90210 Episode Recap

Shenaegrimes_90210_240 Last time on 90210… Naomi took the wrap for Adrianna’s drugs, Adrianna hooked up with Navid (but not biblically), and then found out she was pregnant. Dun dun dun!

Annie and Ethan have some special phone time in which they confess their love for each other. Oh dear. The next morning, Grandma Awesome rehearses for a movie called “Red Coats and Blue Bloods.”

School. Annie and Ethan smooch and it’s totally barf-worthy. Silver echoes my sentiment with “Gag me.” Dixon is taken aback by her reaction. Elsewhere, Navid and Adrianna do a lighting test in the AV room and he talks about how happy he is just the way things are. He likes him some Barack Obama but changes is a bad thing. Snerk.

P.E. I Moan and Adrianna beg off of field hockey and… where did those cutie-patootie uniforms come from? Seriously. I would’ve played field hockey if those were the uniforms. Inside, Adrianna asks I Moan to have dinner with her so they can talk and I Moan is really weird about it, then gets called away by her Moanettes. Trendy, but tasty. She says she thinks Adrianna is using again and her new “friends” tell her to leave Adrianna alone. Science class. Adrianna passes out and I Moan says to one of her Moanettes that she can’t believe this is happening again.

Lunch. Dixon is harassed into confessing he’s joined the choir at school. Silver makes fun of him, which is kind of mean. Maybe Dixon is a really good singer (which we know he is). Harry interrupts lunch with an announcement that school is cancelled tomorrow due to a heat wave. Awesome. I remember school being cancelled because the wind chill was -40. That’s the same, right?

Naomi finds Navid and tells him that Adrianna is using again. He doesn’t believe her. Grandma Awesome pulls up with a new car for Annie and Dixon. At home, Debbie freaks out and says no. Later, Grandma Awesome gets her revenge by giving Annie her keys to her Palm Springs Getaway. Grandma says she already asked Debbie, which is total crap, and Annie accepts the keys with glee. Woot woot! Somebody’s giving up the V card!

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