New Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Someone’s going to die?

Orson’s darker underbelly will rear its ugly head again. “He starts to steal things,” reveals Kyle MacLachlan. “It isn’t a burglar thing. He starts taking things that don’t belong to him, often from his friends and neighbors. I don’t know where that is eventually going to go, but it’s going to be delicious.” Source: Michael Ausiello

Photos from the set – 5th Feb

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Photos from the set – Feb. 1

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5-14  (Episode 101)  “Mama Spent Money When She Had None”  February 8

Written by Jason Ganzel; directed by David Warren

Susan wants to send MJ to the best school, though she and Mike can’t afford it. We’ll meet the school’s headmaster. Susan attempts to steal pearls Mike gave to Katherine to pay for the school. Look for Susan to take a job at the school.

Bree’s well on her way to becoming the next Martha Stewart…  She’s so successful she decides to buy a new car.

The Scavos decide to sell Tom’s Mustang. One of the Scavos argues with their liquor distributor over an unpaid bill. Will Bree loan money to Lynette?

Can Gabrielle squeeze into the dress she wore when she became engaged? Probably not right away, as she and Edie attend a fitness boot camp together.  She does not take it very seriously — but her mean trainer will do his best to give her an attitude adjustment.

Lee (Kevin Rahm) doesn’t know whether he should tell Tom and Lynette some disturbing facts about Dave. Bob (Tuc Watkins) also appears. Tom hits Dave.

5-15   (Episode 102)   “In a World Where the Kings are Employers”     February 15

Written by Lori Kirkland Baker; directed by David Grossman

Carlos’s boss is cheating on his wife.  Look for Gabrielle to uncover the truth!  Carlos gets a bonus as the Solises cover for the boss.

The Scavos face a rent increase for their restaurant that they might not be able to afford. Lynette tells Tom they must sell their restaurant.

After learning Bree gave Andrew a raise, Orson confronts Bree. Can Orson get info on Bree’s bank account? Not without the password. Todd Grinnell returns as Andrew’s fiance Alex Cominis.

Susan begins working at the school.   She’s angry and jealous when Mike leaves MJ with Katherine.

Some of the residents of Wisteria Lane are beginning to suspect Dave’s up to no good. How will Dave react?

5-16    (Episode 103)  March 8

Gabrielle tries to talk to Carlos’ boss’ mistress, but has trouble doing so: the mistress is a hairdresser, and Gaby lacks an appointment. Gabrielle tells the mistress to end the relationship.

The Scavos hold a fire sale, as they’ve sold their restaurant. At a dinner party, a book publisher interviews Tom. Will Tom take the job?  Or will Lynette?

A priest recognizes Dave at a liquor store, which will not make Dave happy.

Someone dies.  The character’s not a regular, but he has appeared in multiple episodes.

5-17  (Episode 104)  “The Story of Lucy and Jessie”  March 15

Susan continues to work as a teachers’ aide to kids at school.  We’ll meet Jessie, a teacher at Susan’s school. Susan needs to stay on Jessie’s good side as she will be evaluating Susan’s performance.

At the newspaper, someone’s looking for information on the people who died in Mike’s car accident.

Lynette interviews for an ad job.

A therapist tries to help Orson and Bree, but Orson’s problems may not be easy to overcome. In addition to his marital problems, Orson may also be a kleptomaniac. 10-time Emmy nominee Swoosie Kurtz guest-stars, reportedly as someone’s love interest.

Pushing Daisies’ much-loved Aunt Lily, aka Swoosie Kurtz, is coming to Desperate Housewives later this season to play a potential love interest for someone on Wisteria Lane. According to insiders, Kurtz will appear in episode 17 of the current fifth season. By last count, Orson and Bree, Gaby and Carlos, Tom and Lynette and Edie and Dave are all fully married, while Mike is happily dating Katherine. So hmmm, maybe our lonely little Susan will give up on men altogether? And with the red hair, she could be related to Bree or Katherine…Source: E!Online Source: Kristin on E!Online

Carlos gets a promotion, which will lead to him working with Lucy, an overweight, attractive woman in her late 30s –who happens to be Carlos’s ex-roommate; she’ll likely appear in more than one episode.

Episode 5.17 – The Story Of Lucy And Jessie – Casting Call

[LUCY] An attractive, overweight woman in her late 30s, she’s a financial whiz who works with her ex-boyfriend at a prominent financial institution…GUEST STAR; POSSIBLY RECURRING FOR 2 – 3 CONSECUTIVE EPISODES.

[MR. VIVIENTTO] A hip guy in his early 30s, he works in an ad agency and interviews a prospective employee…ONE DAY GUEST STAR

[KEN] A man in his 60s, he works for the technologically-challenged local paper and gives someone information about a dead mother and child…ONE DAY GUEST STAR Submit All Ethnicities.

[DR. BERNSTEIN] A male therapist in his 50s, his patient is trying to work through some baffling problems…ONE DAY GUEST STAR

[GERALD] A teacher in his 30s – 40s, he warns the new teacher’s aide that her prickly boss is just coming off her second divorce…CO-STAR; Submit All Ethnicities

[OWEN JOHNSTON] A very distinguished man in his 50s, he is the CEO of a financial institution and promotes an employee to upper management…CO-STAR; Submit All Ethnicities.

[CHARLIE] A boyish 18 year old, he is Ken’s intern at the local paper…2 lines, 1 scene; Submit All Ethnicities

[WOMAN] A pleasant woman in her mid 40s, she’s waiting for her daughter to finish a job interview…2 lines, 1 scene; Submit All Ethnicities.

[GIRL] The Woman’s pretty, smart daughter in her early 20s, she is at an ad agency job interview…1 line, 1 scene. Submit All Ethnicities.

[ZACHARY] A 6-7 year old first grade student in art class… 2 lines, 1 scene; Submit All Ethnicities

Source: SpoilerTV

Smallville Spoilers: Lois a Superhero?

Episode 19 finds Lois concocting her very own superhero alter ego, Stiletto, in an effort to smoke out the Red Blue-Blur. In that same episode, Chloe willingly begins harboring Davis Bloome, aka Doomsday. And she feeds him a surprising person as an evening snack on his first day under her roof… Source: Michael Ausiello

Surviving Smallville: Lex dead? Lana gone?

Clark and LanaSmallville characters faced pivotal crossroads last night in an episode that closed with one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of the entire series.  Deformed monster Lex Luthor was pulling the strings to gain revenge on key players who’ve destroyed his life: Oliver, Tess, Lana and Clark.  After surviving Lex’s first toy/bomb, Oliver (aka, Green Arrow) was determined to murder the madman once and for all—despite Chloe’s horrified objections.  But first, Lex schemed to separate Clark and Lana forever by forcing her to absorb enough kryptonite to kill the young Man of Steel.  Lana intervened before a raging Clark could rip into Lex, who was evidently perched in a Metropolis trailer.  But Oliver covertly blew it up with Lex’s own bomb, and authorities confirmed the remains were Luthor’s.  Is Smallville re-writing the future, or did the villain with nine lives escape again?  Later, Lana met Clark in the barn loft, and completely broke down as he staggered to kiss her one last time.  It was hard to watch, and surely harder to film.  Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling were never better.  The super duo professed their undying love, before Lana fled…knowing she couldn’t endure the now-forbidden relationship.  Was last night the final time we’ll see Lex and Lana?  In the comic book world of Smallville, don’t count on it.

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