New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers! Melinda Pregnant, Jim Returning?

Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Melinda Pregnant with Jim’s Baby!!!

Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Melinda is Pregnant! Set Photos Prove it!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Eyes a Maybe Baby Future

Source: E! Online

She may have just called off her engagement, but that’s not stopping Jennifer Love Hewitt from planning for a baby. At least, not on her show. At the Adam by Adam Lippes show during New York Fashion Week Saturday, the Ghost Whisperer star raved about the “very fresh and comfortable” dresses and teased E! News about the remaining episodes this season. “There’s lots going on,” she said. “I think the audience will be very, very happy. There’s an unexpected reunion and there’s maybe the pitter-patter of tiny feet.” J.Love also sees such a pitter-patter on her eventual horizon. “At some point in the future, yes,” she said about someday becoming a mother…

Hillary Duff Visit to Grandview!

Things in Ghost Whisperer’s Grandview are getting sexier by the minute. As if Jennifer Love Hewitt weren’t enough, starlet Hilary Duff will be stopping by in a few short weeks to stir things up with a new perspective on what must be the most haunted town on television. Will she get along with J.Love, or are they meant to be adversaries? E!’s own Michael Yo just sat down with Hilary and brought back the goods…

First off, there’s no need to worry about a multihyphenate throwdown: J.Love and Hilary Duff are old pals, and that’s how Duff got the part. Hilary says, “Jennifer Love Hewitt’s one of my friends, and we were having dinner one night. She’s like, ‘Come be on my show. You know, we’re almost finished.’ I’m like, ‘Give me a part. I’ll do it.’ And it just kind of came about really naturally and organically like that.”

Duff will be playing—wait for it—a woman with a little ghost problem that Melinda Gordon might just be able to solve. Duff says, “I’m kind of being haunted by someone that I was in a relationship with before they passed away. He had unfinished business with me, and I’m having nightmares of being turned upside down in my apartment, like when I’m sleeping on the bed, I’m actually going to be hanging from the ceiling.”

Hilary’s episode of Ghost Whisperer airs Friday, April 9 at 9 p.m. on CBS.
Source: E!Online

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers: Death! Who?

Preview: Death Falls Upon ‘Brothers and Sisters’

‘Brothers and Sisters’ will overcome a shocking death while coping with a new addition in a two-hour special telecast.
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A shocking death shakes the very core of the Walkers family in the next ““. In two weeks, the show will merge two hours for a special episode where the family is torn between the happiness of Kitty’s new arrival and the death from one of the members.

In the two parts of “Troubled Waters”, the Walker family experiences the thrill of a new life born and the desperation and terror of loss when one of their own has a life-threatening crisis. Meanwhile, Rebecca turns to her father (guest starring Ken Olin) for help when she discovers some information that could destroy the family business and send one of the Walkers to prison.

The special 2 hour event will air March 1 starting 9/8c.

Spoiler alert. It had been reported that Tommy will be tangled in a legal trouble following the discovery by Holly and Rebecca. This will provide as an exit story for Balthazar Getty who plays Tommy. His last episode is reportedly “Spring Broken” that will air March 15.

We’ll see William Walker again before the season ends. Tom Skerritt is scheduled to appear in a flashback with Calista Flockhart this Spring. (Korbi TV)

In the finale of Brothers & Sisters, I hear Kitty goes house-hunting with someone other than Robert. (Michael Ausiello)

New One Tree Hill Spoilers! Death Comes to Tree Hill!

Laetitia from Paris: Salut, Kristin, I heard that Peyton from One Tree Hill is gonna lose her baby in a car crash? She’s my favorite character. Please tell me it’s not true.
I love that your favorite character is one you haven’t even met yet! I have a soft spot for Peyton and Lucas’ spawn, too. (Or wait, did you mean Peyton is your fave?) Anyhoo, regardless, a source tells me this: “There is a car crash, but Peyton will not lose the baby because of that. She will be OK. But so far we don’t know if the baby lives or dies yet in the finale.” Ugh. Have your family-sized Kleenex box standing by, just in case!

Tree Hill, Supernatural and 90210 Killer Twists

(Contains spoilers) Reading about the impending demise of TV characters can sometimes make a viewer numb. But the reality is, writing teams often use an unexpected death to shake up a series and produce an emotional response—both on-screen and in your living room. As we near the second half of this season, several CW shows will tread down that one-way path, including One Tree Hill, Supernatural and 90210. Only one of the three departing faces has been uncovered online, so fans are free to speculate about the identities of the “beloved” characters who’ll exit Supernatural on March 12 and 90210 on May 12. At least two of these deaths are being described as “major.” Any guesses?

One Tree Hill / Monday 9pm (new episodes return March 16) 90210 / Tuesday 8pm (new episodes return March 31) Supernatural / Thursday 9pm (new episodes return March 12)

New Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair and Chuck Kiss!!!

Any scoop on the Gossip Girl spinoff?
Krysten Ritter, who plays Lily’s big sis, Carol Rhodes, tells us “It’s set on the Sunset Strip, and I am down for whatever. I’m excited to see what they do with my hair. Like Tess McGill, Working Girl hair.” Ah, break out the Aqua Net!… Source: Kristin on E!Online

Word on the street is that Georgina will come back a totally different person. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.18 – The Age of Dissonance – Promotional Photos

Three Short Promos of ‘Gossip Girl’: The Age of Dissonance

Blair showing her true self to Chuck, Blair taking count on security and Serena slapping Dan are found in three short promos of ‘Gossip Girl’.

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After a big break, “” will return on March 16 with the episode called “The Age of Dissonance” and to fill in the gap, The CW have released three short promos. One is on Blair-Chuck chemistry, another one is Blair taking without paying and the last one is Serena slapping Dan to invigorate herself.

In the episode, Chuck is having trouble dealing with the mystery that was his father and the way in which his spare time was managed. Meanwhile, Nate catches Vanessa flirting with another guy, and at a moment of desperation, reluctantly turns to Blair for help.

Dan purposely ignores Serena’s calls and tells Miss Carr that things are beyond a little complicated between the two of them right now. Miss Carr chooses not to take her job back and spends most of her time in an empty apartment with her new fling, who doesn’t seem to be quite grieving from his recent break-up.

At the same time, Lily and Rufus question where their relationship is going and talk casually about merging their households, Chuck however, is against the idea, and does everything in his power to stop it.

New Gossip Girl Promo: “Take Me”

Gossip Girl March 16 promo 2 – Security

Gossip Girl March 16 promo 3 – Slap

‘Gossip Girl’ Speak of the Week: ‘Basstalk’ Plus New Poster

The newly released Gossip Guide centers on Bass and his foul language that leads to A Blair Witch-Hunt.

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To bridge the gap and anticipate the return of “” in March, The CW have released another Gossip Guide. Speak of the Week is lesson no. 22 which is Bass-talk. It discusses the language used by Chuck Bass and those addressed to him such as Basshole, Basstard and Mother-chucker. It links to lesson number 6 which is A Blair Witch-Hunt.

Speak of the Week is released regularly as a side dish to the main telecast of the show which is taking a five weeks break. It will return on March 16 with the episode “The Age of Dissonance” which sweep poster can be viewed below. Chuck is having trouble dealing with the mystery of who his father was and how he spent his spare time. Nate catches Vanessa flirting with another guy, and in a moment of desperation, reluctantly turns to Blair for help – which turns out not as he expected.

Dan purposely ignores Serena’s calls and tells Ms. Carr that things are beyond complicated between the two of them right now. Ms. Carr chooses not to take her job back and spends most of her time in an empty apartment with her new fling. At the same time, Lily and Rufus question where their relationship is going and talk very casually about merging their households, Chuck Bass, however, is strongly against the idea, and does everything in his power to stop it.

Gossip Guide – Basstalk

Privileged Season Finale Spoilers: ‘All About a Brand New You!’


2/24 Season Finale ‘All About a Brand New You!’

As Marco and Keith (guest star David Monohan) prepare for their wedding, with the help of wedding planner Olivia (guest star Kathy Griffin), Megan discovers that her father is drinking again. Megan and Lily lovingly tell their father how worried they are; unaware that he has received a letter from their mother asking him to let her explain in person why she left. Sage is upset when Rose reveals that she plans to go on a wilderness trip over Spring Break, rather than going with Sage on their annual spa vacation. Zach worries that Rose is changing and won’t be interested in him much longer. Sage is shocked when Luis tells her he doesn’t believe in gay marriage and refuses to attend Marco’s wedding. Megan gives Laurel the first draft of Laurel’s biography and is relieved when Laurel loves it. Megan and Will have a fight where all of their pent up issues come out and they decide to break up. Attending the wedding alone, Megan meets Simon (guest star Julian Morris), a college friend of Keith’s, and is unsure what to do when Will calls her the next morning to apologize.


Pants will Drop for ‘Privileged’s’ Season 1 Finale, So What’s Up with Season 2?

Source: KTV: Korbi TV @

Joannagarcia Tonight: Rose will zip line. Sage will stand up for Sean Penn. And Megan will shock your pants off. Seriously. Pants will come off…

These are the spoilery words of Privileged‘s executive producer Rina Mimoun who, along with me and many fans, is crossing her fingers for a season two pick up right now.

If you’re interested in helping the cause, you have to watch this evening’s finale. The fate of the show depends on it and if the numbers dip tonight, we’ll never get to see the fruits of Ms. Mimoun’s latest labor. “We’ve spent so much time working on a second season full of Robert Buckley, dark Will and new, exciting romance for our girls,” Rina tells me. “I can’t imagine not getting to continue.”

Robertbuckley So yeah, Lipstick Jungle lovers, if you want your Buckley fix, you should tune in tonight to ensure that his finely crafted physique stays on television, because the axe has fallen on LJ, but there’s still hope for Privileged and Mimoun plans to keep R.B. around.

As for the first season, that story will finish tonight and it ends with a surprising cliffhanger of sorts. You know, that shocking behavior Rina mentioned before… No, Megan’s not sleeping with Robert Buckley’s character. But if that was your guess, you’re not crazy far off the track. For tonight, as I mentioned before, there will be fights, breakups, betrayals, booze (I hear Megan’s dad has been drinking since mommy dearest disappeared), both sad and happy tears, a wedding ceremony and my girl Kathy Griffin. Oh, and Rose (Lucy Kate Hale) is supposed to sing again… at Marco and Keith’s nuptials I think.

Lucykatehale Now, without a new 90210 on at 8, Privileged has an even tougher wall to scale, sans a proper lead in. So don’t just DVR the hour and plan to watch sometime later in the week. At that point, it’ll be too late. If you like Privileged, make tonight’s finale an event and tell your friends to do the same.

A lot of comments spelling out why you’re obsessed with the series (that The CW will see) could be helpful too…

Privileged Webclip – All About A Brand New You

New Desperate Housewives Spoilers: More Deaths?

Desperate Housewives ABC/RON TOM

“Everyone is vulnerable on Wisteria Lane — any of us could go,” co-star Dana Delany admitted at Saturday’s Independent Spirit Awards. “Every single person in that cast feels like their days are numbered. I think Marc likes to keep people on their toes.” An upcoming episode that finds Katherine and Mike embarking on a camping trip with resident psycho Dave did nothing to ease Delany’s anxiety. “Trust me, I was worried the minute I read that,” confessed the actress. “Dave’s clearly not right in the head, and he has already wrongfully accused people of crimes, punched people, and killed people. But it’s good because that sense of not knowing keeps the actors on their toes and it keeps the audience anticipating.” To that end, Delany offered this cryptic tease about Katherine and Mike’s little wilderness retreat with Mr. Crazy: “There was a rifle involved, but I can’t say anything more than that.” Source: The Ausiello Files

From what I understand Nicollette is exiting the show. I’ve been told that her character Edie Britt will die in a car accident during this season’s 18th or 19th episode. In fact, longtime fans will remember that Edie has a son whom we met in year 3, and the Wisteria Lane ladies will be the ones to break the news of his mother’s death to him. With the series’ jump forward, he’s about 15 years old now. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Episode 5.19: Title Unknown Airdate: March/April 2009

  • Bobby: A soulful 15 year old boy in boarding school, he feels somewhat abandoned by his family and reacts tearfully to some bad news. Actors must have light brown hair and green eyes. Bill: A Caucasian man in his late 30s – early 40s, he relates the story of how his elderly mother fought off an attacker. Police Officer: This man in his late 20s – late 30s pulls over a driver and discovers more than he expected in the back seat. Source: SpoilerTV
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