umbrella organization that supervises all joint sorority activity), Katherine is attractive yet uber-buttoned-up, an overachiever who is dressed casually smart and always manages to get the best of every argument. She’s a no-nonsense type who doesn’t suffer fools and who has future leader written all over her…GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[TARA] Female, 20-22, another delegate to Panhellenic, Tara is delighted when Katherine acknowledges her birthday — but soon her smile fades as Katherine coolly reminds Tara that she forgot to send out a birthday reminder e-mail.sptv050769..CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 3.04 – High and Dry – Casting Call

[DR. LARSEN] 40s to 50s, male, this professor is the superstar of the Science Department and a best-selling author…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[WHITNEY] 20 years old, female, cute, bubbly and attractive, in a sweater set and pearls, she comes to visit her boyfriend at CRU…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[HILARY] 19-21, female, an attractive, sophisticated science student at Dr. Larsen’s book signing…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[ENGINEERING STUDENT] 19-21, male, a nerdy but confident engineering student (“enginerd”)…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[SCIENCE GIRL] 19-21, female, she’s a cute science student at Dr. Larsen’s book signing…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[PARKER] 19-21, male, he’s a smarmy fraternity brother at the OX House (“think James Spader in any 80s movie”)…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
Source: SpoilerTV

Weeds Season 5 Spoilers!

weeds season 5 poster

Weeds – Season 5 Promotional Poster

Weeds – Season 5 – Promotional Photos

Weeds – Upcoming Episode Info

Wonderful Wonderful – Airing June 8, 2009 In the fifth-season premiere, Nancy ponders her fate and her relationship with Mexican crime boss Esteban (Demian Bichir); Celia’s daughter discovers there’s not much interest – or money – in holding her mother hostage; Andy, Doug and Silas contemplate a partnership in the cannabis biz. (TV Guide)

Episode 5.01 – Wonderful Wonderful
Nancy shows Esteban proof of her baby, but is unsure of her fate; Celia is held hostage in Mexico; Andy, Silas and Doug discuss growing plans.

Episode 5.02 – Machetes Up Top
Nancy gets an ominous message from Guillermo; Celia finds she has value; Andy takes Shane to live with Nancy’s sister; Silas and Doug discover how difficult their task will be.

Weeds – Episode 5.02 – Machetes Up Top
Nancy pays a secret visit to Guillermo in prison; Celia puts her time in the rebel camp to good use by organizing their supplies; Shane decides to visit Nancy’s estranged sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh); Silas and Doug second-guess their choice of a pot-growing plot. Source: TV Guide
Episode 5.03 – Su-Su-Sucio
Nancy gets a surprise visit from Jill; Nancy’s bodyguard goes missing; Celia’s micromanaging gets her sent back to the U.S.; Silas and Doug seek law enforcement approval.

Source: SpoilerTV

I want to know about Alanis Morissette’s role on Weeds. Any good? Mary-Louise Parker tells us, “Alanis is terrific. I actually don’t have much with her because most of it she’s with Justin Kirk, but she was very lovely.” Unfortunately, the reefer mama can’t seem to shake the rocker-actress’s 1996 persona: “I still have this image of her in Jagged Little Pill, but she’s so well-mannered and soft-spoken, almost ladylike. It’s so bizarre because I see that video in my head sometimes where she’s all pissed off. It doesn’t really connect.” We’re right there with you, girlfriend. I’ve heard they might keep Alanis Morissette around on Weeds past this season. Any word yet? MLP says of a possible Alanis return engagement: “If she doesn’t get shot or taken away by vigilantes then she might be back.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Weeds – Casting News

July 13 will be a lucky day for sexy Latina Kate del Castillo (PBS’s American Family). That’s the date she joins the cast of Showtime’s Weeds, playing Pilar Guzman, who drives a wedge into Nancy’s (Mary Louise Parker) relationship with her unborn baby’s father, Esteban (Demian Bichir). The Mexican actress gave TV Guide Magazine the lowdown on the new character while hanging out at a Los Angeles dogo park with her mini pinscher, Lola.

Congratulations on Weeds. Some of us remember you from American Family. Was there ever any pot smoking on that?
Kate: Only the actors.

Awesome! How long’s your run on Weeds?
Kate: I already shot three episodes (6, 8 and 9) and I think my next one is going to be the last one of the season.

What’s the role?
Kate: I play Pilar Guzman. She’s a classy, powerful, strong woman who is going to be shaking up the relationship between Nancy and Esteban. She’s a wealthy woman who inherited a lot of money.

I’ve heard she’s a drug lord.
Kate: Yes, kind of. I think this is the first time in five seasons that Mary-Louise’s character will have to deal with a bad woman – and I don’t necessarily mean drug dealing. At first, I don’t even look at her. I don’t like the relationship she has with Esteban – for business reasons.

Is Weeds shown in your native Mexico?
Kate: Now they’re showing the fourth season and everyone loves it.

You are also starring in an online telenovela for Univision.com.
Kate: Yes. It’s called Vidas Cruzadas, which means Crossed Life. There are 15 episodes that are between five and seven minutes each – starting in August. They look like little movies. The theme is artificial insemination. My character has had it with men and wants to be a mom as soon as possible, so she goes and gets artificially inseminated and then the next day meets the love of her life.

Would you ever get artificially inseminated?
Kate: I thought about it, but I think I’d rather adopt.

Until then you have little Lola.
Kate: Oh yes.. she keeps me very busy.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Guillermo was so good in the Weeds premiere. Will we see more of him this season? Yes, indeed. While he is currently incarcerated, the Weeds baddie will be back in some capacity and leading lady Mary-Louise Parker could not be more thrilled about it. MLP tells us, “Guillermo [Diaz] is truly one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with. There are two bigger scenes that we have coming up, and when he works, I just want to stay all night.” Let’s just hope he stays behind that plate-glass window for the safety of Nancy and baby-to-be. Source: E!Online

Any scoop on my favorite show, Weeds? Remember Sucio from last season of Weeds, the grungy guy who guarded the infamous drug tunnel? He’s back in Nancy’s life under the pretext of keeping an eye on her for Esteban. He begrudgingly becomes somewhat part of the family. However, don’t get too attached to him (like we did). Sniff. Someone else is out to get Nancy, and Sucio falls victim to the first attack. Source: E!Online

The new season starts off with the fallout from that announcement. Her family is pissed. Even Andy, who loves her. Nancy basically acknowledges she’s a terrible human being, but then proceeds to act like even more of one. She dumps Shane off to live with her volatile sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) because he isn’t safe at home. She even purposely gets drunk to antagonize her Mexican drug lord boyfriend, simply because it’s the last card she can play in her epic power struggle. (Michael Ausiello)

Since her pregnancy is the only thing keeping her alive, Nancy’s more than happy to keep the baby for now! That said, if Nancy is going to save herself from one of Esteban’s hitmen before season’s end, it looks like it will probably be thanks to some combination of DEA guy, Guillermo and the well-armed Mexican rebel leader with whom Celia becomes close frienemies. (Watch With Kristin)

Weeds – Latest from Korbi

“Weeds” is back tonight and, let’s see, what can I tell you? Well, the show is still on top of its game. Though the storyline is sort of out there these days, the series’ sense of humor makes everything okay. I actually enjoyed this evening’s episode more than I’d expected to. The ridiculousness picks up right where it left off, with Nancy breaking her joyous pregnancy news to her Mexican mafioso baby daddy just in time (as he was but moments away from having her killed, of course) and the level of insanity only rises after that.

Is Nancy really pregnant on “Weeds” or is it just a scam to keep her safe?
Nope, she’s definitely carrying a kid inside that skinny bitch body of hers.

I’ve been waiting all year to find out whether or not Nancy and Andy will be together. Is she oblivious to the fact that he’s in love with her?
He will come right out and tell her he loves her tonight, so, uh, no.

I need to know if Andy has a shot with Nancy. I know you interviewed the guy who plays him last year and he was coy about it, but you must know more by now.
Indeed I do. Let’s see, does Andy have a shot with Nancy? Sure. The door isn’t dead bolted. But Andy will soon be getting busy in a Burger King bathroom with someone else, so don’t hold your breath for a “Nandy” hook up just yet.

How is Jennifer Jason Leigh as Nancy’s sister on “Weeds”?
Fantastic. My favorite part of the new season so far.

Is Elizabeth Perkins (Celia) leaving “Weeds”? I heard a rumor.

A false one. No, Celia was taken captive by Quinn and her boyfriend, so she won’t be part of Nancy’s life for several episodes. But she’s still very much a part of the show. Source: Zap2IT

Weeds – Latest from Ausiello

Actually, there’s nothing all that ironic about Alanis Morissette joining the cast of Showtime’s Weeds. I just really wanted to work that song title into the headline. Anyway, a Weeds rep confirms that the Jagged Little Pill actor-singer-songwriter has been cast as pregnant Nancy’s (Mary Louise Parker) trusted baby doc, Audra Kitson. Morissette will appear in a minimum of seven episodes during the upcoming fifth season (debuting June 8), and could return next season as well. Hey, this qualifies as ironic: I’m told the obstetrician role may require Morissette to engage in “some tasteful nudity.” No, Nancy won’t be turning the tables on her lady doc; sources confirm that all Morissette’s character really wants is Justin Kirk’s Andy. Source: EW

Weeds – Episode 5.04 – Casting Call

[MRS.YEE] – 40’s – 70’s, this Asian woman, who speaks in broken English, is the landlord of a building Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Doug (Kevin Nealon) are trying to rent for their new business. GUEST STAR
Source: SpoilerTV

Weeds – Episode 5.05 – Casting Call

[DOCTOR AUDRA KITSON] Early – Mid 30’s – This pretty, smart, charming, earthy woman is Nancy’s (Mary Louise Parker) trusted doctor. Recurring Guest Lead, possibly into next season.Source: SpoilerTV

Weeds – Episode 5.07 – Casting Call

[TENLY] In her early 20s – she is a sexy hippie chick, a beautiful girl in a bikini top and short shorts. One nice scene…ONE-DAY GUEST Source: SpoilerTV

Weeds – Episode 5.08 – Casting Call

[RABBI] 50’s – 70’s – this Rabbi is at Nancy’s (Mary Louise Parker) house. He must look Jewish. One Day Guest. Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive – Weeds – Episode 5.09 – Casting Call

[DR. SHELLY KLAUSNER] 30 – 50, this very masculine looking lesbian doctor who works in a GLBT clinic is looking after Nancy’s (Mary-Louise Parker) son, Shane (Alexander Gould)…1 DAY GUEST STAR Source: SpoilerTV

Weeds – Episode 5.10 – Casting Call

[SCOUT] (8 – 10 year old girl) – This 10 year old East Indian girl has a nice scene with Doug (Kevin Nealon), where she is selling cookies outside a gym. Please submit actresses with as many comedy, television, or commercial credits as possible…GUEST STAR Source: SpoilerTV

Weeds Star Mary-Louise Parker Talks Love Among the Drug Lords

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Brace yourselves, Weeds fiends.

Season five of the drug dramedy premieres this Monday at 10 p.m. on Showtime, and not only have we seen the first three incredible episodes, we also just had the opportunity to chat with Ms. Mary-Louise Parker, the pot-dealin’ mama herself.

MLP dished about everything the fifth season of Weeds has to offer, and in fact, she gave us so much juicy goodness, we’re giving you your Weeds fix in two parts. Today’s installment includes all the baby-daddy drama you can handle, with a side order of Nancy-Andy action…

Keep reading to find out if Nancy and Esteban are in love in part one of our exclusive with Mary-Louise…

If These Uterine Walls Could Talk: Talk about a stressful pregnancy! Nancy is in fact with child, but she spends her first few days back for season five deeply (and destructively) in denial, especially after being outed by Esteban as the rat. “I think she has a lot of inherently male characteristics, like when a man’s wife gets pregnant, and they go out and do crazy stuff in denial,” Mary-Louise says of Nancy’s whiskey, sushi and cigarette binge. “I wanted it to go further, like have her do a line of cocaine.”

Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker, Demian Bichir Sonja Flemming/Showtime

It’s a Boy! Nancy’s maternal instincts we correct: It felt like a boy because it is a boy! Mary-Louise made casual mention of what we’d all hoped to be true, for Nancy’s sake: She’s giving Esteban a male child. But don’t think that means smooth sailing between Nancy and her baby daddy. The first few episodes have Esteban asserting control over the situation, but “Nancy takes back her power at a certain point. We’re on [episode] nine right now, and it’s a power struggle, back and forth,” explains MLP. “In some ways she has this thing over his head—she’s carrying his son, which is just about the only thing she could have that would [save] her.”

N+E=True Love? Could Nancy and Esteban be in a loving relationship for the long haul? Says Mary-Louise, “Nancy spends much of this season negotiating that relationship, because right now she has two kids [of her own] and [she and Esteban] don’t live together. It couldn’t be more complicated, right? Their moments together are really fraught with all of that.” But don’t count out the L word just yet. Says Mary-Louise, “There are a couple of nice moments, and I think in those moments we see that they actually care for each other. He’s the first person she’s really cared about since her husband died.” But leave it to Nancy to ef things up. “It’s just like everything else she does—it turns into a mess. That’s who she is as a person. Even if she was given something uncomplicated, she would probably mess it up.” Point-blank: Is it love? From Mary-Louise’s mouth to your ears, “I think so, yeah.”

Justin Kirk, Weeds Sheryl Nields/Showtime

Is Andy’s Love Eternally Unrequited? Fingers crossed for a no, but nothing too serious with Nancy yet. “Some of the best moments for me so far have been with Andy (Justin Kirk), because that relationship is more defined. With Esteban, it’s so messy and all over the place, partly because they do care for each other,” says MLP. “Andy is just so bittersweet because she loves him, but maybe not in the way he loves her, but maybe a little bit.” Fret not, because it sounds like some amazing stuff is coming up for everyone’s favorite uncouple. Says Mary-Louise, “What Justin does that is so amazing is be hilariously funny and heartbreaking at the same time. You really see that this season more than ever. He has a scene in episode four that made me cry.” Ahhh, what happens?! “Their relationship comes more into the forefront. It really goes somewhere, and they’re a big part of each other’s lives, but I’m not supposed to tell why. He takes on a really big role.” Could Andy possibly be the father? “That would be awesome…but no.” Bummer! But if you’re looking for something between Nancy and Andy, do keep an eye out for episode four, and then again after episode nine. “There’s a scene that Justin said, if we do it right, it’s going to make TV history. That’s a pretty good tease, right? There’s a kind of inadvertent, intimate moment that hopefully will be funny and a little bit perverse.”

Kate del Castillo Jean-Paul Aussenard/Getty Images

Cruella De Vil Incarnate: Think Esteban is top dog? Think again. Mary-Louise tells us that even he has a boss, and she comes in the form of a lovely lady, actress Kate del Castillo, who sticks around for quite a while. “Her power trumps Esteban’s. And she does not like Nancy at all,” Mary-Louise says. “Nancy’s wondering what’s going to happen to her because this woman has a lot of power to destroy both of them—everyone really.”

Weeds – Mary-Louis Parker not leaving

Mary-Louise Parker is not, we repeat not, saying farewell to Weeds once Jennifer Jason Leigh arrives. How do we know? We went straight to the source, executive producer Jenji Kohan, who tells us definitively, “No. That’s not true.” (Phew!) Jennifer’s character, Nancy’s sister Jill, hits the scene in very big way, but as of now she won’t be sticking around very long. Jenji dishes on that and also spills who may be giving her some loving. “Right now we’ve written two that she’s in, but as we write, we’ll see where she fits in and if she wants to come back and play,” says Jenji. “She’s doing a movie, so her schedule is kind of crazy right now. It’s a great piece of guest casting. We love having Jennifer here; we’d love her to do as many as she wants to do, but by no means does it edge out Mary-Louise.”

Just because Jill’s related to Nancy doesn’t mean she’ll be Nancy 2.0. “There’s the same sort of damage and oddness to both of them, but they manifest it in different ways. While Nancy is acting out, Jill is repressing everything, but bursting at the seams,” says Jenji. So how does Nancy’s big sis come in the picture? “She doesn’t show up. The mountain comes to Muhammad. She gets pulled in and then pushes back,” teases Jenji. “I think Nancy views her sister as a safe harbor for her children. I don’t think Jill has that in mind.” That means trouble is definitely brewing for the Botwin family. Speaking of trouble, Andy could be finding himself in some deep waters when he realizes it would be tough going after his bro’s widow, but the sister may be fair game. Jenji tells us, “I think they might use each other to work out some of their issues.” Sexually use each other? “I can’t say,” adds Jenji. Which sister should Andy hook up with, Nancy or Jill? Hit the comments!
Source: E!Online

Weeds – Casting News

Meet Nancy’s sister. In her biggest TV commitment, Jennifer Jason Leigh has been tapped to recur on Showtime’s comedy series “Weeds,” playing Mary-Louise Parker’s estranged older sister. Leigh is set to appear in at least two episodes of the Lionsgate TV-produced series, which was picked up last year for Seasons 5 and 6. As Nancy (Parker) finds herself and her family in harm’s way, she sends her brother-in-law, Andy (Justin Kirk), to takeher son, Shane (Alexander Gould), to live with her estranged older sister, Jill (Leigh). But when Jill gets fed up with her own suburban family, she finds her way back into Nancy’s life — jealous, frustrated and intent on finally hashing things out with her little sister. The fifth season of “Weeds” premieres in June. Leigh, who will co-star opposite Ben Stiller in Noah Baumbach’s feature “Greenberg,” is repped by UTA and Untitled. Source: Hollywood Reporter

True Blood Season 2 Spoilers!

truebloodposter l

True Blood – Season 2 Promo Poster

Source: EW


True Blood – New Promotional Photos

Source: HBO via True-Blood.net

‘True Blood’: You Ask, I Answer on Lafayette’s fate, ‘True’ love lives & more

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Any scoop on summer scripted shows like “True Blood”? They seem to be dragging out Lafayette’s fate. I guess the next episode we get somewhere finally?
Um, sort of. Seems to me Lafayette wasn’t made a Vampire, since he will end up drinking Eric’s blood in order to heal his wounds… but I’m still not super clear on the whole Vampire deal. Do Vamp’s ever suck on each other for strength? What I know for sure is that Eric’s blood brings our boy Lafayette back to fighting form. We’ll see the happy-go-lucky guy we loved last season once again.

What’s up with Eggs and Tara? Is it over? Ha, oh hells no.

I love the idea of Hoyt and Jessica on “True Blood”! Hoyt loves the idea too. Jessica’s into it as well, but I don’t think she’s exactly a one man kind of vampiress… not just yet anyway.

Am I imagining the overwhelming sexual tension between Jason Stackhouse and the preacher’s wife on “True Blood”? Is something going to happen with that? No to the former. Yes to the latter. Keep watching, you’re not waiting for nothing.

Sookie and Eric! Is Alan Ball going to completely ignore that storyline from the book series? Nope. When I spoke to Stephen Moyer about what’s coming up with S&E, he got a little jealous. I think he was joking… for the most part.

I read on Twitter that you weren’t a big fan of last week’s “True Blood” episode. It was a little disappointing compared to the first two. No worries, they step it back up this coming Sunday…

Psyched for what’s on tap? Anything specific you’re hoping to see this season?

Oh, I keep forgetting to show you guys a photo of the SAG Foundation’s “True Blood” event with Stephen Moyer, which I moderated a couple weeks ago. Great guy. Anna Paquin‘s a lucky girl. He looks hot with a little color in his face, no?


How weird is True Blood going to get this season?

Think True Blood is getting weird with that teenage vampire “intern” or the underground cells? It’s only going to get weirder, according to Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene Fowler on the show. Explicit violence and nudity are nothing compared to what’s in store for season two.

“It gets more bizarre,” Preston said in an exclusive interview last week in Burbank, Calif., where she represented the show for its Saturn Award nomination (it didn’t win). “Like, truly dark and bizarre. It was pretty explicit last year, but I guess they have to go somewhere from last season.”

So far in the first two episodes of the season, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is trying to make peace with Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) commitment to the new vamplette, and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is trying religious abstinence camp. Preston told fans to expect even bigger surprises.

“Oh, my gosh, you’re going to see characters do things that you would never expect them to do,” she said. “You’re going to see them do things they would never expect themselves to do. It goes to a pretty crazy place.”

As for Arlene’s crazy character shifts, “You’ll just have to wait and see. Let’s just say there are some things that are beyond her control.”

True Blood debuted last year and became HBO’s newest hit. Based on the novels by Charlaine Harris, the series began with the conflict of a telepathic girl trying to date a vampire in a world where synthetic blood permits “safe” interactions between vampires and humans. After developing all its supporting characters and story arcs, Preston said that work on season two has felt as though it is on a surer footing.

“It’s just much more exciting,” Preston said. “There’s a relaxed feeling. We all know that we’re kind of in it now, and people are liking what we’re doing, so we can feel free to keep doing what we’re doing, because apparently it’s working.”

Evan Rachel Wood joins the cast at the end of the season as the lesbian vampire queen of Louisiana. Arlene will not get to encounter Wood just yet. “Mm-mm, I don’t have any scenes with her, so I haven’t met her, but she’s shooting right now. We’re shooting the final episode right now.”
True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. Source: SCI FI Wire

When does Evan Rachel Wood show up as the queen on True Blood? We have to wait a bit to see Evan Rachel Wood as True Blood‘s 400-year-old lesbian vampire queen Sophie-Anne. She’s slated to appear in episodes 11 and 12 on Aug. 30 and Sept. 6, respectively, and sources tell us, “She may appear in future episodes next season.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

What happens with Lafayette on True Blood? This Sunday, Sookie (Anna Paquin) discovers that Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) has been keeping Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) in his basement and freaks out on him. Naturally. In exchange for Lafayette’s release, Sookie agrees to head to Dallas to find some missing vampires. She doesn’t end up going alone: Bill and Jessica accompany her. Source: Kristin on E!Online

What else can you tell us about the new supernatural creature that appears on True Blood this season? We can tell you that the creature appears in the June 28 episode and brutally attacks Sookie (Anna Paquin). It’s got a bull head, a half animal, half human body, gnarly claws and is poisonous like a Komodo dragon. And it almost kills Sookie. But Eric and Bill (Stephen Moyer) team to help make her as good as new. Oh, and we soon find out the murdered voodoo lady from the first episode of the season was a victim of this same creature. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Seriously, is Lafayette dead on True Blood? We now know the correct answer to this question—and seriously, we can’t tell you! Argh. (All will be revealed Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO, when True Blood‘s second season premieres!) However, because we like to push our luck, we will offer you this new Spoiler Chat feature in consolation: The Clue That Helps Only One Person. Attention Lindsey O. (formerly of Illinois): The person who sat next to us that day we had lunch at the Farm in Beverly Hills is the person whose body is in the backseat of the car on True Blood. Don’t tell anybody what you know, though, or it wouldn’t be the Clue That Helps Only One Person anymore, now would it? BTW, if you’re a Blood fan and you haven’t picked it up yet, the official True Blood soundtrack features Louisiana artists like Lucinda Williams, Allen Toussaint and C.C. Adcock, and it is sooo good.

Talk to me about True Blood! I am so excited! We just caught up with Evan Rachel Wood, who’s promoting her role in Woody Allen‘s Whatever Works, and she tells us this about her vampire queen True Blood character: “Sophie is half Patrick Bateman, half Paris Hilton. She loves to tell people what to do—like, she could tell Bill to go play Yahtzee or something—but she’s not going to sleep with him, because she likes the ladies.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

The season premiere (airing Sunday, June 14, 9 pm/ET) picks up right where we left off, the victim’s identity is revealed in short order. As you might have already guessed, Season 2’s first casualty is related to Tara, but not in a way that you will guess. At first blush, the significance of said death will not be apparent, but just wait! Also, a minor character’s drinking problem will resurface. (TV Guide)

In the season’s first four episodes, there are no less than three orgies, powered by Maryann’s aphrodisiac fairy dust. The Nordic vampire Eric gets into a very homoerotic encounter with either Jason or Eggs, and both of those characters spend a lot of time shirtless. Sookie has a very revealing conversation with a new character in episode four. And Merlotte’s newest waitress (Ashley Jones) harbors a secret, and a clue lurks on her skin. (Michael Ausiello)

True Blood – Season 2 Cast Promotional Photos

True Blood – New Season 2 Posters

Source: True Blood Net

Official Trailers of ‘True Blood’ Season 2

The HBO vampire drama released two versions of the trailer, showing that both human and vampire are capable of good and evil.

Official Trailers of 'True Blood' Season 2

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

See larger image

HBO has gone full throttle in promoting the imminent “” by giving the official trailers for its second season. There are two versions released, one is utilizing the employed theme song (‘s “Beyond Here Lies Nothin'”) while the other one is using a narration and full sound effect. Still noticeably missing from the trailer is who is Lafayette in the series. But more are revealed on Jessica, the newbie vampire who is learning how to be one from Bill. She will visit her family and is entangled in a series of battle, full fangs-on. There are also glimpses of Maryann generating her power, Jason in attack mode and Tara very much in shock. The second season premieres Sunday, June 14 at 9/8c. Alan Ball recently dished out that author Charlaine Harris may have a cameo before the second season ends.

True Blood – Upcoming Episode Info

Episode 2.01 – Nothing But the Blood Airs: Sunday, June 14
A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s bar has the people of Bon Temps reeling; Sookie and Bill’s relationship is tested; Sam recalls an encounter he had with Maryann as a 17-year-old.

Episode 2.02 – Keep This Party Going Airs: Sunday, June 21
Sookie and Bill contend with teen vampire Jessica; Jason impresses his Light of Day leaders; Maryann casts her spell at Merlotte’s.

‘True Blood’ 2.02 Preview: Keep This Party Going

Jessica attacks someone at home, Sam lashes out at Maryann, and Lafayette tells Eric to make him a vampire.

'True Blood' 2.02 Preview: Keep This Party Going
See larger image Next week, “” is back with episode “Keep This Party Going” where Sookie is forced to cope with Bill’s obligations to Jessica, as well as the romantic inconveniences the teen vampire’s presence creates. In the preview released for the June 21 episode, Sookie cannot stop Jessica from attacking a mortal. At the Light of Day leadership conference, Jason makes a favorable impression on its ambitious leaders, Steve (Michael McMillian) and Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), though not on his jealous roommate Luke (Wes Brown). Maryann casts her spell on Merlotte’s patrons, and Sam proves helpless to stop the revelry.

On Sunday, June 14, the bloodfest on HBO began with the series’ season 2 premiere. Spoiler Warning. Months-long cliffhanger that had people speculating on the death of Lafayette was quickly tackled when he appeared on the basement of Eric’s place, all chained up. The woman’s leg found on the back seat of Andy’s car turned out to be Jeannette the exorcist’s. , the actor who portrays Lafayette has answered some questions from EW, saying he was indeed surprised when creator Alan Ball decided to have his character back. Even better, he thinks Lafayette will even survive until season 3. Whether the dungeon imprisonment by Eric will bring a great effect to Lafayette, Ellis shares, “It certainly humbles him. It shows him there are some situations he just can’t get himself out of no matter how slick he is. He’s going to have to suffer the consequences of what he’s done. And I think he reflects back on his behavior and maybe for a second thinks about changing.”

Episode 2.03 – Scratches Airs: Sunday, June 28
Bill enlists Eric’s help to save Sookie after she is attacked by a mysterious creature; Jessica finds a willing suitor in Hoyt; Tara finds her attraction to Eggs interrupted by a swirling fog.

True Blood – Episode 2.03 – Scratches – Promotional Photos

Photos copyright HBO

Source: True-Blood.net

Episode 2.04 – Let’s Take a Trip Together Airs: Sunday, July 12
Bill and Sookie travel to Dallas to carry out Eric’s mission; Jason falls victim to a practical joke; Maryann throws a birthday party for Tara.

Episode 2.05 – Never Let Me Go Airs: Sunday, July 19
While in Dallas, Sookie connects with one of her own; Jason is rewarded for his hard work at the Light of Day boot camp; Eric shares a secret about his past with Bill.

Episode 2.06 – Friend Is a Four Letter Word Airs: Sunday, July 26
Sookie embarks on a dangerous mission to locate Godric; Bill is shocked when a vampire from his past resurfaces in Dallas; Jason must make difficult emotional and physical choices.

Source: MSN.com

Episode 2.04 “Shake and Fingerpop”
Debut: SUNDAY, JULY 12 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

With Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) in tow, Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) head to Dallas to carry out Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgård) vampire-reconnaissance mission – but a surprise awaits them at the airport. At the Light of Day Institute, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) falls victim to a practical joke, but has the last laugh when the Newlins anoint him for a higher calling. Maryann (Michelle Forbes) throws Tara (Rutina Wesley) a birthday party at Sookie’s, attracting much of Bon Temps to its Bacchanalian revelry. Sam (Sam Trammell) postpones his departure from town to attend the bash, connecting with Daphne (Ashley Jones) in the process. Having barely escaped Fangtasia, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) finds himself reluctantly pulled back into Eric’s orbit.

Written by Alan Ball; directed by Michael Lehmann.

Episode 2.05 “Never Let Me Go”

Debut: SUNDAY, JULY 19 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)

In Dallas, Sookie connects with one of her own, then joins Bill and Eric for a strategic summit at the lair of the missing vampire, Godric (Allan Hyde), attended by his lieutenants, Stan (Ed Quinn) and Isabel (Valerie Cruz). Meanwhile, Jason shows his mettle at a Light of Day boot camp, and is rewarded for his hard work with a gift from Sarah (Anna Camp). Rebuffed by Tara in her relocation efforts, Maryann decides to cast her spell on the staff of Merlotte’s, softening Tara up towards her new “family.” Eric shares a little-known secret about his past with Bill, and Sookie makes a decision that might solve the Godric mystery – or get her killed.

Written by Nancy Oliver; directed by John Dahl.

Episode 2.06 “Hard-Hearted Hannah”
Debut: SUNDAY, JULY 26 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)

Accompanied by Isabel’s human boyfriend Hugo (Christopher Gartin), Sookie embarks on a dangerous mission to locate Godric. Meanwhile, Bill is shocked when a vampire from his distant, more violent past resurfaces in Dallas. In Bon Temps, Daphne presses Sam to get comfortable in his own skin(s); Hoyt (Jim Parrack) continues his unlikely courtship of Jessica; Andy (Chris Bauer) interrogates Lafayette about his disappearance; and Tara and Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) take a detour while on a road trip. At the Light of Day camp, Jason faces difficult emotional and physical choices.

Written by Brian Buckner; directed by Michael Lehmann.

Source: True-Blood.net

True Blood – Spoilers for next Episodes

HBO just released the titles and extended loglines for all five of True Blood’s August episodes and man they are juicy. How juicy? So juicy that I’m inclined to forgive them for withholding fresh Blood from me last Sunday. Have a look-see yourself…

Aug. 2: “Release Me”
Betrayed by Daphne, Sam finds himself in an unenviable predicament at the hands of Maryann and her wild-eyed minions. Imprisoned with Hugo in the F.O.T.S. church, Sookie uses her telepathic powers to reach out to Bill, who’s being detained at the hotel by a stubbornly obsessive Lorena. After crossing a line with the Newlins, a fearful Jason tries to sever his ties with the Fellowship of the Sun, but gets plenty of resistance from Steve and his enforcer Gabe.

Crave more Blood? Good ’cause four more spoilery paragraphs await you after the jump…

Aug. 9: “Timebomb”
Sookie’s captivity takes an unexpected turn when Eric arrives to do his master’s bidding on the eve of the Fellowship’s lockdown. In Bon Temps, Sam finds himself in hot water after making a gruesome discovery at Merlotte’s, and Andy proves no help in coming to his defense. Sent home by Bill, Jessica and Hoyt learn that when it comes to sex, every time is the first time. Tara and Eggs devour a mysterious meal prepared by Maryann, with unexpected results. After Jason pays off his debt to the vampires, Godric looks to enlighten his more single-minded followers.

Aug. 16: “I Will Rise Up”
A wounded Eric plays Sookie for a sucker, to Bill’s dismay, and ends up getting inside her head. Later, Sookie and Jason bond over their recent adventures. Blaming Eggs for Tara’s bruises and bizarre behavior, Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to figure out a way to pry their kin from Maryann’s clutches. Hoyt defends his relationship with Jessica to Maxine, to no avail. Jailed by Bud along with a group of Bon Temps revelers, Sam looks for a way to escape and avoid capture by an increasingly obsessed Maryann. In Dallas, Eric and the vampires defend their recent actions to Nan Flanagan and are shocked when Godric decides to take the fall for their PR disaster.

Aug. 23: “New World in My View”
Sookie, Bill and Jason return to a Bon Temps turned upside down by Maryann. Lured to Merlotte’s by Arlene, Sam and Andy find cold comfort in their refuge from a group of bloodthirsty revelers. Bill discovers that traditional vampire techniques don’t work on Maryann; Hoyt and Jessica try to keep a lid on Maxine’s madness; and Sookie tries to push through the darkness consuming Tara. With all hell breaking loose, Jason takes the bull by the horns to rescue Sam, at least for the moment.

Aug. 30: “Frenzy”
With the crisis in Bon Temps careening out of control, Bill seeks out the advice of Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood), the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, but must exercise patience before she gives him critical information. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette find that protecting Tara from herself is more difficult than they anticipated; a desperate Sam turns to an unlikely source for assistance; and Jessica tests Hoyt’s allegiance to Maxine.

Source: EW

Episode 2.11 – Frenzy
Bill seeks the advice of the vampire Queen of Louisiana; Sookie and Lafayette find it difficult to protect Tara; Sam turns to an unlikely source for assistance

Episode 2.10 – New World in My View
Sookie, Bill and Jason return to Bon Temps; Hoyt and Jessica try to keep Maxine’s madness a secret; Jason tries to rescue Sam.

Episode 2.09 – I Will Rise Up
Eric plays Sookie for a fool; Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to figure out how to get Tara away from Maryann; Hoyt defends his relationship with Jessica

Episode 2.08 – Timebomb
Sookie’s captivity takes an unexpected turn; Sam makes a gruesome discovery at Merlotte’s; Tara and Eggs get physical; Jason pays off his debt to the vampires.

Episode 2.07 – Release Me
Maryann and her minions put Sam in a difficult situation; Sookie uses her telepathic powers to reach out to Bill; Jason tries to sever his ties with the Fellowship of the Sun.

Source: SpoilerTV

True Blood – Season 2 Press Release


In the backwoods Louisiana town of Bon Temps, the mystery surrounding the serial killer has finally been solved. But just as things are settling down, deadly new twists threaten Sookie Stackhouse and everyone around her.

TRUE BLOOD kicks off its 12-episode second season SUNDAY, JUNE 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO, followed by other new episodes on subsequent Sundays at the same time. Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, the show takes place in the not-too-distant future, when vampires have come out of the coffin, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood that means they no longer need humans as a nutritional source. The show follows the romance between waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, and her soul mate, 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy®-winning HBO series “Six Feet Under”) created and executive produces the show, which is based on the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

Other cast regulars on TRUE BLOOD include: Ryan Kwanten as Sookie’s brother Jason; Rutina Wesley as her best friend Tara Thornton; Sam Trammell as Sookie’s good-hearted boss Sam Merlotte; Carrie Preston as Sookie’s fellow waitress Arlene Fowler; William Sanderson as Sheriff Bud Dearborne; Chris Bauer as Detective Andy Bellefleur; Todd Lowe as Terry Bellefleur; Michelle Forbes as Maryann Forrester; Alexander Skarsgård as Eric, a Nordic vampire; Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica, a new vampire under Bill’s supervision; Mehcad Brooks as Eggs “Benedict” Talley; Michael McMillian as Rev. Steve Newlin; Mariana Kloveno as Lorena; Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin; and Jim Parrack as Hoyt Fortenberry.

June’s episodes:
Episode #13: “Nothing But the Blood” Debut: SUNDAY, JUNE 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)
Other HBO playdates: June 14 (11:00 p.m.), 16 (11:30 p.m.), 20 (11:30 p.m.) and July 5 (9:00 p.m.)
HBO2 playdates: June 15 (8:00 p.m.), 18 (10:00 p.m.), 19 (midnight) and 21 (3:15 p.m.)

A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s has Bon Temps reeling. Meanwhile, Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) relationship with Bill (Stephen Moyer) is tested when she learns about Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), and of his involvement in her uncle’s death. Sam (Sam Trammell) recalls a shape-shifting encounter he had with Maryann (Michelle Forbes) as a 17-year-old. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gets a sudden windfall that allows him to pay for a leadership retreat with the Fellowship of the Sun. Two adversaries find themselves sharing a mysterious dungeon and, possibly, the same fate.
Written by Alexander Woo; directed by Daniel Minahan.

Episode #14: “Keep This Party Going” Debut: SUNDAY, JUNE 21 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)
Other HBO playdates: June 21 (11:00 p.m.), 23 (11:30 p.m.), 27 (11:30 p.m.) and July 5 (10:00 p.m.)
HBO2 playdates: June 22 (8:00 p.m.), 25 (10:00 p.m.), 26 (11:00 p.m.) and 28 (2:00 p.m.)

Sookie is forced to cope with Bill’s obligations to Jessica, as well as the romantic inconveniences the teen vampire’s presence creates. At the Light of Day leadership conference, Jason makes a favorable impression on its ambitious leaders, Steve (Michael McMillian) and Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), though not on his jealous roommate Luke (Wes Brown). Maryann casts her spell on Merlotte’s patrons, and Sam proves helpless to stop the revelry.
Written by Brian Buckner; directed by Michael Lehmann.

Episode #15: “Scratches” Debut: SUNDAY, JUNE 28 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)
Other HBO playdates: June 28 (11:00 p.m.), 30 (11:30 p.m.) and July 1 (10:00 p.m.), 4 (10:15 p.m.) and 5 (11:00 p.m.)
HBO2 playdate: June 29 (8:00 p.m.)

When Sookie is attacked by a mysterious creature, Bill must enlist Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgård) help to save her. At the Light of Day retreat, Jason has second thoughts about the sect’s anti-vampire agenda, but Sarah and Steve counter his doubts with flattery and promises. After snapping at Tara (Rutina Wesley) and new employee Daphne (Ashley Jones), Sam decides to cut and run. A bored Jessica heads over to Merlotte’s, where a smitten Hoyt (Jim Parrack) falls under her spell. At another Maryann-hosted party, Tara finds her attraction to Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) interrupted by a swirling, aphrodisiac fog.
Written by Raelle Tucker; directed by Scott Winant.

Concluding its 2008 run last November, the first season of TRUE BLOOD was a hit with subscribers and critics. USA Today called it “wildly imaginative,” with “one of the best ensembles of the new series,” while TV Guide hailed the show as “graphically sexy and scary, and often wildly funny,” and “a broadly entertaining, deliciously twisted slice of modern Southern Gothic.”
Before the new season of TRUE BLOOD kicks off, viewers will have a chance to catch up on season one. HBO2 will present three episodes per night back-to-back at 8:00 p.m., June 4-6, while HBO will present the first season’s final three episodes back-to-back at 8:00 p.m. on June 7.
“True Blood: The Complete First Season” will be released by HBO Home Entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray May 19; “True Blood: Music from the HBO Original Series” will be released by Elektra Records the same day.
TRUE BLOOD was created by Alan Ball; based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris; executive producers, Alan Ball and Gregg Fienberg; co-executive producers, Brian Buckner and Nancy Oliver; supervising producer, Alexander Woo; producers, Mark McNair and Raelle Tucker.

Source: HBO

In the new season’s fourth episode, Sookie, Bill and their adoptive vamp Jessica wing it to Dallas, but there’s a surprise waiting for them at the airport. Later in the episode, an even bigger shock awaits Sookie when a special visitor drops by her hotel room. (Michael Ausiello)

Something happens in the first four episodes that may lead one to believe Eric has eyes for someone else. (Michael Ausiello)

“Everything gets deeper,” creator Alan Ball says. “Everything gets more intense. It’s a lot scarier. It’s sexier. It’s just really, really fun. I feel like each season is a novel, and the episodes are just chapters. Especially the way our show is. The episodes are not self-contained. You know, you gotta be involved in the story, and you gotta know what’s going on.” True Blood’s second season begins June 14 in its Sunday 9 p.m. ET/PT timeslot. The season is based loosely on the second book in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Series, Living Dead in Dallas, Ball said. (SciFi Wire)

“Sookie [Anna Paquin] and Bill [Stephen Moyer] will go to Dallas to help find a missing vampire who is the sheriff of the Dallas area,” Ball said. “And Jason [Ryan Kwanten] is going to become involved in the Fellowship of the Sun Church in a way that is really surprising. … There’s a very interesting relationship in the show between Rev. Steve Newland of the Fellowship of the Sun Church and his wife, Sarah [Anna Camp], and Jason, that just took on its own life as we were shooting, and it’s hilarious. I can’t get enough of the Newlands and Jason together.” (SciFi Wire)

And Sookie’s hometown of Bon Temps will have some drama as well when Maryann Forrester, played by Michelle Forbes, “begins stirring up all kinds of trouble,” Ball said. Last season Maryann appeared to offer Tara (Rutina Wesley) some goodwill and a place to stay. But “she’s got an agenda, and it’s not a good one,” Ball said. (SciFi Wire)

While Ball plans on incorporating many elements from the book, he admits he’s taken liberties. He’s expanded several of the characters’ stories and added more of an African-American presence. And one thing you won’t see in True Blood is Elvis, a character who ends up helping Sookie out in many of her adventures in the books. In the novel series, the real Elvis gets turned into a vampire; however, the process leaves him different. Elvis becomes Bubba, a slightly touched vampire whom the vampire community takes care of. “We are not going to meet him,” Ball said. “I just couldn’t figure out a way to do it that would not be cheesy. I mean, not that it is in the books. It’s great, because you can imagine that it’s him. … But the only way to do it [on screen] is to have some Elvis impersonator, and it just wouldn’t [be] the same.” (SciFi Wire)

True Blood – Stephen Moyer Interview

Is it possible that Twilight is only the second-most-romantic vampire saga of the moment?

Being on premium cable as they are, True Blood’s Sookie and Bill certainly give virginal Edward and Bella a run for their money when it comes to blood-hot sex, but what about love?

We just spoke exclusively with True Blood’s leading man, Stephen Moyer, aka Bill Compton himself, to find out what’s in store for the vampires of the dirty, dirty South in season two. He told us that while there will be just as many near-pornographic sex scenes, his character is still primarily driven by an overiding morality and an abiding passion for Sookie Stackhouse.

Read on to find out what he told us about sex scenes, his “hideous” vampire daughter and falling in love with Anna Paquin, onscreen and off…

Is True Blood going to stay as explicitly sexual this season or will you dial that back a bit?

The show is ridiculously f–king sexy…I think Alan Ball and the writers do very well in pushing the envelope. I think one of the things that drives me nuts about society is that you can watch hours about terrorists but you can’t look at a human nipple. What the f–k is that about? Sex is part of our lives. It’s part of our existence. So I kind of embrace the fact that we hit it full on the head.

What you think of Bill as a person, are you more interested in him as a vampire or as a personality?
There’s no getting away from the fact that Bill is a vampire. He can’t wish to be anything else, because he’s a vampire, but he’s a vampire who wants to live a human life. Actually, in fact, he wishes not for a human life, but for a moral life. It’s not that he doesn’t want to feed on blood, it’s that he doesn’t want it to involve killing—but in his first season he kills as many people as the murderer. That was something that was very present in our minds. He has that blood lust, he has that very strong sense of right and wrong. If somebody f–s him off, he’s going to take them out. He’s torn. He’s not going to do it just for the sake of it. But if somebody hurts him or hurts his family or hurts his loved one…they’re history. [Chuckles]. I like that.

What kind of arc can we expect for Bill and Sookie this season?
I think that they love each other more than they have loved anything ever. Speaking from Bill’s point of view, she’s given him reason to live again.

Does your relationship with Anna [Paquin] make it more or less difficult to do emotionally awkward scenes between Sookie and Bill, like when she and Sam got together last season and Bill walked in on them?
Anna and I met on this show. We met doing the job. And so the crew has seen us grow together. They have seen our relationship grow by watching us on set. Now you know, we kept it from them to begin with. You know, it was very…we wanted to keep it private. We didn’t want people to think we were f–king with their lives with something fickle. But honestly, there’s no one I’d rather work with. I really mean it. I love working with her, and that’s how it all started, by falling in love on camera…So, last year, Sam had his stuff coming up with Anna and at that point nobody knew we were a couple. So Sam’s a close friend, and I had to go to Sam and say, ‘Look. I need to tell you something. I need you to know. I don’t want you to find out later and feel like a heel.’ So I told him, that was the first time I told him about me and Anna. And he couldn’t believe it! It’s about trust, you know. And that trust is a very important part of a relationship.

From your perspective as an actor, how would you characterize Bill and Eric’s relationship—are they friends, enemies, coworkers or what?
Bill just knows that’s how Eric is, and that he’s not going to be changing him anytime soon. Certainly in this season there is a moral hierarchy. And you understand that in the vampire world there’s a very strong sense of right and wrong. There are things you do and things you don’t and if you do something within the vampire world that is f–ked up and against your fellow vamp, you are going to suffer for that. I kind of like that idea, that you know, anything goes, but if you cross a line, you’re going to suffer for it. Whether Eric is adhering to those vampire morals is important.

What about your vampire daughter, Jessica—does that continue to be a fractured fairy tale?
If Bill imagined a daughter, he imagined a beautiful little well-mannered Victorian beauty. And Jessica comes along, and she is this hideous, sex-and-blood hungry 17-year-old. And we don’t think she’s going to be that. We think she’s going to be this homeschooled innocent, and that’s not where she is at all. The actress, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Jessica, she’s f–king brilliant. And I love her. She goes about creating her part through a very pure, you know, method way. And I don’t mean she’s a Method actress, I just mean she really, she really goes at it with incredible, incredible industry. She’s fantastic to work with!

What can you tell us about season two?
I think the second season is beyond amazing…more than anybody imagined. Honestly, I came out of the screening the other day with my jaw on the floor. And I’ve read it, you know.

True Blood season two premieres June 14 at 9 p.m. on HBO. But between now and then, let’s kill a little time by discussing the merits of Team Bill.Tell us why this Southern vampire makes you so hot and bothered!

Source: E!Online

True Blood – Episode 2.11 – Frenzy – Casting Call

[HADLEY HALE] Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) cousin, this fresh-faced 20 something year old country girl is locked in a steamy clinch with the vampire queen(Evan Rachel Wood). The dazed Hadley has been seduced into a whole other world — but she still feels the pull of her human roots…3 speeches & 1 line, 3 scenes (1) May recur next season in a few episodes

[LUDIS] Under 30. This straight, handsome, well-built Latvian man (with or without an accent), clad only in gym shorts, is only too delighted to volunteer for another man’s “feed”…3 lines, 1 scene (44)

[FRENZY MAN IN DRESS] This skinny, tattooed, “frenzy-eyed” man is wearing a badly ripped dress that doesn’t do a thing for him…1 line, 1 scene (sptv050769 54) The more tattoos the better
Source: SpoilerTV

Supernatural Season 5 Spoilers & Scoop: Probable Season 6!

Supernatural – Episode 5.22 – Swan Song – Promotional Photos

Source: spn

Supernatural – 5.22 – Swan Song – Press Release

THE APOCALYPSE – The entire season has been leading up to this showdown between good and evil. With the Apocalypse looming, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realize they are out of options and make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever. A beloved character is killed. Posted on KSiteTV. Steve Boyum directed the episode with teleplay by Eric Kripke and story by Eric Gewitz (#522).
Source: KSiteTV

Supernatural – Repeats to Air on Friday’s

LOS ANGELES (thefutoncritic.com) — “Supernatural” is heading to Friday nights as repeats of the series will follow “Smallville” at 9:00/8:00c starting May 28.
Said news comes on the heels of today’s announcement that encores of the short-lived CBS drama “Moonlight” will assume “Supernatural’s” regular Thursday, 9:00/8:00c time period on June 3.
The move will undoubtedly fuel speculation that “Supernatural” will permanently take residence there for its sixth season.
The CW announces its 2010-11 season lineup on Thursday, May 20.
Source: The Futon Critic

Supernatural – Scan from TV Guide about Finale

Source: TV Guide

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes to Midnight – Space Sneak Peek

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – 2 More Sneak Peeks

Supernatural – 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Sneak Peek

Supernatural – Latest from Kristin – 27th April 2010
Dean is about to embark on very dangerous and expensive deal with Death. And no, we’re not talking financially
Source: E!Online

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Promotional Photos
Source: SPNsite

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight – Promotional Photos
Source: SPNsite

Supernatural – Episode 5.21 – Two Minutes to Midnight – Press Release


“SUPERNATURAL” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

“Two Minutes to Midnight” (CONTENT RATING TBD) (HDTV)

BOBBY SELLS HIS SOUL TO HELP STOP THE APOCALYPSE/DEAN GOES HEAD TO HEAD WITH DEATH – Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) tells Bobby (Jim Beaver) he will give him the location of Death (guest star Julian Richings), the fourth horseman, in exchange for his soul. Knowing Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) need that fourth ring to stop the Apocalypse, Bobby reluctantly agrees. Sam and Dean confront Pestilence (guest star Matt Frewer), but he unleashes a deadly virus upon them, so Castiel (Misha Collins) must intervene on their behalf. Dean has a meeting with Death to discuss Lucifer, and an unholy alliance is formed at a very high price for Dean. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble (#521).

Source: CW

Supernatural – Episode 5.20 – The Devil You Know – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.20 – The Devil You Know – Synopsis

“SUPERNATURAL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“The Devil You Know” (CONTENT RATING TBD sptv050769) (HDTV)

SAM AND DEAN FACE OFF AGAINST THE HORSEMEN — The demon Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) he can help them find the remaining Horsemen rings so they can trap Lucifer. The brothers are doubtful until Crowley leads them to Brady (guest star Eric Johnson), the Handler for Pestilence (guest star Matt Frewer) and Death. However, Brady refuses to give up their locations and sets Pestilence after the Winchesters…. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Ben Edlund (##520).
Source: CW

Supernatural – Latest from EW – 14th April

Question: Supernatural’s 100th episode is this week! To celebrate, how about a May sweeps scoop?
Ausiello: Exec producer Sera Gamble tells me that Dean’s looming face-off with Death is hands-down one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show.
Question: Any chance Meg (Rachel Miner) will be returning to Supernatural before the end of the season?
Ausiello: No
Source: EW

Supernatural – Episode 5.19 – Hammer of the Gods – Promotional Photos

Source: Spnsite

Supernatural – Episode 5.19 – Hammer of the Gods – Synopsis

“SUPERNATURAL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“Hammer of the Gods” (TV-14, DLSV sptv050769) (HDTV)

LUCIFER (MARK PELLEGRINO, “LOST”) RETURNS — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are kidnapped by a group of gods, including Kali (guest star Rekha Sharma), Ganesh (guest star Keith Blackman Dallas) and Bladur (guest star Adam Croasdell) and held hostage in a small hotel. The gods want to use Sam and Dean as bargaining chips to stop the Apocalypse, but Gabriel (guest star Richard Speight, Jr.) shows up and warns them that if Lucifer finds them he will kill them all. Unfortunately, one of the gods turns on the rest and Lucifer appears. Rick Bota directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin with story by David Reed (##519).
Source: CW

Supernatural – Season 5 DVD and Blu-Ray

You can pre-order here.


Exclusive: ‘Supernatural’ to ‘end with a bang’ in 2010 (but there’s a catch)

Source: The Ausiello Files

Supernatural-Jared_lSupernatural creator Eric Kripke is sticking by his word that his CW thriller will bow out next May after five seasons. Sort of.

“I did set out [to] tell a five-season storyline,” the exec maintains. “Quite frankly, I never expected [the show] to make it to five years. But now that we’re in our fifth year, I have every intention of ending the story with a bang and not drawing it out or watering it down.”

Relax, Supe Nazis. Here’s that catch I promised you… “That having been said,” Kripke continues, “I’m looking at this season as the last chapter in this particular story. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story. Buffy did it. The X-Files did it. You close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one.

“One of the things I like about this show is we don’t draw out mysteries endlessly,” he adds. “We’ll answer a bunch of questions this season and then pose some new ones next season.”

Of course, that’s assuming there is a next season. The CW has yet to renew Supernatural for a sixth go-’round. And even if the show does come back, would Kripke still be involved? “I don’t know,” hedges Supe’s fearless leader, who doesn’t have a deal in place beyond season 5. “I’m going to cross that bridge when I get to it.”

What say you, Supe fans? Would you prefer to see Sam and Dean go out with a bang next May? Or are you cool with the show continuing on and running the risk of limping to the finish line like The X-Files and Buffy? And the even bigger question: Is there Supernatural life after Kripke? Sound off below!

Supernatural – Picked up for a 6th Season

So are you Supernatural Fans happy to see a 6th Season?

First it was Smallville, now Supernatural. A couple of days ago we reported that Smallville had been picked up for a tenth season. Industry sources in Vancouver provided CinemaSpy with the tip, indicating that while the official announcement has not yet been made, behind-the-scenes it’s all but a done-deal. Today we’ve been informed that Supernatural, too, has been confirmed with another season, in this case its sixth.

Source: Full Article @ cinemaspy

Supernatural – Episode 5.13 – The Song Remains The Same – Promotional Photos

Source: Celebutopia

Supernatural – Episode 5.13 – Episode Name Change

Episode 5.13 that was known as “Back to the Future II” has just been changed to “The Song Remains the Same” today by the CW… Maybe they had issues using the Films name.. who knows…

Supernatural – Episode 5.13 – Back To The Future, Part 2 – Synopsis

JOHN WINCHESTER IS BACK — The angels send Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) back in time to kill John (guest star Matthew Cohen) and Mary (guest star Amy Gumenick) Winchester before they can conceive Sam (Jared Padalecki) knowing that if Sam was never born then Lucifer won’t be able to use him as his vessel. Castiel (Misha Collins) sends Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) back to 1978 so they can stop Anna, and the two brothers are reunited with their parents. Mary recognizes Dean as a hunter since he visited her in the past once before but tries to keep the truth from John. Steve Boyum directed the episode written by Sera Gamble & Nancy Weiner (#513).

Source: SpnSite

Read more: http://www.spoilertv.com/search/label/Supernatural?updated-max=2010-01-23T14%3A03%3A00Z&max-results=20#ixzz0eZVVjRH0

Supernatural – Episode 5.14 – Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid – Promotional Photo .

Supernatural – Episode 5.14 – My Bloody Valentine – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.15 – My Bloody Valentine – Synopsis


Castiel (Misha Collins) helps Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) hunt down Cupid (guest star Lex Medlin) on Valentine’s Day after townspeople start to kill each other for love. However, after Cupid tells them he’s innocent, they discover Famine (guest star James Otis), one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has arrived in town.

Mike Rohl directed the episode written by Ben Edlund (#0515).

Source: CW

Supernatural – Episode 5.15 – My Bloody Valentine – News from EW

Loathe Valentine’s Day? Then you’re going to seriously heart Supernatural’s fittingly dark take on the candy-and-flowers holiday.

First, some casting scoop: Southland’s Lex Medlin has been tapped to play Cupid in the Feb. 11 episode, titled a “My Bloody Valentine.”

Now the plot deets: When couples all over town start engaging in obsessive, compulsive, and deadly behavior, Sam and Dean launch an investigation. With the help of Castiel, they learn that Maryann from True Blood a naked Cherub (Medlin, above) may be involved and track him down for questioning.

The spoilery twist: The ******** *a**** may be the real culprit!

Source: EW

Supernatural – New BTS Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.18 – Point of No Return

The 100th episode of Supernatural will be called “Point of No Return”

Source: BuddyTV

Supernatural – Episode 5.19 – OMFG – Casting Call

[KALI] (20-30’s).. A beautiful Indian woman, wearing stilettos, pencil skirt and a low cut top, she looks like the hottest lawyer you’ve ever seen. Intimidating, calm, powerful, always in control, sensual with a sensitive side, but can be deadly when she wants something. She’ is a leader with plans and the determination to put them in place.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (4)

Source: SpoilerTV

Supernatural – Sera Gamble Interview

The boys are back! Supernatural, the People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy series finally returns on January 21. TV Guide Magazine told you all about that first episode—Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) check into a psychiatric hospital and things get all mental—and creepy of course. We asked executive producer Sera Gamble to share with us some more of what the show has to offer in the coming months. Look for tragedy, pathos and plenty of black humor.

On February 4, you’re doing a “Back to the Future” episode when Sam and Dean time travel to 1978. What are they attempting to do?

Sam and Dean go back to try to save their mom and dad—from a threat that also travels back in time from 2020—Terminator style.

What are the consequences if they don’t succeed—or they do?

If the baddie succeeds, Mary and John [Amy Gumenick and Matthew Cohen, above] will be murdered—and Sam and Dean will never be born. So, you could say the stakes are pretty high for the guys.

Is it a heartbreaker?

Definitely. Sam seeing his parents is heart-wrenching—particularly his mom, because she died when he was just a baby. When he first meets her, he’s so overwhelmed he can’t even speak. But I think the most heartbreaking story is Mary’s. She’s done everything she can to leave hunting behind and have a normal life with John. But as the episode unfolds, we see her realize she can never escape.

For Valentine’s Day you have “My Bloody Valentine,” airing February 11, with a Cupid. This being Supernatural, what kind of havoc does he or she create?

Well, for starters, he shows up stark naked and gunning for hugs! Sam and Dean are investigating a series of gory murder/suicides—all people who were desperately in love. They suspect the culprit may be the supernatural being who made the matches to begin with—a Cupid [played by Southland’s Lex Medlin, as first reported by EW.com] gone rogue. So they capture and interrogate him. All I can say is, he is a very loving dude. It’s hilarious.

What else can we look forward to before your Olympic break?

Anna [Julie McNiven], the fallen angel, will make a reappearance. You’ll find out what happened after Castiel [Misha Collins] turned her in last season.

How is the Apocalypse storyline advanced? Do any more harbingers of doom appear?

The Horsemen are active in upcoming episodes—you’ll meet Famine, and find out some of what Death has been doing since Lucifer [Mark Pellegrino] raised him. Other upcoming episodes will also touch on events and creatures from the Book of Revelation. One involves the dead rising—in the form of zombies who seem so benign and reasonable that Dean and Sam are torn: They’re technically monsters, but are they a problem that needs to be solved?

Anything else you can tease?

The search for God will soon yield a solid lead. The Archangel Michael will be introduced. We will answer the question, “What does Castiel act like when he’s drunk off his ass?” And the brothers will go to Heaven. Yes, actual Heaven.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Three Clips From ‘Supernatural’ Season 5 Premiere

Taken from the first episode called ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, the clips show changes in relationship between Dean and his brother Sam after the Devil is accidentally released by the latter.

Three Clips From 'Supernatural' Season 5 PremiereSource: Ace Showbiz TV News

See larger image More scenes from the season premiere of “” is released, showing the first fight between Dean and Sam after the latter broke the seal. Sam keeps apologizing to Dean about what he did but Dean is angry because Sam keeps bringing it up instead of cleaning up the mess. The brothers then agreed to work together in bringing down the devil. In another clip, Chuck the Prophet mistakenly strikes Sam with a stick because in his vision the Winchester is looking nothing like normal. Chuck then delivers a startling message about Castiel, telling the brothers that the angels have exploded him into pieces. Also, Zachary talks some sense into Dean that the Apocalypse is now, and that they must work together to stop it. It is believed that the fifth season will be the last of the series. Creator Eric Kripke said he didn’t quite expect to see it beyond five-season storyline but never excluded the possibility for another one too. “That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story. Buffy did it. The X-Files did it. You close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one,” he explained. The episode called “Sympathy for the Devil” will kick off the whole season 5 on September 10.

Supernatural – Episode 5.01 – Sympathy for the Devil – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.01 – Sympathy for the Devil – Official Description

APOCALYPSE NOW — Picking up where the finale left off, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) watch as the Devil (guest star Mark Pellegrino, “Lost”) emerges from Hell. The brothers and Bobby (Jim Beaver) deal with the aftermath of Lucifer rising and the stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (guest star Rob Benedict) that Castiel (Misha Collins) was blown to bits by the archangels. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Eric Kripke (#501).

Source: CW

Supernatural – Episode 5.02 – Good God, Y’All – Promotional Photos

Supernatural – Episode 5.02 – Good God, Y’All – Synopsis

In hopes of defeating Lucifer, Castiel decides to search for God; Bobby’s friend, Rufus, begs for help when demons begin attacking his town.

Source: SpoilerTV

Supernatural – Episode 5.02 – Good God, Y’All – Synopsis

“Good God, Y’all” (TV-14, LV) (HDTV)

IS THIS THE END? — Castiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he is going to search for God, who will be able to defeat Lucifer. Bobby’s (Jim Beaver) old hunter friend, Rufus (guest star Steven Williams), is panicked about demons attacking his town, and begs Bobby for help. Sam and Dean arrive at the town and realize there is a spell over the townspeople, making them hallucinate that they are demons and causing them to kill one another. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble (#501).

Source: CW

Supernatural – Episode 5.03 – Free to be you and me – Synopsis

ADRIANNE PALICIKI GUEST STARS — Not sure he trusts himself anymore, Sam (Jared Padalecki) decides to give up hunting, but a late-night visitor (guest star Adrianne Palicki) won’t let him off the hook that easily. Dean (Jensen Ackles), intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel (Misha Collins) to find the Archangel Raphael, as Castiel believes Raphael knows God’s location. Miller Tobin directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver (#503).

Source: CW

Supernatural – Episode 5.05 – Fallen Idol

Episode 5.05 has been officially named as “Fallen Idol”. It was formally known as “Celebrity Skin” during the auditions/draft scripts.

This is the episode featuring Paris Hilton

Supernatural – Latest from Paris Hilton

Still on set shooting, the scenes are going great! A lot of stunts and fighting scenes! 🙂

Just wrapped on set! So much fun working on Supernatural. Jared and Jensen are so nice and such great actors. I had a great time. 🙂

I’m so tired and sore from all the stunts and fighting scenes while shooting yesterday.

Source: Paris Hilton@Twitter

Supernatural – Episode 5.06 – I believe the children are our future – Casting Call

[JESSE] 11-year-old boy (10-13 to play 11), he is a smart and sad all-American kid who is wise beyond his years and way too serious for his age – and has a real independent streak. Adopted as an infant, he has no idea of his lineage, simply perplexed by his uncanny powers. A firm believer in all things kid-like, such as the Tooth Fairy and the danger of joy buzzers. He is faced with a very grown up decision. Please denote age next to your suggestions …RECURRING GUEST STAR

[JULIA] In her early 30s, mousy and pale, Julia looks like she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in about eleven years. Sort of meek, she becomes overtaken by a dark, dark force…GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Supernatural – Searching for new Recurring

I recently received a tip that Supernatural was planning to unveil its version of the Tooth Fairy in this season’s sixth episode. Well, the following casting prattle explains why…

Jesse: An all-American boy age 11 who is wise beyond his years. He was adopted as an infant and remains perplexed by his unusual powers. He possesses a childlike innocence—he believes in the Tooth Fairy (Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!)! He suddenly finds himself faced with a very adult decision. Recurring role.

Got casting tips? Post ‘em below!

Source: EW

Supernatural – Episode 5.07 – The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester – Casting Call

Director: Robert Singer

Writer: Sera Gamble

Filming: 10th September – 21st September

[PATRICK] 30-40, charismatic, extremely likeable and charming, with a devil-may-care attitude and a twinkle in his eye. He is a well-dressed, expert card shark and poker player, with a wicked sense of humor and an unnerving ability to read people. A slick con man and thief who enjoys toying with everyone around him. However, he also is capable of genuine empathy for certain players, and he’s deeply committed to Lia, the love of his life…GUEST STAR (15)

[OLDER DEAN WINCHESTER] Between 70-80 years old, he is Dean (JENSEN ACKLES) aged into an old man. He hasn’t lost any of his verve, or edge, just his speed.sptv050769…GUEST STAR (20)

[LIA] 20s, she is a BEAUTIFUL, troubled woman in cahoots with her boyfriend, Patrick. Empathetic, but also eventually lonely….GUEST STAR (15)

Source: SpoilerTV

Supernatural to end 2010 (Kind Of)

uperantural creator Eric Kripke is sticking by his word that his CW thriller will bow out next May after five seasons. Sort of.

“I did set out [to] tell a five-season storyline,” the exec maintains. “Quite frankly, I never expected [the show] to make it to five years. But now that we’re in our fifth year, I have every intention of ending the story with a bang and not drawing it out our watering it down.”

Relax, Supe Nazis. Here’s that catch I promised you…“That having been said,” Kripke continues, “I’m looking at this season as the last chapter in this particular story. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story. Buffy did it. The X-Files did it. You close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one.

“One of the things I like about this show is we don’t draw out mysteries endlessly,” he adds. “We’ll answer a bunch of questions this season and then pose some new ones next season.”

Of course, that’s assuming there is a next season. The CW has yet to renew Supernatural for a sixth go-’round. And even if the show does come back, would Kripke still be involved? “I don’t know,” hedges Supe’s fearless leader, who doesn’t have a deal in place beyond season 5. “I’m going to cross that bridge when I get to it.”

What say you, Supe fans? Would you prefer to see Sam and Dean go out with a bang next May? Or are you cool with the show continuing on and running the risk of limping to the finish line like The X-Files and Buffy? And the even bigger question: Is there Supernatural life after Kripke? Sound off below!

Source: EW

Supernatural – Eric Kripke Interview

Supernatural exec producer Eric Kripke gave us such good scoop on Season 5 back in July, so we thought we’d go back and try for some more. With new episodes set to return Thursday, September 10, the cult show’s creator tells us about writing for God, Castiel’s future, President Sarah Palin and what 2014 will look like for the Winchester Brothers. Think zombies. And then there’s what we all want to know: Could there be a Season 6?

You have Lucifer [Mark Pellegrino] as a character. How about God? Where’s the High Holy been?

I know it sounds nuts, but God will be a character on Supernatural this season. He’s vanished from Heaven, which is why the Angels have taken over the joint, but we’re planning on God’s return, probably around the end of the season. This story thread has generated much hilarity in the Supernatural writer’s room. We ask ourselves questions like, “Well, what’s God’s motivation in this scene?” And then we start laughing, cause, you know, Gossip Girl just ain’t having these problems.

How will God enter into the battle?

Tune in.

Who will play Him—or Her? (Well, why not?)

You’ll see.

What can you tell us about Castiel [Misha Collins] and his future on the show? Haven’t the Angels turned against him? Will he basically be in the same condition as the Hunters?

Cass returns to the show as a hunted fugitive. All of Heaven is out to kill him. Some of his powers are beginning to fade. In short, he’s totally boned. But on top of that, he has an interesting story arc. Now that he’s cut off from heaven, he’s learning more and more, how to be human. Which leads to stories that are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and hopefully both. But he still looks the same—trenchcoat, tie, Misha’s face. No worries there.

Will any of the hunters be back this season to help Sam [Jared Padalecki] and Dean [Jensen Ackles] and Bobby [Jim Beaver]? If so, which ones?

We plan on bringing back practically every hunter who’s alive and kicking. It’s the Apocalypse, and it’s all hands on deck. Ellen [Samantha Ferris]. Jo [Alona Tal]. Rufus [Steven Williams]. Also, Chuck [Rob Benedict], though he’s technically not a hunter. I love bringing back characters that the boys have a history with—it leads to more interesting scenes—at least, I hope they’re more interesting. Who knows? You tell me.

How will the Apocalypse develop through the season? Will it literally be hell on earth?

Well, that’s the tension of the season. Things start bad—North Korea’s arming up, swine flu rips across the country, hurricanes slam into American cities—oh wait, all that is going on now. But seriously, we start bad and get worse. And the big question is, can Sam and Dean short-circuit the Apocalypse, before the planet is roasted alive?

What will we see when the show leaps five years into the future? Were you joking at Comic-Con when you said Sarah Palin would be President? If you weren’t, is that an indication of the aforesaid hell on earth?

No, we weren’t joking. Like I said, it is the Apocalypse, after all. Beyond that, the world in 2014 is a entertainingly nasty place to be. The Croatian virus, introduced in Season 2, has spread worldwide, resulting in a 28 Days Later situation. Our band of hunters have resorted to living in the woods, protecting as many terrified survivors as they can. When we meet our heroes in the future, we’ll see that time has changed them. Especially Castiel. But on the plus side, Chuck is living with the guys at the refugee camp, and he’s still as neurotic as ever.

Any hints on the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

They don’t ride horses. They drive muscle cars. The first horseman will be played by Titus Welliver, a brilliant actor and one of the regulars on Deadwood.

Will we see the boys’ dad, John Winchester, again? If so, could it be with an actor other than the super busy Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

It will either be Jeffrey, or we won’t do it. And yes, it is a matter of working out schedules. I’d love to make something work, if it was possible.

Are you looking to wind the show up as you have often said at the end of Season 5?

At the beginning of Supernatural, I had a five year plan, and, with some notable exceptions, I’ve stuck with that. And so, now that I’ve come this far, I feel I gotta take it the rest of the way home. Yes, this season, we are going to wrap up this storyline. We’re not going to stretch it out into Season 6, or otherwise dilute it. We’re going to make sure it’s told with a bang. This chapter is over, but that’s not to say another chapter won’t begin. If we returned for Season 6, we would commence a new epic storyline.

With your competition this season—Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Fringe and the NBC comedies—do you identify with Sam and Dean? Your doughty little show against the big guns?

Yes. I’ve always felt like the screaming Japanese tourist underneath Godzilla and Mothra. But honestly, that’s where I like to be. I like being the underdog. That way, you can still surprise people.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

We’ve met young Dean and young Sam in past Supernatural flashbacks, but season five will include a flash-forward to 70-year-old Dean Winchester, and he’s exactly the old coot you’d expect him to be. (Watch With Kristin)

Castiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he is going to search for God, who will be able to defeat Lucifer. Bobby’s (Jim Beaver) old hunter friend, Rufus (guest star Steven Williams), is panicked about demons attacking his town, and begs Bobby for help. Sam and Dean arrive at the town and realize there is a spell over the townspeople, making them hallucinate that they are demons and causing them to kill one another. (IO9)

Executive producer Eric Kripke says that God Himself (or Herself) will enter the apocalyptic battle at some point late in the season, although he’s mum on the how and the who’s-going-to-play Him (or Her). Until then, it’s going to be all-out Armageddon; it’s 2014 and the Croation virus has spread across the world, Sarah Palin is president of the United States, and the hunters live in the woods, trying to protect the survivors. Castiel has now been cut off from heaven and as his powers start to fade, he becomes more and more in touch with his humanity — with sometimes funny, sometimes poignant results. As we mentioned before, Ellen, Jo, Rufus, and Chuck will all appear this season, and there’s a chance we’ll see Papa Winchester as well, but only if Jeffrey Dean Morgan is available. And the nature of Titus Welliver’s role has been revealed: he’ll be playing one of the muscle-car-driving Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (TV Guide Magazine)

Sam and Dean’s inability to maintain meaningful long-term relationships with the opposite sex will continue throughout season 5. “We’ve returned to a conceit that works for us and that the fans seem to be able to swallow without vomiting, which is that there’s a girl in every port,” says series creator Eric Kripke. “We certainly have a lot of guest star female love interests that the boys help save and interact with. But at the moment, there are no plans for a longstanding romantic relationships.” (Michael Ausiello)

Anna does indeed return for season five. She first appears in episode two and is slated for additional appearances. (Watch With Kristin)

Picking up where the finale left off, the season premiere Sympathy For The Devil, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) watch as the Devil (guest star Mark Pellegrino, “Lost”) emerges from Hell. The brothers and Bobby (Jim Beaver) deal with the aftermath of Lucifer rising and the stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (guest star Rob Benedict) that Castiel (Misha Collins) was blown to bits by the archangels. (KryptonSite)

“I don’t think I’ll ever give up the back story of how that [Ruby’s] knife got its powers,” creator Eric Kripke says. “I like to leave some things mysterious. And that’s likely to remain mysterious.” (Michael Ausiello)

“The Colt pistol is making a comeback,” Eric Kripke says. “I was actually in the [writers] room today breaking episode 10 and the cult pistol is in episode 10. And it also pops up a little bit earlier as well. The cult emerges as the boys’ best strategy to shooting the devil in the face.”(Michael Ausiello)

Jim Beaver said to expect a huge Bobby-related twist early in Supernatural’s fifth season. He says, “There’s something pretty big that happens with Bobby in the first episodes. Really big. It’s going to have a huge impact on his relationship with the boys—but I don’t know what that impact is, because I’ve only seen the first three scripts.” (Watch With Kristin)

Comic-Con Spoilers

D & S are going through a destroyed house. Samturns a corner and CHUCK slams him in the head with a toilet plunger. Then Chuck tells the boys Cas is Dead, Dean is PISSED. Then Chuck feels the angels coming and it’s Zach. With ATTITUDE and Dean is PISSED. AGAIN. Great scene between them. And then Dean’s had enough and uses the blood glyph to kick their asses out (Zach has angel minions).

Episode 4 will be the Future Episode.

– Episode 4 of this season will be set five years in the future and is described by Kripke as his “28 Days Later episode”.

– This year will be the most optimistic season of the show ever. After spending the majority of last season tearing the Winchester family apart, this season will bring them back together.

Eric Kripke: ” We’ll be doing a story on Celebrity Ghosts, including a homicidal Abe Lincoln

Rufus will return to Supernatural and they are trying to bring back as many hunters as possible this season

Ellen and Jo Harvelle are coming back to supernatural in season five

Comic Con 2009: God to Finally Appear on ‘Supernatural’

The producers are cautiously approaching the story idea of God who ‘has left the building’ throughout most of the show.

Source: Ace Showbiz

Comic Con 2009: God to Finally Appear on 'Supernatural' See larger image Two things that “” will offer a lot in the fifth season are the re-appearance of old faces and a bunch of new but interesting characters. During the show’s panel at San Diego Comic Con, producers Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble, supported also by screenwriter Ben Edlund, explained that mythological creatures from the bible and even God himself may come at some point of the show. Since the new season will jump on the apocalypse wagon, The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse is part of the plan. Kripke joked that these people will be modernized, saying “The Four Horsemen are not going to be riding horses but color coordinated muscle cars. Why ride a horse when you can be in a Mustang?”

About the God’s part, Gamble explained that they are “approaching it cautiously”. She said, “There is a lot of doubt because a lot of characters are angry at God for not stepping in and doing something about what’s going on.” During a backstage interview with E! Online, Kripke shared, “I’m not going to reveal how or where, and he’s not going to thread in anytime soon, but this is the big season and we felt we couldn’t bring on the devil without bringing on God, too, and again, it brings us no end of amusement that our little show has these characters and we’re asking these kinds of questions.”

Another tidbit coming from the writer’s room is the possibility of having celebrity ghosts. One icon mentioned was ex-U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. On which actors are returning for more action in season 5, the producers can confirm Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle), Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle), Adrianne Palicki (Jessica Moore) and Steven Williams (Rufus Turner). For one thing, they only got into production up until the sixth episode, thus the future is not foreseen. The “Supernatural” panel was missing the lead stars and because they were catching up with the shooting schedule in Vancouver. Two other stars, Jim Beaver and Misha Collins however, were present in support.

Episodic Spoilers

Exclusive – Episode 5.01 – Casting Call

[SUSAN] Female; mid 30’s-40; attractive, vulnerable, gentle and sympathetic wife (we can’t give the storyline…but it is a great role) GUEST STAR

[MEG] 30; she is a sexy ruthless and violent emissary of a dark and bloody power (this is a great recurring role) GUEST STAR RECURRING; PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 5.01 – Script Sneak Peek

Here there is the transcript:


Dean Struggles. As —



I always knew you were a big, dumb, slow, dim pain in the ass, Dean. But I never dreamt you were so V.I.P. I mean, you’re supposed to ice the Devil? You? if I’d known, I’d’ve ripped your pretty, pretty face off ages ago.





(rolls her eyes)

Try again. Go back further.



Yep — it’s our old Season One Adversary, the Demon Meg! In a new meatsuit. She smiles.

Source: TV Guide

Supernatural – Episode 5.01 – Sympathy for the Devil – Promotional Photos

House Season 6 Spoilers & Casting Scoop!

During November sweeps, House, Cuddy, and Wilson will attend a medical conference together. (Michael Ausiello)

Executive producer David Shore revealed this about the season premiere: “[Franka Potente] is the sister-in-law of one of the inmates, who develops an attachment to House, and House develops an attachment to her, but it’s complicated.” (Watch With Kristin)

Cuddy knows that House made imaginary love to her last May. “It’s referenced in an upcoming episode,” creator David Shore says. “She’s aware of it and she confronts him. She wants to know where all that stands.” (Michael Ausiello)

Only Wilson and House will appear in the season premiere, which takes place at the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. After that, look for Foreman to take the lead back at Princeton-Plainsboro, which will cause a rift in his relationship with Thirteen. (TV Guide)

Cameron and Chase’s first significant fight as a married couple will take place in episode 4. And it’s not going to be pretty. (Michael Ausiello)

The character who gets fired is not leaving the show. (Michael Ausiello)

Casting Call

This episode films between the 10th and 20th of August. [JACK] Male, 9-11 to play 10, Caucasian, THIN, GUEST STAR, Source: SpoilerTV

House and his asylum mates are going on a field trip to an amusement park in the two-hour opener. The show shot scenes on location at Universal Studios last week. House was working the Skydiving Fan. (Michael Ausiello)

Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson) says his character’s romantic prospects this season are all but nonexistent. (Watch With Kristin)

New Promo of ‘House M.D.’ Season 6

Take a look at how House is doing in his new residency, the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital.

Source: Ace Showbiz

New Promo of 'House M.D.' Season 6See larger image One of the first promos of FOX’s “” has been shared, bearing the tagline “What happens when the doctor becomes the patient?”. The sixth season of the medical drama will pick up where the season 5 finale left off, with House’s delusion coming to a serious level. Driven by Wilson, House voluntarily admits himself to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. In the promo, House is seen wandering, sleeping restlessly, and struggling while being escorted back to the building. Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda has been cast as House’s psych hospital roommate for at least two episodes. “House M.D.” is scheduled to return with new episodes on September 21. The show receives the nomination of Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series through and Best Drama Series at the upcoming 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Winners are announced on September 20 through a gala aired live on CBS.

House (Fox) James Earl Jones has signed on to guest star in an upcoming episode this fall. He will play an African dictator who becomes a patient at Princeton-Plainsboro.

Season Six Secrets

When we last saw Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), he was walking into a mental institution and wrapping his head around his hallucination of having sex with Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

Sure, we were mad at first for the big sex scene fake-out, but we were happy to learn at last night’s House event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills that a true Huddy hookup might just be in store for season three, which starts shooting very soon and hits Fox on Sept. 21.

House executive producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore, along with Hugh, Lisa and Omar Epps filled us in on House’s mental state, Huddy’s romantic state and the state of things at Princeton-Plainsboro…

House Has Gone Crazy: “This season opener is really going to begin shortly after those doors close behind him. We’re going to wake up there and going to cover—storytelling wise in two hours—two to three months and that journey of rehabilitation that House feels he may or may not need, that he does need,” says Katie. “It’s not a full-on rehabilitation. House won’t be perfect in any way. I describe it as if there’s a hole in his heart, maybe he’ll leave with one more piece, but the House is still there.” Don’t expect the whole season to take place in the mental institute though: “It’s not going to be that much, but that two-hour premiere is basically exclusively there,” adds David.

Paging Dr. Nolan: Who has the lucky job of diagnosing one of the most famous diagnosticians in the world? That job is left up to Dr. Nolan, played by Andre Braugher, whom you may remember from Gideon’s Crossing. Katie describes the surely to butt heads pair: “House’s version of how well he needs to be to go back to work and Nolan’s version of how well he needs to be to go back to work is very different. You can check yourself in voluntarily, and you can leave voluntarily, but whether or not he’s going to be permitted to practice medicine is another story. Before he is going to be allowed to practice medicine, Dr. Nolan needs to make sure House is on much sturdier ground than at the end of the season.”

Hugh on Playing Crazy: Hop on the crazy boat, because we’re in for quite a storm. Says Hugh, “House’s sickness is an indispensable part of his skill, possibly his intellect, and if not his intellect, than his identity. All of us fear change because we fear even the things we dislike in our lives, we fear that they are nonetheless part of us, and if we surrender them then we will become some how less.” For his time in the mental hospital, Hugh has shaved his head, saying “I have a slightly institutional look.” However, being institutionalized is not all serious though, “There is just a small musical element to it. I’m completely out of my depth; I should not be doing it, but life is about risks!” jokes Hugh.

When the Doctor’s Away, the Kids Will Play: When it comes to who’s going to be in charge with House missing in action, Omar says that Foreman is stepping into the foreground: “That’s sort of a natural progression. However, even in a mental institute, I would imagine House would still be in charge.” Unfortunately, with every doctor trying to be the boss, it may not be good for Foreman and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde). “I think the stress of trying to take over the team is obviously going to have a strain on their relationship.” Even if Foreman takes the lead, it’s not going to be easy. Omar adds, “It’s going to have a tremendous effect [with House gone]. Everyone is going to be second-guessing themselves. In that sense, House is a crutch for them. When all else fails, just go to him and he’ll have the answers. The reality is, the other doctors are not willing to take the risks that he takes.” Finally, don’t expect House to waltz back into Princeton-Plainsboro ready to take over again: “You don’t emerge from a psychiatric hospital and just get your medical license back all that easy. That differential diagnosis division is still going to be functioning, but whether he’s going to be at the head of it initially or not, that’s the question,” says Katie. Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, House Adam Taylor/FOX

Once He’s Healed:
Fans are still reeling over the imagined coupling of House and Cuddy, but Lisa tells us, “I loved the way they handled it because for one thing, it means they can still have sex. Because they haven’t done it yet. In another way it shows what he wishes he had, which includes an intimate relationship with her, wanting to live with her and wanting to be off drugs. I think we learn a lot about him and we still have the opportunity of exploring it, because it hasn’t been explored even though we got to shoot that sexy scene.” Katie seconds that notion, “I think all those emotions, sparks, difficulties and the push and pull is still there. I think the only reason why he hallucinated that hallucination with someone he works with is because somewhere that’s in his mind.” Source: E!Online

‘House’ season 6 video, get your first look

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

House” fans who tuned into tonight’s MLB All-Star Game got a special treat: the brand spanking new trailer for season six, complete with scenes from the season premiere. No worries if you missed it, we’ve got you covered. The quality of our video is ghetto at best, but a ghetto glimpse at House inside the psychiatric facility is better than nothing, no?

Will House stop being crazy? “No,” says Robert Sean Leonard. “It would be like Quincy suddenly getting nice and loving examining dead bodies. There are certain things that are just givens about the show, and one is the general makeup of House’s attitude and personality. He may stop hallucinating but he’d never stop being sarcastic.” Adds series creator David Shore: “It depends on how we define better. That is the question. How sick is he? Does House want to get better? Can he get better? And how much better? And how much will the team be told and how will the dynamic shift with House away? Those are the questions we are going to deal with in the first bunch of episodes, and perhaps even the whole season to a certain extent.” (Michael Ausiello)

Executive producer David Shore talks about how is in charge while House is gone, “We are going to have some fun with who is going to be running the diagnostics department. We’re not bringing in anyone new right now, so it’s going to be somebody you know.” (Watch With Kristin)

Will we ever know for sure if Cuddy realizes what House imagined happened between them? Please reassure us that they won’t drop this sizzling hot storyline! As the cast teased last week, a lot of this season has to do with House (Hugh Laurie) working his way back to sanity and realizing his feelings for Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). To answer your question specifically, David Shore says, “I think she does know. Actually, we had some discussion about it. I think him standing on the balcony, screaming out ‘I slept with Lisa Cuddy!’ [gave it away].” Source: Kristin on E!Online

I’d like to know if we’ll see more of Cuddy as a mom in the future on House. I like the idea of her being a working mom; she could be such a good role model for women if they’d convey this storyline properly. We asked Lisa Edelstein if she wants to see that as well, but she’s more interested in the Huddy relationship than keeping up with Cuddy’s baby. Lisa tells us, “I’m eager to see what they do with the House and Cuddy storyline. The baby is fine, but I don’t think it’s really about that. I’m sure it will be woven through, but it grounds her to have a child. I think it gives her more of a life than she had. But ultimately it’s not about that, the show is not about that. The show is about the hospital and the inner relationships at the hospital.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Will Thirteen and Taub be leaving at the end of this season? They will have completed their three-year fellowships by then. Will Chase and Cameron come back, or will there be new fellows? House executive producer David Shore says it’s too early in the season to know if they’re going to be introducing new characters. He says, “We don’t have any plans on that. As we get closer to the end of the year we might, but I don’t think we’ve mined everything we can with the six fellows we’ve had there.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Casting Call

This episode will film between the 29th July and 7th August.
[AMPUTEE] Male, 60s-70s, Caucasian, looking for ACTORS who have ONE arm / hand amputated…
Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive – New Season 6 Casting Calls

This episode will film at the end of July.

[ABEDNEGO] Male, 40s to 70s, AFRICAN, former world famous soccer player, now President of Fifa, the worldwide soccer organization. Please note if actor speaks any African languages. NO SOCCER SKILLS REQUIRED. GUEST STAR.

[SAM] Male 20 to 30’s, AFRICAN, currently the star of the South African soccer team. Please note if actor speaks any African languages. NO SOCCER SKILLS REQUIRED. GUEST STAR.

[NANDIRA] Female, 20s to 40s, AFRICAN, sister of SAM. Please note if actor speaks any African languages sptv050769. GUEST STAR.

[JANE] Female, Chinese, 50s-70s, Actor must speak non-accented English. Please note if actor speaks Mandarin, GUEST STAR.
Source: SpoilerTV

Lisa Edelstein thinks House & Cuddy are still headed for sex

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

The Paley Center for Media hosted a “House” panel last night, during which a great deal of info regarding the upcoming fall season slipped out. The highlights? The story will pretty much pick right back up where it left off in the finale, with House being admitted to a mental institution after hallucinating a sexual encounter with Cuddy. The season premiere will cover the three month span that House is in rehab. While there, House (who’ll be sporting a shaved head, fyi) will be spending a lot of one-on-one time with a doctor by the name of Nolan (“Gideon’s Crossing”‘s Andre Braugher). Of course, House doesn’t feel he needs to be locked up and in therapy, but he needs Dr. Nolan’s seal of approval if he ever wants to practice medicine again, so there will be some friction no doubt… hope Nolan’s not gonna be another Officer Twitter-type. The team back at Princeton Plainsboro is going to go a little crazy without House around to check their work. Thankfully, though, our guy won’t be gone for long. He will return to the hospital and, ultimately, have to deal with why he was hallucinating about Huddy sex. Said Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy), “I loved [the hallucination storyline], it means they can still have sex because they haven’t done it yet! But [the hallucination] shows what he wishes he had, wanting an intimate relationship with her and wanting to be off drugs.” So, yeah, thoughts? Do you agree?

The two-hour One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-inspired season premiere will feature only two of the show’s main players: House and Wilson. Everyone else will show up the following week. (Michael Ausiello)

‘House’s’ new all singing, all dancing roommate

Linmanuelmiranda_290 “House” has a new roommate with a musical past. Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda has the honor of being cast as Dr. House’s roomie in the psychiatric hospital where he landed in last season’s finale, reports EW’s Ausiello. Miranda, 29, is best known for writing and starring in Broadway’s “In the Heights.” He’ll appear in at least two episodes in the upcoming sixth season. There’s no word yet whether or not he’ll bring his hoofing and singing skills into play for the role. Besides appearing on the stage, Miranda also made appearances on the new “Electric Company.” Miranda is just the first of the new, “interesting” faces that will be brought in to fill House’s psych facility experiences with a little color. We can’t wait for more. We weren’t certain what to expect with the new wave of doctors, but they’ve turned out to be great additions.

Meet House’s new roommate!

Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda has been cast as House’s psych hospital roomie, sources confirm. Miranda, best known for writing and starring in the Broadway musical In The Heights, will appear in at least two episodes beginning with the show’s sixth season premiere this fall. A House insider says producers are looking for other “interesting actors” to populate the psychiatric facility that became House’s home in last month’s finale. So if you’re an actor who excels at riding the crazy train, forward this story to your agent ASAP. Source: EW

New Casting Call

[STOMP] – male, AFRICAN AMERICAN or CAUCASIAN, 50s-70s, patient in a mental hospital. ACTOR DOES NOT SPEAK but constantly stomps to his own beat. looking for actors who are REAL PERCUSSIONISTS. Actors MUST be available the entire shoot and rehearsal (6/15-7/16). Source: SpoilerTV

Heroes Season 4 Spoilers: Chapter 5 Redemption

Episodic Spoilers

First two episode titles of Season 4

Episode 4.01 – Orientation
Episode 4.02 – Jump, Push, Fall

Season 4 – First Set Pics of Claire and Gretchen

Here are the first set pics of Season 4 of Heroes (Volume 5 Redemption) featuring Claire (Hayden Panettiere).

If you look carefully behind a crew member then you will also see our first look at Madeline Zima playing Claire’s roomate Gretchen.

I believe they were filming some scenes of her on campus heading to perhaps a pep rally, so here you go.

NOTE: I assume these pics are from Episode 4×01 Orientation.

Season 4 – First Set Pics of Claire and Gretchen

(Click to Enlarge)

View More Pics Here: The ODI

Grunberg and Quinto Filming Scenes Together Today

Heroes star Greg Grunberg who plays Matt Parkman confirmed via his Twitter acct that he will be filming scenes with Zachary Quinto (Sylar) today. In fact he actually says that he is “getting ready to go in and beat up on Sylar” Last we heard Episode 4×02 was being filmed, but there is no confirmation of when this scene will take place. However, based on the set pics of ZQ and Milo last week and this Tweet it seems like all of you Quinto fans will get a decent dose of him early in the season. I am sure some of you are not happy to see more of Sylar, but if Matt is beating him up, then maybe you will feel better.

Episode 4.02/4.03 – Casting Call

Episode 4.02 starts 18th June and Episode 4.03 30th June

25-45, Male. JAPANESE. MUST SPEAK JAPANESE. Office drone in Tokyo desperate to end the monotony. Humor is not lost on him…GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Exclusive – Episode 4.04 – Casting Call

Episode 4.04 of Heroes begins filming on the 13th July 2009.

[DOCTOR CAMBRIDGE] 60s, female. Caucasian. MUST BE FLUENT IN SIGN LANGUAGE. Kind doctor in a NYC hospital. Compassionate and knowing with a vested interest in her patient…GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECUR

Source: SpoilerTV

General Spoilers

Casting News

Heroes has found an actress to torture Claire (Hayden Panettiere) as her new sorority pledge master. Tessa Thompson, who played Jackie Cook on Veronica Mars during the 2005-06 season, will play upperclassman Becky, who is protecting a secret of her own. Expect Claire and Becky to clash.
Source: TV Guide Magazine

Robert Knepper Confirmed as a Series Regular

At this past week’s Heroes Comic Con Panel, Robert Knepper who plays new villain Samuel hinted that he might have a much larger role than the initial 6 episodes he was scheduled for. Today we got official confirmation via our source with NBC that Knepper has indeed been cast as a series regular in Season 4 (Volume 5 Redemption). I have been a huge fan of Knepper since his role as T-Bag on Prison Break and I am really happy to see him signed on as a “series regular”. Also, confirmed once again is his ability as an “Earth Mover”.  Source: Heroes Spoilers

This just in: Bryan Fuller exits ‘Heroes’

Source: The Ausiello Files

Just as Heroes was gaining some creative momentum comes word of another setback: Bryan Fuller has vacated his post as consulting producer. The acclaimed Pushing Daisies auteur tells me that he left to focus on developing new projects for NBC, and not (as some have speculated) due to creative differences with series creator Tim Kring. “I’m crafting two pilots right now and it’s a lot of work,” admits Fuller, who has an overall deal with NBC. “It was just too hard to [juggle] Heroes and my development; something had to give.” Fuller’s exit was first reported by Herc at Ain’t It Cool News. Fuller returned to Heroes last December, shortly after ABC dropped the ax on Daisies. Many (yours truly included) credited him with the show’s end-of-season creative rebirth.

Season 4 – Spoiler Summary

Here is a little list of many of the spoilers for Heroes Season 4(Volume 5 Redemption) so far. This is a list by Digital Spy and does not have anything new that I could see.

Also I know these are not the only spoilers we know, but it is a good summary, so feel free to discuss below and if there are things missing let me know and we can add on to the list. For example, Hiro, Ando and Mohinder are not on the list and I know there are some details for Hiro and Ando out there.

Claire (Hayden Panettiere): is starting college in Washington, D.C. Gets two roommates, Annie (Rachel Melvin) and Gretchen (Madeline Zima), but predictably, Claire’s new life is far from straightforward. In the first episode, she discovers a body on the sidewalk, the result of a mysterious suicide. Meanwhile, she’s dealing with the fallout from her parents’ divorce process.

Nathan (Adrian Pasdar):… is Sylar. But that doesn’t mean Nathan’s going to be through and through bad next season. “I think there’s going to be a good redemptive nature to his behaviour this year,” Pasdar told Sci Fi Wire recently. “It’s nice to think it might end a little lighter. It’s nice to think it might end with a martyrdom kind of behavior thing in order to sacrifice himself to save the world.”

Peter (Milo Ventimiglia): has alienated himself from those cloest to him as he embarks on a one-man mission to save the world, one person at a time. Peter also finds a romantic interest in the form of a powerful woman. This is rumoured to be a hearing-impaired character called Emma, played by The L Word’s Deanne Bray.

Angela (Cristine Rose): Talking about episode 3, Rose told E! Online: “I learned that 20 years ago, Angela made a decision that is going to come back to bite her in her rear end. Angela tries her best, but she keeps screwing up.” Rose added that in the same episode, there will be a “huge change” for Mama Petrelli.

Matt (Greg Grunberg): is feeling guilty over the Nathan/Sylar affair but is trying to live a normal life with his wife and son. Grunberg has posted on his Twitter saying that he has been filming scenes where Matt “beats up on Sylar”. Matt also gets a new partner ( Battlestar’s Rick Worthy), an experienced LA cop who Matt turns to for advice.

Noah (Jack Coleman), Tracy (Ali Larter):… and Angela, among others, are forming The Company 2.0. But this time, The Company claims to have good intentions, with the aim of uniting heroes around the world. But there’s also a new, sinister organisation on the scene – one that treats people with abilities in a “dangerous and potentially deadly new way”.

Samuel (Robert Knepper): is a brand new character, described as a “charismatic and evil” man who will “veer into the lives of all heroes”. Check back in with Tube Talk tomorrow morning for an exclusive interview with the ex-Prison Break star talking about his new role!
Source: Digital Spy

Adrian Pasdar talks about why they cast an 11 year old Nathan: “I absorb a memory from an article of clothing that sends me back in time to when I was 11,” he explains. “Something happened to young Nathan but old Nathan doesn’t remember it. How can that be? It has to do with a character we have met before.” (Michael Ausiello)

Cristine Rose, who plays the imperious Heroes matriarch Angela Petrelli, says, “I just read episode 4.03 and—oh, I get chills just thinking about it—I learned that 20 years ago or so, I made a decision that is going to come to back to bite me in my rear end. Angela tries her best, but she keeps screwing up. Oh well, she stays afloat with a sense of humor and a glass of wine.” (Watch With Kristin)

Season 4 – Update on Claire, Annie and Sylathan

Ausiello from EW revealed some new spoilers about season 4 confirming that Claire and her roommate Annie will have some “kind of” romantic relationship!? He also confirmed that Adrian Pasdar revealed why they were casting a Young Nathan. Apparently Sylathan (as Nathan) absorbs a memory from a piece of clothing reminding him of something that happened to him when he was 11. I wonder if this is connected to the shocking thing from Angela’s past??

Here is the actual post on EW:

Question: Is it true that Claire on Heroes is going to have a romantic relationship with Rachel Melvin’s new character, Annie? Ausiello: That’s true. Kind of. I’m not sure about a full-blown relationship, but I can confirm that the college roomies will engage in a little Sapphic experimentation. At least that’s the plan.

Question: Heroes scoop please? Ausiello: Remember me telling you that producers were casting an 11-year-old version of Nathan? Well, thanks to Adrian Pasdar, now we know why! “I absorb a memory from an article of clothing that sends me back in time to when I was 11,” he explains. “Something happened to young Nathan but old Nathan doesn’t remember it. How can that be? It has to do with a character we have met before.”
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Claire May Have a Lesbian Storyline on ‘Heroes’

In the fourth season, the cheerleader is now a college student who shares more than just a room with her new friend.

Claire May Have a Lesbian Storyline on 'Heroes' Source: Ace Showbiz
See larger image More and more spoilers are coming out for the fourth season of ““, especially the ones circling ‘s character Claire Bennet. In a recent scoop, EW’s Michael Ausiello gives a “that’s true” to the question whether or not there will be a lesbian storyline for Claire and her new roommate. In the new season, Claire is graduated and heading to college. She will live with another girl named Annie which is played by “Days of Our Lives” actress Rachel Melvin. Words are, they will share more than just a room. The hint about the same sex relationship made its round last month but it was never this close. “I’m not sure about a full-blown relationship, but I can confirm that the college roomies will engage in a little sapphic experimentation. At least that’s the plan,” Ausiello revealed. “Heroes” will be back on NBC on Monday, September 21. Hayden Panettiere said that a new mysterious group will surface as opposite to The Company. “The next season of Heroes has a lot of characters that are coming in,” she told MTV News. “There’s something called The Carnival… which is kind of the opposite of what The Company was. There’s a lot of new, cool characters.”

Season 4 – Spoilers from First Day of Filming

As most of you know the Heroes cast and crew were back on set this week hard at work beginning filming on Season 4 (Volume 5 Redemption)! This note from Adrian Pasdar details how the first day went:

What a great first day we had. Shot a load of stuff in my office, no dialogue, just me acting up a storm. Solo. Then Mr Q joined us and the fireworks began. What a gentle man. This is going to be an amazing season. Everybody dropped by the set at one point or another today. This is one seriously tight cast. I am a better person for knowing all of them I feel lucky. This was apparently posted on Pasdar’s Youtube Channel BuckShotWon. Source: The ODI

Swoosie Kurtz to Return for Season 4

Last season former Pushing Daisies star Swoosie Kurtz made a guest appearance as Millie in Season 3 as Angela’s friend. Well word is that she will return with a storyline revealing who her daughter is and that it is apparently connected to the “shocking” storyline connected to Angela’s past. The big Petrelli Family secret also seems to link back to a crime that Nathan committed as a child. Here a quote thanks to TV Guide that explains a little more:
“In the third episode, a decision Angela made twenty years ago comes back to haunt her,” hints Christine Rose (Angela) of the flashback scene. Adds Adrian Pasdar (Nathan): “An incident occurred when Nathan was a boy that he has no memory of. He has to go and make amends for the crime he committed and the whole thing ends up very poorly.”
So has this changed your opinion about the Petrelli Family storyline!? I know many of you are tired of it, but what do you think of Millie’s return?
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Rick Worthy Joins the Cast as Matt’s Partner

Rick Worthy Joins the Cast as Matt’s Partner “Battlestar Galactica” alumnus Rick Worthy is joining the cast of another sci-fi drama. Worthy is in negotiations for a recurring role on NBC’s “Heroes” next season, playing the new partner of Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg): an experienced and capable Los Angeles cop and someone who Matt can lean on for advice. Source: Hollywood Reporter

Rachel Melvin Joins the Cast as Annie

We have just been informed by our NBC contact that Rachel Melvin who most recently has been seen playing Chelsea in Days of Our Lives has joined the cast as Annie for Season 4. As many of you know from the casting calls and the leaked script Annie is Claire’s roommate. So I assume Claire will have two roommates, because we reported earlier this week that Madeline Zima also will be playing Claire’s roommate (Gretchen). Source: The ODI

Episode 4.01: Title Unknown Season Premiere Airdate: September 2009

Young Japanese Girl: 6-10, Female. Must speak Japanese. Sweet little Japanese girl who tries to save her kitten.Young Hiro: 12-15, Male. Must speak Japanese. Japanese boy to play young Hiro (Masi Oka). Young Ando: 10-12, Male. Must speak Japanese. Japanese boy to play young Ando (James Kyson Lee). Young Kimiko: 12-15, Female. Must speak Japanese. Japanese girl to play young Kimiko (Saemi Nakamura). Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.02: Title Unknown Airdate: September 2009

Episode 4.03: Title Unknown Airdate: September/October 2009

Season 4 – Even More Casting News

The very interesting casting news continues for Season 4 of Heroes. Ausiello from EW is reporting that both Ray Park (YES that Ray Park aka Darth Maul from Star Wars) and Deanne Bray (from the L Word) are close to signing deals as recurring roles for Volume 5 Redemption. Park known for his role as Darth Maul, but also as Toad in the X-Men movies and will be next seen in G.I. Joe playing Snake Eyes.

EW is reporting that Park will be playing the “knife throwing” character in the Carnival while Bray will be playing the hearing impaired love interest for one of the Heroes. Earlier this week Tim Kring informed us that Peter will be getting a new romantic interest. So I assume Bray could be this character and in the official casting call, the character was listed as Emma.

Here are the original casting calls for the characters as a reminder.
30s, male. Dangerous,a true “Carney” … Open to all races and ethnicity. GUEST STAR

25-28. Female, Attractive, smart and sensitive. A love interest for series lead HEARING IMPAIRED ACTRESSES ONLY

Source: The ODI

We mentioned a new hearing impaired female character that will play a love interest for one of the male leads, we have just learned according to the official casting call listed the character’s name is Emma who will first appear in Episode 4×03 not episode 4 as previously reported. Emma: 25-28. Female, Attractive, smart and sensitive. A love interest for series lead. Hearing impaired actresses only. Recurring guest star. This role will be in several episodes. Source: SpoilerTV

Matt Parkman will get a new partner/”mentor.” Claire will get a roomate. Source: SpoilerTV

We can absolutely assure you that Zachary Quinto is coming back next season. We’re hearing that Sylar is present in what’s described as “a very Fight Club-esque way.” The Heroes deaths will continue next season, and a few of your favorite characters may be resurrected in the process. (Pssst, that has nothing to do with our pal Sylar). Source: The Ausiello Files Zachary Quinto will without question be back next season. But I hear the show is also planning to introduce a cool and mysterious new villain. Tracy’s whole revenge arc will serve as a centerpiece of next fall’s “Redemption” volume. Source: The Ausiello Files

Bryan Fuller says that, “The Hiro story for season four is the best story we’ve ever come up with for Hiro. It’s so emotional and exciting and adventurous.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Look for one character to make a splashy return in Volume 5. Source: TV Guide Online

In season 4 we will learn more about Young Angela and her young friends and of course more about the early days of The Company. Source: SpoilerTV

Summary of spoilers revealed in Behind the Eclipse Q&A #17: We can expect a character with some sort of “earth” related ability and it will be “muddy”. Claire and Sylar will come to understanding with one another which stems from them having to deal with living forever. Lyle will not have an ability. Volume 5 will be called “Redemption.” There is not going to be any international uproar about Hiro and Mohinder being kidnapped, because they are part of those that are kidnapped and their governments do not know about it. We will see Nathan’s family again and at least one of his kids will have an ability. Source: SpoilerTV

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