Ugly Betty Episode Recap 3.17: “Sugar Daddy”

‘Ugly Betty’: Can’t buy her love

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Tonyplana_uglybetty_240 Ugly Betty has fallen on some hard financial times, and just like the rest of us, the characters are turning to nurturing relationships to get them through the hardship.

When Casa de Suarez receives an eviction notice, the familia decide to gather enough money to pay for the down payment to buy the house from their landlord. Easier said than done. Betty’s job is reeling from Connor’s perfidy, Hilda’s inflated prices aren’t going over well, and although Justin made $250 as a street busker, well, the kid should stay in school.

Papi thinks he can win $10,000 by challenging TV chef Frankie Burrata (Steve Schirripa) to a throwdown, excuse me, a Kitchen Rumble. All goes well during the competition, even when Papi throws out his back and Betty steps in, but for some reason, Frankie wins. They was robbed! When the family gets a mysterious $10K check in the mail anyway, Betty thinks it’s Daniel taking pity on the family, but finds out it’s Matt instead.

Danielericgold Yes, perpetually absent-minded, forgetting-his-wallet, but very sweet Matt. It turns out, he’s stinkin’ rich. Betty of course refuses, and when Papi legitimately earns a job at Frankie’s restaurant and sells him the mole recipe for $10,000 (funny how that worked out), all is copacetic. The homestead is saved, and Matt and Betty make nice. They make very nice actually and share a smooch in public after he declares he’s really into her. Aww!

Meanwhile, Wil and Daniel are desperate to keep their company afloat and even endure the indignity of public transportation to petition for government bailout funds. The print media, especially fashion, is essential to New York’s economy they argue. They’re just about to sway the bigwigs when a tabloid photo shows them out on the town eating at the poshest restaurant. Bye-bye bailout.

It’s a rude awakening for Daniel, who decides to take responsibility. Yeah, he does still have a ton of money, so he’s gonna liquidate his assets. It’s risky, but so is pursuing a relationship with Molly since she’s got cancer. He’s seriously getting into adult mode when he makes it clear that no matter what happens, he wants them to be together. They kiss. Aww, again.

Beckinewton_uglybetty_240 Finally, there’s some crazy excuse to get Marc and Amanda shopping for baby stuff for Wilhel-mini and they run into this totally hot single gay dad Timothy. Marc makes off with Timothy on a playdate, leaving Amanda with William and Christina (who is predictably trying not to get too attached to the baby she carried for nine months). This quality maternal time make Amanda realize that her adoptive parents, though liars about her parentage, are still the ones who raised her. Duh. Anyway, she calls home and makes nice with mom. Hat-trick aww!

Random thoughts and highlights:

– I immediately knew that Matt was the mysterious benefactor. Although it was a mistake, his heart was in the right place. I’m really digging him.
– Marc about Timothy: “Cute and rude. I’m in love.”
– I think the name Cello is kind of cute, but you have to be Italian to pull it off. Okay, technically it’s Marcello.
– Justin to Betty: “In all black? You look almost fashionable!” Actually, with the red glasses frames, it’s a decent look.
– Kitchen Rumble commentator about Betty taking over for Papi: “They tapped the sturdy girl to step in.”
– So the eviction notice is the reason why Betty had to move home. I guess.

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