More About ‘Gossip Girl’ Spin-Off Revealed

Not much Rufus Humphrey in the beginning of ‘Gossip Girl’ spin-off, writer revealed.

More are peeled on the spin-off of “” which is baking in the oven. After the announcement of Lily van der Woodsen being the center of the story, questions are bubbling out on how the other characters will appeal to the show and whether any one has been cast yet.

Providing the answers is writer Josh Schwartz who emphasized that none of the roles in the story has been filled. He also revealed that the stage of the production is young, saying “I’m writing it right now with Stephanie [Savage] as we speak. We’re being very, very careful that nothing we do will feel like we are biting off from the Gossip Girl original.”

On the question whether Rufus Humphrey will play a major part in the spin-off, Schwartz told E!, “Not at first. He’s not one of our characters. Maybe at some point, if the show is lucky enough to run for several seasons, it will come up, but it’s just really about Lily and her sister Carol, Serena’s Aunt Carol, who’s sort of this free spirit, a wannabe actress who’s living in this house in the valley.”

He continued, “Her experience on the other side as someone without money going to public school, having to make a whole new group of friends, being cast out from the world that she knew.”

A back door pilot will be featured in the form of flashbacks in a “Gossip Girl” episode which will air May 11. — Ace Showbiz

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