Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers! Meredith’s Quest for a Baby, A Couple Marries!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: Who Gets Married?!

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After a harrowing sixth season finale in May, the Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital doctors are healthy and happy once again … or at least on the road to recovery.

Some of the surgeons we love will have a more difficult time moving forward than others, and each doctor will grieve in his or her own way. What can we expect?

Here’s what TV Guide has to say about how the trauma of the shooting impacts Derek in particular, a new love for Teddy and a marriage in the Season 7 opener.

Who do you think it is? Read on and share your thoughts …

Derek steps down: In the season premiere, scenes flash back to post-trauma therapy sessions a few weeks after the shootings, then jump ahead two months.

Richard and Der

Derek’s tenure as Interim Chief of Surgery is coming to a voluntary end.

Derek is released from the hospital, still unaware of Meredith’s pregnancy and miscarriage. “I think he’ll be devastated,” says Patrick Dempsey. “Seeing how quick life can be, I think they’ll want to have a child even more. Why not create a life before you lose your own?”

To that end, Derek calls a staff meeting to announce he never enjoyed being chief and is returning the reins to Dr. Webber. “He’s in mourning over the loss of the staffers [in the shooting] and feels responsible, which is why he steps down,” adds Patrick.

“It’s much better having the dynamic the way it was.”

Teddy’s new love: With the love triangle over, Teddy won’t waste any time cuddling up to the new trauma counselor, Dr. Andrew Perkins (James Tupper).

“I make out with him in Episode 1,” Kim Raver reveals proudly. “It was just like it was with Kiefer [Sutherland] on 24, where we met and had to kiss. Teddy’s going to wonder if she’s feeling so good in the relationship just because he’s a therapist.”

I do: One of the couples below says it. Read on and guess which!

Callie and Arizona? “The relationship takes the steps you take as you get deeper involved with someone,” hints Sara Ramirez. “But Callie’s been married, so that could pose an issue.” Adds Jessica Capshaw: “I don’t see Arizona entering into anything that’s not ironclad.”

Alex and Lexie? Lexie suffered a breakdown and Meredith is helping her cope. Alex opted to keep his near-fatal bullet inside his chest “to show off to the girls like a third nipple,” says Justin Chambers (Alex). They hardly seem like a couple ready for marriage, though Justin says Alex would marry Lexie if he “knocked her up.” Romantic!

Owen and Cristina? “They definitely take it to the next level,” says Kevin McKidd. “The wedding could easily be them.” But Cristina will be dealing with some post-traumatic stress of her own. “They’ve been through a huge amount in two seasons,” notes Kevin, “and I think that Cristina felt burned by her last wedding [to Burke].”

Final hint (although it’s not really a hint): Look for at least 1-2 of the parents of the betrothed to turn up for the nuptials. Thoughts on who might be tying the knot? Share your theories on that topic and all things Grey’s Anatomy by leaving comments below!

McDreamy Still Shaken Up on Grey’s Anatomy

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It looks like the aftermath of the tragic, stunning sixth season finale will not blow over quickly on Grey’s Anatomy. The doctors will understandably be affected in many ways.

Here’s how one major figure will be effected, according to EW’s Michael Ausiello:

“Even though nearly two months will have passed since the shooting rampage, Derek will still be in pretty bad shape when the season starts. And I’m not talking physically.”

Two months later and he’s still having a hard time? It’s not hard to believe, but still sad for Derek. Will he be sitting down with the new shrink? Might be a good idea.

First, it sounds like he’ll have to come up with bail money, however.

A D-Shep Photo

[Photo: ABC]

Looks like troubled times ahead for McDreamy.

Ausiello continues: “A major character will be sent directly to jail by the end of the episode. Hint: This person has already been name-checked in this week’s [column].”

What do you think happens with Derek? Will he be able to bounce back from the events of that tragic day – and how will Meredith’s other tragic news play into this?

Grey’s Anatomy – Episode 7.02 – Episode Details

Mitch – Scene 1: Kerry is being examined by Dr. Howard, Mitch shows up and is all hyped up on survival drama. He tells Kerry they could have died, the crash was like a one-in-a-million shot and he’s going to take one too so he says ILY to Kerry and if they pull through this he’ll love her forever. Scene 2: In the ER, Dr. Frank treats Warren and Mitch is sitting in the next bed. Mitch tells Warren he tried telling Kerry he loves her but her ears were messed up. Warren looks at him shocked and horrified, gets up dragging his IV pole and says he’s got to tell Kerry [he loves her]. Mitch protests saying Kerry is his but Warren says he’s been working up to this for a year. Scene 3: Mitch is sitting by Kerry’s bedside. She asks him how Warren is doing, Mitch says Warren is bald. Kerry says she knows that and that Mitch doesn’t really love her, he only thinks he does. She starts crying and Mitch apologizes, says Warren is a good guy and could probably get a hairpiece.

Russ – Scene 1: Dr. Howard cuts off Russ’ shirt. He has massive black bruises on his sides and back. He can’t feel his arm but since being at the hospital he started moving his fingertips. Dr. Howard says it’s probably transitory paralysis and his arm should be back to normal in a couple of hours. Russ asks about Kerry and pleads for someone to check on her for him. Scene 2: Dr. Howard treats Warren. Russ sits in a chair near Warren and Mitch is in the next bed. Mitch says he’s going to tell Kerry he loves her, Warren says ‘no’ and gets up heading to the door. Russ tells them to leave Kerry alone, she could have died and she’s his. Scene 3: Russ and Mitch sit by Kerry’s bedside and she’s asking about Warren. Russ asks her if she loves Warren, Mitch says that Warren is bald and Kerry starts crying. Russ turns to Mitch and says “Nice. You made her cry.”

Warren – Scene 1: Dr. Howard is treating Warren. He says he’s feeling queasy, Dr. Howard says he has a bit of a fever and got hit the hardest so that must be why. Warren feels like it’s his fault everyone else got hurt, Dr. Howard says it isn’t. Warren asks if Kerry is OK and Dr. H says that Kerry wanted to know the same thing about him. Warren asks if she wanted to know about him specifically and what she said. Mitch, who is sitting in the next bed, says he tried to tell Kerry he loves her. Warren is horrified and shocked, jumps out of bed dragging his IV stand towards Kerry saying he has got to tell her. Mitch says Kerry is his but Warren says no, he’s been working up to this for a year. Mitch pushes past and it’s a race. Scene 2: Dr. Howard checks on Warren who is sweaty, pale, on oxygen and drugged for pain. Warren asks Dr. Howard to tell Kerry he’s sorry for tackling her instead of grabbing her flag, that she’s the funniest and sweetest and pleads for Dr. H to make sure Kerry is ok. Scene 3: Kerry is in bed and Dr. Howard wheels Warren in. Warren says he was told he slammed her really hard on the field. Kerry says she’s fine, it’s football and accidents happen. Warren says he’s sorry. Kerry says she isn’t, she loves him and has been in love with him forever. Warren takes that in, he’s stunned and asks Dr. Howard to push him a little closer. Dr. H pushes Warren right up next to Kerry and they kiss

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TV Guide – Shonda Rhimes: Grey’s Anatomy Docs All Grown Up in New Season

Normally, people who finish med school and save other peoples’ lives for a living are considered adults — that is, unless they’re Doogie Houser. Or on Grey’s Anatomy. After six seasons, the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, says her characters are finally becoming adults — and that their problems will only get more grown-up. What can you tell us about the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy?Rhimes: With both Grey’s and Private Practice, we’ve got two really exciting seasons coming up. It’s been really fun to sit down and plan them. Our characters are growing up on Grey’s. They’re really adults now and that’s been a real challenge, in how to let them be grownups and figure out what that means for them. Meredith’s miscarriage in the finale was heartbreaking. Now that she knows she wants to have a baby, will that be a focus for her this season?
Rhimes: It’s possible. The theme for the entire season of Grey’s this year is rebirth, so extrapolate from there. James Tupper is coming in as a trauma counselor for the first three episodes. Are there any characters in particular taking it harder than others?
Rhimes: I think they’re all taking it pretty hard in their own individual ways. We talked about it a lot, and the fact that there’s this group of people that’s been extraordinarily damaged by this experience. That’s what’s going to be carrying them forward, and it will change how they view their jobs, view themselves and view their relationships with one another. A lot of them were about to die. I think they’re all fairly damaged and trying to recover. Do you look at Lexie (Chyler Leigh) as the next Grey of Grey’s Anatomy?
Rhimes: I have to be honest, I’m not really thinking of it that way. I don’t think that’s a conscious thought on my part, that we’re trying to feed a new Grey of Grey’s Anatomy. We have Meredith Grey, she is here and won’t be going anywhere for the next two seasons. I haven’t really been thinking about filling the shoes of somebody who’s sitting right in front of me. The Lexie, Mark (Eric Dane) and Alex (Justin Chambers) love triangle definitely got complicated. What’s ahead for them?
Rhimes: A lot of people like to see a lot of people with Mark. I get a lot of mail about why Callie [Sara Ramirez] isn’t with Mark, why Addison [Kate Walsh] isn’t with Mark. Mark is a very juicy, interesting character and we’re going to try to explore what happens next for both of those characters in a really interesting and, hopefully, a very non-predictable way. After making sacrifices for each other in the finale, will we see a happy Callie and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) in the new season?
Rhimes: Callie and Arizona are going to be together; I don’t know if happy is the right word. We’re going to see them struggle with their relationship, where it’s going and what that means for them. The reality of the situation is that they are two people who are trying to settle down together and figure out what that means. That’s going to be really interesting to watch unfold.

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Grey’s Anatomy Sets Return Date – But There’s a Twist! // <![CDATA[//

‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ will launch its seventh season on Thursday, September 23, a source tells Fancast, effectively confirming that which was disseminated over the weekend via Twitter.

Ah, but there’s a twist. Whereas in recent years the show has kicked off with a two-part, two-hour opener, I am hearing that that as of right now, the plan is for Season 7 to opt for traditional, hour-long premiere.

Last season’s opener, after all, had much territory to cover, what with George tragically dying and Izzie almost checkout out as well. Here, you can watch Part 1 (”Good Mourning”) and Part 2 (”Goodbye”).

When Season 7 starts up, however, the aftermath isn’t quite so immediate. Last we tuned in, a gunman had terrorized the halls of Seattle Grace, shedding much blood and leaving several dead (RIP, Reed). The shooter ultimately met his own grisly fate, but not before shaking up the docs we know so well.

As such, some of the questions going into September 23 are:

* How have Meredith and Derek bounced back from her miscarrying the little life that was inside of her for so sadly short a time?

* Where do things stand between Cristina and Owen? Yang entered the Season 6 finale not knowing where her man stood, only to see him pronounce her “the woman I love” during a harrowing moment. Has Hunt been backing up his words with actions? Is Teddy once and for all surgically excised from the mix?

* Lexie, poor Lexie: Has she given Alex the hook, seeing as his thoughts were all about Izzie as his life hung in the balance in the finale? Do she and Mark – who impetuously popped the question the week before the gunman crisis – have any chance at a second chance?

* Is Callie truly at peace with the notion of her and Callie mothering “10 babies on a beach in Spain”?

* Where stands Bailey’s nascent romance with gasman Ben – if only since Jason George is now shooting the Shonda Rhimes-produced midseason series, ‘Off The Map’?

* Was Webber empowered by his bit of bravado, where he stared down the shooter? Did that defining moment solidify his seat “on the wagon”?

* Now that Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew have been promoted to series regulars, how will Jackson and April fit into the SGH tapestry? Are their respective crushes (Cristina, Derek) behind them… or might there be unfinished business?

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Grey’s Anatomy – Season premiere title // <![CDATA[//

“With You I’m Born Again.”

What does it mean? Make a mad dash for the comments and start deciphering it. (BTW, the new season kicks off Sept. 23.)

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Grey’s Anatomy – James Tupper Checks In! // <![CDATA[//

The traumatized female staffers at Seattle Grace are about to find the silver lining in last May’s deadly hostage standoff: The shoulder they’ll be crying on belongs to James Tupper.
Sources confirm to me exclusively that the ex-Mercy doc (and Men In Trees hunk) is joining Grey’s Anatomy in the recurring role of Andrew Perkins, a trauma counselor brought in to help Seattle Grace recover from that nightmarish season-ending bloodbath.
Tupper is on board for at least two episodes.
Grey’s kicks off its seventh season on Sept. 23 with an episode titled, “With You I’m Born Again.”
Source : Ausiello

Grey’s Anatomy – A New Doc Check In // <![CDATA[//

If the scrubs fit, why ditch ’em?
Fresh off his stint as short-lived Mercy’s army doc, ABC confirms reports that James Tupper has transferred hospitals, joining the ranks of Grey’s Anatomy.
And here’s what brings Anne Heche’s loverboy to the Seattle Grace Mercy West scene (whew—mouthful!):
Thanks to’s clever sleuthing, ABC tells us James checks into Grey’s as Andrew Perkins, a trauma counselor brought in to aid the staff in the aftermath of last season finale’s bloody hospital shoot-out.
Hence the name McTreaty—like a therapist. You get it, right?!
Sadly, James is only set to appear in two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy’s seventh season, but fingers crossed for more. We love us some Tupper.
Thoughts on this casting scoop? Fill us in below.
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exclusive: James Tupper checks in!


Image Credit: Andrew Eccles/NBC

The traumatized staffers at Seattle Grace are about to find the silver lining in May’s deadly hostage standoff: The shoulder they’ll be crying on belongs to James Tupper.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the ex-Mercy doc (and Men in Trees hunk) is joining Grey’s Anatomy in the recurring role of Andrew Perkins, a trauma counselor brought in to help Seattle Grace recover from that nightmarish season-ending bloodbath.

Tupper is on board for at least two episodes.

Grey’s kicks off its seventh season on Sept. 23 with an episode titled “With You I’m Born Again.”

‘Grey’s’ doc Chandra Wilson reflects on harrowing finale and her most feared plot (hint: R.I.P. Bailey)

greys-anatomy-wilson_320.jpg Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Today’s deadline day for Emmy voters to turn in their ballots, and based on her gut-wrenching performance in last month’s Grey’s Anatomy finale, I’m guessing Chandra Wilson’s name will be checked off a lot in the supporting actress race. As Bailey helplessly looked on as fellow doc Percy’s life slipped away, her breakdown was as shocking as it was haunting. In this exclusive interview, the four-time Emmy nominee reflects on what it was like shooting the nerve-wracking episode, speculates on the fallout for her character, and opens up about the one Grey’s storyline she hopes never happens.

How did you prepare for the freak-out scene?

CHANDRA WILSON: My goodness. It was actually one of those things where the situation was so incredibly sad. Pounding on things and lashing out — all of that stuff is very much against my personality. So just being in that position — the richness of where the characters were — was all I needed.

Did it leave you emotionally drained?

WILSON: Actually, I was really energized after that. I just felt like everything was in the right place. We were doing exactly what we needed to be doing at that point in time. Everything led up to that — and then there was still work to do afterwards. When you have that feeling that you’re in the right place it gives you energy as an actor. It would’ve been more draining if I had been pulling from something personal, pulling from my childhood. But because it was what was happening in the show it made it okay.

How do you think this experience will change Bailey?

WILSON: I was asking that same question: “Where does she go?” I think George’s death last year stunned her in a way that she had to decide to keep functioning and try not to get emotional or emotionally involved with her co-workers. But for me, the image that never went away was that the barrel of the gun was in her face. Normally if there’s blood and someone is shot you go into doctor-mode. But she could never get the image of that gun out of her head long enough to do her Dr. Bailey thing. It’ll be interesting to see if that kind of fear still lives with her or comes back to revisit.

Shonda Rhimes originally planned to have Bailey get shot, but she couldn’t go through with it.

WILSON: I heard about that after the fact and I was like, “Wow.” [Laughs] I don’t know what that would’ve been like to get hurt — for Bailey or for me. Because just looking at the barrel of the gun was too much for me.

Your onscreen love interest, Jason George, is starring in Rhimes’ new medical drama Off the Map, which probably means no happy ending for Bailey and Ben. Are you disappointed?

WILSON: I honestly don’t know what that means. I don’t know what’s going to happen to that relationship. There could be some happy ending that we don’t know anything about. [Map] is a midseason show, so there will be [some time] for him to [work on Grey’s].

Was it fun to play a flirtatious, sexual Bailey?

WILSON: It was certainly out of Bailey’s comfort zone. And for me as an actor it was scary to step outside of what you’re used to and try something new.

What are you doing over your hiatus?

WILSON: I’m actually having a hiatus. [Laughs] I forget to do that sometimes. So this year I said I wasn’t going to worry about whether they ask me back next season. I’m just going to sit down and take a break. I’m going to be a mom and go to a PTA meeting — all the things that I, unfortunately, miss out on during a year.

Did you receive your official pickup letter from ABC?

WILSON: I did. I finally received it last week. I was like, “That took long enough!” [Laughs]

Did you really have anxiety about that?

WILSON: It’s not even anxiety. It’s just the reality of what we do. I never get so comfortable that I ever forget that. What we do as actors is really about decisions that get made in rooms with desks. And people change their minds all the time about things. Or get brilliant ideas like, “Hey, I think Bailey should die this year! It’ll be a 10-part arc and everybody will cry!” [Laughs] You have no control over that as an actor. So you make the most of it and you learn as much as you can.

We hear so much about actors wanting to leave Grey’s. It’s refreshing to hear from someone who actually wants to stay.

WILSON: I don’t understand it at all. [Laughs] It’s a little cliché to say this, but a job like this is difficult to come by. And there’s always something else to learn.

I am so confused about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith and Derek. I thought that they did not get married, but only pretended to on a Post-It note. Yet everyone references them as man and wife. Are they really married, and if so when did that happen?

Trust your instincts: Mer/Der are not legally married. And a formal wedding ‘tween the two is likely never to be seen. “I get why the fans want it; I’d probably want it too if I was just watching,” show boss Shonda Rhimes told “But I literally feel sick every time I think about Meredith in a big white poufy dress.”

Grey’s Anatomy – Interview with Sarah Drew

News that Grey’s Anatomy has promoted Jesse Williams (Jackson) and Sarah Drew (April) to full-time series regulars next season has elicited mixed reactions from viewers. Yay for Jackson—but not so much for his Mercy West cohort, who hasn’t exactly endeared herself to viewers. The fact that she nearly got Derek killed in last month’s harrowing hostage-themed finale certainly didn’t help. Among April’s biggest critics: Drew herself! In the following Q&A, the beloved Everwood alum weighs in on her polarizing alter ego, discusses the possibility of an April/Derek/Mer triangle, and reflects on her roller-coaster year.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes said she felt like April became “part of the tribe” in the finale. Did you feel the same way when you shot the episode?

SARAH DREW: I definitely had that feeling. April has been kind of annoying this past season. [Laughs] Just neurotic and really insecure, and this was the first time she was able to band together — both with Cristina and Meredith — to help solve a [crisis]. Most of my stuff before was with Patrick [Dempsey] and fawning over him awkwardly. So this was the first opportunity to actually bond in a positive way with them. They say tragedy brings people together, so I guess that’s what happened.

Fans have a love-hate thing going on with April. And it’s probably fair to say it became all hate when she nearly got McDreamy killed.

DREW: When we read that at the table read, I was like, “Oh, come on, guys, really? They already hate my character, now they’re going to hate her even more!” [Laughs]

Do you think she can be redeemed?

DREW: Lord, I hope so. [Laughs] I think [the heart-to-heart April had with Mer in the finale] was a gigantic step forward. The thing that’s fun about April is she creates controversy and that’s interesting to watch, even though people hate her for it. The people pleaser that I am, I always want everyone to like me and like my character, so it’s hard for me as an actress. But I think as a character she’s interesting, because she stirs stuff up between Meredith and Derek.

Do you think she will continue to stir stuff up between them?

DREW: This is nothing but my own speculation, but I don’t think that she’s going to come between Meredith and Derek. I don’t see it happening after everything that transpired in the finale. After her hearing how much Meredith is in love with Derek. After she witnessed the miscarriage. It just feels like April’s going to move on.

What has this past year been like for you? First you were hired, then you left, then you were rehired…

DREW: I definitely did my fair share of sweating in the past year. It’s all been really good news, though. Shonda wrote April for me because I’ve worked with her twice before. I walked into this role knowing it was only two episodes. I knew my character was going to be fired, so I wasn’t expecting anything beyond those two episodes. And then they called me the morning after the “firing episode” aired to check my availability and talk about a contract, and I was just floored. It was wonderful because when I came back to work I had so much support. A lot of the cast members were like, “We were rallying for you to stay. We’re so glad you’re back.” It was a wonderful surprise to move past those two episodes.

Source : Ausiello

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ exclusive: Jesse Williams gets full-time upgrade

Jesse-WilliamsImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCMcPrettyEyes is looking at a long-term future at Seattle Grace.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Grey’s Anatomy has officially upgraded Jesse Williams to a full-time series regular. His promotion kicks in this fall with the start of season 7.

Williams, who joined Grey’s last October as part of the polarizing Mercy West merger plot, was quickly pegged as the Invader Most Likely to See Another Season. Those hypnotic baby blues certainly didn’t hurt.

In my exclusive Q&A with Shonda Rhimes last month, the Grey’s boss all but confirmed that Williams — as well as fellow rookie Sarah Drew — would be back next fall. “April and Jackson have really been folded into the group,” she told me. “It’ll depend on what the studio and the network decide to do with those actors, but I fully advocate to have them [stick around].”

I’m told Drew’s deal for next season is still being worked on, so stay tuned.

Exclusive: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ boss answers your burning season finale questions

Meredith-greys-anatomyImage Credit: Scott Garfield/ABCSPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy finale, stop reading now. I repeat, if you have yet to watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy finale, stop reading now. For the last time, if you have yet to watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward…

Say what you will about Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes (Baby killer! McDreamy shooter! Nightmare inflictor!), but the woman knows how to write a finale. Last night’s season 6 climax — in which a crazed gunman terrorized Seattle Grace for the better part of two hours — had 15 million viewers (yours truly among them) biting their nails down to nubs while convulsing on the edge of their seats. When the dust settled, there were two significant deaths, one tragic miscarriage, and roughly 100 nagging questions. In this exclusive interview, Rhimes tackles the 20 most popular.

So what have the last 18 hours been like for you? I know you were nervous about this episode.

SHONDA RHIMES: I was. I was very nervous because I felt like what was coming wasn’t territory that we’d ever covered before, and I didn’t know how the audience was going to take it. I feel like I got a lot of really good responses from it, and I feel like it was an emotional ride for everybody. I wanted it to feel a little bit like a stand-alone movie, and I think it did.

One of the most controversial aspects of the finale was Meredith’s miscarriage. Did you ever consider a different outcome?

RHIMES: If she didn’t have the miscarriage, she wouldn’t have been pregnant at the beginning of the episode.

So the pregnancy was all about the miscarriage?

RHIMES: It wasn’t necessarily all about the [miscarriage], but it was about Meredith Grey being truly happy. And for me, when you’re watching that storyline, when Meredith is having a miscarriage and she basically says, “I’m having a miscarriage. I need Lidocaine. Are you going to help me or not?,” you realize how incredibly strong she is and how badass she’s being in that moment. To me, that’s the hero moment. If you don’t have that moment you don’t really have the story of Meredith Grey.

At the end of the episode, she throws her positive pregnancy test in the trash. What did that symbolize?

RHIMES: The death of the exciting dream that she had been holding on to all day… I feel like you don’t ever know how much you want something until its been taken away from you. Meredith figured out in this episode how much she wanted to be with Derek, how much she wanted to be his wife, and how much she wanted to have his children.

You once said Mer and Der would never have children. Have you changed your mind about that?

RHIMES: [Long pause] Yes. I’ve written my way out of that I think.

So there may still be a baby in their future?

RHIMES: Definitely. For me, this is the beginning of the baby story.

I’m curious about the decision to end the episode with just Meredith, as opposed to Meredith at Derek’s bedside.

RHIMES: The [episode] was not about aftermath. And to me, to see Meredith and Derek happy with everything and fine was a scene of aftermath.

Will the season premiere be about the immediate aftermath?

RHIMES: I don’t know.

So you haven’t decided whether there will be a time jump?

RHIMES: We’ve talked about it. We’ve talked about it endlessly. We’ve come up with 40 thousand different scenarios. The truth is, I’m exhausted. We just finished season 6. I don’t even want to think about season 7.

How does Meredith not revert back to dark and twisty Meredith after all of this?

RHIMES: I don’t know how she doesn’t, but she doesn’t. I think in a lot of ways Meredith has become the mother of the group. I don’t think there’s a lot of room for dark and twisty when everybody’s been affected. We joke a lot in the writers’ room that because Meredith’s childhood was so damaging, in a way, she’s better equipped to handle this stuff than anybody else.

How did you arrive at the decision to kill off Reed and Charles?

RHIMES: It was both really easy and really hard. We’ve been layering in these people all season, and I wanted you to feel comfortable with them and their personalities. I also really wanted [to lose] people who we barely knew. It’s sort of like what Charles says to Bailey: “I know you really didn’t like me.” And Bailey says, “Oh, I liked you.” And then he’s gone. By the time we fell in love with him, he was gone.

Did you ever think, In order to do this story justice, I need to kill off a major character?

RHIMES: No, because — and I said this before the episode ever aired — this was not about who lived and who died. To me, it was about what was gained and what was lost. The real death of the episode is the miscarriage.

Had Katherine Heigl not left the show, what role would Izzie have played in the finale? Would she have been killed?

RHIMES: I have no idea.


RHIMES: Really.

Talk to me about the decision to have Alex call out for Izzie after he was shot.

RHIMES: I really wanted to find a way to deal with how much Alex is missing Izzie. And it felt really poignant to me that if he was lying on a table dying he’d be calling for her.

Lexie confessed her love for Alex, but some fans aren’t buying it. She didn’t really make a decision between Alex and Mark in that moment, did she?

RHIMES: I don’t think she could have possibly made a decision in that moment. The thing I think is interesting is that Alex definitely made his decision. So I don’t necessarily know that there’s a triangle there. When Alex called for Izzie — when in your hour of need you’re calling for another woman — I think he made his decision. So I don’t think there’s a triangle.

In other words, hope is very much alive for Mark and Lexie?

RHIMES: Yes, there’s definitely hope.

Let’s shift gears to the actual crisis itself. I get that there’s a certain suspension of disbelief that comes with stories like this. But I don’t get why the SWAT team didn’t take the gunman out after they shot him the first time. It looked like they easily could have gotten a second shot in there.

RHIMES: They didn’t have a clear shot of him again.

But he was just laying there on the floor.

RHIMES: But Lexie was in between them. And then she got up and was still in between them. And she’s running away and he’s running away at the same time. So I don’t see that they could have gotten a clear shot.

Fans are joking that Seattle has the worst SWAT team in the country.

RHIMES: That’s a shame because we have these super awesome SWAT guys who talked us through everything. And we had a meeting in which I said, “Seriously, it would be five guys in a group searching [the entire] hospital? That sounds crazy to me.” And they said that’s how it works. And for me, it made it so much more horrible because that hospital is enormous. And the idea that just five guys are going to save them is ridiculous on so many levels, and yet, that’s how it works. When you’re looking for a shooter, you don’t have a bunch of people all spread out apparently.

Jessica Capshaw is pregnant in real life. Arizona decides at the end of the episode that she wants to have kids with Callie. Is there a connection there?

RHIMES: No — although I love that Jessica is pregnant. I feel like every year we have to have somebody on the show who’s pregnant and we have to hide the pregnancy. It’s what we do now.

So the pregnancy won’t be written into the storyline?


Where was Bailey’s beau Ben in this episode?

RHIMES: Ben was not working that day. There was a great debate in the writers’ room that we should have Bailey say something about Ben not working. And I felt like, no, we only see Ben sporadically as it is. He’s not at work that day. And I didn’t want to spend time — because we have so little of it and I had to leave 18 minutes on the cutting room floor —  chatting about where Ben was. I felt like you knew Ben wasn’t there because you didn’t see him there. [But] I think there’s going to [fallout] about that later.

So we’ll see some resolution there — even though Jason George (Ben) is on your new show, Off the Map?

RHIMES: I hope so.

You mentioned in your blog post about the finale that April and Jackson are “part of the tribe now.” What did you mean exactly?

RHIMES: For the purpose of story — because I don’t write things thinking, What are the business decisions going on in the background — April and Jackson have really been folded into the group.

I understand no official decision has been made about Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams becoming series regulars next season, but, at this point, can any argument be made against it happening?

RHIMES: I don’t have one. Do you?

I don’t.

RHIMES: I don’t have one either.

Creatively, do you want them to stick around?

RHIMES: I do. It’ll depend on what the studio and the network decide to do with those actors, but I fully advocate to have them.

Kim Raver has already been upgraded to a series regular, but some are questioning Teddy’s future now that Owen has chosen Cristina.

RHIMES: This whole idea that Teddy only exists [as part of a triangle is ludicrous]. Teddy is Cristina’s teacher. Derek would be dead if Cristina had not had Teddy around. That’s how I look at it. I will say it again, the studio and network have to renew everyone’s options, and they have not done so yet. But it is my intention that we will see Teddy next year.

When Owen chose Cristina, he really chose her, right?

RHIMES: Yes. He definitely chose her.

So that triangle is, for all intents and purposes, over.

RHIMES: That triangle is done.

But Cristina broke up with Owen in that episode.

RHIMES: That is true.

So they’re not technically together.

RHIMES: I tried really hard to get in an Owen-Cristina scene where he holds her after Derek survived. But all my [medical advisers] kept saying, “If Owen holds Cristina, she can no longer operate on Derek. She’s become unsterile.” There was a big fight about it and finally I had to go with “the look.” And I felt like Sandra [Oh] and Kevin [McKidd] adequately and brilliantly portrayed in “the look” that there was still something there.

You previously teased this episode as a game-changer. How has the game been changed?

RHIMES: Here’s why I said that: When you face a situation like this — when the entire hospital has turned into a crime scene — everyone you know has faced life or death. It’s an incredibly traumatic event. Everything you knew, believed, felt, and required of the characters in terms of what their stories have been or what you believed about them no longer exists. Part of what’s interesting about next season is that we can start anywhere — in any emotional state — and almost anything can happen because we just came out of this. It’s not like tomorrow they come back being the exact same characters. They’re all sort of fundamentally changed.

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  1. charlie

     /  June 1, 2010

    why wasn’t there any questions on the chances of jackson avery and cristina?

  2. Amarilla

     /  June 2, 2010

    Charlie – because they don’t have a chance. Their chances are zip. Zero. None.

  3. Julie

     /  June 3, 2010

    wah! but i wanted Avery+Christina!!!
    he’s just so adorable with her!

  4. Dalia

     /  June 4, 2010

    Dude, cmonn!
    I mean Owen and Cristina are cute and all but…. Avery all the way.
    He’s awesome and cute and he, in the last few episodes, gets Cristina.

  5. Lauren

     /  June 4, 2010

    i def think that Avery and Yang need to be together from the start they were good. and with owen being so unsure i think she needs someone who complately and totally believes in her and cleary he does

  6. julieanne Bugden

     /  June 4, 2010

    It has to be Cristina and Owen because he is the only one that really KNOWS her. Avery is great but she sees him as her peer group and she has to have someone better then her so she can keep striving to be better then them *smile* she thrives on challenge….Cristina is a great character, its a treat to watch her make head or tails out of common situations that you or I would do in a minute *lol*..but she is so complex its wonderful how the writers bring her character out.

    Thank you

  7. Mina

     /  June 5, 2010

    I’d love to see Cristina with Jackson and Teddy with Owen, but unfortunately, I don’t see that happening anymore. That’s a real shame. Looking forward to next season.

  8. Anonymous

     /  June 6, 2010

    agreed julieanne Bugden….

    Owen and Christina all the way..

  9. Aline

     /  June 6, 2010

    I don’t see avery and cristina, i really see like an adventure between meredith and jackson you can see that he loves her… when he says that about the grinch… and the stuff about he is grandson of avery and she is son of ellis… they have more in common… And meredith lost a child, and derek doesn’t know that, but avery always know everything… he is soooo cute…

  10. ann

     /  June 6, 2010

    crisitna tiene q tener un dezlis con jakson ,, dado q el le dio lo q cristina mas ama ,, q la admiren q crean en ella ,, es ovbio q despues se qeda con owen pero no es un dato menos q hallan teniado esa conexion ,, tedy la odiooo odio a las roba novio

  11. pandora

     /  June 8, 2010

    i just can’t believe we hav to wait so long for the next season! Christina has to be with Owen cos she has already lost Burk and she isnt the kind of character who lets people get close to her, she has to stay in a steady relationship. Ana Teddy seems strong enough to handle losing owen. There is no way meredith will end up with Anyone except Shepherd.

  12. לי

     /  June 9, 2010

    תגידו,מתי תתחיל העונה ה7?

  13. לא

     /  June 9, 2010

    בספטמבר הבא

  14. mags

     /  June 9, 2010

    pls. let izzie and alex story continue… 😦

  15. nic0le

     /  June 9, 2010

    There isn’t any chance of alex and izzie cause she left the show. But I would like to see avery with some wether its mer or christina either one works. Though i doubt it would ever be meredith look at what shonda said “Meredith figured out in this episode how much she wanted to be with Derek, how much she wanted to be his wife, and how much she wanted to have his children.” so why make that happen then make her want avery? christina would be better…something. I’m just horribly impatient for it to start up again.

  16. Megan

     /  June 10, 2010

    Callie and Arizona (and there babies!) forever!!!!

  17. Chiara

     /  June 12, 2010

    a me basta che continui la storia tra arizona e callie! poi se magari lexie torna con mark va benissimo!

  18. Rukmini

     /  June 12, 2010

    NO avery can get someone else but cristina belongs with owen!!!! after burke i couldn’t imagine her with anyone else and then it took me a LONG time (and christina’s character) to be able to love someone else for her and it is going to be owen! plus i couldnt stop crying when alex thought he was seeing izzie and i know that they can never happen since she’s gone, but he loves her so much

  19. Deboraha

     /  June 13, 2010


  20. Mada

     /  June 14, 2010

    Lexie must be with Mark, Cristina with Owen and Alex with Izzie :X
    i need this series…more and more and for a long time…

  21. jessica

     /  June 15, 2010

    I’m just happy that Meredeth and Derek are fine! There may be repercussions later but hey they can’t make them to split. It’ll just make me not want to watch the show. lol. Christina is happy with Owen and hopefully she gets the happiness she deserves. The whole Meredeth loosing the baby. Not a great thing to watch, I really hope there’s a baby in there somewhere just to show that the screwed up children do grow up and become stronger when their adults and finally have the loving support they yearned for as a child. I love Grey’s Anaotmy and with out the people that make it I wouldn’t watch it. (Merideth, Derek, Kurev, Yang, bailey, Richard and I now even like Mark and Little Grey, and yes jackson Avery is yummy)


     /  June 16, 2010


  23. rinel

     /  June 17, 2010

    jackson and cristina would make a lovable couple… for me.

  24. Mariana

     /  June 17, 2010

    Karev, Avery… so many cute guys alone! Please find someone for them!

  25. Lana Al- Khatib

     /  June 18, 2010

    But I’m Just Wondering This…..
    Will Lexie B With Mark??? I Love Them
    I Hope Mer Has A Baby!!!!!! I Can’t Wait 2 C That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Christina + Jackson = Awesome!!!!!!!!!
    I Dooooooo Wish Izzy Comes Back 4 Alex!!!!!!
    Mer Should Call Izzy and Tell Her Wat Happened 2 Alex!!!
    That’ll Send Izzy Back 4 Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Owen + Teddy = Gr8!!!!
    I Wish They Bring In More Disney Celebs 2 Guest Star On Grey’s Anatomy!!
    Like They Had Demi. They Should Put Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and David Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. jae

     /  June 18, 2010

    i think Avery Jackoson and Christina Yang should get together !!!! they are so cute together and have more chemestry!! 🙂

  27. Alyse

     /  June 19, 2010

    I love how Jackson completly believes in Christina! i loved burke and christina together, because he always believed and helped her, but owen, i hate owen, he has screwed yang around from the start, he has never helped her persue her love for cardio apart from bring teddy in!! hes a turd! he deserves no one! and whats this talk about mer and jackson!? ahhhh no way. mer + der are forever!
    so… because izzy isnt coming back (VERY DEVESTATED, i want her back, but because shes not)
    mer & derek
    alex & lexie
    mark & teddy
    callie & arizona & lots of babies!
    christina & jackson
    oooo and i thought ben was perfect for bailey, but grr! shame on him!
    and and GET RID OF APRIL, with her inappropiate annoying feelings for mcdreamy! back off hes mere’s!
    🙂 much love from OZ

  28. kichily

     /  June 20, 2010

    first, so relieve there’s still mer+derek.
    owen+christina should be together, as well as mark+lexie.
    so agree with avery become permanent on next season.
    i love kevin mckid (owen) despite his classic dark side problem…which is getting less & less interesting. I hope the writer will focusing more on the medical expertise of owen & his good & professional side rather than just his problem & relationship w/ christina/teddy & how hot he is while doing the sex scene (not that I mind seeing it, but i think there’s more to him than that.

  29. jae

     /  June 21, 2010

    owen totally sucks !!!!
    Avery and Christina have it going on!!!!

  30. ilovenyc212

     /  June 21, 2010

    I agree Owen and Christina make a better couple !!!!

  31. jackie

     /  June 22, 2010

    it shud be lexie and sloan!!! he’s finally settled dwn n they’re so cute!!! christina shud be torn between avery n owen (giving owen a taste of his own medicine)

    derek n mer shud hv babies!!! at least he lived!! =)

    finally arizona n callie made up.. they shud hv babies too =D

  32. JH

     /  June 22, 2010

    i definitely loved it! it was intense, and well thought out. and a perfect “drama” to a season finale! (unlike Gossip girl! it was pathetic)
    congrats to the creator and writers! definitely lookin forward to the new season! =)

  33. ilovenyc212

     /  June 22, 2010

    I made a mistake in my earlier post i said Cristina and Owen, but what i ment was JACKSON AVERY & CRISTINA YANG MAKE A BETTER COUPLE! They have more chemestry and he knows her better than she knows herself ….. Very cute couple ! 🙂

  34. Great episode. Sloan and callie are hot…I like christina and owen together they are cute. Go baylie she is awesome

  35. I have mixed feelings of Mer and Derick having a baby… I’m excited because It think it would be a wonderful thing for them. However, I’m afraid it will be betrayed like the typical medicined pregnancy (dangerous, with many ultrasounds) with the typical hospital birth (people running around like chickens with they heads cut off, Mer screaming in pain*roles eyes*, her lying in bed as the Dr rushes in and “recuse” her from her birth). If that happens I will have to stop watching the show. Because Private Practice was full of that crap, it is no longer on my viewing list. I sure hope Gray’s is not ruined for me.

  36. CRISTINA+OWEN forever. i love them together. Owen is a great guy whos having some problems but can’t you guys see he is great and perfect for Cristina? i hope they’l be together forever. sorry about my english. i’m portuguese

  37. Knight

     /  June 25, 2010

    No, don’t let Bailey RIP. Not her, take someone else just not her. (and don’t even think about Christina).

  38. Mandy

     /  June 26, 2010

    This season finale was brilliant! congratulations to the writers their decisions sure kept the world on their toes otherwise we would not be talking about the series anymore. I can not wait to see what they put our hearts through in season 7 my tear ducts are already preparing for the unexpected, all i can say to the writers is please be nice to us addicts!

  39. Dorino

     /  June 29, 2010

    The last two episodes of this season was mind blowing! Couldn’t bring myself to sit and watch!
    Owen is perfect for Christina,His strong will matches hers. He seems to get to her more than anyone else.
    Mark and lil grey works.
    MEREK for life!
    Avery should be hooked up with some gorgeous eyed patient or new intern.

  40. Atkinlea

     /  June 29, 2010

    Arizona and Callie are the best couple ever…I love them!!!

  41. Maggie

     /  June 29, 2010

    Are you KIDDING me? Owen and Christina are meant to be! He CHOSE her. And she chose him a long time ago. He strangled her in the beginning of their relationship and she stayed with him. In a time where they were both so far from themselves they helped each other find themselves. You can’t just say Christina belongs with Avery because he’s just too happy and inexperienced in life. You need a guy who’s kind of like Merideth, because let’s face it, if Christina and Mer were gay, they’d be gay together.

    But Ms. Rhymes…don’t write it like that.

  42. destiny!!(:

     /  June 30, 2010

    the season finale of greys was absolutly, amazing.
    i cried the whole way through it
    my question is… where was izzie the whole time, maybe i missed it throught the season, but i was just thinnking about it!!(:

  43. Tanya

     /  July 2, 2010

    To me Chritina and Owen are JUST NOT FIT! But she and Jackson seem to be a Q couple. Something is going on between them…I can tell. Besides, Teddy and Owen are belonged to each other. All the staffs they been through…. If I was Owen, definitely go for Teddy. And an option made by a specific moment doesn’t mean forever. So forget about he’s chosen whoever.

  44. Alli

     /  July 3, 2010

    BRING BACK BURKE! I have never recovered from the way he was written out! I know they said Burke made cristina change it was for the good she needed a push! I do not like Owen and Cristina at all, and got really excited when Avery was introduced! Also the whole Owen gets shot was like a season 2 flash back for Cristina I honestly thought he wouldn’t get shot for the simple fact she went through that with Burke.

  45. Alli

     /  July 3, 2010

    BRING BACK BURKE! Ha ha, I know that it is too late for him but I have never fully recovered from the way that he was written out of the show. Cristina and Burke were hands down my favorite couple! I don’t like Owen with Cristina, and when Avery was introduced I got excited! They just don’t work to me. Also I think that it was a lame call to have Owen shot seriously what are the odds of dating two guys who both get shot in the finale. It felt a little been there done that. (season @ Burke gets shot) I thought for sure they wouldn’t have Owen shot for simply not repeating themselves. Over all good finale especially when Reed was shot didn’t like her at all!

  46. DerekFanForever

     /  July 3, 2010

    Okay, here’s my take on things…..
    Mer and Derek should ALWAYS be together and yes they should have lots of babies, but not before they finish their house.

    Christina should be with Jackson just because he is the one that seems to be there for her. She has to baby Owen and he’s a snot. I have disliked Owen from the beginning. Christina needs some one that is strong and shares her feelings and aspirations in cardio.

    I like Teddy although she needs to find her own man (or get on with stealing Owen) and leave Mark alone…he belongs to Lexie. Although I spent a good portion of last season being mad at Mark because he slept with Addison at the same time Lexie slept with Alex (big mistake) and he had NO right getting mad at her.

    I have come to like Alex more in the last couple of seasons, he has shown us a side of him we never knew existed…but he needs to ride off into the sunset and find Mrs. Isobel Karev.

    April should have been shot in the season finale for the simple fact that she thinks she has this “thing” for Derek…uuummm, she needs to get over that crap. Meredith and Derek have been through wayyyyyy too much for some little intern from “Mercy West” to try to schmooze on Mer’s man.

    I’m glad to see that Callie and Arizona have finally worked things out, Arizona has been a huge baby about this whole “baby” thing. One of her reasons was so they could go on VACATION…really, get over it.

    And finally…George NEVER should have died.

  47. Amy

     /  July 4, 2010

    Personally i think that that was the saddest finales ever :'(.
    – Merder should be together forever, they’ve been through the most and are still very strong. They should have lots of babies running around the hospital, with perfect hair.
    – Callie and Arizona should also adopt little kids that run around with Merder’s babies.
    – Jackson and Teddy should get together, i think an interesting concept.
    – Christina and Owen should also be together, (even though i dont like owen anymore) based on the fact they have been through alot.
    – Which leave Mark and Lexie, they should have stayed together from the very start. 🙂

  48. fan fan fan

     /  July 5, 2010

    what exactly is going on with izzie.. u cant just expect us fans to forget about her?

  49. Estela

     /  July 5, 2010

    I want O’Malley back… I know what you guys are going to say, but give him a new face and say it was a mistake that that guy wasn’t him =)

  50. sabrina

     /  July 5, 2010

    Okay, so I can see that there are a lot of die hard fans out there. I understand everyones frustrations about the show’s ending but I think that its what will keep season 7 so interesting.
    As far as couples go:

    Meredith and Derek (obviously)

    Christina and Owen (Less obvious and I’ll tell you why. Owen give Christina a challenge, but more than that they have the “look” they are lovers that understand each other on a different level. I know a lot of people think Christina and Avery because of the looks they share, but he is in love with her power and her knowledge. She doesn’t need a puppy admiring her though, and though I see maybe a triangle with her Owen and Avery I see her and Owen together for the long haul.)

    Lexi and Mark (They just make sense.. idk how to explain it)

    Callie and Arizona (OMG Arizona is way better than whats her face that Callie was with before. These two are meant to be, with their differences and yet understanding of one and other will help them through! YAY BABIES!)

    Avery, Alex and April (All A’s well they just need to show they are good doctors, and stable with themselves (Avery and his family issues) (Alex and his Izzie obsession) and (April with her, well, bad timing) all of them have stuff to prove without getting all stuck in a relationship!)

    Bailey just needs to be Bailey. Sucks that Ben is leaving the show but really she is going to be devastated after this finale that she just needs to kick ass next season and realize that she is best off alone!

    Teddy well she will find someone and it isnt Mark or Owen she needs. In fact being a lone might be best for her too.

    Derek seriously needs to step down from being the chief although Weber was able to do surgeries I have no idea why they are making the same redundant story line that Derek is missing out on surgeries… but w/e writers aren’t perfect I guess. (Just a thought perhaps the whole Bailey eventually becoming Chief will take effect after this whole devastation… That way Derek can concentrate on Meredith and making a baby plus have his surgeries and stop complaining! AND it’ll give Bailey purpose which is when she is the best and thrives!)

    All in all next season will be great! I honestly believe with the new characters and the way the season ended (everyone changed like a reality check for them all) that personalities will change and that it wont be the same story lines over and over.

  51. Lily

     /  July 6, 2010

    Here’s a thought why do all the doctors need to be paired up with other doctors? It’s very unrealistic. And why are all the heads of specilties under 50

  52. llrsctn

     /  July 7, 2010

    don’t like the callie and arizona scenario!!

  53. EyerusalemSisraj

     /  July 8, 2010

    christina+owen are a good couple but i prefer chrisitina and jackson with all owen and teddy thing……., but from what i read, i do not think this is going to happen so if c+j cannot be a couple next season pleas!!!!pleas!!! atleast make them best friends cos i love watching them together even when they argue….. they are so cute!!!! i love greys anathomy sooooooooo!!! much!!! cant wait to see season seven and mer and der having a a baby.

    yours truly
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  54. Leah

     /  July 9, 2010

    best season final ever, better than the prom episode.
    i love love love love love love love sloan and lexie. they are actually the cutest couple of the show, and when lexie told alex that she loved him, i felt like throwing a rock at my tv. marks face made me want to cry. seriously, keep them together.
    ok what? avery and yang? ew, no. i mean hes extremely hot, but not with yang, keep hunt and yang together, they’re cute for each other.
    merder, so happy he didnt die, they need to stay together forever with perfect haired children.
    yay for callie and arizona, they also need to stay together.
    i feel your alex and issy pain, but she’s not coming back and we need to accept that.

    actually cannot wait for 7 seven, sucks to be in australia when everything is behind!

  55. Amander

     /  July 9, 2010

    I agree that Christina and Jackson should be together. Also, I think it would be interesting if Owen and April got together… yes?

  56. GreyLover

     /  July 10, 2010

    Here’s my take on it…
    Mer + Der – if that ever ended, I would stop watching the show. I love them together. They are just perfect, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a LASTING relationship that just works for once! There aren’t any lasting relationships on TV anymore…geez
    Christina + Avery – it’s simple…he TRULY believes in her. I only see him as uplifting. AND he likes her. AND he’s CUUUUTTTEE!
    Lexie + Mark – all the way. I mean, I absolutely LOVE Alex and I really, really wish Izzie hadn’t left, but he doesn’t belong with Lexie. I think the finale showed that although she’s a great girl and he probably does like her, she’s just there to fill a void now that he’s ready to be settled.
    Bailey needs a man. I’m not sure what the deal is with Ben (if he’s returning or not), but she definitely needs to be with someone.
    April – I HATE her character! She sucks balls. I definitely would stop watching if her and Derrick were to start becoming “closer”….get rid of her!
    Arizona + Callie – FINALLYYYYY!!!! Arizona was starting to upset me….so unreasonable.

    I liked someone’s previous idea of bringing Burke back for an episode or two. That would be AWESOME! I don’t think it would be unreasonable with the tragedy that has happened and the fact that he still has friends there. I’m sure Addy will come back as well, but I find her visits annoying.

    Mer and Der need babies, too!

    Overally, I’m excited to see how next season starts (aftermath or time jump). The characters will definitely not be the same – it’ll be interesting to see how dynamics change. Will they show the funeral of the doctors? Will there be significant psychological damage causing some docs to be unable to perform their jobs? Who knows! Can’t wait!!!!!

  57. GreyLover

     /  July 10, 2010

    I forgot to comment on the Derrick as Chief thing. I definitely feel like he should STEP DOWN!! He’s not liking the job and Chief Webber (yes, I still see him as the real Chief) has gotten a LOT better with the alcoholism. Therefore, I don’t see a reason why Derrick couldn’t step down and allow Weber to come back to the top. He could focus on Mer (maybe they can FINALLY make their marriage official) and surgery (which is what he really loves).

    As far as a wedding for Der and Mer….it doesn’t have to be anything huge, but something besides a post-it would be nice!!

  58. GreyLover

     /  July 10, 2010

    Promise this is the last thing!!!

    I can’t WAIT to see Mer and Der’s new HOUSEEEEE!!!!

    The old house will be kind of lonely for Alex and Lexie (sucks), but hey – it is what it is. And hopefully, Lexie will be moving in with Sloan soon!!

    Also, the more I think about it, bringing Burke back would be pretty awesome!!! Especially with Cristina being so far along in her career now – having a new mentor, a new man, a new place. It’d be nice to see the interaction and see if anything is still “there.” Consider it!!

  59. BiggestFan91

     /  July 11, 2010

    Derek and Meredith have got to stay together, no matter what. That imbecile April has got to die for getting Derek shot.The Mercy Westerns were not as bad after all; Avery being a sweetheart and Bailey’s guy being extremely hottt. Chritina and Owen are a disaster. I dislike Owen’s character and he has too many issues to be a doc. Lexie an dSloan deserve eachother, they’re the pieces in the Grey’s Anatomy puzzle that fit together. I love Bailey, I think she should be chief indeed, she’s so much better single. Derek does need to step down-chief is so not for him (he just doesnt have the chief face like Chief Webber).
    I think the show would never be as perfect as i think it is without Mer and Der, Lexie and Sloan, Christina and Kurev and Bailey and Webber.

  60. mary

     /  July 13, 2010

    I want Mark and Lexie together they are the best!Alex can find someone else.And i’m sure that Lexie didn’t mean it when she told Alex that she loves him because Alex thought that she was Izzie
    and Lexie couldn’t explain to him what was going on because he was dying…I hope that they will be together because i can’t even imagin the show if they are not together…And they can have a baby!!!!I look forward for season 7 with Mark and Lexie as a couple!

  61. Jackie

     /  July 15, 2010

    CALLIE AND ARIZONA have to still be in the forever. I have a five year old baby who has leukemia and all day she watches Greys Anatomy all day and she was sad when season 6 ended and i really want to see season 7 before she dies so please make another one before january, please.

    P.S. my daughter wanted me to tell you: i love callie and arizona, and they would be great mothers.

  62. Hirry

     /  July 16, 2010

    Yang is good for traumatized Owen, her strong strict character will do him good.
    Mer and Der should definately have babies ( with Dericks hair ofcos), those two are total naturals.
    Lexie is so totally for Mark…. i like!!!
    Can’t for Miranda to fall head over heels in love with Ben, that will be a sight!!

  63. becky

     /  July 16, 2010

    I think for sure mer n der, christina and owen, miranda and ben, lexie and mark, arizona and callie and there has to be someone for alex and teddy maybe they just havent come into the show yet 😉 and jackson will find me one day …… hehe i love the show its the best show on tv was on the edge of my seat in the season finale callin up my girlfriends at every break to discuss what had just happened! Cant wait for next season!!!

  64. Nonaht Leyte

     /  July 16, 2010

    Meredith has blown the relationship with Derek. She’s chosen to be a child [the local teller of secrets] rather than the WIFE and ADULT that Derek needs. Remember that MerDer only exist on a postit note: they never actually got legally married. That will save a bundle on the coming “divorce”.

    Personally, I think Popeo needs to be PERMANENTLY unemployed for stating she would not renew after season 8. When you sign on to a show as the show’s MAIN CHARACTER, you have a DUTY as an actor to stay with that show until the show is over, not until you tire of it. When she leaves, the show MUST end, as there is no “Grey’s Anatomy” without the requisite Meredith Grey. And Shonda should remind each and every unemployed actor that the reason they are unemployed is because of Pompeo’s self-centered selfishness. Just make sure she dies at the end of season 8 as well as the show. Maybe she can die in childbirth or something? Just as long as she dies!

  65. GreyLover

     /  July 17, 2010

    Hi Nonaht –
    Where did you read about Meredith not returning after season 8?? This is the first I’ve heard of that.

  66. merder lover...

     /  July 18, 2010

    it would be really cool if meredith maybe cals dereks sisters and mother to tell them what happened. It will show how much meredith really cares not just about derek but how much she cares about his family too, maybe the pregnancy made her realise how important family really is. there is also a chance that she wants to be apart of a family she never had….

  67. Aurora

     /  July 19, 2010

    Ok first of all screw Chemistry!!!!!
    What is all this crap about mer and avry have chemistry cuz their relatives are famous doctors?…Yang and avry have chemistry cuz he gets her?
    Who cares if he gets Yang? He wouldn’t be able to handle her crap. Def. not after the way he yelled at Meredith to shut up in the OR (her crying like that convinced Clark that his wrk was done. Had she just shut-up as Avery suggested the man with the gun would’ve been suspicious)
    Chemistry?? Meredith and Derek will be together forver because they have PASSION!!!
    Chemistry?? Christina and Owen deserve to be together because Owen COMPLETES Yang!! He tells her to shut-up when she’s being an in-sensitive ass and she can handle his dark and twisty outburts.

    Imma Mark and Lexie fan all the way. Alex is still in love with Izzie. Why should Lexie torture herself when Alex was lying on his death bed calling for another woman and the man that loves Lexia was by his side saving his life!

    Congrats to the writers and producer another great season

  68. Lolo

     /  July 20, 2010

    okay to be read, IM WRITING THIS IN CAPS!

  69. Lilac

     /  July 20, 2010

    Cristina and Owen are the reason that I started watching Grey’s Anatomy again. I don’t think Avery is a good pair for Cristina and I do agree Avery is hot but I just love OWEN. Just look at the history of Yang’s boyfriend. She loves mature, strong guy and Owen fits the category. Cristina is the girl that stays faithful to her lover and I don’t think writers are going to write about her and Avery having any kind of intimacy because that’s not Cristina. I love Crowen’s (Christina & Owen) chemistry and I hope they will end up together for forever.

    Don’t like Lexie and Alex pairing—should be Lexie and Sloan
    I think Bailey should be just Bailey (mean and tough), don’t like her pairing with Ben.

    I am so eagerly waiting for season 7.
    If the writer decides to break up Owen and Cristina, I don’t think I will be able to watch Grey’s Anatomy again. It will be a goodbye for me from the show but will re-watch season 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. I loved Burke/Cristina’s pairing in Season 1 to 3. Burke is past and Owen/Cristina is my favorite couple in the show now. I just love them together. 2nd favorite is MerDer and I also love the friendship between Cristina and Meredith. It reminds me of my best friend and me

  70. caitlin

     /  July 21, 2010

    the finale was amazing, i loved it so heres what i think whats gonna happen in season 7:
    meredith and derek: they should have a baby, build the house in the woods, have a REAL wedding and actually have moments together 😐
    Christana and Owen: i think owen will put the war and teddy crap behind him and maybe in the finale of season 7 hunt will propose (hoping) i dont like owen but i like christana happy thats why i sorta like owen..
    Mark and Lexie: hopefully get back together.. and maybe they could get serious about marriage ( i dont think that will happen though because where lexie is so young, but they have talked about it )
    Lizzie and Alex: i dont know whats gonna happen to poor alex, cause it dosent look like lizzie is coming back. i dont want anyone new to come for alex cause then that will be more new characters.. but if lizzie comes back that would be amazing, but you guys all heard alex he dosent want lizzie, there whole relationship is so confusing because alex didnt want lizzie, but then when alex was close to dieing he wanted lizzie :/ very confusing..
    Miranda and Ben: i like them and its nice to see miranda getting her grove on, but if she got hurt i dont know what i would do i love miranda bailey shes just plain awesome.
    Callie and Arizona: k im soooo happy there together, i love seeing callie happy and they should def. have a couple of babies and im just so happy arizona wants babies too 🙂

  71. eve

     /  July 26, 2010

    OMG caitlin I couldn’t even finish reading your comment..lizzie? Really SMH its izzie dude, her name is izzie! -_-;

  72. daniel

     /  July 26, 2010

    does anyone know when season 7 will be out? the full season.
    and any sneak reviews or anything for season 7?
    seriously very very curious. moreover how many seasons are there
    gonna be? there was a rumor that it is only gonna hit till season 10.

  73. Shauna

     /  July 28, 2010

    I think that Christina needs to be with Owen, it is exspected that is the way it will be. I think that this season Teddy needs to maybe hook up with Jackson. Mark and Lexy need to be together again and she needs to have his baby. Mer and Derek need to have a baby and to thicken that plot I think that it for the most part should be a normal pregnancy with something crazy like she has twins and they didn’t know and I think Addison should be on the show to deliver them. As for Alex, I wish he was with Izzie, but I think maybe him and April should end up together. Who knows what will happen and there is nothing that would keep me from watching this show, I love it.

  74. Julia

     /  July 28, 2010

    it defo should be Lexie and Mark (please get bak together!), Christina and Owen, Meredith and Derek and Alex and Izzie if she comes back! I stand by this descision all the way! 🙂

  75. c:)

     /  July 29, 2010

    first of all i would like to say that shonda rhimes is AMAZING and should get waaaay more recognition…she writes the best scripts ever and should never stop 🙂
    number 2: it was the best season ending ever because of the high and low moments … but it was gripping throughout and i almost cried when dereck got shot ….damn april … silly girl…but i feel bad for her because she didnt know better…owen and christina are good…but mark and lexie should be together and im not worrieng because i know they will get together :)… calzona :D..yeeey thank god the made up…callie wasnt as good a character without arizona tbh so all round goooood :)…looooovvveeed it al; 😀 x

  76. c:)

     /  July 29, 2010

    forgot to say….did anyone else die a little inside when the shooter went in the room that callie arizona and the little girl were in..?…i thought that one of them was going to get shot and my fave characters callie cos shes awsome and kickass (:…she handled the situation !AMAZINGLY! how the hell did she do it? when arizona broke down i was like…oh deeeer ..cos i thought that she was going to get shot…):…but it was all fine in the end…but it was funny when arizona said she wanted 10 kids..:L..ccallie only asked for 1 dude ..aahaahaa a bit over the top but it was cute…(: x

  77. Reagan

     /  July 29, 2010

    Omg here’s what I would like:
    Alex/ Personally, I think he’s going to be along for a while… or maybe with April? Since, she needs to leave Derek alone!

  78. babyK

     /  August 2, 2010

    Reagan, y’ve got it right, especially the Lexie/Jackson part. also the Cris/Owen part, coz no one else can fit into the 2. ofcourse Mer/Der….forever. and Mark needs someone older as Teddy

  79. AnonymouslyMe

     /  August 3, 2010

    Alex needs to go off and find Izzie. I love Alex so I’d hate if he left, but it would feel right for him to be with her, but Katherine won’t be coming back. If she did, maybe for a cameo for her to find Alex, but then Alex will have to leave to be with Izzie. He said he deserved better because he was still hurt and mad, but he does love her. He was afraid to get hurt(his past makes it clear that he’s been hurt and doesn’t let many people get close. Since Izzie got close, and he got hurt by her, he’s afraid to let her get close again.)

    Meredith and Derek, obviously they’re gonna be together, they’re the main characters and it just wouldn’t be the same. A wedding with Meredith in a white dress just isn’t right. That isn’t who she is. I figured they actually found time to go to the courthouse and get married. Meredith. Of course they’re going to have babies. She was so happy when she found out she was pregnant, and she was the only thing holding them back from having a baby.

    Mark and Lexi shouldn’t get married right away. She seems too young. But they do belong together. She was that one girl that everyone wants to be, the one that tamed the player. They one that made him so in love that he didn’t want anyone but her. I think he liked Teddy, but he didn’t have the same kind of love for her that he had for Lexi.

    Christina and Owen are going to be together. As someone said, Christina likes the strong, mature, skilled man, and Avery is a young boy that has much to learn. She likes learning from the guy she likes, and she’s learning a lot from him, especially how to love someone. A Christina-Owen-Avery love triangle will never happen, she loves Owen too much and she stands by her man.

    Miranda(Bailey) and Ben seem good together. I don’t have much to comment on for them. We don’t know as much about Ben, but I think he makes Bailey calm down and have fun, which is a good thing for her.

    Avery should find a girl at Joe’s that doesn’t work at the hospital. I mean, not all doctors need another doctor. Granted, it is wanted so that your boyfriend or girlfriend understands you being gone at irregular and long hours, but I think he should just learn more from Christina and find another girl.

    April is annoying, how dare she go after McDreamy!? But I can understand it, he is pretty amazing. I think she’ll move on once she finds out that Meredith is pregnant. It wouldn’t really make sense for her to go after Avery ’cause I mean, they worked at Mercy West together, so they had plenty of time to be together before they merger.

    Webber wouldn’t do good as chief again. I just couldn’t see Derek giving him the job back. Derek thinks about the future and does what’s best for the things he cares about. Not to mention, he has pride, and I don’t think that his pride would allow him to let Webber have his job back, especially after he worsened the hospital.

    Derek will learn to get comfortable in his job and maybe Bailey co-chief. But I do think he’ll find a way to make his job work for him(he took out an ‘inoperable’ tumor and the man still walked, I think he can figure out how to make it work best). Derek doesn’t give up, and him quitting the job is giving up. He just wouldn’t do it.

  80. I dont like all the new actors that came in to Greys Anatomy in Season 6, i loveeee sesaon 1-5, but when i saw sesaon 6 i was like: “Dude, its NOT the same.” I only watch the show becouse of Mark and Lexie becouse there PERFECT 4 each other. Lexie made him happy 😦 !
    Season 6 was craap :(.

  81. i love mer & macdreamy together
    they r the best couple ever 🙂
    also hope that izzie back to alex , he loves her alot and was callin for her while dying 😦

    avery is yummy but i think christeina loves owen

    also i didn’t like season 6 alot cos george is died , i love him aloooooooot 😦

    season 7 will be not so good without george and izzie

    mer \ der with macbaby
    izzie \ alex
    owen \ christina
    mark \ lexie

  82. lexiemark:)

     /  August 9, 2010

    AnonymouslyMe: so true
    lexie is that one girl that everyone wants to be, the one that tamed the player. They one that made him so in love that he didn’t want anyone but her. I think he liked Teddy, but he didn’t have the same kind of love for her that he had for Lexi.
    so true they are my fave coupple.
    this is the way i want it:
    cristina+ avery
    LEXIE +SLOAN they should have a baby
    alex + izzie i no it isnt going to happen
    dr bailey and some one. oven and teddy should stay single pringle

  83. rkeating.

     /  August 11, 2010

    sloan&lexie ❤
    they're perfect together.
    sloans so hot.

  84. hayley

     /  August 15, 2010

    brnig burke back i think christina still loves him .

  85. hayley

     /  August 15, 2010

    i love season 1-5 but i thought season 6 was really gd .. but i think they sud get izzie back one off my favs and burke and i use to love george … lexie and mark need to get bk together and have a baby and i love cally and i think der and mer are the best couple by far x

  86. hayley

     /  August 15, 2010

    hi c i loved season 6 too altho there was a lot of new people but i think it wasone off the best seasons x

  87. bltobi

     /  August 17, 2010

    greys anatomy is really wonderful….great actors and all. george is gone, is burke gonna come bac…i really miss him…… err ting is nt abt d gay peeps….wt abt us strait pple,dont u care of wot we fink too?

  88. Emily

     /  August 19, 2010

    mer-der all the way best couple on television serieis hes so hot and they need to have mcbabies

    lexie sloan although i really do feel bad for alex 😦
    christina and owen need to figure out there stuff
    but i do love th friendship between christina and merdith
    webber needs to be chief
    bailey is awesome! arizona and callie sure be togethor whatevs whatevr makes them happy i
    izzy and george nevr should of left
    and as for burke hes way gone and it would just make it complicated for him to come back 🙂

  89. Shay

     /  August 21, 2010

    See I’m completely anti christina and owen. Everybody keeps saying how great they are.. but for the life of me alls I see is him beating her down in the same emotional way that Burke did… It’s truely a sad thing to watch because Christina is such a powerfull charicter.

  90. tanner short

     /  August 21, 2010

    MERIDETH AND DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET RID OF THAT APRIL CHICK SHE CANT LIKE DEREK!!!!!! merideth and derek all the way. the reason why i hate season 2 is because merideth and derek were not together

  91. omg…i kant wait 4 season 7!! i’m totally in luv wit greys anatomy!!!!…HEHEH i think it should be…
    mark+ lexi
    alex + izzy btw..i dnt think shes cuming bak bt i wud be gr8 if she did
    jackson+sum 1 else!!..heheh
    christina + owen!!…wen owen 1st got here i realli didnt like hm!!…bt nw i think that he and yang compliment each otha and undastand eachother!!…Bailey, well i dont reali nw abt ben+her he seems all nyc bt therz sum ting abt hm that i dont like!!!..ohh..and april.go fly a kite!! i reali dnt like her..and i was so happy wen reed gt shot!! she realii irritated me!!..heheh..anyway, luv u greys anatomy!! tanx 4 the gr8 season and hope no.7 will be jst as gud!!!

  92. Emily

     /  August 23, 2010

    I know for a fact that Shonda Rhimes said that Meredith and Derek will always be together. That nothing will ever break them do the finale when Derek got shot wasn’t as scary for me because I just new he wouldn’t die.

  93. dylan

     /  August 23, 2010

    mer and der
    lexi and sloan
    owen and cristina
    alex and izzie
    BRING BACK GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Vicky

     /  August 25, 2010

    I loved season 6, it was my favorite season. I may be biased though because it is the only season to contain Jessica Capshaw throughout and I would walk across burning coals for her!
    Obviously my fave couple is Callie/ Arizona but I have to admit I like a little angst. It would be unrealistic for them to suddenly be back to their best, I think there should still be issues over what they said to each other in lock down and over the baby issue. Callie said she didn’t really know Arizona and Arizona said she didn’t trust Callie…that’s a lot of crap to work through. Should make them stronger though and I really could see them being the couple to tie the knot towards the end of the season.

    Meredith and Derek are a permanent feature and rightly so, Christina and Owen are right for each other even though life would be less complicated for her if she was with Avery. Teddy needs to move on and forget Own which it sounds like she’d going to do from the spoilers I’ve read. Lexie needs to bin Alex because they don’t love each other and it’s just daft. She then needs to hurry of back to Mark because even though they seemed like Grey’s oddest couple at first they really work. Glad Webber will be the chief again and if Ben leaves the show I think it’s time him and Bailey stopped just being work husband and wife. They’d make an amusing couple.

    Sooooooo I’m obviously really looking forward to season 7!

  95. vivi cetywayo

     /  August 26, 2010

    i would like to see something develop between christina and jackson, maybe a triangle with merideth in the mix, nothing better then friends fighting for a man. derek and merideth’s relationship is really boring and predictable, i take a bathroom break when they have a scene.

    Callie and slaon should be together even for just one episode and i really miss addison, she was slaon’s love.

    The less i see of the show killing mcdreamy’s character the better.

    Looking forward to season 7.

  96. vivi cetywayo

     /  August 26, 2010

    oh and i want george back, whats a hospital without its resident dock and good guy. BRING BACK GEORGE.

  97. tanner

     /  August 28, 2010

    HEY MER AND DER’s relationship is fun and exiting by the way jackson avrey and cristina r not goin 2 get together cuz owen and cristina r awesome together!!!!!!!!!!!!




    callie and arizona well i dont care wat they do if they r together than that is fine

  98. Almudena

     /  August 29, 2010

    As Izz returns…. Definitely it will be MARK & LEXIE

  99. I

     /  August 29, 2010


  100. IheartBAILEY

     /  August 29, 2010


  101. julie

     /  September 1, 2010

    I really hope that izz comes back to the show she is one of my fav. cha. in the show. I also love alex. maybe they can get back together and workout. miss geroage wish he did not want to leave the show. i kept hoping that he would want to come back and they can make up that the man was not him that got hit by the bus and he come in with this u.s army and wow the world.

  102. Daniella

     /  September 2, 2010

    Cristina and Owen the best couple everrr.

  103. Sarah

     /  September 3, 2010

    I would really like to know how and if Derek finds out about the pregnancy and the miscarriage. I just can’t wait to see how he reacts to it all!!!

  104. Brynn

     /  September 5, 2010

    Christina and Owen are really good together, i can see them getting married. As for Meredith, I hope she tells Derek about the baby, in hopes that they will try for another one. I cant decide whether or not Lexi should be with Mark, or if she sound be with Alex.

  105. ventsislava

     /  September 11, 2010

    PLS I would like Meridith and Derek to be together in the end!!!!

  106. Smash

     /  September 17, 2010

    Okay, so I agree with most. Mer and Der, Cristina and Owen, Lexi and Sloan, Callie and Arizona, Bailey and Ben, Alex with whoever because Izzie will never come back. I do wish they could bring George back though. And yes I agree with Emily#88, Burke has been gone way too long and there was too much tension surrounding his reason for leaving. Teddy don’t really care leave or stay be with whoever just not Mark(he should be with lexie) I would love to see Addison come back and not to be with Mark or anyone, just to be on the show I liked it when she was on.
    Yay next season premiers on the 23rd (next thursday) 🙂

  107. susanne

     /  September 21, 2010


  108. Rozey

     /  September 22, 2010

    IN the 7th season, I think it would be great if Mer’s miscarriage is cured by Der’s ex-wife Addison.

  109. chelsea

     /  September 28, 2010

    i really love grey’s anatomy, i think that cristina and jackson should be together because i can see that he understands her and is willing to stick by her, he’s just so awesome and he’s more settled than owen, owen can’t make up his mind. if i was cristina i would’ve let teddy have owen and go to avery to see how things would work out, but come on. The choice was obvious, avery is SMOKIN and owen is just so yuck. Even though looks isn’t everything, avery does have the gr8 personality to back up his looks as compared to owen who just sucks. lexi and mark should get back together because they are right for eachother and they clearly still love one another. i believe that in season 7 owen would cheat on cristina with teddy, i just hope she leaves him and goes to jackson. btw how is he with no1 in the show and he’s so hot and awesome, something’s wrong

  110. WOW PEOPLE….GEORGE IS DEAD. He’s not coming back because it’s not possible, not to mention T.R. Knight wanted to leave. IZZIE IS NOT COMING BACK because Katherine Heigl wanted to leave. Burke is NOT COMING BACK because Isaiah Washington offended just about everyone with his anti-gay comments. So I think we should all move into the realm of things that could actually happen

  111. black nubia

     /  October 30, 2010

    I just can’t wait for season 7. Season 6 was rilly gr8 and intense.meredith should have a baby wit derek.christina deserves to b happy with owen. Bailey should be with ben. Mark and lexie should get engaged, cuz he is ready to settle down. Alex should find a way to get izzie back, or just move on. Ariz and callie should have a kid.

  112. jen

     /  November 2, 2010

    carnt wait till season 7 starts here in the uk love grays anatomy i hope mc dreamy and mer get married properly and have a baby they deserve it dont change a thing love it

  113. Felicity

     /  January 4, 2011

    Omg Burke is not coming back, like ever does anyone remember the whole o’mally thing? I know everyones die hard fans but I’m afraid it’s not happening

  114. Amands

     /  January 11, 2011

    I’m still waiting for Burke to come back. hahhaaha

  115. bazuka74

     /  January 18, 2011

    Love Callie & Arizona to bits.Great show, however it is a bit unrealistic that everyone’s paired up with a fellow attending/resident etc…I think that Arizona not wanting kids was something to do with trust issues those two are having more than anything, Callie needed to prove to Az that she was the only one in her life, what she’s done instead went off & slept with Sloane, great, very typical of bi-sexual girl, no wonder Az felt & probably still feels not confident in Callies feelings, I don’t blame her…Love them together though, they are hooooot!

  116. sassy

     /  January 26, 2011

    okk ppless just hush .

    christina and avery . nevaa gunna happen !!
    its christina and owen . they are married . deal with it . teddy cann b with the phsych guy but shes mad single . independant 🙂

    mark and lexie . yes . alex and lexie . no . they are my favourite couple without them ii probs wudnt watch thee showw . mark and lexie are the shows golden couple ii think .
    obviously its mer / der it was obvious from the beginning they’re the main couple they can’t breakup. just like rachel and ross or lucus and peyton.

    izzie is never coming back soo face that and maybee alex and april .. ?? just 2 match 2 pple 2gethaa .

    ndd avery (OMG MANCANDY MUCH) maybe with that hot college grad girl .. ?? if lexie wasn’t made for mark ii’d say pair emm up that wudd b hott ndd 2 make mark jelous maybee but mark and lexie are ment 4 eachothaa . maybee they cud bring in sum1 new for avery, or even april, becoz avery doesn’t seem to mind her being annoying but they’re a bit like bruther ndd sistaa or bestfriends . it’s cute .

    whoo else …. bailey !! well if ben guy aint cummin backk thenn nurse all the way . but ii did lykk her husband . he seemed lykk a good guy .

  117. sassy

     /  January 26, 2011

    Ok soo to leave it in shorter terms its :
    meredith & derick
    christina & owen
    mark & lexie (golden couple) 🙂
    bailey & nurse
    jackson/alex & april

    – sass

  118. sassy

     /  January 26, 2011

    Ok soo to leave it in shorter terms its :
    meredith & derick
    christina & owen
    mark & lexie (golden couple) 🙂
    bailey & nurse
    jackson/alex & april
    and WOOPS 4got CALLIE & ARIZONA . good couple . definately hottest lesbian couple out !!

    – sass

  119. Joey

     /  February 16, 2011

    sooooooooo rooting for Lexie and Avery to get 2gether!!!

  120. hope and teddy and her sick husband fall inlove just 2 make it more dramatic! 😀 Love Greys!!!!!!

  121. Grey’s anatomy was watchable until they showed faggots in bed together – that was the finish. I vomited and turned it off.
    I will neverwatch this show again while they show this filth.

  122. Renee

     /  February 26, 2011

    Lexie & Mark all he way!! I’m so pissed she’s gone with Jackson, what a duais :@ Her and Mark were the SEX man ❤ Like, he was so protective when the big shotting came in from the college, and I think she's mean for leaving him, she could just of easily been pregnant with Alex's baby, and he would have stayed !!!!!!!

  123. Lesbian moms

     /  March 17, 2011

    Callie and Arizona are the best, not to mention the HOTTEST, lesbian couple I have ever seen on TV and the writers better not screw it up and break them up. I want to see just one lesbian couple on prime time tv to stay together and make a family. It does happen in real life…so why can’t it on tv too?

  124. neasa

     /  June 15, 2011

    whats gonna happen to merited is her and Derek gonna get back together

  125. Karen Daugherty

     /  July 24, 2011

    I think Izzy should come back to season 7, her and Geroge O’Maly were my favorite…. and oh yeah, who could forget about “Mark Sloan?” He is the ultimate man for all woman… I love Greys Anatomy, I have never fell in love with a show so deep as I have with this one, there has been lots of laughs for me and also LOTS of tears for me and lots of hearfelt moments.. to me this is the real deal and realates to everyday life so much.. also I have learned so much by watchin this show.. my little 5 year old daughter, knows every character on the show and looks forward to watching everytime it comes on t.v. we have every season at home and while we are waiting for season 7 to come out so we can buy it, we have been thru all the seasons millions of times, front to back… we are truly dedicated fans.. thanks for makin such a show!

  126. Kykko Alphonse

     /  October 6, 2018

    Grey’s Anatomy would be better if did not kill George keep Izzie sanity bring Burke back got rid of the other characters Erica would come back and give the Chief his job back

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