Heroes Episode Recap: “A Clear and Present Danger”

With “Fugitives,” Heroes returns from a long winter nap with course-correction on its mind. As such, much of this Volume 4 kickoff does a lot of scene-setting, as we check in on our friendly world-savers as they struggle to live normal lives. Claire is applying to college, Parkman is working as a security guard, Mohinder is back driving his cab, Tracy trades in her junior senator for a governor, Peter is working as an EMT, and Nathan is back on Capitol Hill. Nathan has some new friends who dress all in black and create a scenario that forces our heroes to return to their super ways….
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Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck Versus The Third Dimension”

So it’s been over a month since we’ve seen any new Chuck episodes. That is a very long time to be without our beloved super computer geek. Many comments on the TV Guide website were wary that Chuck might not even come back. Thankfully, NBC has brought Chuck back – not with a regular episodic story but in no less than 3D!

So it was the holiday episode when we last left Chuck as he witnessed Sarah’s cold-blooded killing of an unarmed Fulcrum operative because said agent was planning to leak Chuck’s whereabouts, which would endanger him and his family. So we’re left wondering when and if Chuck will confront Sarah. Or is there something we didn’t see about that situation that would exonerate Sarah for her actions? And how will it all work in 3D? Welcome back as we dive into Chuck versus the Third Dimension!

We first see Chuck in bed having a beautiful dream. Sarah rises from the end of his bed scantily clad in some black lingerie. His dream slowly turns into a nightmare when he confronts Sarah about the holiday murder. She crawls across his bed and pulls out a sheath to stab him.

At Buy More, Emmett Milbarge’s best friend Tyler Martin, a famous rock-n-roller, is coming to sign autographs. Tyler may look familiar to those of you who have seen ABC’s Lost where Dominic Monaghan plays English rocker Charlie Pace. He plays rather than played Charlie because dead on Lost is never really dead. But that’s a whole other discussion. Anyway, it seems that Dominic has somewhat reprised that same role on Chuck….read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap 6.16: “Screenwriter’s Blues”

Austin Nichols, James van der Beek and Chad Michael Murray, One Tree HillPreviously on One Tree Hill: Reese was chosen as the director for Lucas’ movie while Brooke got down and dirty with Julian.

Things begin in Peyton’s office where Reese and Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) are holding casting calls for the roles of Nathan and Haley. The real Nathan and Haley are on hand, and he’s wondering why all the actors auditioning for him are shirtless. Clearly he hasn’t been watching One Tree Hill, where James Lafferty is almost always shirtless himself.

They leave because Nathan has to go on the road for a few weeks, but at least Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) has all these shirtless Nathans to keep her company. Nathan meets with his coach and convinces him to let him start over the cocky Devon. That happiness is shirt-lived when he finds out Devon was fired. Nathan gets even more depressed when he finds out his cocky rival has a cute little daughter and a very pregnant wife.

Peyton (Hilarie Burton) tries to visit Lucas, but the casting director mistakes her for an actress and has her take a seat. A potential Peyton next to her gives a whiny line reading of “Why do people always leave?” When Peyton finally auditions, Reese thinks she’s too old, but maybe she could play Deb. Oh snap.

Peyton heads off to enlist Mia’s help in putting together a baby crib. After realizing this subplot is boring and going nowhere, Mia (Kate Voegele) leaves to be with Chase. In her absence, Skills (Antwon Tanner) arrives as the baby proofer, which is his day job. It’s sad that this is the only storyline he’s had for the past several episodes.

After seeing all the Peytons, Reese wants the one with the biggest boobs, but Lucas is stuck trying to maintain integrity. Someone should tell him that Hollywood and idealism don’t really mix. Later Lucas is attacked by work for the movie, including the actor playing Dan wondering why he hates Keith so much and a group of potential Lucases imitating his every move. Lucas has a mini freak-out over all the moving pieces involved with making a movie…..READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

Gossip Girl Episode Recap: 2.17 “Carnal Knowledge”

Leighton Meester, Gossip GirlSpotted: The girl who has everything finally gets something she’s never had before: Detention. And she’s not taking her community service lying down.

This week on Gossip Girl, Blair complains to Serena about her punishment, while forcing Dorota to do the dirty work in the park. Pa Waldorf comes to meet his daughter with a picnic basket, and commends her on taking her punishment so maturely. Dorota, hands still sore from the manual labor, tells Blair that her “martyr act” stinks like the garbage she’s got Dorota picking up.
Serena goes to surprise her teacher, Rachel Carr, at her favorite breakfast spot, but finds Dan there already, bonding with Carr about being poor and lonely. Serena was going to show Carr her King Lear essay, but Miss Carr’s creepy adoration for Dan’s Cordelia shout-out in a short story (awkward literary reference #1) makes S think better of it, and she bails.

Meanwhile on the bourgeois side of town, Chuck Bass wakes up with vague memories of masked women. There’s an insignia on his wrist; a stamp rather than a tattoo, we hope. Chuck calls Nate and asks him to meet at a strange address.

Blair runs into Carr outside school, where Miss Carr tries to relate Blair’s litter pick-up to Henry David Thoreau’s On Walden Pond (that’s #2). Blair approaches the Plastics and demands their help taking down the “Commie Corn Husker,” but they refuse to help, afraid of getting their own trash duty. Blair gets all Gladiator General Maximus on them, giving a rousing little speech about how their petty manipulation will “echo through eternity.” The Headbands aren’t buying it… until Head Mistress Queller forgets she has an intercom system, and takes to the front steps to tell the students there’s a new rule at school: no cell phones during school hours. Blair’s lackeys see Miss Carr happily confiscating Blackberries, and sign on for take-down.

The Plastics meet in the women’s bathroom, where Blair has Dorota meet her with a designer bag full of new cell phones for her friends. Harmony wants to check Gossip Girl, and Nelly wants to check the Dow, but Blair insists: all texting efforts go toward finding dirt on Miss Carr…. READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

Privileged Spoilers: Season Finale Scoop!

Privileged Preview: Is Rose Ready to Bloom and Go Solo?

by Matt Mitovich TV Guide

Lucy Kate Hale

As the charming CW comedy Privileged (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) unspools its final freshman-season episodes, Rose will find herself ready to make a change — one that could forever alter her relationship with twin sis Sage. Lucy Kate Hale teased the twists and turns ahead, as well as weighed in on the “mean people” who booed NBC’s Bionic Woman, to whom she played sis.

TVGuide.com: What’s your favorite thing about Rose? And what would you change about her?
Lucy Kate Hale:
My favorite thing about her is she’s genuine and vulnerable. She wears her heart on her sleeve. The one thing I’d change is that she becomes more independent and creates more of an identity for herself.

TVGuide.com: I have that exact teaser here on my desk: “Rose makes a move to become more independent in the last two episodes [airing Feb. 10 and March 10].”
Yeah, and it’s a big change. It’s sad for fans of the twins and how they’re always together, but we are going to learn they are two different people and don’t always have to be together.

TVGuide.com: What sort of move does Rose make? Does she shack up with boyfriend Zach, dye her hair blonde …?
She doesn’t move in with Zach, not yet. Zach is around to stay, and if there’s a Season 2 — knock on wood — he’ll be there. But it’s a pretty big move, literally. In the second-to-last episode, all these surprises and secrets that were kept from Rose are thrown at her, and that leads her to make big choices.

TVGuide.com: Are you glad that Zach isn’t the traditional stud/arm candy?
I am so glad, because the first boyfriend that Rose had was not very nice to her. Zach totally would be my type in real life —sweet, smart, funny and quirky. It’s good for the audience to see that Rose will go for the underdog.

TVGuide.com: Please, please, please tell me that Ashley Newbrough isn’t nearly as nasty as Sage is.
She definitely isn’t — and I know that because I’m moving in with her! We’re getting an apartment together. She’s literally one of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve been told that the sweetest people play the best bitches.

TVGuide.com: Does she ever get in a funk playing the meanie?
Yeah, because she doesn’t want people to dislike her. You know how Leighton Meester is a bitchy character [on Gossip Girl], but you love her? It’s the same way with Sage. Plus, they’ve been showing more of why Sage is the way she is, that she’s damaged and puts up a guard.

TVGuide.com: Are you as sweet on JoAnna Garcia as I am?
I adore her. She’s been so great to Ashley and I. She was on Reba for like seven years, and she’s given us tips and pointers ….

TVGuide.com: Is she like a big sis, or are you all-out gal pals?
Both. We can hang out with her and have a good time, but there is that big sister quality. She’s so honest and has a way of saying things.

TVGuide.com: If we can talk about Bionic Woman for a bit… . Was it hard seeing that show get dissected and critically slammed last TV season?
It was such a bummer. It was my first show, and for that to be my first experience … was hard. I mostly felt bad for Michelle [Ryan], who worked her ass off every single day [as the series lead]. People were so mean about it. It just wasn’t meant to work out, I guess.

TVGuide.com: Did we ever get a story on why Jaime Summers’ kid sister [played in the original pilot by Mae Whitman, then recast with Hale] ceased being deaf?
All I heard was that they wanted to go a different way with the character. Mae Whitman was incredible, and I don’t know why they made that choice. I didn’t ask any questions. I just went in and did what they asked!

TVGuide.com: Tell me about the horror movie you have coming out this year, Deep Cove. It looks like a real CW “all-star team” effort.
Deep Cove should be interesting, for sure. It’s an independent horror film I did after we shot the pilot for Privileged. Haylie Duff (7th Heaven) is in it, and Aaron Ashmore (Smallville)….

TVGuide.com: Any chance you will resurface on How I Met Your Mother as Robin’s sister?
You know what? I’m really going for it, because outside of Privileged, that was the most favorite thing I’ve ever done. Keep your fingers crossed, because I sure am!

Have you heard anything about Robert Buckley on Privileged?

He’ll be stirring up some drama with the relationships on the show. Buckley says, “I mix things up. I definitely shake it up—I really, really make things hard for the guys in this show.” — Source: Kristin on E!Online

New Privileged Spoilers: ‘All About Confessions’

2/3 New ‘All About Confessions’

Megan is surprised to hear that Charlie has been accepted to UCSD and is moving to California. She takes him out to celebrate his good news, and he shocks her by kissing her and admitting he has been in love with her for years. When Megan tells Will what happened, he is so upset that he ruins Charlie’s goodbye party by confronting Charlie and starting a fist fight. Meanwhile, Rose is approached by Miles’ daughter, Elyse (guest star Elaine Hendrix), who reveals to Rose that Miles is the girls’ real grandfather. Sage worries that Luis (guest star Ignacio Serricchio) will be disappointed that she is a virgin, but is surprised to learn that he is deeply religious and does not believe in pre-marital sex. Luis invites Sage to church, which brings up her grief about her parents death and leads to a startling confession.

New One Tree Hill Spoilers! What about Season 7?

Anything on One Tree Hill? Do you know yet if this is really the last season?
No word yet on if a decision has been made about a seventh season, but by the looks of the upcoming One Tree Hill eps, I’d say things are starting to wrap up in North Carolina. Julian is looking to take things to the next level with Brooke when he asks if she and Sam will move back to L.A. with him. Might Tree Hill’s resident fashionista settle down in California for good? Millicent and Mouth are going to rekindle their adorkable love soon, too! And hell must have frozen over because after six seasons of abandonment, abuse and even murder, Dan is finally going to apologize to Nathan and Lucas for being such a terrible father. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Exclusive: Meet Tree Hill‘s “New” Lucas, Peyton & the Rest

by Matt Mitovich TVGuide

Chandler Massey and Alexandra Sgambati

On One Tree Hill, it’s almost time for production to start on the Dawson-directed movie adaptation of Lucas’ book. But before a single camera starts rolling, Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Haley and Nathan must meet … “Lucas,” “Peyton,” “Brooke,” “Haley” and “Nathan” — the young, CW-friendly actors who have been cast as Tree Hill’s fab five.

Here now, rounded up in their entirety and exclusively for TVGuide.com, is the who’s who (or, more like “Who? Who? Who? Who? And who?”) of the real-life actors filling those choice roles.

Playing the actors who will be playing Lucas and Peyton are Chandler Massey and Alexandra Sgambati (both pictured above). Cassandra Jean, a Texas gal who famously walked off the set of America’s Next Top Model during Season 2, will play the starlet who, in the course of boning up on Brooke, very amusingly grills the troubled Tree Hiller on her super-smoky voice and checkered love life.

Channeling Nathan and Haley for the film will be Matthew Atkinson (photo) and Elizabeth Lynn Hingley (photo).

But will Lucas’ dream of seeing his story on the silver screen ultimately be dashed? Will the duplicitous and drug-dabbling Dixon implode on his promise to be true to Lucas’ tome and “make the little things the big things”?

Check TVGuide.com later this week for sneak-peek clips of the Feb. 2 Bethany Joy Galeotti-directed One Tree Hill, when “Lucas,” “Peyton,” “Brooke,” “Haley” and “Nathan” make their debut.

It’s Time for Tree Hill‘s Bethany Joy Galeotti to Call the Shots

by Robyn Ross TV Guide

Bethany Joy Galeotti

On screen, she’s known as Haley James Scott on the CW’s One Tree Hill (Mondays, 9pm/ET). But for this week’s episode, Bethany Joy Galeotti stepped behind the camera, to call all the shots as Lucas finally gets to cast his movie. TVGuide.com caught up with Galeotti to find out what it was like to direct her castmates and see someone else play Haley. Plus: Why did her favorite Tree Hill moment involve Chad Michael Murray and … a water balloon?

TVGuide.com: How did the idea to direct come about?
Bethany Joy Galeotti:
I have a tendency in the creative world to just go for things; it’s how I’ve been my whole life. So it was probably during the fourth season when I said, “I wonder if I’d be any good at directing? Let me get a script and break it down and see how I’d do at that.” So I did, and gave the script to our producer, Greg Prange, who said I did a really great job. About two years went by and I didn’t hear anything and I thought, “Oh, maybe he was just being nice.” But then I got a phone call this season, and he said, “You still want to direct?” I was like, “Totally!” He said, “OK, you’re doing Episode 6.16.” I thought, “Well, here I go.”

TVGuide.com: What was the process like?
Over the next few months I shadowed a few different directors, watched them prep, go on [location] scouts and paid a little more attention on set to the directing aspect a little more than I normally do. Then I jumped in there and got going. We have an amazing crew and I have a great group of people around me to make sure that it wasn’t going to be a total disaster, which was my fear everyday.

TVGuide.com: You got to direct a great episode, where they cast Lucas’ movie.
It was so fun because I’ve always wanted to do casting, to be on the other side, and here I get the script with the most guest stars we’ve ever had on the show. [See related news story: “Meet Tree Hill’s “New” Lucas, Peyton and the Rest”] It was crazy, but it turned out really great.

TVGuide.com: Do any scenes stand out?
There’s a moment between Brooke and Julian which is really magnificent for Sophia [Bush] as an actress and for Brooke as a character. Sophia’s really grown so much as an actress and she really shows up in these storylines with flying colors. I think she’s the most fun character on the show right now.

TVGuide.com: Was it weird to see someone else play Haley?
A little, but it was really fun casting the people to come in and read for those characters. We had two Haleys in our episode — one at the beginning who’s auditioning, and then the girl who actually gets the part later on.

TVGuide.com: And how was it directing your fellow actors?
I knew that was going to be the easiest part for me. We’ve built such a great relationship over the years and I knew we’d be very respectful of each other. I never have a problem relating to my friends — I love people, and I know these people. The biggest challenge was directing people who I didn’t know or have a relationship with, and just all the logistics.

TVGuide.com: Lately things have been pretty drama-free for Haley and Nathan. Can we expect anything to shake that up?
I think they’re going through a spot where they’re considering making changes in their life, but I wouldn’t say there’s too much drama going on. Part of being in a big ensemble cast is taking turns with storylines because we can’t all have lots of things going on at once. So this season, Nathan and Haley get to be the stability and support while you have Brooke dealing with these different guys, and Sam, and we’ve got Lucas and Peyton, who seem to always find themselves in the middle of drama. It’s been a nice change of pace for us to step back. We have our little peaks and valleys, but mostly we’re pretty steady. I’m sure as things go on, someone else will take that turn and we’ll end up going into some big drama.

TVGuide.com: Can you tease any upcoming storylines?
Well, Haley runs into some trouble at school, and Nathan has to deal with some unexpected drama on his basketball team.

TVGuide.com: Any updates on One Tree Hill returning for Season 7?
No, we haven’t even really been spoken to about it so we don’t really know.

TVGuide.com: Are we going to see more of your music featured this season?
Hopefully. A close girlfriend of mine and I have been writing and playing together for years and decided to make it official, so we formed a band called Everly. We have some songs that are out on iTunes right now. We’re going to be coming up with more stuff over the next few months that we can throw [series creator] Mark [Schwann]’s way and see if there’s anything he’s interested in using.

TVGuide.com: Do you have a favorite moment from the past six seasons?
I always say one of my favorites is the water-balloon fight that Lucas and Haley have on their roof during Season 1. That was a real bonding moment for Chad [Michael Murray] and I. Something magical happened that night and we just became really good friends. And it has never changed.

TVGuide.com: Any other side projects you’re working on?
I’m so close to being able to talk about something, but until I have that piece of paper I can’t go blabbing my mouth. But I am working on a stage musical based on a book, intended for Broadway. I just can’t say anymore yet.

TVGuide.com: Would you be acting in it?
I don’t think so; I’d probably be producing. I may be directing. I’m not sure.

TVGuide.com: So you really like the behind-the-camera stuff?
Yeah, I do. I like being in creative control. It’s a lot more fun for me.

VIDEO: Tree Hill‘s Brooke Meets Brooke, Sex Talk & More

by Matt Mitovich TV Guide

This week on the CW’s One Tree Hill, casting gets underway for the movie adaptation of Lucas’ novel. That means, of course, that the fab five will have to “meet” the big-screen versions of themselves.

Already, TVGuide.com gave you an exclusive comprehensive look at who’s playing “Lucas,” “Peyton,” “Brooke,” “Nathan” and “Haley.” Now here are some video clips of the episode, showing how Tree Hill gets a taste of Hollywood.

In the video below, Julian introduces Brooke to “herself,” a prospect which gives Ms. Davis some serious butterflies. As she puts it, “Now I know how people must feel when meeting me for the first time!”

In two other sneak peeks, we’ve got director Dixon (James Van der Beek) rubbing Lucas and Nathan the wrong way as he casts “Nathan” and “Haley” (watch it here), plus some pillow talk between Julian and his honey. My favorite line from Brooke: “Sex didn’t make me popular [in high school]; I made it popular.” Hey, she said it. Watch that clip here.

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