Ugly Betty Episode Recap 3.16: Things Fall Apart

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Grantbowler Ugly Betty is seeing lots of action lately. Too bad it’s not necessarily the good kind, thanks to that snake Connor.

Let’s just get straight to it, shall we? Connor is stealing from Meade. Major stealing — millions. We only find this out because the YETI class is assigned to study their magazine’s budgets. Marc pretty much makes Betty do all the work, so when the numbers don’t add up, upstanding Betty brings her concerns to CFO Connor, tipping him off.

Now Connor needs to leave town, fast. But first, he invites the love of his life, Wilhelmina to go with him. Never mind that he’s stealing from her and tearing down everything she’s worked for. They’re in love. He also sets it up so Betty and Daniel will be implicated for stealing too if they try to tell anyone.

Molly In the end, Wil chooses her career over Connor, but when the police arrive at the flight he said they should run away on, he’s not there. He took an earlier flight. No trust, ever. They sully the word “love” with that craptastic lack of trust and respect. And it’s very telling that he does all of this NOT because he loved Molly, but because he really hates Daniel.

Daniel is of course reeling, but it gets worse. Yes, as all of you guessed, Molly is ill. She beat cancer once before, but now it’s back and she doesn’t want Daniel to go through it with her, so she’s jumping ship and moving to be with her family. Nice little romance we had there, bye.

So with the co-editors single again, things have reset to one. Well, except they’re now completely broke because all the accounts have been cleaned out (that Connor is thorough). And oh yeah, there’s baby William, aka Bradhelmina Spawn, to think of.

Christophergorham_uglybetty_s2_240 The only bright spot is Betty’s possible love life. First, she freaks out when she joins Facebook and discovers that her ex Henry has posted pictures of himself and his girlfriend — no, not baby mama Charlie, but a new girlfriend, Samantha. Henry has moved on, so why can’t Betty?

Good ol’ Matt is still around, and after hemming and hawing and figurative hand-wringing, Betty is still uncertain. Matt tells her that being in YETI together doesn’t need to be a conflict of interest or awkward. That just means they share the same passion — and didn’t I say that last recap? Finally, Betty agrees and meets him for another drink. Huzzah!

Random thoughts and highlights:

– Once again, a pretty decent (if not happy) episode with lots of good action. Why is this all happening now before it goes on hiatus?
– Honestly, Facebook is everywhere nowadays. Have you checked out Zap2it’s Facebook pop-culture mentions gallery lately? I’ll have to add Ugly Betty now.
– Still loving Justin, especially how he calls Tina Brown’s bio of Princess Diana, his Di Chron.
– Great scene where MarcManda eat Betty’s sandwich.
– How painful/adorable was it when Matt and Betty did the Wall-E voice?
– You know, since there was such a big finish last episode, I just figured Christina was taken care of off camera. But not even a mention of her this episode? That’s a shabby way to treat a surrogate.
– When Connor confronts Betty in the elevator, I expected him to say, “I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you meddling kids” and then rip off his mask to reveal Old Man Withers.
– This is twice now that Matt has been the voice of reason. Really, you need to listen to him from the start, Betty.

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