Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap: 4.15 “Greek Tragedy”

‘Ghost Whisperer’: Sigma Chai Lattes for everyone!

Davidconrad_ghostwhisperer_240This week’s Ghost Whisperer features a big anti-Greek message, sidelining Sam and Melinda’s new relationship. And Melinda seems to think lying is the best way to get this guy.

The story of the week starred some of those wacky Rockland University students and their laugh-a-minute hazing ways. Except this hazing situation included a remorseful yet dead sorority sister from 1968 who decided to whisk a current pledge away to show everyone that sororities are bad. They make everyone feel terrible! They’re unfair and cruel! The story seemed to be interesting in the beginning, when I thought it was going to be a sibling rivalry/turf war thing, but the end turned out to be boring. If they’re going to pad the season and stretch out the primary plotlines, at least make us jump a couple of times. I’m missing the scary. Where’s the scary?

What about the more riveting plotline? Or maybe not so riveting. Everyone’s got secrets – skeletons in the closet that you’d rather your new crush not know about – that old tattoo, the weird family member, or the state you had to leave in a hurry. But Melinda has a doozy and she’s telling Sam lots of lies to cover up her ghost whispering ways. She tells Sam that she’s doing one thing when she’s off doing another. And while he may not have a memory, he is savvy enough to figure out that she’s point-blank lying with a smile on her face. Instead of calling her out on it though, which I wouldn’t do either one kiss into a relationship, he pulls back at the end. She may be off saving the world, and missing sorority pledges, but she could just tell the truth about it. She doesn’t even have to mention the ghosties yet.

Which leads me to two questions: What did Melinda do before, with Jim? There had to be that moment that he found out. I’ve watched this show since the beginning, but for the life of me I can’t remember the details of that history. Anyone else remember? There had to be a moment of realization for Jim. There’s going to have to be that for Sam, and soon. Like, not at the end of the season. It just can’t drag on that long. I’m feeling bipolar when I watch this show lately. I love it. I hate it. I love it. I hate it.

But more importantly, what’s Melinda’s main priority now? Her soulmate is squatting in another’s body, and she’s going to blow it by telling stupid lies about it? She’s changed her entire tune regarding how she handles the dead this season, giving Jim special treatment and instead of focusing on how to nuance this situation, she’s trying to wear too many hats at the same time. It’s maddening. I’m still trying to give this show a chance, but it’s exhausting. There are a million different plotlines, and all of them floundering.

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