New Gossip Girl Spoilers! OMG, Nate and Blair!

Gossip Girl: OMG, Nate and Blair!


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It’s true. As we teased in last week’s Spoiler Chat, a core couple is reuniting on Gossip Girl. The just-released location photo above means that hot little kitty is debagged, and my sources confirm what your eyes are seeing: Gossip Girl‘s newest (old) hookup is Blair (Leighton Meester) and Nate (Chace Crawford). Gasp!

What does this mean for the epic romance that is Blair and Chuck (Ed Westwick)? And why the frak are Nate and Blair back to nooky anyway? I’ve got the exclusive scoop…

Sources tell me that unlike Blair and Chuck’s deep adversarial passion, the renewed Blair and Nate coupling is about familiarity and comfort.

According to one insider, “Blair and Nate are both at a crossroads. Blair has to accept she isn’t going to Yale. Nate is being sucked into his family’s expectations, and they are both there for each other and enjoy the familiarity. At first it’s platonic, but, of course, that doesn’t last long.”

Blate. Blah.

Still, don’t worry, Bluck fans. Even though Nate and Blair are playing tonsil hockey for the time being, I have it on good authority that Blair and Chuck have not been forgotten. For that matter, Gossip Girl boss Josh Schwartz just told the Chicago Tribune‘s wonderful Mo Ryan, “We get that that [relationship] works for people.”

So in the grand tradition of the Derena merry-go-round (“Dan Serena Dan Serena whoo!”), Chuck and Blair’s time will come around again. But can you stand the wait? Will you watch between now and then? Post in the comments!

I recently saw a photo of Nate and Blair kissing in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl. What the hell?! We waited all season for Blair to get together with Chuck! Please say it won’t last. — Clare
Let’s ask exec producer Stephanie Savage about that incriminating photo: “I think they look really cute together kissing in the snow.” Um, let me take a different approach. What does the rekindled N and B romance mean for C and B? “Tell those Chuck and Blair fans to hang in there.” That’s better. — Source: The Ausiello Files

Anything new on Gossip Girl?
Gossip Girl
is currently casting for a sexypants jet-setter with an accent. The character, Gabriel Serrano, will be either South American, Australian or a continental European. He’s in his 20s, so he’s probably meant to be a love interest for Blair, Vanessa or Serena, but I’m secretly rooting they age him down a little so Jenny can have a little fun for once. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

What’s coming up on Gossip Girl? This season has been amazing so far!
As if a long lost sibling and declining admission to Yale isn’t enough, Serena’s insta-gal-pal Poppy Lifton is coming back to make her life even more difficult. I’m guessing another feature in Women’s Wear Daily is not on her to-do list this time around? And Rufus is going to run into some money problems soon, but with Lily by his side that shouldn’t be too big of an issue right? She could easily take care of those with a small loan from her Bass Industries inheritance! — Source: Kristin on E!Online

90210 Episode Recap: “Help Me Rhonda”

90210 Episode Recap: “Help Me Rhonda”

by Gina DiNunno, TV Guide

In this episode, Ethan has an eye-opening experience after his car crash, Ty’s parents try to take control of Adrianna’s pregnancy, and Silver finally manages to express her love for Dixon in her own way.

Things pick up right where we left off after Ethan’s car accident. He comes out unscathed, but the other driver, Rhonda, punctures a lung and has to stay in the hospital. Ethan’s guilt gets the best of him, and he goes to apologize to Rhonda. She accepts, but when Ethan asks her what school she goes to, her face drops. Not only does she go to West Beverly, but she’s in Ethan’s French class. She calls him out for living in a bubble where he only associates with the popular kids, and Ethan feels horrible.

Adrianna breaks the news to Ty that he’s the father of her unborn baby, but she is unable to tell her mom. Ty later apologizes for his negative reaction to the news and says he’s ready to take responsibility. He even told his parents, who are more than eager to help Adrianna through this. Mrs. Collins takes Adrianna to the gyno for her first ultrasound and an amnio (which Mrs. Collins insists she gets to make sure the baby is healthy). Afterwards, she gives Ade a boatload of paperwork that details how she’ll pay for Ade to go to a place called Peaceful Vistas in New Mexico to have her baby once she starts to show — as long as she follows the contract she drafted up, that is. One of the stipulations: putting the baby up for adoption.

Meanwhile, Dixon and Navid decide the only way to get over their exes is to get new girls. Navid is reluctant that he’ll be able to get another one, even though he has his trusty book, The Credo, for reference. Christina tells them to stop by her friend’s party to meet some ladies.

Annie’s obsessing over why she didn’t get the role, and Ethan is more preoccupied with Rhonda and what she said to him. He shows up with a backpack full of DVDs and snacks and blows off rehearsal to stay and watch a movie with her. Ethan continues to keep spending time with Rhonda and things start to get a touch weird between Ethan and Annie. But lo and behold, we come to learn Rhonda, who’s been gimping around the hospital when Ethan’s there, can walk perfectly fine.

While Ade is busy being wooed by seaweed masks and hot stone massages at the New Mexico baby-birthing resort, Naomi warns her friend the contract is like a gag order with serious consequences. Ade calls Ty to clear up the legal jargon, and next thing you know, Mrs. Collins shows up at her door to talk to Ade’s mom. Things get slightly awkward, considering Ade’s mom doesn’t know her daughter is pregnant, but she pretends she knows. Mrs. Collins tries to tell them Ade isn’t responsible enough to have the child, and that it’s something she never should speak of after the adoption is over. Ade’s mom doesn’t stand for this woman trash-talking her daughter and basically tells Mrs. Collins to get out and take her contracts with her. Later that evening, she apologizes to her daughter for being a crappy mom and tells Ade she’ll stand by her through this.

Silver finally turns up towards the end of the episode looking for Dixon at the Peach Pit. He’s at Christina’s friend’s house party, where Navid hits it off with a girl after telling her how totally “uncool” he is. Silver later finds Dixon talking to Christina at the party and has a jealous outburst. Dixon chases her down and tells him she loves him in her own convoluted way — but it’s good enough for Dixon, and the two make up.

Ty pulls Ade aside the next day at school, and he isn’t being prince charming anymore. He doesn’t want Ade to tell anyone he’s the dad and admits the only reason his mom made her get the amnio was to make sure he was indeed the father. He finds the whole thing humiliating. Adrianna leaves and goes straight to Navid (who’s with his new girl) to get his help. Seconds later, her face is on every television at West Bev, and she is announcing her pregnancy so she won’t have to deal with the whispering and rumors. And being the bigger person that she is, she lets Ty off the hook by making light of the baby-daddy issue, saying it was an “immaculate conception.” Girl’s got balls, I give her that.

I definitely enjoyed Adrianna’s storyline in this episode. It was so good to see her mother, who has always been a notorious biatch, stand up for her daughter for once. Annie, yet again, annoyed me to no end, and it’s fairly obvious something is going to happen between Ethan and Rhonda. That should be interesting.

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