90210 Season 3 Spoilers! Senior Year!

90210: The third season welcomes the West Beverly kids to their senior year of high school. It’s the time of college acceptances and lovers’ rejections, the time of prom dates and promises betrayed, the time of spring break, break-ups and make-ups – but as is always the case in Beverly Hills, it all happens in a world of sun and fun, palm trees and warm sea breezes, success and excess.  From the very beginning of the school year, the lives of the West Beverly group will be shaken up in a way none of them could ever imagine. And from this new starting point, their journeys will take them to staggering new heights and terrifying new depths. We’ll see the rise of a pop sensation and the fall of a group of friends, the beginning of a new love and the end of a professional dream, the creation of an unlikely family and the demise of another.  And that’s just the first week of school… It’s now or never for the students of West Beverly, and they’re not going to waste a moment of time. Expectations are high, hormones are raging, and scandals are hiding around every corner. From the brightest moments of love and happiness to the darkest hours of shame and fear, senior year at West Beverly promises to be an unforgettable journey.

Exclusive: Which ‘90210’ hottie is gay?


Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/The CW; Patrick Ecclesine/The CW; MAP/Splash News

Take a good look at the photo to your left. One of the three studmuffins—okay, two studmuffins and one very handsome young man—will come tumbling out of the closet on 90210 this fall.

And this isn’t some sort of angst-fueled, bi-curious sweeps arc à la Adrianna’s season 2 flirtation with Rumer Willis. We will learn that the straight-acting character in question—let the record show that we’re referring to Matt Lanter’s recovering rebel Liam, Michael Steger’s smart and tenderhearted Navid, or Trevor Donovan’s tennis pro Teddy—is actually gay.

How can I be so sure? Well, for starters, one of the show’s producers is confirming it. “We want to address the issue in a real and relatable way,” says co-EP Jennie Urman, who says the coming-out plot is but one of several “great story lines” fans can look forward to in season 3.

Supernatural Season 6 Spoilers!

SUPERNATURAL: Season six will be a season of mystery and shadow. Heaven and Hell have been left in complete disarray since the apocalyptic events of season five. And now, monsters, angels and demons roam across a lawless and chaotic landscape. And so Dean Winchester, who has retired from hunting and sworn never to return, finds himself being pulled back into his old life – pulled back by none other than Sam Winchester, who has escaped from Hell.  The two reunite to beat back the rising tide of creatures and demon-spawn, but they quickly realize that neither are who they used to be, their relationship isn’t what it used to be, and that nothing is what it seems.

Exclusive: ‘Supernatural’ boss on why he stepped down and what’s coming up (hint: monsters!)


Image Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW; L. Cohen/WireImage.com

A new Friday time slot isn’t the only major change facing Supernatural as it heads into its sixth season (beginning Sept. 24). Series creator Eric Kripke—whose five-season-long end-of-days-themed arc came to a close last May—is stepping down as day-to-day showrunner in favor of an advisory role. (Longtime EP Sera Gamble has been tapped to succeed him.) In the following Q&A, Kripke sets the record straight about the reason he relinquished his top-dog status, and previews the “undiscovered country” at the heart of the show’s top secret second act.

Why did you decide to step down as showrunner?
We were reaching the end of this five-year story line [so] I thought the timing was right. I knew that we were closing this chapter and opening a new one. It felt like it was the right time to take a step back and focus on new projects, but still keep my grubby little mitts in the show. It was a lot about Sera and her enthusiasm and her ambition. I really think after five years of all of my crap, to have someone who has a fresh perspective and a fresh energy on these characters and this universe is healthy for the show. Supernatural has always been a show about reinvention. We try really hard not to do the same thing. I thought that Sera’s [increased] involvement really helped guarantee that this season is going to feel a little different, a little fresher. She has a different sensibility.

What exactly will your role be?
I see my job as being a safety net and just making sure that the show falls in the broadest possible parameters…. Sera and Bob [Singer] are pitching episode ideas to me. I’m in the room so far for every episode break. I pitch a couple of episode ideas, pitch a couple issues of how to fix some problems and some breaks. I’m giving some script notes. I’m still in it; I think, frankly, Sera and Bob wish I backed the hell up. [Laughs]

Will you be writing any episodes?
I think I will certainly be writing an episode this year. I am also slated to direct an episode in February.

What do you say to those fans who felt the show should have ended with season 5?
My answer to that is time will tell. I have high hopes for this season. I remember the same kind of concerns when we bumped off Yellow Eyes in season 2. We killed their Big Bad and where were we going to go now? We always found a different place to go. People forget that I didn’t [originally] want angels in the show. Then we introduced the angels and then it spun the story line in a way that was really rich for us. This is a show that ends story lines and starts new ones and reinvents itself. I think because it is hardwired into the DNA of the show, it will weather a lot of transition and growth. The question is not should it have ended, the question is, Is the new story line compelling and interesting and is it an arena of this universe that we haven’t explored yet and is it putting Sam and Dean into new situations that we haven’t seen before? I think it does all of the above.

Okay, what is the new story line?
One of the first things Sera and Bob talked to me about was that the angel thing is rightfully exhausted, so where do you go from there? Not to say that angels and demons won’t be a part of the story line, because they will. Castiel will be there. Crowley will be there. The beloved characters will be threading into the story. But the great undiscovered country of Supernatural is kind of right in front of our face: creatures and monsters. We have had so many creature episodes but we haven’t actually explained where they came from—[similar] to the way we have explored angels and demons. How do they feel about the situations they are in? Are they from here? Where did the first ones come from? How did werewolves and vampires and shape-shifters all begin anyway? I thought that was a really smart notion on [Sera and Bob’s] part, just exploring the history of that, because that was something that we never investigated on the show.

How does Grandpa [Mitch Pileggi] fit into this?
He’s representative of the other side of this exploration, which is that Sam and Dean have a family of hunters that they never knew they had. Their grandfather is the head of that family. Remember, it’s not the Winchesters who are famous hunters, it’s the Campbells. And we are saying that the Campbells are part of a timeline of hunters that have been there since the country’s origins. As Sera put it, they were hacking heads off vampires on the Mayflower. For Sam and Dean to really tap into a family history, which they never knew they had and again never really investigated before, is pretty interesting to us.

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Next season, the appearance of the villainous Katherine in Mystic Falls throws a wrench into the love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon, and the other residents of Mystic Falls must choose sides as they fall victim to a new breed of danger. New and unexpected friendships will be forged, allies will become enemies, and hearts will be broken. Stefan and Damon will be forced to face a villain more evil and diabolical than they ever believed possible. And they’ll take their shirts off.  Frequently.

Vampire Diaries – new season 2 spoilers

In season 2, the Stefan/Elena/Damon will evolve into a Stefan/Katherine/Elena/Damon quadrangle and surprisingly it will be Stefan, NOT Damon, who will be the most affected by Katherine’s return: it will turn out he’s not as over her as he thought he was. Elena will come to come to terms with the fact that she may have developed feelings that are more than friendly towards Damon. Damon, on the other hand, will be busy devising a plan with the Council of the Founding Fathers to take down Katherine.
And yes, werewolves will be introduced next season and one of them (probably Tyler?) will connect with a certain witch (Bonnie?) while trying to deal with how to cope with their supernatural abilities.
Source: E News

Vampire Diaries or Bieber Diaries?

Beiber would be an interesting add to the teeny bopper program. Although he’s an incredibly popular 16 year old, he could also be the son of 44% of Vampire Diaries fans, who are females over 35. This over 35 crowd may be more interested in the next celebrity whose name is being put out in the media. Nina Dobrev was reported in a UK broadsheet as wanting Ralph Fiennes to appear in the show. She is quoted as saying Fiennes “would be brilliant at being a vampire.”
The Vampire Diaries will soon begin filming again in Covington, Georgia – aka Mystic Falls, Virginia. Twenty one episodes have been filmed thus far in this quaint metro Atlanta town. The media, entranced as always with the popular show, is batting about names of celebrities who may or may not appear in the next season.
The Beiber rumor appears to have some truth to it; reportedly his people have talked to Vampire Diaries people about a small role, though nothing is being confirmed yet. The same report claims the Vampire Diaries staff initiated the contact.
The link between the show and Beiber has additional credence after Katerina Graham, who plays Bonnie Bennett, shows up in Beiber’s latest music video dancing to “Somebody to Love.”
Source: Examiner

The Vampire Diaries – Elena and Katherine to Faceoff

Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie and The Patty Duke Show all did it way back in the ’60s, and next season on The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev’s Elena will make her onscreen debut on the same screen with Nina Dobrev’s Katherine, who made her dramatic return to Mystic Falls posing as Elena in May’s season finale.
“I can’t talk much about it yet,” says executive producer Julie Plec, “but one of the big surprises is that Katherine comes face to face with Elena.”
How does Nina feel about playing both Elena and her 19th century doppelgänger in the same scenes? “I will have to ask for a second pay check,” kids the 21-year-old, who as a child marveled over Lindsay Lohan’s dual performance in The Parent Trap. While special effects have advanced a thousandfold since Elizabeth Montgomery’s Samantha/Serena face-offs on Bewitched, Nina is still worried about emoting opposite a stand-in tennis ball when the series resumes production in July. “It will be difficult because a lot of acting is reacting to the other person, but it’ll be fun to step out of my comfort zone.”
Nina’s not the only one who’ll be given a tough acting assignment. Having the look-alike ladies in the same town will also force Ian Somerhalder to play two different sides of Damon. “It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster for me,” Ian predicts. “Damon, with Katherine, is this youthful wide-eyed fun guy who is so intrigued by her — so different from the maniacal, more mature Damon you see with Elena.”
Source: TV Guide Magazine

Vampire Diaries – new Candice Accola,Steven McQueen and Sara Canning interviews

Ghost Whisperer Season or Series Finale Spoilers: ABC Picking up the Series?

After CBS surprisingly canceled Ghost Whisperer this week, the word is getting stringer that ABC will bring the series to the network. Here’s hoping it’s true. And be sure sign the following petitions and send letters. We must save Ghost Whisperer!

Save Ghost Whisperer on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=128011170545225

Sign the petition: http://tvseriesfinale.com…host-whisperer-petition/

Email CBS about how you feel about the cancellation: http://www.cbs.com/info/u…vices/fb_global_form.php

Write a letter to CBS to the network. Be respectful.  Tell them how much you enjoy the show, that you’ve signed the petition, and that you want to see it continue. Write via snail-mail to: Ms. Nina Tassler, CBS, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039, RE: Ghost Whisperer

And email ABC to pick-up the show: http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us

CBS Cancels Ghost Whisperer:

CBS is going to have some open slots next season after all.

In an year when some insiders speculated that CBS would only lose a couple shows, the network just canceled four dramas (including three veterans) and two comedies.


Crime procedurals “Cold Case,” “Ghost Whisperer” and “Numbers” will not be renewed for next season. Jerry Bruckheimer’ s drama “Miami Medical” is likewise canceled, as is fellow freshman “Accidentally on Purpose,” which mainly aired in the network’s Monday night comedy block. Veteran Wednesday night comedies “New Adventures of Old Christine” and “Gary Unmarried” are also cancelled.

Several of these titles could have easily returned and, indeed, were expected to return. The harsh verdicts will signal to ad buyers that TV’s “most-watched network” is not being complacent and that executives have faith in their new shows, though will doubtless disappoint some fans.

Also, the network picked up “Medium” and “Rules of Engagement” for next season, as expected.

With the CBS’ upfront on Wednesday, the network suddenly has launched into a flurry of bubble show decision making.

The most surprising outcome here is canceling “Ghost Whisperer,” which many insiders expected to return and consistently won its Friday night time period.

Another big surprise: “Old Christine,” which has been a stable, if modest performer on the network’s Wednesday night lineup. Also, ABC has consistently expressed interest in picking up the comedy should CBS drop it.

Also, “Cold Case.” CBS was on the fence on this seven-year-old drama for months. On Sunday nights, “Case” ratings were admirably stable, if fairly modest.

“Miami” nosedived on Fridays at 10 p.m., then showed some signs of improvement in recent weeks once it was offered a lead-in from original episodes of “Medium.” Last Friday, the momentum seemed to stall, with the drama backsliding once again to a 1.2 rating.

“Accidentally” may end up with the highest average rating among any canceled show this season. As part of CBS’ comedy block, the show posted a number that would have been perfectly acceptable in most time periods. But once CBS sample the show on less protected Wednesday nights, its ratings fell sharply, showing the network its Monday audience was mainly built on momentum.

Ever since “Numbers” saw its episode count reduced, insiders have expected the show to get axed.

CBS has canceled its program “The Ghost Whisperer” and rumor now has it that ABC will pick up the show – which could mean producing more episodes or strictly showing the series in syndication. It also turns out that ABC developed “The Ghost Whisperer” before selling it to CBS – so technically ABC already owns half of the show, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for it to be shown on the network. What do you think about this?

Source: http://www.tvweek.com

Jennifer Love Hewitt on ‘Ghost Whisperer”s Last Episode

Canvas background demo

Melinda’s (Jennifer Love Hewitt) investigation of a poltergeist in the hospital leads to a showdown with supernatural forces terrorizing her and her son on tonight’s “Ghost Whisperer.”

“We have lots of strange children marching around in scary masks, which is so creepy,” Jennifer tells ET. “It’s like, ‘Why do we always have to make children creepy?’ I’m constantly asking the producers. I’m like, ”Can’t we just have a child who’s not creepy, because it freaks me out. It gives me nightmares and I don’t like it.'”

There actually is a non-creepy kid on “Ghost Whisperer,” and that is her son Aiden (Connor Gibbs).

“We find out that he has to come to Melinda’s aid and really saves her life in the season finale,” Jennifer says. “The dark side gets extremely powerful very quickly and he’s sort of her only heroic key. So my son gets to kind of be a superhero for the episode, which is very cool.”

The “Ghost Whisperer” season finale — possibly the series finale — airs tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Should ABC Save ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’?

Ghost WhispererEven though CBS canceled both ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’ earlier this week, there’s been lots of talk that ABC might save both shows from the dustbin of history. The most recent rumors (as reported by Deadline and Entertainment Weekly) suggest that ABC still wants ‘Ghost Whisperer’ but not ‘Christine.’

But viewers may well ask: Does either show deserve to be saved?

CBS canceled the two shows, which had both run for five years, citing the usual reasons of low ratings (as CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler explained to E!) and increased expenses (actors tend to demand more money the longer a show stays on the air). ABC had long been interested in picking up either show if CBS should drop it, much the way ABC, CBS and TNT picked up ‘Scrubs,’ ‘Medium’ and ‘Southland,’ respectively, after NBC orphaned them.

The news that ‘Ghost Whisperer’ still has a shot at survival, while ‘Christine’ doesn’t, is curious. ABC’s fall slate, unveiled this week, is already full of hour-long dramas, including one, Dana Delany’s Friday-night procedural ‘Body of Proof,’ that seems to play to the same strengths as Jennifer Love Hewitt’s longtime Friday night staple (minus the supernatural element). Still, ABC Productions is a co-producer of the ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ so some of the expense of the transfer and a fraction of any potential syndication revenue will go back into the parent company’s pocket.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in 'The New Adventures of   Old Christine'That wouldn’t be the case with Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ ‘Christine,’ even though, as a long-running half-hour comedy, it would be much easier to syndicate. Also, ABC’s new fall slate includes a couple new ‘Christine’-like comedies: ‘Happy Endings’ (about a couple that splits up but remains in each other’s lives) and ‘Better Together’ (about two women and their very different romantic relationships). Not a lot of room for a third such show, especially given the network’s popular Wednesday comedy block — which contains sophomore series ‘Cougar Town,’ another ‘Christine’-like show.

Even if ABC could save both CBS castoffs, however, should they? Sometimes, a canceled show still has a lot of potential creative life left (as was the case with ‘Southland,’ which NBC let go after just one season). Often, however, the canceled show has run out of juice before it finds a new home, as was the case with ‘Scrubs.’

Does anyone think that, after five years, ‘Ghost Whisperer’ or ‘Old Christine’ still had a lot of new stories left to tell? If you do, let us know below. And if you think it’s time to let them rest in peace, let us know that, too.

One Tree Hill Season 8 Spoilers!

ONE TREE HILL: Season eight will explore the delicate balance that contemporary twenty-somethings face as they endeavor to build and define what their lives will be, while overcoming difficulties and embracing the good things that they sometimes take for granted, shrouded in the pursuit of someday. It will be a celebration of the most important things, among them the quest for love, laughter, health, friends, career and family: timeless pursuits that have always mattered, and matter now, in a place called Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill‘s Robert Buckley: “Clay’s Had a Really Rough Year”

Source: TV Guide

Now that One Tree Hill has officially been renewed, fans must wonder: Will madly in love couple Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) survive this season’s cliff-hanger finale?

After an otherwise happy season-ender, the show ended with stalker Katie (Amanda Schull) gunning Clay and Quinn down. But not to worry: Buckley told TVGuide.com he’s pretty confident he will be sticking around next year.

CW renews Tree Hill, Life Unexpected; Cancels Melrose; Picks up two series

“Now that I’m here, I would feel like a real idiot if Clay didn’t pull through,” Buckley said at the CW’s fall TV presentation Thursday. “Wouldn’t it be the cruelest prank if it ended up that I died in Act 1 of the first episode?”

So what can we expect from the sports agent next season? “I’m sure the ICU would probably be next, and getting out of the hospital would be good,” Buckley said.

From stalkers to crashes: Check out One Tree Hill‘s craziest moments

The 29-year-old also hopes for less drama for his character in Season 8. “I drowned, I had my entire career destroyed, I got shot — Clay’s had a really rough year,” Buckley said. “I’d like to see Clay get a little bit of a good start because that kid has baggage.”

The Mentalist Season Finale Recap: 2.23 “Red Sky in the Morning”

The Mentalist(S02E23) “I’m becoming what I was supposed to be. Your children’s children will worship me.” – Red John

Technically, Red John did not say that quote but he could very well have. Red John is twisted enough to believe he’ll one day be worshiped for his killings. He can add one potential fan to his list as one important character claimed that Red John could redeem himself!

I say “he” when speaking of Red John, but it could very well be a woman, no? And based on the new tidbits we got about Red John this week, I’m still not 100 percent sure RJ is a man. You?

At the end of the episode, when Red John first speaks to Patrick Jane, RJ’s voice is in a pitch that could be a woman or a man slightly modifying their voice tone. However, when RJ recited the rhyme to Jane, the tone was a bit lower. Is that proof that RJ is a man? Another hint that RJ may be a man is that John was strong enough to rather easily put the chair, with Jane still taped to it, back on its feet. Then again, Red John could be a strong woman.

One fan theory I couldn’t shake throughout the episode is that Kristina is Red John. It really bugged me that she said Red John could redeem himself and that he is a man. Could it be that she said that because she is Red John? Plus, it does look iffy that she took her stuff, without messing anything in her bedroom, and left her home to go with him. I’m still not 100 percent sure that Kristina is with Red John but from the “Kristina would want me to send her love” speech, it does look like Red John has her. Red John could be Kristina and that she only told him that “Kristina sends her love” to throw the trail off of her. And Kristina could have killed her interviewer to have Jane and the CBI think that John was after her as he went after Jane a few years back. The killing happened after Jane explained to Kristina why her giving an interview was a mistake, which could have given her an idea how to throw suspicions off of her. If Kristina is not Red John, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s somewhat involved in his killings.

One of my other suspects to be Red John is Brett Partridge. This is the agent who was at Marley’s crime scene and who butted heads with Jane. Why do I see him as a suspect? First, he dislikes Jane. Secondly, Partridge was in the pilot episode. Is it a coincidence that he appeared in the pilot and, two years later, in the second season finale?

The main case of the week — Marley’s murder — was really well developed. Not only did it look like Red John may have done it, but I never thought of the film students actually killing people to make a Red John movie. Even if Jane was pretty sure Red John didn’t kill Marley, you could see it affected him big time. Of course, things got a turn for the worse when Red John did kill the interviewer. Not only that but the case of the week had Red John save Jane! Why? Because Red John loves to toy with Jane so he prefers having him alive than dead? Twisted!

Beside wondering who Red John is, I wonder why Jane didn’t tell Lisbon what Red John told him. Is it because Jane wants to have the upper hand in the investigation? After all, Red John is Jane’s case. Red John is Jane’s life.

Bones Season Finale Recap: 5.22 “The Beginning in the End”

‘Bones’ season finale: The times, they are a-changin’

Source: Zap2it.com

Bones-Booth-Brennan-Beginning-in-the-End-320.jpgDeep breaths, everyone. Deep breaths! Okay. So. The “Bones” season finale was pretty much a textbook example of a game-changer — by the end of the episode, the main characters had scattered to all corners of the globe for the next year!

But let’s take a Brennan moment and think rationally: This wasn’t a series finale, much as it felt like one. The next season will simply pick up a year later, and everyone will be back together again, right? RIGHT?? Good. Let’s just hope they “evolve” in the right direction, if they aren’t going to pick up right where they left off. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The Case: This was definitely one of the more dramatic body reveals — a seemingly endless avalanche of junk breaks through an apartment’s ceiling, followed by a decomposed corpse. Sure, the kid in the apartment looked happy about it, but he’s totally gonna have PTSD flashbacks every time he gets something off the top shelf of the closet and everything falls down on him.

The victim, an agoraphobic hoarder, was hacked up by a fan before getting trapped under junk and starving to death. Sweets classifies him as a “level five hoarder.” If you level up to six, can you cast spells to lift piles of junk off yourself? Angela uses a fancy mass recognition program (picture Hodgins as Pac-Man and the most important pile of junk as a bunch of cherries) to lead them to a spot where something valuable was taken.

Apparently, the victim had gotten his hands on an extremely valuable Fiestaware gnome from 1941, which was made using uranium. Seriously? (Seriously.) A collector had stolen the gnome from him, but in the end it was a former coworker and lover who accidentally killed the victim, pushing a fan at him in the struggle that ensued after she tried to force him out into the sunlight. And that, my friends, was Booth and Brennan’s last case together. Well, their last case together for a year, at least…

Booth and Brennan: Bones is our first offender, getting so jazzed up about super important ancient remains found in the Maluku Islands that she’s distracted from the case, even making mistakes. (I know!) She at first claims to be questioning if the work she’s doing at the Jeffersonian is “worthless” compared to a historic dig, but then confesses that she just needs a break: “I’m worried all the time. Worried that Booth might get hurt on a case and I couldn’t prevent it, worried about what our partnership means … I just need some perspective so that I can view my life with objectivity.” Okay, that’s actually quite the admission on Brennan’s part, and absence makes the heart grow stronger, right?

When Brennan is asked to head up the project, she refuses to make a decision before talking to Booth, her partner. His mouth says “It’s okay,” but his lack of eye contact speaks volumes, so much so that even Brennan picks up on it. Booth, however, is himself being courted by the Army to train soldiers in Afghanistan. With Parker encouraging him to go be a hero he decides to bail on DC as well, rather than do his job without Brennan.

Brennan hopes they’ll pick up where they left off after a year, but Booth reminds her that things evolve over time. I wonder if he’s hoping they’ll evolve in a certain direction while they’re apart, or if he’s given up hope and is escaping into the Army as a distraction.

Caroline dispenses a lot of tough love, insisting that they clear the case before they leave and then confronting them after they protest that it won’t be their last case: “Trust me. The way you two are running from each other, you’d better be damn sure of these little trips you’re taking.” One of these days Caroline is just going to snap and lock Booth and Brennan in a room together until she hears naughty noises through the door, I swear to god. When Sweets suggests that solving the case might make them want to stay, Caroline tells him to “grow the hell up.” Awww, the anger is just her special way of expressing how much she cares about those two.

At the airport, Brennan says all her other goodbyes and looks for Booth as her flight boards. Suddenly he’s there, looking quite dashing in his Army uniform — he had to sneak off the base to say goodbye. Man, they beg you to come back and then they make you sneak out to say goodbye to the partner you left for them? Sort of? Harsh! He tells her to be really careful in the jungle, and she points out how much more dangerous Afghanistan is, telling him not to be a hero … not to be himself. Great line. Loving, but not overtly so.

It looks like Booth is going to kiss her, but instead he grabs Brennan’s hand and tells her that they’ll meet at the reflecting pool in one year — she knows exactly the spot he’s talking about, of course. He reluctantly lets go of her hand and they both walk away, and then both look back, so sadly. At this point I maaay have yelled something along the lines of “Why are they doing this?!?!” at my television.

Sweets and Daisy: Daisy has also been offered a spot on the dig in Indonesia, much to Sweets’ dismay. And she probably doesn’t make things better by saying her career means “everything” to her, and suggesting he become a pearl diver. Hodgins, always the romantic, thinks Sweets should go, but Sweets isn’t sure he wants to give up his entire life like that. Dude. It’s a year on a tropical island. You’re a supergenius with like twelve degrees — I’m pretty sure you could get your job back after a sabbatical.

And so he not only doesn’t go with her — he also thinks it’s best that they not wait for each other. Um, seriously? Weren’t they engaged? Even if he won’t follow her to Indonesia, he can’t spend a year doing the long-distance thing with the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life? Sweets, Sweets, Sweets.

A) I now question any advice he’s ever given as a psychologist, and B) He really does need to grow the hell up. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the woman he loved! Maybe this is karmic repayment for Daisy suggesting to Brennan that she and Booth might be holding each other back. (…Or maybe Sweets was just looking for an excuse to get out.)

Hodgins and Angela: Angela’s dad is back, and he recruits Hodgins to steal his car from some bikers who won it in a card game. Angry dogs are involved, but Sweets mesmerizes them with his mad cat-imitation skills. Awesome. The whole thing was sort of a test, and after Angela’s dad and Hodgins escape (sans Sweets), her dad gives Hodgins the car as a sort of “welcome to the family” present.

He won’t be using it for a while, though, because Hodgins and Angela are headed to Paris for a year rather than break in a new agent and anthropologist. So … it’s just Cam and the NotZacks at the Jeffersonian? Bummer for Cam…

Odds and Ends:

  • This really felt like a series finale, didn’t it? I’m still processing, and reeaallly not looking forward to having to wait around all summer!
  • No matter how you all feel about it, can we agree that it surpassed the extremely low bar that was last season’s finale?
  • Operating under the assumption that the show will skip forward a year, I’m interested to see how the characters change. I honestly think it’s a pretty good excuse to shake things up in that department without changing the cast around too much (cough”House”cough).
  • I will note, however, that I don’t want Booth to turn into a cannibal’s disciple after returning from the Army. (And speaking of returning, is it optimistic of Booth to think that the Army would let him come back after a year?)
  • It looks like Brennan’s headed toward a revelation of her own, but I wonder if Booth will still feel the same way a year from now, or at least feel so motivated to act on his feelings. A lot can happen in a year…
  • No mention of Hacker or CatFish, for the record.
  • There’s a Ramen spectroscope? I feel like there’s a really great noodle joke in there, but I can’t quite get to it.
  • Loved that Hodgins gave Brennan a guide to everything poisonous in Indonesia, but I loved Brennan’s “I love you, too” reaction even more. Seems Booth told her that “the proffering of overly solicitous advice is indicative of love.” Ha! And aww!


  • Cam: “I think I’ll be happier downstairs with the dead stuff.”
  • Brennan: “You didn’t look like buddies.” Booth: “What, all of a sudden you can tell stuff like that now?”
  • Hodgins: “I’m so turned on by her brain … I’d like to see her brain totally naked.” Sweets: “That’s a terrible image. Just terrible.”
  • Sweets: “Mr. Adventure is here, and ready to kick some biker ass.” Cam: “Please don’t explain.”
  • Suspect: “Would you mind turning him around?” Booth: “Why? Because the gnome knows what you did, and you don’t like him staring at you with his soulful little eyes?”
  • Angela’s dad: “It’s been my experience that if you drive at ’em, people get out of the way.”
  • Brennan: “I can provide you with a list of forensic anthropologists who can do this job.” Cam: “No, Dr. Brennan, you can provide me with a list of forensic anthropologists.” Brennan: “I don’t know what that means.”
  • Cam: “I’ve really enjoyed working for you, Dr. Brennan.” Brennan: “In fact, Dr. Saroyan, I worked for you.” Cam: “We both know better.”

The CW’s Fall 2010 Schedule: One Tree Hill Renewed for Season 8!

CW Shows – Sell Sheet Posters from Upfronts

Breaking: The CW’s new fall schedule


Image Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/The CW; Brian Bowen Smith/The CW; Frank Ockenfels/The CWThe CW just unveiled its 2010-11 schedule and here are the highlights: 90210 is shifting to Monday (paired with Gossip Girl), One Tree Hill is moving to Tuesday (paired with Life Unexpected), Supernatural is relocating to Friday (paired with Smallville), and new actioner Nikita has nabbed the plum post Vampire Diaries slot on Thursday. The complete schedule is below.

8:00-9:00 PM  90210 (New Night)
9:00-10:00 PM GOSSIP GIRL

8:00-9:00 PM  ONE TREE HILL (New Night)
9:00-10:00 PM LIFE UNEXPECTED (New Night)

9:00-10:00 PM HELLCATS (New Series)

9:00-10:00 PM NIKITA (New Series)

8:00-9:00 PM  SMALLVILLE
9:00-10:00 PM SUPERNATURAL (New Night)

Bones Season 6 Spoilers: Big Changes!

Exclusive: ‘Bones’ boss promises ‘big changes’ next season

Bones-finaleImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxSPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch tonight’s Bones finale, stop reading now. I repeat, if you have yet to watch tonight’s Bones finale, stop reading now. For the last time, if you have yet to watch tonight’s Bones finale, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward…

A word about the season finale of Bones, in which the entire Jeffersonian team — Booth and Brennan included — split up: whoa! That said, let’s ask executive producer Stephen Nathan one of the only two questions you have — and since “WTF?” is rather a rude query, I’m going with, “Okay, what next?”

“The start of the season will have Booth and Brennan meeting [12 months later] at the coffee cart, and the series will start again… though on very different footing,” he says. “There will be big changes.”

Big as in, maybe B&B don’t come back alone big? “Perhaps not alone,” Nathan teases, adding, “There’s a potential for a new recurring character or two next season.”

But don’t freak — or try not to, he pleads. When the Jeffersonian team reassembles, your favorite characters will all be there, and they’ll “be the same people, [just] with one solid year of independent life under their belts. So when they see each other again, they will be different.

“Our intention was to really shake things up,” Nathan continues, “so that we don’t just come back with the same dynamic.”

Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Recap: “Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends”

Grey’s Anatomy season finale recap, hour one, Sanctuary: Seattle Grace turns into a war zone

Source: entertainment.gather.com

Meredith Grey loves the hospital. “Correction: loved it here,” she says. The halls of Seattle Grace are no longer safe, Meredith tells everyone in her voice-over in the Season 6 finale of Grey’s Anatomy on May 20, 2010. Within the first 10 minutes of the show, the shooter–Mr. Gary Clark–has taken control of the hospital, shooting down surgeons and anyone who gets in his way.

[WARNING: RECAP below. SPOILERS! Don’t read if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know what happened! ]

Mr. Clark has appeared a few times on Grey’s, most recently when he brought a lawsuit against the hospital and Chief Derek Shepherd for “killing” his wife by pulling the plug.

“I’m the man,” Mr. Clark says. “I let you decide that she should die… but I’m a man now.” He also thinks he’s God, taking the life of everyone in the hospital into his hands, even as he says surgeons are like God, handing out judgement over who should live and who should die.

But not everyone knows that there’s a shooter in the hospital. Arizona and Callie fight, letting out all their grievances against one another; Arizona doesn’t trust her, Callie doesn’t want to change for her when Arizona isn’t willing to change either. Bailey takes care of patient Mary, played by Mandy Moore, who is receiving a blood transfusion. Hunt and Teddy Altman try to save Pete, a man shot after he got into a car accident; and Cristina is through with Hunt, or so she says. Then there’s Meredith, who has just learned she’s pregnant, and she’s actually happy.

But before she can tell Shepard, the hospital goes on lock-down–meaning no one is supposed to leave the area they are currently in.

Mr. Clark goes through the hospital, constantly getting turned around. No one seems willing to help him, and he’s clearly not thinking clearly. When Mercy-Wester pixie Reed won’t help Clark find the Chief, he shoots her right in the forehead. Karev hears the shot, and he’s shot in his side, left for dead.

As the hour one season finale Sanctuary progresses, everyone is at risk and everyone is trying to save lives.

Lexie and Mark find Karev in the elevator and try to save him on the conference room table. Bailey tries to save Percy, while Mary lends a hand. And then Clark finds Shepherd on the catwalk. The episode has been tense and dramatic all the way through, but this time Clark doesn’t just shoot mindlessly. He talks to Derek, giving Meredith and Cristina the chance to find him–but the friends can’t do anything to help.

Shepherd tries to talk Clark down, talking about why he became a doctor–to save lives after he saw his own father shot down in cold blood. But Clark’s sympathy is forgotten as soon as Shepherd’s assistant April rushes forward. Shepherd is shot, and Clark runs away, like the coward he really is.

But that’s just the first hour. Clark was going after Shepherd, but he wasn’t the only one Clark holds responsible for his wife’s death…. Who else is he after?

Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Recap, Hour Two, Death and All His Friends: Live or die, choices

The second hour of the Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 season finale, Death and All His Friends, is even more intense than the first. Derek is dying, but in the voice-over he says life is all about choices.

Prior to the season finale, Shonda Rhimes had teased that Cristina and Meredith would be performing the most important surgeries of their lives, and she wasn’t kidding.

But wait, there’s more. (And yes, I know you want to know about Shepherd, but the show made us wait, so I’ll make you wait, too). Bailey does all she can to save Percy, but the elevators are shut off and there’s nothing more she can do but wait with him.

Karev’s life depends on Mark and Lexie. In gasping breaths, he tells Mark that he should live life more fully, meaning: eat more bacon and have more sex. But that’s one of the few light moments of the show. Lexie goes to get more supplies; when she leaves the room, she encounters Mr. Clark.

Mr. Clark knows who she is, because Lexie was one of the three people he had planned to kill. Why? She physically pulled the plug on his wife. He also came to get the chief, as well as the attending doctor, Dr. Weber. But before he can shoot Lexie, SWAT shoots Clark. In the most unbelievable part of the hour, Clark manages to disappear back into Seattle Grace without SWAT running after him, and his path of destruction continues.

Meanwhile, with Hunt and Altman already escorted outside, Cristina is the only cardio surgeon there to save the Chief and her best friend’s husband. She forces Meredith to sit outside the surgery room and not to look. In Ellen Pompeo’s best acting ever, she tells April, “It took me a long time to find him… My best friend’s hands are inside his chest. You don’t get to cry about that.”

Owen Hunt chooses Cristina, and he foolishly rushes back into the hospital to find her. Instead, he finds Clark in the surgery room, holding a gun to Cristina’s head as she operates. Clark demands she stop, but he doesn’t shoot Shepherd again, even though he could end it right there. Rather, he wants to control everyone in the room as he has for the entire show.

In the most heart-wrenching moment of the entire two-hour season finale, Meredith bursts into the room, asking Clark to kill her. Eye for an eye, she says. She’s Lexie’s sister. She’s like a daughter to Dr. Weber. She’s the Chief’s wife. Clark hesitates, giving Hunt the chance to jump at him… but he’s not quick enough. Clark shoots him, too.

Avery, assisting Cristina, tells Cristina to stop, to raise her hands before Clark shoots again… he proves that Shepherd is dead when the heart monitor line goes flat, and Clark walks out of the room, satisfied and ready to find Dr. Weber. Meredith cries out, falls to the floor–and then Avery reconnects Shepherd to the machine. As Cristina finishes working on Shepherd, Meredith helps Hunt, and then after all that stress, it’s no surprise when she miscarries.

But it still isn’t over. Dr. Weber thinks he’s still in charge, and he manages to get into the hospital. He gives Clark a choice, since he has one bullet left: “Life in prison or an afterlife with your wife.” The Chief isn’t afraid to die: “Death is not justice but end of a beautiful journey.”

A single shot rings out and then SWAT finally shows for real.

Shepherd’s voice-over repeats the theme of the hour. “Human life is made up of choices. And it’s not always in her hands.”

This was an amazing season finale, one of the best in the six seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. There’s no cliffhanger like last year–will Izzie and/or George live?–but I don’t care about that. This season finale brought people together, just as it tore them apart by death.

Recap – Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Finale

Wow. Now that is what I call a powerful season ender we have with Grey’s Anatomy 6.23 and 6.24. From the opening ten minutes before the first commercial break to the very end we are taken on an emotional roller coaster, and we see no one was safe from the shooter tonight. We learn quickly that the shooter is a grieving man we have seen before a couple of times this season – Gary Clark. This is the husband of the woman that died after an operation by Webber and Lexie. She was DNR, so Derek didn’t allow heroic measures to save. This made the man sue the hospital. A lawsuit he lost, and this is his revenge. He comes to the hospital with the intentions of shooting Lexie, Derek and Webber. However, he doesn’t find them, and in his search for these three he shoots many others. He shoots surgeons, nurses and hospital security as he makes his way from floor to floor. The first to die is Reed. He also shoots Alex and Charles, and by the time he is through he finds Derek and shoots him.

Alex lives and Charles lives for some time, but Bailey sees he will die when they can’t get him to an operating room. She sits with him and her patient Mary, played by guest star Mandy Moore, and stays with him until he dies. His last request is he wants Reed to know he loved her. He doesn’t know she has died. Alex also has a moment where he thinks Lexie is Izzie, and he practically begs her not to leave him ever again. This is after Lexie told him she loved him in front of Sloan. We all know Sloan was trying to win her back, but he puts his focus into saving Alex. The shooter does have some kind of heart though.

He doesn’t shoot some. He lets April go. He doesn’t shoot Yang, but he does threaten to do it when he finds her in the operating room trying to repair the damage he did to Derek. Meredith even tries to divert the shooter’s attention to her. She gives up herself, but Cristina says to the shooter that he shouldn’t shoot a pregnant woman. This moment is chaos, and Owen is shot. It is a small round though. Straight through the shoulder. Meredith goes to work on him, and while she is doing this – she has a miscarriage. Webber goes into the hospital. He was out when the shooter came in, and he is the one that finds Gary Clark. Gary’s plan was to shoot Webber, and then himself. There is a problem though. He only has one bullet left. Webber taunts him into making a decision. We aren’t shown that decision, but we see Webber walking and that tells us what happened. The man shot himself. Alex makes it, and once Yang performs surgery and completes it – Derek is also saved. A powerful episode full of emotion. What will happen next season? Will the hospital ever be the same?

Exclusive: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ boss answers your burning season finale questions

Meredith-greys-anatomyImage Credit: Scott Garfield/ABCSPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy finale, stop reading now. I repeat, if you have yet to watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy finale, stop reading now. For the last time, if you have yet to watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward…

Say what you will about Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes (Baby killer! McDreamy shooter! Nightmare inflictor!), but the woman knows how to write a finale. Last night’s season 6 climax — in which a crazed gunman terrorized Seattle Grace for the better part of two hours — had 15 million viewers (yours truly among them) biting their nails down to nubs while convulsing on the edge of their seats. When the dust settled, there were two significant deaths, one tragic miscarriage, and roughly 100 nagging questions. In this exclusive interview, Rhimes tackles the 20 most popular.

So what have the last 18 hours been like for you? I know you were nervous about this episode.
I was. I was very nervous because I felt like what was coming wasn’t territory that we’d ever covered before, and I didn’t know how the audience was going to take it. I feel like I got a lot of really good responses from it, and I feel like it was an emotional ride for everybody. I wanted it to feel a little bit like a stand-alone movie, and I think it did.

One of the most controversial aspects of the finale was Meredith’s miscarriage. Did you ever consider a different outcome?
If she didn’t have the miscarriage, she wouldn’t have been pregnant at the beginning of the episode.

So the pregnancy was all about the miscarriage?
It wasn’t necessarily all about the [miscarriage], but it was about Meredith Grey being truly happy. And for me, when you’re watching that storyline, when Meredith is having a miscarriage and she basically says, “I’m having a miscarriage. I need Lidocaine. Are you going to help me or not?,” you realize how incredibly strong she is and how badass she’s being in that moment. To me, that’s the hero moment. If you don’t have that moment you don’t really have the story of Meredith Grey.

At the end of the episode, she throws her positive pregnancy test in the trash. What did that symbolize?
The death of the exciting dream that she had been holding on to all day… I feel like you don’t ever know how much you want something until its been taken away from you. Meredith figured out in this episode how much she wanted to be with Derek, how much she wanted to be his wife, and how much she wanted to have his children.

You once said Mer and Der would never have children. Have you changed your mind about that?
[Long pause] Yes. I’ve written my way out of that I think.

So there may still be a baby in their future?
Definitely. For me, this is the beginning of the baby story.

I’m curious about the decision to end the episode with just Meredith, as opposed to Meredith at Derek’s bedside.
The [episode] was not about aftermath. And to me, to see Meredith and Derek happy with everything and fine was a scene of aftermath.

Will the season premiere be about the immediate aftermath?
I don’t know.

So you haven’t decided whether there will be a time jump?
We’ve talked about it. We’ve talked about it endlessly. We’ve come up with 40 thousand different scenarios. The truth is, I’m exhausted. We just finished season 6. I don’t even want to think about season 7.

How does Meredith not revert back to dark and twisty Meredith after all of this?
I don’t know how she doesn’t, but she doesn’t. I think in a lot of ways Meredith has become the mother of the group. I don’t think there’s a lot of room for dark and twisty when everybody’s been affected. We joke a lot in the writers’ room that because Meredith’s childhood was so damaging, in a way, she’s better equipped to handle this stuff than anybody else.

How did you arrive at the decision to kill off Reed and Charles?
It was both really easy and really hard. We’ve been layering in these people all season, and I wanted you to feel comfortable with them and their personalities. I also really wanted [to lose] people who we barely knew. It’s sort of like what Charles says to Bailey: “I know you really didn’t like me.” And Bailey says, “Oh, I liked you.” And then he’s gone. By the time we fell in love with him, he was gone.

Did you ever think, In order to do this story justice, I need to kill off a major character?
No, because — and I said this before the episode ever aired — this was not about who lived and who died. To me, it was about what was gained and what was lost. The real death of the episode is the miscarriage.

Had Katherine Heigl not left the show, what role would Izzie have played in the finale? Would she have been killed?
I have no idea.


Talk to me about the decision to have Alex call out for Izzie after he was shot.
I really wanted to find a way to deal with how much Alex is missing Izzie. And it felt really poignant to me that if he was lying on a table dying he’d be calling for her.

Lexie confessed her love for Alex, but some fans aren’t buying it. She didn’t really make a decision between Alex and Mark in that moment, did she?
I don’t think she could have possibly made a decision in that moment. The thing I think is interesting is that Alex definitely made his decision. So I don’t necessarily know that there’s a triangle there. When Alex called for Izzie — when in your hour of need you’re calling for another woman — I think he made his decision. So I don’t think there’s a triangle.

In other words, hope is very much alive for Mark and Lexie?
Yes, there’s definitely hope.

Let’s shift gears to the actual crisis itself. I get that there’s a certain suspension of disbelief that comes with stories like this. But I don’t get why the SWAT team didn’t take the gunman out after they shot him the first time. It looked like they easily could have gotten a second shot in there.
They didn’t have a clear shot of him again.

But he was just laying there on the floor.
But Lexie was in between them. And then she got up and was still in between them. And she’s running away and he’s running away at the same time. So I don’t see that they could have gotten a clear shot.

Fans are joking that Seattle has the worst SWAT team in the country.
That’s a shame because we have these super awesome SWAT guys who talked us through everything. And we had a meeting in which I said, “Seriously, it would be five guys in a group searching [the entire] hospital? That sounds crazy to me.” And they said that’s how it works. And for me, it made it so much more horrible because that hospital is enormous. And the idea that just five guys are going to save them is ridiculous on so many levels, and yet, that’s how it works. When you’re looking for a shooter, you don’t have a bunch of people all spread out apparently.

Jessica Capshaw is pregnant in real life. Arizona decides at the end of the episode that she wants to have kids with Callie. Is there a connection there?
No — although I love that Jessica is pregnant. I feel like every year we have to have somebody on the show who’s pregnant and we have to hide the pregnancy. It’s what we do now.

So the pregnancy won’t be written into the storyline?

Where was Bailey’s beau Ben in this episode?
Ben was not working that day. There was a great debate in the writers’ room that we should have Bailey say something about Ben not working. And I felt like, no, we only see Ben sporadically as it is. He’s not at work that day. And I didn’t want to spend time — because we have so little of it and I had to leave 18 minutes on the cutting room floor —  chatting about where Ben was. I felt like you knew Ben wasn’t there because you didn’t see him there. [But] I think there’s going to [fallout] about that later.

So we’ll see some resolution there — even though Jason George (Ben) is on your new show, Off the Map?
I hope so.

You mentioned in your blog post about the finale that April and Jackson are “part of the tribe now.” What did you mean exactly?
For the purpose of story — because I don’t write things thinking, What are the business decisions going on in the background — April and Jackson have really been folded into the group.

I understand no official decision has been made about Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams becoming series regulars next season, but, at this point, can any argument be made against it happening?
I don’t have one. Do you?

I don’t.
I don’t have one either.

Creatively, do you want them to stick around?
I do. It’ll depend on what the studio and the network decide to do with those actors, but I fully advocate to have them.

Kim Raver has already been upgraded to a series regular, but some are questioning Teddy’s future now that Owen has chosen Cristina.
This whole idea that Teddy only exists [as part of a triangle is ludicrous]. Teddy is Cristina’s teacher. Derek would be dead if Cristina had not had Teddy around. That’s how I look at it. I will say it again, the studio and network have to renew everyone’s options, and they have not done so yet. But it is my intention that we will see Teddy next year.

When Owen chose Cristina, he really chose her, right?
Yes. He definitely chose her.

So that triangle is, for all intents and purposes, over.
That triangle is done.

But Cristina broke up with Owen in that episode.
That is true.

So they’re not technically together.
I tried really hard to get in an Owen-Cristina scene where he holds her after Derek survived. But all my [medical advisers] kept saying, “If Owen holds Cristina, she can no longer operate on Derek. She’s become unsterile.” There was a big fight about it and finally I had to go with “the look.” And I felt like Sandra [Oh] and Kevin [McKidd] adequately and brilliantly portrayed in “the look” that there was still something there.

You previously teased this episode as a game-changer. How has the game been changed?
Here’s why I said that: When you face a situation like this — when the entire hospital has turned into a crime scene — everyone you know has faced life or death. It’s an incredibly traumatic event. Everything you knew, believed, felt, and required of the characters in terms of what their stories have been or what you believed about them no longer exists. Part of what’s interesting about next season is that we can start anywhere — in any emotional state — and almost anything can happen because we just came out of this. It’s not like tomorrow they come back being the exact same characters. They’re all sort of fundamentally changed.

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Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap: “Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends”

Grey’s Anatomy

In the two-hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, a gunman terrorizes Seattle Grace, killing surgeons and anyone else standing in his way of finding his one target: Derek Shepherd. Meanwhile, Meredith has some big news for Derek that may alter their future.

“For most people, the hospital is a scary place,” Meredith kicks off the episode by saying in voice-over.” A hostile place. A place where bad things happen,” she continues as we see montages of Alex and Lexie catching some sleep in the on-call room, a woman mourning over the death of a loved one, and Richard explaining to a waitress that he’s now been sober for six months.

“Most people would prefer church or school or home,” she says as we see Callie and Cristina both crying into their cereal over their failed relationships.

“But I grew up here,” she adds as she takes a pregnancy test. “While my mom was on rounds, I learned to read in the O.R. gallery, I played in the morgue, I colored with crayons on old E.R. charts. The hospital was my church, my school, my home. The hospital was my safe place, my sanctuary.”

And as she learns that she is pregnant, she says, “I love it here. Correction, I loved it here.” And we get our first glimpse of the shooter: Gary Clark, the man whose wife died in the hospital after Derek made the decision to pull the plug.

Meredith reveals the news of her pregnancy to Cristina. Not wanting to ruin the moment, Cristina says she’s fine about the Teddy-Owen situation and urges Mer to go reveal the big news to Derek. However, Der’s a bit flummoxed at the time with paperwork, so she wants to wait until that night. “There’s going to be a lot of dirty sex for you tonight,” she says.

In the shooter’s first failed attempt to find Derek, Alex shoots him down, telling him to find a nurse. We then zoom in on Arizona’s storyline, as one of her patients has appendicitis. She has plans to go into surgery later that day. Arizona then has her first run-in with Callie, who scorns her with the silent treatment. Speaking of problems, Owen is now practically shunned by both Cristina and Teddy. More on that later.

Elsewhere, we meet Bailey’s new patient, Mary (played by Mandy Moore), who will be unable to go into surgery yet. So unfortunately, she has to have a colostomy bag for another day. Since she’s not going to have surgery, her husband (played by Ryan Devlin) runs out to get her some real food.

Nurse Tyler tries to keep a woman out of her husband’s E.R. room. After getting into a car accident, the patient got out to give his information, but the guy shot him and drove off. (Who else is betting that Gary Clark was the guy?) Owen allows the woman to say goodbye to her husband, much to Teddy’s chagrin, who insists there isn’t enough time. When Cristina gets upset she won’t be joining in the surgery, Owen interjects, with Cristina snapping back.

Another failed attempt for Gary Clark to find the chief leads him into a storage room in the hospital. He asks Reed where Derek is, but she insists that she’s busy, even going so far as to say she’s a doctor, not a tour guide. Lesson of the day: Don’t be rude. Just as she snippily rattles on, Gary shoots her between the eyes.

Alex hears the gun shot and comes to see what’s going on. He takes a bullet in the side of the chest before Gary moves on. Alex crawls down the hall to the elevator, but he’s in no capacity to push a button and be discovered by anyone.

After Cristina gives Teddy an update during surgery, Owen offers for her to scrub in, but she declines. He leaves the surgery to confront her anger, and it escalates into a full-on breakup. “Do you love her or do you love me?” Oops, don’t take that long to answer Owen. “I’m done, we’re done,” Cris says before walking away.

Next lesson of the day: Watch where you’re walking. While April is writing in her notebook, she trips over Reed’s body, breaking her nose when she lands. But she notices there’s way too much blood to be from her nose, and then turns to see Reed’s dead body. She rushes to Derek’s office, spluttering on that she never knew there could be so much blood in a human body. She finally reveals the Reed was shot in the head, leading Derek to call the police and institute a lockdown on the hospital.

Gary’s next attempt to find Derek comes when he’s in the elevator with Cristina. Unknowingly, Cristina describes exactly where Derek’s office is…Oh Cristina, if you only knew. Thankfully, Gary is pleased by this information and doesn’t put a bullet in Cris.

At the coffee shop, Richard notices hordes of police cruisers heading in the hospital’s direction. Just as he runs out, we see Callie making her way to the pediatric wing. Perfect timing, they’re now on lockdown, which means Callie and Arizona will be stuck on the same floor for quite a while.

Derek makes his way to the O.R. and tasks Avery with breaking the news to Teddy and Owen about the lockdown, but Avery must wait until the patient is stable. Avery has a heartbreaking moment as his hand proceeds to shake in surgery, but he can’t reveal to Teddy and Owen why. Once it is revealed later, Owen and Teddy volunteer to take the patient through the dangerous halls, lest the patient die in the O.R.

As Mark tells Lexie he misses her, the gunman finally shoots in a public place, killing a nurse and sending everyone into a frenzy. Mark pulls Lexie over to the elevators to try to get her out of harm’s way, but when they push the button, the door opens to a passed out Alex.

As Richard tries to get past the police to get into the hospital, we zoom over to Mark and Lexie bringing Alex’s body into a conference room. Alex can’t be moved because he’s losing too much blood; there was no exit wound for his injury. “I’m going to kick that guy’s a– when I see him,” Alex says through gritted teeth.

Cristina and Meredith wander through the hospital (come on!) on their way to find Derek to finally tell him the good news. Mer says that Cris will be the godmother to their child, meaning if Mer and Der die, Cris has to take care of the baby. “I have to admit, I kind of hope you and Derek die just a little bit,” says Cris. Seriously? Derek finds them, pushing them into a storage closet before revealing that there’s a shooter loose in the hospital.

Mary can tell something is wrong with Dr. Bailey, though just as she’s questioning her, Dr. Percy comes rushing in. He reveals that there’s a shooter in the hospital and that he’s on their floor. Bailey peeks into the hallway to see Gary kill a security guard. She instructs Percy to hide in the bathroom and Mary to play dead as she jumps under the bed to hide.

Gary comes in their room and loses it further at the sight of Mary’s seemingly dead body. He hears Percy in the bathroom and asks him if he’s a surgeon. Next lesson of the day: Don’t say yes to that question! He shoots him in the stomach, and then pulls Bailey from beneath the bed. Thankfully Bailey learned today’s lesson and says she’s a nurse. Gary reloads his gun and apologizes for the mess before walking out.

As Lexie and Mark work on Alex, he screams out in pain. Mark tells her to shut him up, but her shushing doesn’t work. She finally sticks gauze in his mouth to damper the screams from attracting the gunman’s attention. Lexie later volunteers to get Alex blood for a transfusion, sending her into the dangerous hallways of Seattle Grace.

Back at the peds wing, Arizona calls Callie out for being rude to her. Callie retorts that she tried to be her friend, but she’d rather hate her guts instead. Arizona says she’s not the bad guy and that Callie may just be in love with love, and never actually loved her. They’re interrupted by Arizona’s appendicitis patient, who will need surgery immediately.

Bailey enlists Mary’s help with trying to treat Dr. Percy. Bailey suddenly notices water on the gauze she just put on the wound. “Dr. Bailey, you’re crying,” Mary says. (Chandra Wilson is amazing!) “We’re all going to fine,” Bailey says, but Percy pleads with her to be honest with him. She says he’s not going to die, but even I’m starting to get worried here.

Still being stuck in the storage room is about to be a problem for Cristina and Meredith, who says that she’s been suffering morning sickness around this same time every day. Cris sees the shooter going down the hallway and figures out that he’s hunting for Derek. Cue Mer puking.

The moment we’ve been dreading: Gary has finally found Derek on the cat walk. Derek tries to explain to him that everyone makes mistakes, that Derek knows Gary is actually a good man. All the while, Meredith and Cristina look on from across the hospital, with the latter holding Mer back.

Finally, Gary lowers his gun and we breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, April has the worst timing ever as she runs out of Derek’s office, elated that he’s OK. Gary takes this opportunity to shoot Derek in the chest.

The second hour opens on April rattling off her life story in hopes that Gary will not shoot her as well. Gary tells her to run, leaving Derek to bleed out on the cat walk. The gunman also has to make his exit as he sees the SWAT team enter the hospital.

Meanwhile, Cristina tries to keep Meredith in the storage room, but you can’t keep a wife from her hubby. She forcefully knocks Cris out of the way before running into the dangerous halls.

Speaking of, Teddy notes that it’s ridiculous that she and Owen have survived wars and now they have to worry about a gunman in their hospital. She also says that Owen loves both she and Cristina and he must choose, but he declines, saying he’s choosing neither.

As Richard yells at the police for not having enough information, various 911 calls come in from Miranda, Owen, Mark, and Cristina, who exclaim that Derek has been shot. As Meredith is trying to keep Derek conscious, Cris says that Derek is going to need surgery. Enlisting April’s help, they move Derek down to the O.R.

Lexie comes face-to-face with Gary while getting blood and supplies for Alex. She’s one of the few doctors who actually knows who he is. He reveals that his original plan was to only kill Derek, Richard and Lexie. Before he can shoot her, a SWAT team member shoots him in the chest, beckoning Lexie to run. When she makes it back to the room, she blames herself for Alex being shot and says that she loves him, much to Mark’s dismay.

As Callie and Arizona treat the appendicitis patient, Gary enters the pediatrics wing. To stop Gary from harming anyone, Callie offers him bandages and asks him to leave. (Could anyone tell what Arizona was whispering while using her body as a shield over her patient?) Callie calms the patient by saying Arizona is the best doctor to fix her up, and the ice thaws between the two.

Derek promises Mer he’s not going to die, as Cris and April go on the hunt to find Teddy. After Cris calms April down, they find Jackson, who decides that Cristina will have to operate on Derek. Cris tells Mer she’s not allowed in the surgery, enlisting April’s help to keep Mer in check.

Delusional from his loss of blood, Alex thinks Lexie is actually Izzie and begs her not to leave him again. Thankfully, SWAT shows up and is able to clear them out of the hospital.

Owen and Teddy make it out of the hospital with their patient, just as Richard finds a way of getting back in. After being patted down, Teddy realizes defeat in her relationship with Owen, and urges him to go back into the hospital to get his girl.

Meredith tells April that she’s not allowed to cry over Derek, that it took her forever to find love and concede to opening her heart to someone. “Reed was my best friend. She died today,” April says as Mer takes her hand.

Back to Percy, who has no chance of living if he doesn’t get to an O.R.  Bailey and Mary drag him to the elevator, but SWAT has already shut it down. Bailey finally loses it, screaming to the heavens in frustration. She admits to Percy that he is going to die, but he won’t be alone. He asks that they tell Reed he was really in love with her and dies in Bailey’s arms soon thereafter.

Owen finally arrives to Cristina’s O.R., but asks Meredith to stay put. Gary is already in there with a gun to Cristina’s head, yelling for her to stop trying to save Derek. “This is the woman that I love,” Owen says. “You shoot her, you touch her, and I will kill you.”

“Shoot me,” yells Meredith, explaining that Lexie is her sister, Richard is the closest thing he has to family and Derek is her husband; if he wants to hurt any of them, he should shoot her. “I’m your eye for an eye,” she says. Before Gary can shoot, Cristina reveals that Meredith is pregnant. With his guard slightly down, Owen tries to jump in, but is shot in the chest.

Jackson and Cristina immediately stop working on Derek, with Jackson telling Gary that he’ll die in moments. Meredith cries out, but the heart monitor goes dead, along with Derek. Once Gary leaves, Jackson reattaches the monitor leads. Yay, Derek is not dead! Thankfully, neither is Owen. Cristina yells to Meredith to take Owen across the hall and save him.

As Meredith tries to save Owen, she suddenly has a miscarriage, but can’t let that stand in the way of her mission. It’s so tragic, but at least now Meredith knows she wants to have a child, so I have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of that next season.

Richard roams the halls, finally coming face-to-face with Gary Clark. Apparently, in Seattle you can buy a gun really easily, Gary explains. He bought a ton of ammunition in preparation of coming there, but couldn’t fit it all because he wanted to bring his flask, which leaves him with only one bullet left.

Gary’s choice is to either kill himself or kill Richard, who declines to take a drink from Gary’s flask before pouring it out. “What’s it going to be Mr. Clark. Me or You?” Richard ponders, explaining that Gary’s options are really only going to prison or living in the afterlife with his wife. “I’ve lived,” Richard pushes, saying that death would just be “the end of a beautiful journey.” We don’t quite get to see the ending, but Gary is out of the picture.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Alex is fine, with Lexie clearly choosing him over Mark. The same can’t initially be said for Derek, who codes on the table. Mary finally reunites with her husband, as Bailey tries to hunt down Dr. Reed and deliver Percy’s final message. Arizona says to Callie that they’ll have tons of kids; all she wants to do is be with her.

Cristina Yang for the win: She saves Derek’s life, as Mer breathes a sigh of relief. The episode closes on Meredith throwing her pregnancy test in the trash before going to see her husband.

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