Desperate Housewives Season 7 Spoilers: Baby Switch, Whose? & Paul Young Returns!

Desperate Housewives – Secrets From The New Season

“Desperate Housewives” returns for its seventh season this fall and Executive Producer Marc Cherry tells ET, “The secrets get darker, the action gets juicier and I am going to try to make it sexier!”

ET was on Wisteria Lane as the seventh season began filming to get the inside scoop on what lies ahead for Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker), Bree (Marcia Cross), Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Lynette (Felicity Huffman).

“What we start to deal with in the first episode is the ramifications of something we have been holding back for six seasons,” Marc says. “[Gaby] finally finds out that Andrew [Shawn Pyfrom] — Bree’s son — ran over her mother-in-law. That starts to affect their friendship in a major way.”

That hit-and-run accident may be old news, but there will be another hit-and-run in the second episode of the new season, putting the two families into conflict a second time.

The sexier action — and Marc jokes that Bree may have a red bra in her future — will be added by Brian Austin Green, who will be a working-class guy who becomes Bree’s new love interest.

Also joining the cast this season is Vanessa Williams, who will be playing the wife of a professional athlete who is having marital problems.

“She has money and style but her background is different [than Gabby’s],” Marc says. “We are introducing her as Lynette’s best frenemy from college, so she comes and shines some light on Lynette’s choices. It is some of the best bitchy dialogue we have had on this show!”

Returning to Wisteria Lane after a term in prison is Paul Young [Mark Moses], who was framed by Felicia Tilman [Harriet Sansom Harris] for murder. Felicia disappeared after cutting off two of her fingers, making it appear as if Paul was responsible for her demise. Paul returned at the very end of season six, renting Susan and Mike’s [James Denton] house, now that finances have forced them to move into an apartment.

“We are going to find out how he was released from jail and that storyline will play out through the year,” Marc says.

And don’t be surprised if Betty White makes a visit to Wisteria Lane. She and Marc worked together on “Golden Girls,” and he says, “I adore Betty. If there is any way to do it, I would love to have Betty on the show. It is something that would make my heart very happy.”
“Desperate Housewives” returns for its seventh season on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m.
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Desperate Housewives – End Date is ‘in Negotiation’

“Desperate Housewives” doesn’t have a firm end date yet. It could in the relatively near future, though.

Creator Marc Cherry says that he can see the series lasting a couple more seasons, “but I don’t want to try and match ‘Gunsmoke’s’ record.”

“It’s in negotiation — that’s all I can tell you,” Cherry says of an end date for “Housewives.” “ABC is talking to people. … There are meetings going on with agents and stuff, but we’re just kind of here doing our work.”

Cherry has talked in the past about wanting to end the show after seven seasons; he later struck a deal to stay with the show through a ninth year, when his current deal with ABC Studios expires. (There have also been rumblings that the show might end after next season.)

He also says he hopes to keep the show’s principal cast of Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria Parker together until the end.

“That to me is absolutely the optimum,” Cherry says. “I’m aware that it’s very tricky to take beloved cast members [out of a show] when the premise of the show is it’s an ensemble. … So while I’m mindful that my gals have other careers going on, and they’re starting families and doing stuff like that — that they might have other interests that might take them away — my goal, and I’m going to work really hard, is to try to keep the core group together to the bitter end. I think that would be a lovely way to end the show.”

Season 7 of “Desperate Housewives” is set to premiere on Sunday, Sept. 26

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Desperate Housewives – Frenemies, Paul Young and clean-shaven Carlos in Season 7

The producers of “Desperate Housewives” aren’t giving up whose baby was switched or why exactly Paul Young is returning to Wisteria Lane, but they did share a good amount about what we’ll see in the first part of Season 7 during a set visit Tuesday (July 27).

Read on for details about Vanessa Williams’ and Brian Austin Green’s characters, Teri Hatcher’s “shady” new boss and more.

Lynette’s friend

Williams plays Renee Perry, Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) former college roommate who moves to Wisteria Lane after hitting a rough patch with her husband. “The have sort of a frenemy relationship,” executive producer Bob Daily says. “Renee had gone off to New York and married a very wealthy pro athlete, a baseball player. She’s always been a little more wealthy than Lynette, had more of a jet-set, no-kids kind of lifestyle. … We’ll continue to play that friend/bitter rival relationship with them.”

Adds Williams herself, “She’s very competitive with Lynette, and they’ve got — I wouldn’t say a tempestuous relationship, but it gets a little rough at times. A lot of people around the neighborhood notice how we go at it. But it’s also fun — Felicity loves it because she gets a chance to be funny. We have some nice quips.”

Bree’s man

Green has joined the cast as a contractor whom the newly single Bree (Marcia Cross) hires — and who soon becomes a person of interest on the lane. “She and [Renee] will go after him at the same time; there’s a little competition going on there,” Daily says. “But we’re really playing out what it’s like for Bree to be dating again after so long, and to be dating a younger, blue-collar guy.”

Paul’s return

The season will pick up pretty much right where last year left off, with Paul (Mark Moses) having just returned to the neighborhood. “He’s got a grudge against the neighborhood, he’s got a plan, he’s got a wife — we just cast the wife, Emily Bergl [‘Men in Trees’]. … She’s a woman who started corresponding with a convicted murderer in prison. They got married while he was still in, then she was surprised to find out he was released.”

Susan’s move

Last season’s end also saw Susan (Hatcher) move off Wisteria Lane, and she’ll be trying to figure out a way to move back. “We have her getting involved in a sort of shady Internet venture that’s run by Lainie Kazan,” who’s guesting in several episodes, Daily says. She’ll also be Paul’s landlord: “That’s going to be kind of an awkward relationship for everyone. … We play that for a lot of creepy comedy in the first couple episodes.

Other bits:

– Creator Marc Cherry says Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) will begin the season clean-shaven as a result of him doing a production of “A Streetcar Named Desire” over the hiatus. He asked Cherry if he should wear a fake goatee for a while, and Cherry said no, but “I hadn’t seen him for a while without it, and he looks like he’s 14 years old.”
– Cherry also says that now that Paul has returned, he’d like to see his son Zach (Cody Kasch) return as well. Nothing is in place yet, but Cherry hopes to book Kasch for later in the season.

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Desperate Housewives – Season 7 info

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Desperate Housewives – Season 7 – First Photo of Vanessa Williams

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Desperate Housewives – Article from Ausiello about Emily Bergl as Beth // <![CDATA[//

First Wilhelmina Slater. Then David Silver. Now Annie O’Donnell!
A Desperate Housewives insider confirms to me exclusively that Men in Trees‘ delightfully daffy Emily Bergl (a.k.a. Annie) is a breath away from landing the recurring role of Beth, the fragile soul who married Paul (Mark Moses) while he was behind bars. In season 7, she joins him on Wisteria Lane with a juicy secret.
No one ever just comes to that block with pie, do they?
So what do you think of all the DH newbies? Are you excited to see what Vanessa Williams, Brian Austin Green, and, hopefully, Bergl bring to the table? Or are you thinking, “Well, there goes the neighborhood”?
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Desperate Housewives – Season 7 – Spoiler // <![CDATA[//

Which lucky Desperate Housewife’s getting Brian Austin Green? Congratulations Ms. Marcia Cross!!! He’s all yours.
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Desperate Housewives – Season 7 Premiere Title // <![CDATA[//

The Season 7 Premiere of Desperate Housewives will be called “Remember Paul”

Desperate Housewives – Brian Austin Green Joins The Series // <![CDATA[//

It is no longer whispers among the housewives that Brian Austin Green will guest star on “Desperate Housewives”. It has been confirmed that the newly-wed has signed on for a multiple episode appearance when the show returns this Fall with the seventh season.
“The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum will play Keith, a new contractor and charming playboy who turns up the heat on Wisteria Lane,” so the description of his character reads. The show’s rep added that Keith is in his 30s and he catches the eye of some of the neighbors.
Green who married Megan Fox last month, had a recurring role on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” before it was canceled. He also portrays John Corben aka Metallo on “Smallville”.
ABC has just announced its Fall schedule and “Desperate Housewives” still occupies Sunday 9/8c slot. The first return episode airs September 26.
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Desperate Housewives – Info on Vanessa Williams’ character // <![CDATA[//

Vanessa Williams has inked a lucrative contract to stay within the ABC family as the newest of Wisteria Lane’s Desperate Housewives. Now here are the exclusive first details about a character that couldn’t be more different from Vanessa’s Ugly Betty witch, Wilhelmina Slater. First off, she sounds about as desperate as any housewife who has ever lived on the Lane.
Sources confirm to me exclusively that Vanessa will play Renee Filmore-Jones. She is an old college chum of Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman). They were rivals way back in the ’80s, and we can certainly expect that relationship to continue in Fairview. (Oh, please give us flashbacks of these two duking it out in their dormitory!)
Renee has been married for years to a handsome, hunky man (likely an athlete) named Keith Jones (I’m so picturing NYPD Blue hunk Henry Simmons in this role, though it’s yet to be cast). They have no kids, meaning Renee has spent all these years just being a housewife supporting her man. But she’s reached a time in her life when she wants to do more.
Oh, one last thing: she has a secret. Who on Wisteria Lane doesn’t?
Source: TV Guide Magazine

Desperate Housewives – Season 7 – 3 New Series Regulars

Just wanted to let you know that Desperate Housewives will have 3 new series regulars this season. Keith, Penny (Tom and Lynette’s daughter) and Beth.

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Desperate Housewives – Season 7 – New Roles and Recasting // <![CDATA[//

Who is being replaced on Desperate Housewives? Going into its seventh season, the ABC series is looking for a new Penny, the daughter of Tom and Lynette Scavo. Kendall Applegate, 11, who took over the role from toddler twins two seasons ago when the show jumped five years into the future, is out. The search is now on for a new 12-year-old actress to take over the role.
In addition, returning villain Paul Young (Mark Moses) has replaced his late wife Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) with a new young bride named Beth. While serving time in prison, Paul was contacted by a quirky lady around age 30, who eventually became his new Mrs. Beth is covering up a painful past, which we can assume Paul preyed upon.
And lastly, a new hunk is coming to Wisteria Lane who sounds like a younger version of James Denton’s Mike Delfino. Mike will be living off the Lane in a cheap apartment with wife Susan (Teri Hatcher). The new guy is a 30-year-old playboy apparently named Keith (which incidentally was the name a source told me was going to be used for Vanessa Williams’ character’s husband).
Excited about these additions? Which housewife should the new hunk seduce? Perhaps Bree (Marcia Cross), since she will be Orson-less? And with the show going to the effort to replace Penny, what do you hope they’ll do with this character who has long been part of the background scenery?
Source: TV Guide

Season 7: Baby Switch & Paul Young


What I loved most about last night’s goodbye to season 6 was the delicious setup it gave to season 7, potentially making the next year one of the series’ best. Two huge storylines were put into motion, and they seem like good ones. First, we’ve got a baby switch coming on the Lane this fall. Specifically, last night, an old nurse at Fairview Memorial, Teresa Pruitt, confessed on her deathbed that there’d been a baby switch on her watch. We weren’t given any clues to work with about who it was, besides the news that it’s someone on Wistera Lane, natch.

Now, the Desperate producers could take this storyline in one of two directions. It could concern a switch between a child of the main housewives and someone random — or, with the potential to be much juicier, a switch between two children of the main housewives. I was thinking about whose kids are around the same age and sex and wasn’t coming up with much. I had the thought, however, that this seemingly random storyline could have something to do with next season’s other big storyline — the return of Mary Alice’s husband Paul. See, do you all remember their creepy son Zach? Could it be that, maybe, Andrew and Zach were switched at birth? I have a feeling that the baby switch has something to do with Zach or Paul. Actually it must — otherwise, it just won’t be as interesting.

But anyway, the second storyline for next season — Paul’s return — should be good. That the producers are dipping back into stories from earlier seasons is a good sign — mostly because those seasons were much better than the last couple. I say, let’s bring some of that yesteryear magic back! Paul moving in clarified why Susan and Mike and MJ had to move off of the lane — mostly so that Mary Alice’s husband would have somewhere to live. Although it’s not exactly clear about why, for story purposes, Paul needed Susan and Mike’s house specifically. Couldn’t the producers have just created a new house on the Lane for him to live in and left Susan and Mike there? I’m betting there’s a sick and twisted reason why Paul needed that house, and we’ll find out more about that come September. Also, bringing Paul back means that the delightfully nasty Felicia might also make a return appearance.

Armchair Casting Director: ‘Desperate Housewives’

desperate-housewivesImage Credit: Florian Schneider/ABCWisteria Lane is getting a transfusion of new blood this fall in the form of four new characters (not including the incoming diva played by Vanessa Williams). Deets on the rookie quartet (and casting tips) are below…

Maxine: A sweet lady in the 60-80 year-old age range. Maxine is Mike and Susan’s new neighbor in their apartment building, and she has an unusual job that brings in some additional income.
Armchair Casting Director suggestion: Santa Barbara‘s Judith McConnell

Beth: This quirky, sweet thirtysomething woman was Paul Young’s prison pen pal-cum-wife. She’s damaged emotionally but also capable of humor.
Armchair Casting Director suggestion: Charlotte Ross.

Penny Scavo: Tom and Lynette’s 12-year-old daughter is being recast. Not sure why.
Armchair Casting Director suggestion: I’ve got nothin’.

Keith: Hot, sexy, 30-year-old contractor. He’s a charming playboy who turns up on Wisteria Lane. Think Mike Delfino 15 years ago.
Armchair Casting Director suggestion: Eric Winter

Desperate Housewives – An Old Baddie Returns!

Desperate Housewives is adding a new villain to Wisteria Lane. The twist? It’s an old villain!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mark Moses is slated to reprise his role as Mary Alice’s creepy widower, Paul, on a full-time basis next season.

The character was last seen in season 3 when Mike paid him a visit in jail, where he’s serving time for murdering poor Martha Huber. After leaving Housewives, Moses joined the cast of Mad Men as Herman “Duck” Phillips.

Earlier this year, Housewives creator Marc Cherry hinted to me that he was thinking of bringing on a new vixen to succeed Nicollette Sheridan. “We hope to add a troublemaker,” he clarified, “but I’m not so sure it’ll be a woman.” Sneaky!

Thoughts? Anxious to see what trouble Paul will stir up this time around? Sound off below!

Source : Ausiello

‘Desperate Housewives’ – ‘I Guess This is Goodbye’ Recap (Season Finale)

Desperate Housewives(S06E23) “I guess everyone will be surprised to see you again.” – Lee to the not-so-new new Wisteria Lane resident

It may not have been the most action-packed and thrilling season finale we’ve had for the series, but it was still compelling TV. We witnessed a birth and a death while hearing a shocking secret and noticing the return of a character.

The worst event of the episode was when my ABC station decided to freeze and go to a black screen for a few seconds as Bree made her request to Andrew and when the shocking secret was revealed. If that was the case for you too, I’ve gathered the needed intel for us to be fully in the know as it will be a major storyline next season. That and the return of the person who shall not be named! Lynette and Eddie

That storyline’s ending left me wanting more as I thought it was too easy and quick of a wrap up. I get that Eddie wanted someone to finally be proud of him and that’s why he agreed to turn himself in but I expected more action from this. We are talking about somewhat of a serial killer after all. How about showing the cops smashing the door, cuffing Eddie and saving Lynette?

Susan and Mike

Don’t be afraid, the Delfinos will still be around next season. Actually, I believe they may be involved in next season’s year-long mystery. More on that in a bit.

The Bolens

Bravo Angie for being one brilliant bomb maker! She put the bomb in the detonator! It was risky as she could have been next to Patrick but the best bet to kill the less people. Bye bye Patrick! I’ve enjoyed Angie, so I’m glad she survived and got a happy ending with Nick. As for Danny, we may see him again next season since he is off to New York City where Ana is.

Bree, Andrew and Orson

It wouldn’t be surprising if the Solises decide to not talk to Bree and family at the start of next season. However, it’s pretty sure that something bad will make them bond again eventually. I felt a bit dumb when Orson told Bree that Andrew committed exactly the same crime he (Orson) committed. Why didn’t it even cross my mind when we were reminded of Andrew running over Carlos’ mother last week?!

It’s understandable that Bree wanted to protect her son but Orson was right that she should have asked Andrew the same thing she asked of him, her husband: pay for his crime. Since Shawn Pyfrom, who plays Andrew, is leaving the series, it’s a safe bet to assume that Andrew will indeed go to jail. Will Orson go back to Bree now that she made things right? I doubt he’ll run back to her. He’ll make her wait a bit.

Teresa’s secret

As I’ve said in my intro, I missed most of the scene at the end where we discover the secret. I did hear that there was a baby switch. After doing a quick research, it seems that I didn’t miss that much of the secret.

I don’t remember if Susan and Mike ever told the sex of MJ when she was pregnant. Right now, my money is on MJ having been switched as a baby while in the hospital. Could it be that MJ was switched with Paige, Dave’s deceased daughter? Or maybe MJ and Roy’s deaf grandson? Yes, it would be difficult to switch a boy and a girl but Susan has been rather unlucky since the start of the series so anything could have happened, no? Plus switching a boy and a girl would explain why the nurse knew for sure the babies were switched.

I doubt it’s one of the older kids (Julie, Danielle, Andrew) since they’ve pretty much gone from the show. But what a twist would it be if Andrew and Sam got switched!!! The Scavos definitely look all alike so it’s less likely it’s one of them. Maybe Penny? It could be possible that one of the Solises kids got switched but the sisters look alike.

Who do you think was switched as a baby? For sure it must involved at least one of the show’s main kids, otherwise it wouldn’t be that powerful of a mystery!

Desperate Housewives – End of Season 6

‘Desperate Housewives’ scoop: Vanessa Williams moving to Wisteria Lane!


Image Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

There goes the neighborhood! An ABC rep confirms that when Desperate Housewives returns next season, its cast will include — as a series regular, no less — Vanessa Freakin’ Williams!

Series creator Marc Cherry told us previously that he was looking for a new troublemaker to fill the void left by the demise of Nicollette Sheridan’s Edie. And seriously, could he — or anyone — do any better than the actress formerly known as Ugly Betty‘s queen of mean, Wilhelmina?

Didn’t think so.

Though other deets are at the moment scarce, TV Guide Magazine (which first broke the news) reports that her conniving character won’t be at the center of next season’s big mystery.

Exclusive: Kyle MacLachlan to exit ‘Desperate Housewives’


Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABCWisteria Lane is about to lose another longtime resident: Kyle MacLachlan is leaving Desperate Housewives after four years of playing Orson Hodge, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Exit rumors have swirled around the woefully underused MacLachlan for the better part of the past two years. Speculation picked up again after Sunday’s season finale, during which Orson — disappointed that Bree would allow herself to be blackmailed by Sam — abruptly moved out.

I’m told MacLachlan will likely return for an episode or two next fall to tie up the Orson/Bree story.

MacLachlan’s decampment brings to three the number of series regulars coming off the Housewives payroll. He joins the dearly departed Drea de Matteo and Dana Delany.

Thoughts? Is this something that should have happened two years ago when Orson started to drift onto the back burner? Will the return of Mark Moses and the recent addition of Vanessa Williams more than fill the void?

Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: Blair, Serena & Chuck? in Paris!

GOSSIP GIRL: Season four will open with a radiant Serena and Blair enjoying their grand and romantic summer in Paris…until Chuck mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity. Blair swore off Chuck forever but will this changed man woo Blair into having a change of heart, or will Queen B set her sights on ruling Columbia University? And as for that baby…?

It’ll be hard for me to watch Gossip Girl without Chuck and Blair goodness. Got any scoop on my favorite TV couple?
Sorry, “Chair” lovers. Sources just confirmed to us the news that the Gossip Girl powers that be have cast the role of Eva, Chuck’s new lady. Clémence Poésy, a French actress best known for her role as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter movies, is signed on for multiple episodes. We’re told she will just be a recurring character and not a series regular. So, don’t set fire to your “Chuck + Blair = Love” signs just yet.

Is Georgina really, truly pregnant on Gossip Girl or is she faking it?
Yessirree. Michelle Trachtenberg told us this when asked that very Q: “Yes, and I’m trying to spread the rumor that I actually was pregnant so that everybody could start talking about how great I look after the baby. I really shed the weight.” Damn. Wish I’d gotten the memo that make-believe TV pregnancies were less fattening!Source: E!Online

Gossip Girl – Chuck’s New Girlfriend

Harry Potter actress Clemence Poesy will be busy casting a spell on Chuck Bass this fall. Gossip Girl has tapped the actress to play Chuck’s new French fling for multiple episodes, beginning with the Paris-set season premiere.
The character, Eva, is described as a warm-hearted bombshell who joins Chuck in Paris — much to the surprise of Blair, who has been spending the summer there with Serena.
The Wrap first reported news of Poesy’s casting.
Thoughts? Will Blair chew up and spit out this little fille like some kind day old croissant? My guess? Oui!
Source: EW

The CW – This Fall Promo

The CW – Coming this Fall Promo – Various Shows

Gossip Girl – The Complete Third Season DVD

You can pre-order now from Amazon for the guaranteed lowest price. It should be released on August 24th.

Gossip Girl – Latest from NY Magazine – Next Season’s Trip to Paris

Comment savez dire ‘OMFG’ en Francais? Or, to translate: Vulture has confirmed that the fourth season of Gossip Girl will kick off next fall with two episodes set — and filmed — in Paris.

GG co-creator and executive producer Stephanie Savage flew to France over the weekend to begin scouting locations for a week of production in the City of Lights. At least three key characters — Blair, Serena, and Mssr. Chuck Bass — will be making the transcontinental trek in what’s destined to be pop culture’s most bon voyage since The Facts of Life girls went to Paris in 1982. (And yes, we’re counting European Vacation.)

The Paris plotline represents “the ultimate extension of our Gossip Girl world,” Savage e-mailed us Sunday, shortly after arriving in Paris. She notes that the French metropolis is synonymous with such series staples as high fashion, ritzy restaurants, and tres chic nightclubs. (Blair’s fave sweet? Macarons from Pierre Herme.)

“We mention our characters’ fabulous travels all time, but it’s very hard, and expensive, to actually show them,” Savage writes. “The books were lucky this way: ‘Aspen ski trip’ costs nothing extra to type. So it’s a big deal to be able to take production on the road, especially overseas.”

Savage says the Paris shoot is “a dream” she’s had since the CW show began … or at least since GG’s sophomore year, which launched with key characters enjoying a summer in the nice-but-it-ain’t-Paris locale of the Hamptons. (That trip also had the cost-effective bonus of being driving distance from the show’s usual Manhattan locations.) “Shooting in the Hamptons really elevated the feel and reach of (the show),” co-creator Josh Schwartz told Vulture. “But it felt like, to take it to that next level, we had to go international, and what city is more glamorous? And it’s been a part of Blair’s character, so it organically lends itself to the storytelling as well.”

Team GG began dropping hints about a Parisian excursion a few weeks ago, when the Internets got wind of the episode title for next week’s season finale: “Last Tango, Then Paris.” But just how will the menage a trois of Blair, Chuck, and Serena end up overseas? (Alerte de spoiler!)

“Serena and Blair are finishing up their fabulous summer vacation when someone from home mysteriously shows up in town,” Savage explains. “They need to solve this mystery, or else return to a New York that’s a very different world.”

No word on whether this third person is Chuck, or another character yet to be revealed. Producers are also loathe to reveal any other French connections, except that the GG narrator will eschew her usual “XOXO” sign-off for “bisou bisou,” and that the episodes will be pivotal to the show’s direction next fall.

“Paris is all about jump-starting the season and moving things forward,” Savage says. That said, the Paris ploy is being made from a position of relative strength, rather than desperation. As it ends its third season, Gossip remains the CW’s top-rated show among the network’s core target audience of women under 35. And it was renewed for another season all the way back in February.

Perhaps that’s why Savage took no offense when Vulture asked whether the decision to send Blair and Co. to Paris was inspired by the aforementioned Facts of Life Paris journey.

“FOL is the inspiration for all things GG,” she quipped.

Well, both shows do feature sometimes bitchy characters named Blair.

Source: NY Mag

‘Gossip Girl’ exclusive: The scoop behind tonight’s shocking season finale!

by Michael Ausiello, Source: EW


Image Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch tonight’s Gossip Girl finale, stop reading now. I repeat, if you have yet to watch tonight’s Gossip Girl finale, stop reading now. For the last time, if you have yet to watch tonight’s Gossip Girl finale, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward…

Another season finale. Another blind item mystery solved. I can now confirm that Georgina’s top-secret baby bump — revealed in the closing minutes of tonight’s Gossip Girl‘s finale — was the out-of-the-blue pregnancy shocker at the center of my March 22 brain teaser. But the news that Dan’s going to be a papa was just one of several OMG! moments in the season-ender (Chuck shot! Dan still loves Serena! Jenny banished to suburbia!). Luckily, exec producer Stephanie Savage agreed to a little post-climax Q&A to help make sense of what went down and preview what’s to come.

My first question: Were those Taylor Momsen’s real tears?

STEPHANIE SAVAGE: Yes. I wasn’t there on the day they shot that, but that’s what it really looks like if a girl with raccoon eyes cries that much. There was nothing we could do.

How long will Jenny be gone for?

SAVAGE: I’d rather not say.

Will she be a changed person when she returns?

SAVAGE: Yes. What happens in the finale has a real impact on Jenny.

Safe to say Blair/Chuck are far from over?

SAVAGE: That is correct.

But how does she forgive him for sleeping with Jenny?

SAVAGE: [Chuck getting shot] is significant enough that it creates some space for them to, if not exactly rekindle their romance right away, at least find a humanity in each other. She doesn’t forgive him immediately. But it’s a significant enough event to recalculate things.

So the Jenny thing is not irreparable?

SAVAGE: It’s Chuck and Blair. It’s always going to be a wild ride. And that’s the thing. I believe personally that their love for each other is really strong. They are going to encounter incredible obstacles over the course of their time together and the question is whether or not they’re strong enough to make it through.

It’s been announced that Ed Westwick will be traveling to Paris with Blake Lively and Leighton Meester to shoot scenes for the season premiere. Does that mean Chuck was wearing a bullet-proof vest or something?

SAVAGE: Ed will definitely be filming in Paris with us this summer. That’s all I can confirm. Don’t rule out flashbacks. And we’ve been visited by ghosts before.

Let’s talk about the baby bombshell. Was it always your plan for Georgina to come back pregnant?

SAVAGE: Yes. We did the math on her leaving town. We sent her away and we were like, “Hmm… that could work out well.” The last gesture I made to [Michelle] when she went away was I mimed a belly bump so she had something to look forward to when she came back.

Does Mercy‘s cancellation mean we’ll get more Georgina next season?

SAVAGE: It certainly opens the door to expanding her role. We just got the news a few days ago so we’re still in process of figuring out how it affects our plans. We love Michelle and Georgie and would welcome both of them spending much more time with us.

Dan was planning to follow Serena to Paris when he was interrupted by Georgina. Safe to say the Dan/Serena love story is…

SAVAGE: … reactivated. Sorting through that is going to become a larger story.

Gossip Girl Season 4, gossip girl season 3 finale – Season renewed after last episode of season3 “Last Tango, Then Paris”


// <![CDATA[//

// <![CDATA[//

The last episode of Gossip Girl season 3 was titled “Last Tango, Then Paris”, and it was perhaps intentionally named. As the Gossip Girl is renewed for Season 4, the title fits apt as the CW sends out a press release about the 1st two episodes of the new season which is all set to be shot in Paris!

Different sources like The Washington Post report about the TV spoiler of Gossip Girl season 4 that was renewed after the last season. The CW had announced on 16th February 2010 about the renewal of the show for a fourth season. The filming would begin in fall 2010.

As reported, the few two episodes of season 4 will be filmed in Paris and that means the lead characters will all fly to Paris for the shooting. Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey wouldn’t be present for few episodes till November due to her concert and some other reasons. The spoilers reveal that Jenny had been sent to boarding school as a punishment for sharing information with William Van Der Woodsen.

Jessica Szohr as Vanessa would also be absent for few episodes and her character would be sent abroad to work with CNN.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina Sparks would replace Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr during their absence from the show.

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