Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap: “Stairway to Heaven”

Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap: “Stairway to Heaven”

This week on Grey’s Anatomy, Izzie finally realizes why Denny has come for her; Owen asks Cristina for a second chance at a first date and the death row patient at Seattle Grace finally checks out….read more

House Spoilers: House and Cuddy will do the deed!

It’s official: House and Cuddy will do the deed

by Michael Ausiello

Houseleteatcake_lHuddy fans, prepare to plotz.

At last night’s 100th episode party for House (held at West Hollywood celeb magnet STK), executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs finally revealed what has long been hinted at but never officially confirmed: House and Cuddy will have sex this season.

“Yes, we have figured out the details surrounding Huddy having sex,” declared Shore, adding that the duo will seal the deal before the end of the season. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel for fans of Huddy hoping for a hookup. It definitely won’t be what people expect. We have to do things our way, the House way. We wouldn’t want to have the characters do anything out of character.”

Adds Jacobs: “We have to be careful about making moves like this. We do not want to disappoint the fans and just do something out of left field.”

Word of the impending Huddy romp took leading man (and romp participant) Hugh Laurie off guard. I think. (You never really know with Laurie.) “Really? They told you that? They haven’t told me that. Do you suppose either one of them were ever going to tell me that? Was I just going to come in one day and read that in a script and be given no preparation time? Now I’m nervous. And I have to start doing some push-ups or sit-ups. Did they tell you how much of me will be shown? What areas do I need to work on? Now I am really glad I didn’t eat that 100-episode cake.”

After taking a moment to digest the news, Laurie conceded that the development was a long time coming. “I think it will be a lot of fun,” he said. “These two characters, for all their bickering, obviously take such pleasure in each other’s company. They are two loners and there is a sort of comfort that they give to each other. This could be very sweet and touching, and, then I am sure, because I know David and how his sick mind works, it will all go pear-shaped.”

Lisa Edelstein also admitted to being in the dark about the Huddy hookup — although, c’mon, the seed was rather publicly planted (by me!) last week. “I did not know they were going do it for sure,” she confessed. “I always figured someday it was inevitable but I had not heard that yet.”

Echoing Laurie’s sentiments, Edelstein expressed confidence that the dicey plot would be handled with great care. “I don’t think there will be any shark jumping because it is still David Shore running the place,” she said. “If David got fired and someone else took over the show and put a sex scene in, I might be worried. But because it is David at the reins, I think it will be well thought out and planned and have a point.

“It won’t work out anyway,” she added with a laugh. “It isn’t like they’d would move in together and raise Cuddy’s new baby and have a wedding and a house in Connecticut. It will end in disaster. It may be really fun for a brief period of time, but then it will all come crumbling down. David is clearly not comfortable with positivity and happy endings.”

Okay, Huddy fans, I want to hear from you: Are you relishing your hard-fought victory? Or is this a case of be careful what you wish for? Sound off below! (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

Supernatural Spoilers: Readers’ Questions Answered!

Supernatural: Readers’ Questions Answered!

by TV Guide News

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, Supernatural

“Qué sera, Sera?” Supernatural supervising producer Sera Gamble invited the show’s fans here at to submit their burning questions. Can Dean’s self-worth be salvaged? To what is Sam about to have a strong reaction? Can Ruby truly be trusted? Why are the angels a bit devilish? Will Lilith return? Read on for insight on the CW’s outta sight spooktacular series.

Is this season is leading up to a fierce showdown between Dean and Sam? — HannahsMom
Sera Gamble:
You do know that [series creator] Eric [Kripke] would kill me if I told you what all this is leading up to, right?

Dean’s cool with Ruby now? No lingering suspicion? She kept Sam from killing himself and that clears her? — s_decker30
I doubt Dean will ever be fully cool with Ruby. His deepest hunter instinct is to be suspicious of her. But he’s unable to just see her in black-and-white anymore. She did too much for his brother. I think Dean is capable of being grateful to Ruby for keeping Sam alive while he was in Hell … and still remains unsettled by her, to a certain extent.

Are Castiel and Uriel for sure sent by the Big Guy, or could they have their own agenda? Could they be Fallen Angels themselves? Uriel at least seemed not very Angelic when he withheld Anna’s Grace. — Gerald
Our angels aren’t “angelic” in the porcelain doll sense. They’re warriors, and they behave like it. It can be pretty jarring; it certainly was to Sam and Dean. As for whether or not they were “for sure” sent by God … it seems to me that on our show, there’s been a good rule of thumb so far: Evil is a certainty. But good is not as easy to pin down. It requires a certain amount of faith.

Dean is suffering blow after crushing blow to his already-fragile sense of worth, and I’m wondering if we’re going to get to the reason for it in this season, or will we have to wait till next year? — Aerie
A boost to Dean’s self-worth is coming in an episode also featuring the enjoyment of organic rice milk lattes and a Toyota Prius. But to be clear — Dean’s not some fragile guy walking through the world and having his self-esteem attacked. He’s a confident bad-ass who in private moments tends toward compulsively beating himself up. It’s all internal. We’ve been weaving the reasons why into the show since the very beginning. There are a few; but the most general answer I can give you is that if John Winchester was my dad I’d be in serious therapy about it.

What is Dean’s mission from heaven? Is there any little hint you might be able to drop? — Shannon01
Dean’s mission is connected to the time he spent in The Bad Place.

When is Sam going to have a reaction to all that Dean has told him regarding Hell? He says nothing, but the look on his face indicates that there is a lot going on in his head. — staceycj
Gamble: I thought Sam had a huge reaction to Dean’s confession, actually. Sometimes a situation is so painful that there’s really not much that can be said about it. The mature thing to do might be to just be with the suffering person, which is what Sam did. I thought the scene was a good example of how much Sam has grown over the course of the show. That said, there’s more story to come connected to what Dean did in Hell. And Sam has a very strong reaction to it — a reaction that has repercussions felt for the rest of the season.

When is our favorite angel, Castiel, coming back? I miss him. — kir18sty
Gamble: Soon! And often enough that I suggest someone create a drinking game around the character.

In “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” why did the Crossroads Demon tell Sam, “We’ve got everything just the way we want it”? Will the significance of wanting Sam earthbound and Dean Hellbound be revealed? — Reem89
Yes, definitely. We reveal a big chunk of what the demon was talking about in an upcoming episode.

Will Lilith be making an appearance this season? Dean hallucinated about her in “Yellow Fever,” but we haven’t actually seen the real Lilith since the Season 3 finale. — h3m1678
Lilith’s very active behind the scenes this season. And yes, you’ll be seeing her in the flesh again as well.

Why was Alastair able to defeat Castiel so easily? Is he working with or against Lilith? — PrincessButtercup
It’s not actually so easy to get the better of an angel like Castiel. Run-of-the-mill demons end up dead or freaked out like the burnt-eyed chick in the diner in “Lazarus Rising.” They’re outmatched — and, of course, they have no experience fighting angels, because angels have been AWOL for a couple thousand years. But Alastair is exceptionally old and powerful, so he knows a trick or two. Alastair is working with Lilith. Though, for the record, I don’t think he cares much about the apocalypse. He’d rather be back in Hell, sticking bamboo shoots under fingernails. He’s not a politician. He’s a torture artist, and he’d just as soon stick with what he loves. He’s only topside because duty calls.

I was rewatching old episodes and noticed in the pilot that Mary told little Dean that angels were watching over him. Did Mary know why Dean would be chosen even back then? — nic875
Gamble: Mary was a believer, but I don’t think she necessarily knew that angels would figure into Dean’s future quite so literally. After all, Castiel is the first angel to take a body since Jesus was news.

New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers! Is Melinda Pregnant with Jim’s Baby?

419 Thrilled to Death March 2009
418 Leap of Faith March 2009
417 Delusions of Grandview March 6, 2009
416 Ghost Busted February 27, 2009
415 Greek Tragedy February 13, 2009
414 Slow Burn February 6, 2009

HTML clipboard

Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Melinda Pregnant with Jim’s Baby!!!

Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Melinda is Pregnant! Set Photos Prove it!

New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers! Melinda Pregnant, Jim Returning?

4.14 “Slow Burn” Air Date February 6, 2009

Melinda helps the ghost of an overbearing mother who is holding onto a deep, dark secret. Steve Robman (“Ghost in the Machine” and 1 other) directs from a script by Supervising Producer Jeannine Renshaw (“Life on the Line” and 8 others). Recurring guest star Kenneth Mitchell returns as Sam Lucas. Guest stars include Brittany Curran (Go Figure), Will Rothhaar (Listen Up), Gretchen Egolf (Journeyman, Martial Law), Brian McNamara (Army Wives, Billionaire Boys Club), and Romy Rosemont (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, John John in the Sky).

As Melinda and Sam decide to give dating a try, Melinda must also help the ghost of Deborah Marks protect her teenage daughter from a supposedly bad-news boyfriend.

4.15 Greek Tragedy Air Date February 13, 2009

A sorority girl goes missing in the woods during a secret initiation ceremony, and Melinda is confronted with the uneasy spirit of a sad ghost who encountered tragedy during that same ritual 40 years ago…

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.15 – Greek Tragedy – Press Release


“Greek Tragedy” – Sam is having second thoughts about his relationship with Melinda when he catches her in several lies, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, Feb. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Melinda Gordon…………… Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Clancy…………………………… David Conrad
Delia Banks…………………….. Camryn Manheim
Eli James……………………………. Jamie Kennedy
Ned Banks…………………….. Christoph Sanders

Sam Lucas……………………….. Kenneth Mitchell
Courtney………………………………. Sarah Ramos
Juliette………………………………………… Di Quon
Vanessa………………………. Samantha Krutzfeldt
Emily…………………………………. Amanda Schull
Ashley……………………………….. Aaliyah Franks
Makenna……………………………… Shosana Bush
Rebecca/Ghost……………………. Andrea Bowen
Girl In Black………………………………. Erica Mer
Girl In Black……………………………. Trish Coren
Young Lauren………………. Courtney Halverson
Lauren Sable………………………… Kerrie Keane
Volunteer………………………………….. Tom Choi

WRITTEN BY: Christina M. Kim
DIRECTED BY: Karen Gaviola

Source: CBS

4. 16 “Ghost Busted” Air Date February 27, 2009

Linus has been hired by one of Melinda’s neighbors, John and Devon, to come “investigate” a haunting in their house. Linus is a ghost hunter and uses all of his high tech equipment to try to capture real evidence of this haunting.John Behring directs from a script by Executive Producer P.K. Simonds (“Heart & Soul” and 5 others) and Mark B. Perry (“Save Our Souls” and 2 others).  Source: MelindaVerse

4.17 “Delusion of Grandview” Air Date March 6, 2009

With Sam’s help, Melinda struggles to solve the mystery of a haunting at a local kindergarten before any children are hurt – but her supernatural revelations may drive a wedge between her and the increasingly skeptical Sam…

Melinda encounters Greer, a pretty but obviously anguished ghost who died in the mental hospital shortly after giving birth to her only child, whom she supposedly drowned after falling into a deep post-partum depression. Now, Greer haunts her former sanatorium, which was recently converted into a kindergarten. But whether she is a dangerous psychotic bent on vengeance or a wronged victim intent on protecting the kindergarteners from harm is a troubling mystery that Melinda must unravel – and fast…

4.18  “Leap of Faith”  Air date: March 2009

Melinda encounters a high powered businessman who is now working for the department of water and power in Grandview as a mechanic, after walking up 3 years ago with no memory of himself. What he doesn’t know is that he has been a “Step In” like Sam, for the past three years, but without the support from other people. A “Step In” is a person that either died or had a near death experience and was brought back to life with another spirit in the host body, the original spirit does not return. Ben is thoroughly convinced that he is crazy and dangerous, but he doesn’t know why.

Hewitt neither confirms nor denies Ghost Whisperer baby (wink)


Ghost Whisperer fans around the globe think that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, Melinda Gordon, is pregnant by her beloved but dead husband, Jim Clancy (David Conrad). Complicating matters, while Jim’s body may be no more, his soul lives on in the body of Sam (Kenneth Mitchell).

Hewitt’s heard all the, er, whispers, about a baby, but as the second half of Ghost Whisperer‘s fourth season kicks off, she ain’t talking.

“Well, I can’t answer the Melinda pregnancy rumors,” Hewitt said in an interview. “I can’t answer that. But it gets tricky from here on out, for Melinda particularly. Sam had another life, and he’s essentially a guy who’s dealing with amnesia. And it’s constantly a ticking clock for Melinda on what he’s going to remember and how he’s going to remember it, and if it’s her he’s going to remember. So it’ll be painful. It will be tricky.”


Of course, love-with a lower-case L-is stronger than death. And that means sparks will no doubt fly between Melinda and Jim/Sam.

“There will also be romance,” confirmed Hewitt, who’s not only the star of Ghost Whisperer but also a very hands-on producer. “I’m obsessed with the Twilight books right now, and Jim/Sam and Melinda very much have that Edward/Bella connection. For some reason, this guy knows that his heart wants him to stay near this woman, and he doesn’t know why. And there can be nothing more romantic than that.”

Hewitt added, “So for all those romantic people, I would say keep watching the show, because it gets really good. I can’t really say whether he’s going to remember her or not, but it’s intense, what’s coming up.” Ghost Whisperer returns to CBS tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT, with an episode entitled “Life on the Line.”

source: Melindaverse

Supernatural Episode Recap 4.12: “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag”

Supernatural: Episode 4.12 “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag” Recap

SupernaturalIt’s finally here, the “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag” episode of Supernatural!  It’s probably my favorite episode title ever, and since I no longer get to recap A Double Shot at Love on MTV, I don’t have that many opportunities to use the term “douche bag” in my writing.  So if I just start calling everyone a douche bag, it’s only because I can.

Three old-time magicians regret how magic has become a young man’s game. They watch some young douche bag on stage who’s wearing eyeliner. They’re bitter that this douche bag is headlining while they’re not.

Jay, one of the trio of old men, says he wants to do the Table of Death. It involves lying on a table and trying to escape before a bunch of nails impale him. It looks like he doesn’t make it, but he’s fine. However, some annoying magician who bugged him is now outside and suddenly falls over dead with several bloody puncture wounds.

The Winchesters arrive at the magicians convention and see the same young douche bag magician, and Dean says, “What a douche bag.” Sam identifies him as the world famous Jeb Baxter, and Dean wonders if the guy is famous for “douchebaggery.” Five minutes in, and I think this episode already set a record for most uses of the term “douche bag.”

Meanwhile, Jay’s friend Charlie wants to know how he did it, and Jay isn’t saying, but he’s feeling good and wants to try the Executioner, a trick even Houdini wouldn’t attempt. The two head down to tape a video segment with Jeb the Douche Bag. Dean asks Charlie and the third old magician, Vernon, some questions after commenting on what a douche bag Jeb is. The old men give Dean an address and tell him to ask for “Chief.”….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

Supernatural Spoilers: Video Clips from “After School Special”

Supernatural: Video Clips from “After School Special” at Buddy TV

Jensen Ackles, SupernaturalThe last two episodes of Supernatural haven’t been all that great, but hopefully that will change with this Thursday’s new episode, “After School Special.” In it, Sam and Dean go back to their former high school to investigate a ghost, and they relive their childhood with a series of flashbacks featuring Young Sam and Dean.

The CW released three video clips from the episode that show all the different elements of this episode. There’s comedy with Dean posing as the high school’s substitute gym teacher, emotion with Sam reliving a traumatic childhood experience, and we get to see a flashback scene with Young Sam and Dean. Continue reading for more details and to watch these clips.

First up, Dean is the substitute gym teacher (Mr. Roth, presumably with a first name of David) teaching the kids to play dodgeball. It’s pretty funny, and it also features Jensen Ackles in shorts. It’s not until you see that until you realize it’s very weird for Dean to be in shorts.

The second clip has Sam feeling pretty miserable about a dead boy and Dean trying to cheer him up. It’s getting harder to tell which of the two Winchesters is becoming gloomier, since they’re both going to some pretty bad places this season.

Finally, we get to see Young Sam (Colin Ford) and Young Dean (Brock Kelly). Kelly in particular does a fantastic job of looking and sounding exactly like Jensen Ackles, though the age gap is still a bit of a problem for me. The actor is 23 and he’s supposed to be in high school. To put that into perspective, he’s actually older than Jared Padalecki was when he started Supernatural.

“After School Special” airs Thursday at 9pm on the CW.

Friday Night Lights Episode Recaps

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “Tami Knows Best”

This week the Applebees hits the fan when Buddy basically declares war against Tami and her plans to allocate his precious Jumbotron money to academics. Tim tries to impress Buddy and the McCoys at a nice dinner but fails, causing some tension between him and Lyla, while Coach whips Smash into shape and Tyra sinks to a new low to get herself elected as student body president. In other news, we meet a very important person from Matt’s past…. read more

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “I Knew You When”

Lots of changes in Dillon, Texas! Jason and Smash have graduated, Tim has replaced Smash as tail back and there’s a new quarterback in town, J.D. McCoy. Tyra and Landry are taking a break and Lyla and Tim are back …hooking up. The biggest change? Tami is now the principal of Dillon High. Hold on to your footballs, y’all, because Tami as Principal Taylor against Coach Taylor (and Pushy McPushy, Buddy Garrity) promises to be a blow out of a season… read more

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “The Giving Tree”

Coach catches Julie and Matt in an awkward situation, Landry finally lays the smackdown on Tyra and Papa McCoy has a very bad meltdown… read more

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “Game of the Week”

Tyra gets in way over her head while on the road with Cash the cowboy, Coach tries to take Tami away for a romantic birthday evening, while Tim nearly blows an opportunity with the a college recruiter and the Panthers get to play on national television…. read more

New Chuck Spoilers! Preview: 2.12: “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension”

Jordana Brewster’s returning as Chuck’s ex Jill in the season finale! (Michael Ausiello)

Executive producer Josh Schwartz is hesitant to use the words “game changing” to describe this season’s final batch of episodes — even though it’s wholly appropriate. “Everyone uses that term,” he harrumphs. “Let’s call it show changing. Or Chuck changing…Let’s just say someone is going to start figuring out the truth in Chuck’s world.” Schwartz adds that he’s cramming “three seasons worth of stories into the next 10 episodes,” in part because there’s no guarantee the show will see a third season. “We’re leaving nothing on the table,” he says. “We’re taking nothing for granted. We’re going for it.” (Michael Ausiello)

Ellie and Awesome wedding is still in the works and planned for sometime during May sweeps. [Watch With Kristin]

Zach Levi talking about Chuck and Sarah. “Chuck and Sarah are one step forward, two steps back. We still love each other. I want to be with her, and she secretly wants to be with me—I think—but it just makes for a not very protected Chuck because emotions get in the way. So it’s on the back burner.” [Watch With Kristin]

Five Clips of ‘Chuck’ 2.12: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

A sneak peek to the guest starring role of Dominic Monaghan as the rock star with attitude in ‘Chuck’.

See larger image

Five clips for the next episode of “” is compiled to a single player. In “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension”, Chuck is on duty to protect an international rock star Tyler Martin (guest star ) from a kidnapping and death trap. An artist with an attitude, Tyler refuses to stay put and convinces Chuck to go out with him to the town that only leads to a night of trouble. Meanwhile, Morgan wins a pair of backstage passes to Tyler’s show and holds a contest among his fellow employees, including Big Mike’s old football friend Jimmy, to see who gets to be his lucky plus one. Speaking of his character as a rocker, Monaghan who also plays similar role named Charlie in ““, said “He is an English rock star, so obviously there are similarities [to Charlie]. But this is a comedic role. Charlie was not incredibly comedic on purpose. I think Charlie had funny moments, but Charlie was quite tortured and into meth. The guy that I play on Chuck is just an out-and-out lunatic. If you were to look up ‘definitive rock star’ in the dictionary, there would be a picture of him.” “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension” will air February 2.  —

View the Videos on Ace Showbiz

New Gossip Girl Spoilers & Previews, Set Photos! 2.17 “Carnal Knowledge”

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.17 – Carrnal Knowledge – Synopsis


“GOSSIP GIRL” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“Carnal Knowledge” (CONTENT RATING TBD) (HDTV)

BLAIR IS IN THE MOOD FOR A LITTLE REVENGE – In retaliation for not playing by the unspoken rules of Constance Billard, Blair (Leighton Meester) hatches a plan to bring down her teacher, Rachel (guest star Laura Breckenridge), and it’s going to be good. After Chuck (Ed Westwick) wakes up in a hotel and only has a minor recollection of what happened the previous evening and who he spent the evening with, Nate (Chace Crawford) and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) try to help him fill in the missing pieces of what is turning out to be an increasingly intriguing mystery. Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Taylor Momsen, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Liz Allen directed the episode written by Alexandra McNally & Lenn K. Rosenfeld (#217).
Source: CW

Gossip Girl Episode 2×17 Carnal Knowledge – More Promo Pics

NOTE: These are untagged versions and there two more images added.

(Click to Enlarge)

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.17 – Carrnal Knowledge – Photos

Gossip Girl – Even More Set Photos in the Snow

(Click to Enlarge)

Source: The ODI

Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 19th Jan


Gossip Girl – Carter Baizen to return

Good news. Apparently, Sebastian will reprise his role as Carter Baizen this season on Gossip Girl. You can see pictures of him on set with Ed Westwick HERE.

I don’t know what his story line will be or if he’ll have a mulit-episode arch, but it is nice to hear that he’ll be back. When I get more info about this, I will let everyone know.

Source: Sebastian Stan

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.24 – Spin Off Characters


[LILY RHODES] Female, 16, beautiful, slightly entitled. Caucasian. Kelly Rutherford’s character as a teenager. Born into a world of wealth. Rebellious and wild. Kicked out of her prominent boarding school and forced to live with and watch over her irresponsible older sister in Los Angeles. A poor little rich girl, a princess in the Valley. She discovers she can be herself amongst the less privileged kids she befriends at her new school. She is on a journey to discover which world she belongs in. sptv050769 SERIES LEAD.

[CAROL RHODES] Female, 20-25. Caucasian. LILY’s sister. Adorable and sweet, but a bit of a disaster. Less mature and responsible than her younger sister. Always making mistakes – dating the wrong guy, making bad decisions about her career as an actress and otherwise. Must be strong with comedy. SERIES REGULAR.

[RICK RHODES] Male, late 30s – early 40s. Caucasian. LILY’s father. Handsome and fit. Perpetual suntan. Wears a collared shirt, three buttons open, no tie, blue blazer, Italian loafers no socks. Left his wife and family to find freedom running a music company on the West Coast. Dines at the hottest restaurants and is an important man about town. People know him. He’s a charmer. Friendly, gregarious. Warm smile. Has a hot, younger girlfriend. SERIES REGULAR.

[OWEN] Male, 19. Open ethnicity, ethnic preferred. Hot – Valley punk guy with a caustic wit. Has had a tough life. SERIES REGULAR.

[CECE RHODES] Female, late 30s to early 40s. Caucasian. LILY’s mother. Caroline Lagerfelt’s character as a younger mother. Upper East Side. Hard. A woman of wealth and privilege. Super critical. Permanently annoyed. Open to a recognizable face or name.  RECURRING GUEST STAR. Source: SpoilerTV

Gossip Girl – Spinoff Details

#fullpost{display:none;}Break out those leg warmers, Gossip Girl fans! The CW has announced that a pilot for a potential spin-off series, created by GG executive producers, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, is on the way. The show will actually be a prequel, focusing on Serena’s momma, Lily Van Der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford, pictured), as a troubled teenager in 1980s Los Angeles. According to an early plot description, we’ll see young Lily move out of her wealthy parents’ home in Montecito to live with her outcast sister in the Valley, where she’ll attend public school and experience the glitz of Hollywood and the excess of the Sunset Strip. No word on if a young Rufus (Matthew Settle) shows up, but I could totally see Lily running into Lincoln Hawk on Sunset Boulevard.

The pilot, which is still untitled and hasn’t been cast, will air on May 11 in place of a Gossip Girl episode; the spin-off has not yet been greenlit as a full series. Originally, there had been rumors that producers would center a spin-off on Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen), but those rumblings were quickly shot down. By choosing to do a prequel, Gossip Girl doesn’t have to deal with the loss of any of its talented ensemble.  Source: E!Online

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