Secret Life of the American Teenager Spoilers: Renewed for Season 2!


Daren Kagasoff and Shailene Woodley of ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’

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Episode Detail: Making Up Is Hard to Do – The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ricky tries to ruin the adoption. Elsewhere, Ashley goes to Ben and attempts to persuade him to go back to Amy.

Episode Detail: Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free – The Secret Life of the American Teenager

A possible employment opportunity opens up for Anne. Elsewhere, Adrian makes an effort to change her style, and Jack continues to help those in need by raising funds for underprivileged children.

ABC Family has made a heft commitment to “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” ordering an extra-long second season for the hit drama.

On Monday (Feb. 9), ABC Family announced the pick-up of a 24-episode second run of “American Teenager” tentatively set to return in the summer of 2009.

That will leave fans of the show with only a brief window with “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” which will complete its first season on March 23.

“‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ has really struck a chord not just with our Millennial audience, but with viewers across the board,” says Kate Juergens, ABC Family’s executive vice president for original series programming and development. “We’re delighted to announce the series will return. The success of this show goes directly to creator Brenda Hampton’s telling of this heartfelt story and is backed by the standout performances of our talented cast.”

After a successful summer premiere, ABC Family moved “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” into a Monday night 8 p.m. slot opposite “Gossip Girl.” The drama has thrived in that slot, ranking as TV’s most watched program in the hour among females 12-34 (2.1 million) and as cable’s most watched show in total viewers (3.7 million) and adults 18-49 (1.7 million).

The show’s first season, focusing on the various relationships impacted by an unplanned teen pregnancy, was 23 episodes. The series stars Shailene Woodley, Molly Ringwald, Mark Derwin, India Eisley, Ken Baumann, Daren Kagasoff, Francia Raisa, Megan Park and Greg Finley.

The renewal of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” had been expected for some time. ABC Family also just ordered up new seasons of “Greek” and “Liberty Heights,” plus 10 episode seasons of the comedies “Ruby and the Rockits” and “10 Things I Hate About You,” as well as the drama “Perfect 10.”

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Desperate Housewives Episode Recap 5.15 “In a World Where the Kings are Employers” 

‘Desperate Housewives’: All work and no play makes your family hate you RecapsEvalongoria_desperatehousewives_s4_240

Desperate Housewives continued its string of unexciting but inoffensive episodes tonight as the mystery inched its way along, becoming less mysterious and more of a slow march toward the inevitable climax. Surprise me, Marc Cherry!

Actually, it was “inoffensive” aside from the opening voiceover, which points out: “It’s not hard to spot a mother who works outside of the home. Just look for a woman leaving her house who looks incredibly guilty.” You know, I’m not loving the implied judgment on working moms there. At the very least, shouldn’t both of the parents look guilty?

When Mike lets Katherine take over some of his parenting duties, Susan freaks out. And while she’s a bit rude to Katherine at first and a bit psycho towards the end, I completely understand her insecurity. Blackjack! Brownies made from scratch! A wee little chef’s hat! And to top it all off, MJ running away from home to eat one of Katherine’s paninis. The sound of his adorable baby voice saying “provolone” just twists the knife. Maybe it isn’t called for when Susan accuses Katherine of trying to dig her claws deeper into Mike by making her place like “Disneyland” for MJ, but I get where it’s coming from, and I really feel for Susan when Katherine announces that Mike is moving in with her.

Felicityhuffman_desperatehousewives_s4_240 Tom Scavo may be the worst husband and dad ever. Seriously. I mean, I get that your dream business is in trouble, but using your kids as free labor? Is that even legal? And it goes even more poorly than you’d think, with Tom slamming Porter into a wall and shaking him violently when he refuses to wait a table with kids from his school. Much as I already disliked Tom, I never would’ve expected that from him. Nor would I have expected Lynette to make out with him afterwards, even if he did just agree to sell the restaurant.

Carlos’s company won’t be giving out any bonuses due to the economy, even though he’s been working like crazy. But a little boss blackmail goes a long way, and Gaby is back in the diamond bracelets in no time. Takeaway lesson: If you’re having an affair, don’t make out with your mistress in a convertible downtown. Takeaway lesson #2: Don’t then knock up your wife and let her ask your already-wavering blackmailers to be your baby’s godparents based on their strong moral compasses. Carlos is totally going to crack.

When Orson finds out that Bree secretly gave Andrew a hefty (and apparently well-deserved) raise, he tricks his way into finding out Andrew’s salary and then freaks out when he realizes that it’s twice what he makes. Um, dude, Andrew’s got company seniority, and your previous job experience drilling cavities and making license plates in prison probably doesn’t apply to the catering biz. Just be happy that Bree let you whine your way into a job. Orson: “You’re saying I’m worthless!” Bree: “No, I’m just saying you’re worth…less.” Ha!

Dave has been using Dr. Heller’s phone to text updates in to the practice, which explains why no one has come looking for him. But it sounds like he’s going to get busted soon, so he invites Mike and Katherine on a Camping Trip of Probable Doom, pressuring Edie into hiding from Katherine that she won’t be coming. And yeah, the giant handgun Dave is packing probably pushes it over into a Camping Trip of Definite Doom.

Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! The Lastest Scoop on Tommy’s Temporary Exit!

Brothers & Sisters – Episode 3.18 – Taking Sides – Press Release


“Taking Sides” — Even in the wake of a life threatening medical crisis and the excitement surrounding the birth of his son, Robert remains steadfast in his drive to run for governor, despite the damage that it may do to his marriage. Meanwhile, Saul and Sarah go to extremes to hide Tommy’s legal troubles from Nora, and Ryan gets a bit too close too fast for anyone’s good, on “Brothers & Sisters,” SUNDAY, MARCH 8 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Brothers & Sisters” stars Dave Annable as Justin Walker, Maxwell Perry Cotton as Cooper Whedon, Kerris Lilla Dorsey as Paige, Sally Field as Nora Holden, Calista Flockhart as Kitty Walker, Balthazar Getty as Thomas Walker, Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Whedon, Luke Macfarlane as Scotty Wandell, Rob Lowe as Senator Robert McCallister, Sarah Jane Morris as Julia Walker, Matthew Rhys as Kevin Walker, Ron Rifkin as Saul Holden, Emily VanCamp as Rebecca Harper and Patricia Wettig as Holly Harper. Guest starring are Ken Olin as David Caplan, Luke Grimes as Ryan Lafferty, Paul Keeley as James Friedman, Traber Burns as Judge Arthur Gray, Caroline Rich as the court clerk, Marin Hinkle as Courtney McCallister, Max Burkholder as Jack McCallister, Justine Dorsey as Sophie McCallister and Sarah Lilly as the D.A.

“Taking Sides” was written by Michael Foley and Beth Schwartz and directed by Michael Morris.

Source: ABC

Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.19 – Spring Broken – Promotional Photos

BROTHERS & SISTERS – “Spring Broken” – Kevin and Justin take Tommy on a getaway to help him make a decision about his legal future. Meanwhile, Kitty and Evan retreat to Nora’s to get acquainted with her new half brother, while Robert recovers, on “Brothers & Sisters,” SUNDAY, MARCH 15 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/CRAIG SJODIN) BALTHAZAR GETTY, DAVE ANNABLE, MATTHEW RHYS

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Brothers & Sisters – Getty to Make Shocking Exit .

That’s what I’m hearing from sources over at Brothers & Sistersexit storyline for Balthazar Getty. And it’s —that producers have penned what appears to be an perfectly scandalous…and perfectly fitting. (You fans will be shocked.) After weeks of rumors that Getty has been causing problems on the set, sources tell us exclusively that episode 19, titled “Spring Broken,” will be Getty’s last of the season. According to insiders who work on the show, Getty’s character, Tommy Walker, will have a very dramatic and surprising storyline in coming episodes, in which he willalert!—go to jail, get out on bail and go on the lam in —spoiler Mexico.

But here’s the really scandalous part…
Sources tell me that before he goes, Balthazar’s Tommy will get thoroughly wasted, flirt with young girls and get a nice slap across the face from his mother, Nora (Sally Field). Maybe mother always does know best? For those of you who haven’t been following Brothers & Sisters (and you really should be, ’cause this solid series is getting even better in coming episodes), Tommy hatched an illegal plan to edge Holly (Patricia Wettig) out of the Walker family business. He’s done some pretty illegal things to achieve his goal, like embezzle $2 million from the company. Hence, the trip to jail, and, well, you’ll see the rest.
Will you miss Balthazar on Brothers & Sisters? What do you think of what’s in store for Tommy?
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Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers! Izzie & George are NOT Leaving Grey’s!

Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exit Debunked

Both ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator Shonda Rhimes and co-star James Pickens Jr. deny the departure of the two main cast.

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” creator Shonda Rhimes says the rumors about and T.R. Knight’s departure from the show are “interesting”. Attending the NAACP Image Awards on Thursday, February 12 where the show was named Outstanding Drama Series, Rhimes emphasized that the exit is mere “rumors”. “That was absolutely taken out of context,” she explained to People. “Things happen, and … I think rumors become fact very easily. And you know I don’t like to tell you what’s going to happen on the show – but that is a rumor.” Also providing another denial is the show’s star James Pickens Jr., the very same man who confirmed first hand about the two stars leaving. “We had been living with so (many) rumors, when the question was asked of me, I was pretty much just trying to congratulate Katie and T.R. on whatever their endeavors are going to be,” Pickens told Access Hollywood. “And that’s exactly what they are, rumors! We don’t know any more. And until they get a new script, we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Source: Ace Showbiz

New Smallville Spoilers: Lois & Clark and Linda Lake’s Return!

Sneak Peek of Tori Spelling’s Return on ‘Smallville’ 8.15: Infamous

‘Smallville’ welcomes back the gossip queen columnist, Linda Lake, who is having another ulterior motive against Clark.

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The re-appearance of as Linda Lake in “” has been teased through a sneak peek. The show is currently taking a hiatus to come back on March 12 with the episode titled “Infamous”. Linda Lake comes back to Smallville and blackmails Clark to undercover his true identity. However Clark decides he will reveal his secret by himself and a fanatic teenager fakes a fall so Clark saves her. Stephen Lobo plays Randall Brady, the Daily Planet’s new City Editor. The episode will also mark the reign of Lois and Clark. Executive producer Brian Peterson said, “Lois returns in a big way, as she finds her feelings for Clark increasingly rivaled by her quest to get closer to the enigmatic Red-Blue Blur.” Linda Lake first appeared in a 2007 episode where she is hired by Lex to gather informations that would bring down Clark. She has the ability to turn to water which she uses to find saucy stories for The Daily Planet.

Source: Ace Showbiz

Episode 8.15: Infamous Airdate: March 12, 2009

  • Clark: “Lois, I want you to tell my story …. I’m the Red-Blue Blur.” Lois: “I guess I should stop calling you ‘Smallville’ then.” Among the other super scenes and sound bites: Linda sneering, “The only thing people like more than bulding up heroes is tearing them down.” A seemingly conflicted Davis saying, “I was sent to this planet to kill Clark.” Lois Lane giving [Linda Lake] a serious smackdown. Source: TV Guide Online
  • Clark picks Lois up at the airport upon her return to Metropolis. When he shows up a bit late, Lois starts to feel that remembering her isn’t very high on his priority list…. of course once she learns the secret, it all will start to make sense. When Clark tells Lois about his abilities, she at first thinks he is joking. Lois thinks she’s the first person Clark has told, before he reveals that he told Chloe and Lana before her. Davis is curious about how much of the recent weeks that Chloe actually remembers. There is a chance Lois and Clark might be doing something they were interrupted from doing back in “Bride.” Source: KryptonSite
  • Stephen Lobo plays Randall Brady, the Daily Planet’s new City Editor who shares a scene with Tori Spelling’s Linda Lake. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.16: Turbulence Airdate: March 19, 2009

  • We learn a little bit more about what is connecting Chloe to Davis, and some of those revelations may better explain some of the spoilers concerning them for episodes later in the season. Source: KryptonSite
  • 01/25 – Clark tells Chloe that his recent “brush with celebrity ” (in “Infamous”) might mean that having a “double identity” isn’t such a bad idea after all. The red-and-blue combo might just be saved for those occasions. Davis tells Chloe that she can’t blame herself for what happened on her wedding day. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.17: Hex Airdate: March 26, 2009

  • Clark’s birthday gift for Chloe is a vintage copy of “Tales of the Weird & Unexplained.” Jimmy does not attend Chloe’s birthday party. However, he does have a conversation with Chloe when she appears to be Lois. Clark learns fairly early on that “Lois” is actually Chloe. Source: KryptonSite
  • Smallville has a fun new trick up its sleeve, and it involves the CW series’ take of DC Comics trickstress Zatanna. has learned that Serinda Swan has landed the guest-star role. Swan will appear in this season’s 17th episode, “Hex,” as Zatanna, a magician who grants birthday girl Chloe a wish. Having been through the wringer ever since Brainiac mind-boinked her and Doomsday crashed her wedding day, Chloe expresses a desire to lead the comparatively mild-mannered life of Lois Lane. Voilà! Chloe magically inhabits Lois’ (and thus Erica Durance’s) body for the bulk of the hour. Clark is also granted a wish. Source: TV Guide Online

Episode 8.18: Eternal Airdate: April 2009

  • Connor Stanhope, who played Young Lex in the Season 7 episodes “Fracture,” “Veritas,” and “Descent,” will again be playing Young Lex in this episode. Source: KryptonSite
  • Chloe willingly begins harboring [Doomsday]. And being the dutiful hostess that she is, she even throws in free meals. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • In one of the flashbacks, young Lex sees Davis (as a child) in one of the rooms of the mansion. When Davis takes off a wool hat that Lex is wearing revealing his baldness, Davis asks him if he is Warrior Angel. Young Lex discovers that “a man” has been doing experiments on Davis and put needles in him. In the flashback, Martha Kent visits the Luthor mansion (sadly, off screen). Young Davis is left in an alley by Lionel’s aide. In the present day, Chloe and Clark discover that Davis has stopped in the same field that Clark landed back in 1989. While there, they find a charred truck. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.19: Stiletto Airdate: April 2009

  • The four characters that appear in this episode are Clark, Chloe, Lois, and Jimmy. Chloe and Lois finally get some hanging-out “cousin time” until they are attacked by two thugs. Lois takes one of them down with her stiletto heels and begins to feel like a bit of a superheroine herself. The other, however, gets away with Chloe’s car which has some very sensitive information inside. Lois recruits Jimmy for photography help to convince others that “Stiletto” is Metropolis’ newest heroine so she can have the exclusive and then bring the Red-Blue Blur out of hiding. When Clark finds out about this, he tells Lois that she’s a better reporter than one who would lie to advance her career. Lois may end up having contact with the Red-Blue Blur at some point of the episode. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.20: Beast Airdate: April 2009

Chloe’s situation with Davis (see “Eternal” spoilers) is giving her nightmares. Oliver and Jimmy begin to form a friendship. Chloe makes a decision that will change her friendship with Clark forever. Erica Durance (Lois) and Cassidy Freeman (Tess) do not appear in this episode.

Source: KryptonSite

New Lost Spoilers! Preview 5.6: 316

Preview of ‘Lost’ 5.06: 316

The Oceanic 6 are told how to get back to the island and Jack’s grandfather may show his face in the next episode of ‘Lost’.

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There is only one way back to the island, and it’s through the ‘windows’. In the next ““, the scheme to get back to the island to save the rest is getting rounder with the revelation on ‘how to’ but problem occurs when not all of the Oceanic 6 agree to return. According to EW’s Michael Ausiello, this episode will introduce for the first time the grandfather of Jack. The character will be played by Raymond J. Barry who had appeared as guest in “” and “” among others. The episode is called “316” and it airs February 18.
On another news, it has just been dished out that there is a possibility for Walt to be back on the show on next two week’s episode “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”. Michael Emerson aka Ben told TV Guide, “The writers would say that Walt … left the island at a time that wasn’t key. It’s not just about the six who left; it’s about when and how they left.”

Episode 5.06: 316 Airdate: February 18, 2009

  • Jack dives from the top of the waterfall and he swims over to Hurley, who’s sitting on the side playing guitar… There’s also a floating guitar case. Then he swims over to a maybe unconscious Kate. Suddenly, Jin comes out of the jungle holding a gun and wearing a Dharma jumpsuit. Jacks says “Jin?” And then Jin lowers the gun looking confused. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 02/02 – Mrs Hawking gives something to Jack that MUST go back with Locke’s body along with a special item that comes in pairs that is related to Jack’s grandfather. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • The members of Oceanic 6 discover how to get back to the island, but not all of them want to return. Guest starring are Fionnula Flanagan as Eloise Hawking, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Sai d Taghmaoui as Caesar, Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana, Mary Mara as Jill, Raymond J. Barry as Ray, Kavita Patil as Rupa Krishnavani, P. D. Mani as Nabil, Rebecca Hazlewood as Nalini, Patti Hastie as barfly, Glen Bailey as magician and Ned Van Zandt as Mr. Dorsey. Source: ABC

Episode 5.07: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Airdate: February 25, 2009 from 9 to 10:06 p.m.

  • Locke’s fateful mission off the island as Jeremy Bentham is revealed. Guest starring are Malcolm David Kelley as Walt, John Terry as Christian Shephard, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Lance Reddick as Matthew Abaddon, William Blanchett as Aaron, Said Taghmaoui as Caesar, Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana, Ammar Daraiseh as Hajer, Grisel Toledo as Susie, Stephen Scibetta as foreman and John Jamal Bradley as kid. Source: ABC

Episode 5.08: LaFleur Airdate: March 4, 2009

  • Sawyer perpetuates a lie with some of the other island survivors in order to protect themselves from mistakes of the past. Guest starring are Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Doug Hutchison as Horace Goodspeed, Reiko Aylesworth as Amy, Christopher Jaymes as doctor, Kevin Rankin as Jerry, Patrick Fischler as Phil, Molly McGivern as Rosie, Carla Buscaglia as Heather and John Skinner as Other #1. Source: ABC

Episode 5.09: Namaste Airdate: March 11, 2009

  • Jin and Swayer see the first half of the Oceanic 6. The reaction is emotional to the return. Jack talks to Marvin Candle. Juliet and Sawyer are living together. Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 5.10: He’s Our You (Sayid-centric)Airdate: March 18, 2009

  • [A scene set in Russia] was for Naveen Andrews, who stalked about dressed all in black (including a leather jacket). Most of the action happened behind closed doors, but the last scene depicted Sayid coming out of the building, holding something inside his jacket, and walking away. Bags of ice were spread across the sidewalk to depict snow. Interestingly, the same thing was done one block east on this same street for another Sayid scene (leaving a restaurant in Berlin). […] After sundown, they turned up at Bishop Museum, where the show had recreated yet another Russian locale .  According to my friend Jeff, a museum employee, both Naveen Andrews and Michael Emerson were on hand. He said they were in Red Square, and that fake snow was sprayed on the side of Hawaiian Hall and on cars parked along the lane. Source: The Transmission

Episode 5.11: Title Unknown Airdate: March 25, 2009

Episode 5.12: Dead Is Dead Airdate: April 1, 2009

  • Brian: Any ethnicity, late 20s to mid-30s. Smart, charismatic and clever with the ability to be physically imposing. He is wise beyond his years. Capable of genuine charm, he is also the first person you’d want to help you out of any serious jams. Recurring. Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 5.13: Some Like It Hoth Airdate: April 8, 2009

  • Leading up to 5.13, Faraday has gone “missing” after exploring the Orchid amongst other things. In 5.13, he reappears and is seen by Miles. It’s a pretty big reveal, as Daniel’s whereabouts and activities have been missing for a while. We [know of] some experimental stuff being taken from the Sub. We see Radzinky and some Dharma scientists in black uniforms along with Pierre Chang. Daniel has been busy with something and is the setup for something big to happen. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • Today they were filming off of Lehua St near Chuck E Cheese in Pearl City. It was a shot of Miles being kidnapped by two men and thrown into a van. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • Howard: Late 40s – late 50s, any ethnicity. Blue-collar, tough-looking. A lonely guy who finds it hard to admit his love for his son. Goes to great lengths to finally bond with him. Little Boy: 8-12 years old, Asian. Precocious and inquisitive, he wanders away from his mom and finds himself in a scary situation but discovers he’s got more fortitude than he ever imagined. Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 5.14: The Variable Airdate: April 15, 2009

  • This episode is a direct follow up from “The Constant.” It continues with Desmond’s and Daniel’s adventures. We get more info on Daniel’s notebook statement “Desmond is my Constant.” The early planning of this episode may explain why Desmond left the army. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • George: 10 years old, very intelligent, sharp and bright. A child prodigy who is already completing high school level work. Extraordinarily gifted as a science student and musician, he still deep down simply wants to make his parents proud and get their love. Looking for someone with brown hair and brown eyes. Please submit actors that can play some piano. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 02/02 – Sophie: Late 30’s – 40s, British. Very intelligent, skillful, prim and proper aristocrat yet someone who is tough and resourceful when necessary to protect her family. Looking for actress 5’0″ to 5’4″ in height for matching requirements. Must have an English accent. Probably recur. Source: Lost Spoilers

General spoilers:

  • Two new people will accompany the O6 back to the Island. We will see another crash. We will see Ms. Hawking inside the Lamppost Station. Sawyer has to to lie. The lie hinges on everyone’s safety, especially his own. Someone we’ve seen will be shown to be Ethan’s mother. […] Dharma wants to kill Sayid and capture him. A teenage Ben helps him escape. Ben is shot and I think Jin witnessed this. Juliet tries to help Ben but gets Sawyer and Kate to help her carry Ben to Richard and the Others. Richard Alpert was there and so were Others with guns. Locke is seen shooting a scene where he is wearing an outfit very similar to the suit he was buried in. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • We’ll find out what Sawyer told Kate in the first half of the season. There’s some kind of romantic tension between Sawyer and Juliet. Mrs. Hawking is related to someone we already know. [It’s false to say that] Ben really cannot go back to the Island. Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • Brad Henke [will play that “younger Phillip Seymou Hoffman-type” character]. I can’t say much about his character, except that he has ties to the mysterious Ilana. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • [October Road‘s] Brad William Henke [… was] just booked four episodes of Lost. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
  • A Lost insider tells me that Team Darlton is very quietly looking for an actor to play a “younger Phillip Seymour Hoffman-type” for a smallish arc this season, and a much bigger one next. Source: The Ausiello Files

The Rousseau storyline would last for a while. When asked if Jin will learn French, Daniel Dae Kim said slyly, “Who’s to say he doesn’t already know it?” We get the feeling he may already speak it. (Watch With Kristin)

Jin and Sun reunite. And it may be sooner than you think. You’ll be surprised if and when you see it. (Watch With Kristin)

Lance Reddick (now on Fringe) says he’s coming back to Lost in the Feb. 25 episode. (Watch With Kristin)

Rebecca Mader talked about Charlotte and Daniel: “They must have a history. Because it’s like they just got to this island and all of a sudden they appear to have—he apparently loves her, he’s in love with her, which is huge.” Hopefully we’ll find out about it soon since someone is kicking the bucket this week, and it very well could be Charlotte. (Watch With Kristin)

Rebecca Mader said she’s safe for now, but the emphasis was a bit too strong on the “for now”. She may have been released from the show at some point to shoot a movie with George Clooney. (Watch With Kristin)

Malcolm Davide Kelley (Walt) recently filmed an episode of Lost, scheduled to air February 25. Just don’t expect Michael’s son to factor into Ben’s mission to return select former castaways to the isle. As Michael Emerson tells us, “The writers would say that Walt … left the island at a time that wasn’t key. It’s not just about the six who left; it’s about when and how they left.” (TV Guide)

316 – Airing February 18
Jack dives from the top of the waterfall and he swims over to Hurley, who’s sitting on the side playing guitar… There’s also a floating guitar case. Then he swims over to a maybe unconscious Kate. Suddenly, Jin comes out of the jungle holding a gun and wearing a Dharma jumpsuit. Jacks says “Jin?” And then Jin lowers the gun looking confused. (Lost Spoilers)

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham – Airing February 26
Locke’s mission off the island as Jeremy is revealed. (ABC)

Namaste – Airing March 11
Jin and Swayer see the first half of the Oceanic 6. The reaction is emotional to the return. Jack talks to Marvin Candle. Juliet and Sawyer are living together. (Lost Spoilers)

The show is casting a role that sounds a lot like a pre-island Ben. The 10-year-old child prodigy is an extraordinarily gifted science student and musician who “is deeply depressed and simply wants to make his parents proud and get their love.” Interested actors must have brown hair, brown eyes and strong piano skills. (Michael Ausiello)

Mrs. Hawking is related to someone we already know. (Watch With Kristin)

Mrs Hawking gives something to Jack that MUST go back with Locke’s body along with a special item that comes in pairs that is related to Jack’s grandfather. (Lost Spoiler)

New Gossip Girl Spoilers! Serena and Blair Kissing? Plus Clips!

  • Please tell me this Blair and Nate thing won’t last: Take comfort, it’ll be but a blip in the Gossip Girl timeline. Source: Zap2IT
  • Rufus is going to run into some money problems soon, but with Lily by his side that shouldn’t be too big of an issue right? Source: Kristin @ E!Online
  • Armie Hammer will join the cast of Gossip Girl at the end of the season to play Serena’s new beau, [Gabriel Serrano]. Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • When Serena’s grifter love interest is first introduced, he’s in a relationship with her socialite bud, Poppy Lifton! Source: The Ausiello Files
  • The tentative plan is to make [Rufus and Lily’s son] a major character next season. Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • 02/08 – Remember when Nate was poor and huddling under a tartan sleeping bag trying to keep warm in the basement of his family’s seized Upper East Side townhouse on Gossip Girl? Well, don’t worry, he isn’t poor anymore because… well, something happened, I’m a little unclear actually. But maybe these two have something to do with it. has learned exclusively that Aaron Tveit and Holley Fain have been cast as Nate’s very wealthy cousin Tripp Vanderbilt and his fiancée, Maureen, who is a girl and therefore does not need a last name of her own. The posh pair will appear in two upcoming episodes, in which Poor Little Match Boy Nate reconciles with his mother’s powerful family. Source: TV Guide Online
  • 178014

    Gossip Girl – Several New Set Photos

    (Click to Enlarge)

    Posted By: The ODI

    Forget that ho-hum Oscar nomination. Now Anne Hathaway has something even cooler to brag about: her very own Gossip Girl plot! The show is planning a season-ending story line loosely inspired by the actress’ infamous (and fizzled) romance with Italian grifter Raffaello Follieri, who was convicted last October on 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy. In the world of Gossip Girl, Blake Lively’s Serena will play the unsuspecting ingenue who falls for a handsome European socialite — in this case a hunk named Giorgio (casting is under way). Though she won’t confirm or deny the story’s Hathaway-esque twists, executive producer Stephanie Savage reveals that Serena’s beau is “very well-traveled, part of the global elite. He’s not a brooding artist like Dan or Aaron rose. He’s definitely a grown-up, and that’s something Serena is very attracted to.” Word is that GG’s version of the story will take a turn that is so much darker than the Hathaway saga that it ultimately puts Serena’s life in danger. Moreover, it triggers the return of Michelle Trachtenberg’s Georgina Sparks and casts our heroine’s sworn frenemy in the unlikely role of savior.
    What do you guys think? Is GG smart to be ripping stories from the headlines? Or are you annoyed that so early in its run, its writers are already cribbing plotlines from the tabs? Sound off below. (You first, Anne.)
    Source: EW

    Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 13th Feb

    Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 9th Feb

    Source: SpoilerTV

    Gossip Girl – On the Set – 6th Feb

    (Click to Enlarge)

    (Click to Enlarge)

    Source: The ODI

    ‘Gossip Girl’ Speak of the Week: Blairnoid and Ment-Whore

    Two new ‘Gossip Girl’ guides are released by The CW to give fans insight to the terms often used in the show.

    See larger image

    Two new featurettes are released for ““, dubbed Gossip Guide – “Speak of the Week”. The first one is called “Blairanoid”, the syndrome which is related to Blair’s attitude while the second one is called “Ment-Whore”, a twist to the word mentor aka Rachel. Lesson number #39 teaches about “the belief that everyone is jealous of your perfection and therefore, out to get you.” This leads to a side effect which is found in lesson number 14 “Dorot-Abuse”. Dorota is the faithful maid in the Waldorf family who often keeps up with Blair’s eccentricities and finds secrets within the family. Lesson number #56 is about the affair between a teacher and a student aka Rachel and Dan. Rachel is the new Shakespeare teacher who joins the show in the second season. Played by Laura Breckenridge, the character was mistaken to be a student when she first arrived at Constance Billard and jumped into trouble when she gave Blair a B. The new episode of “Gossip Girl” returns March 16.

    Source: Ace Showbiz

    New Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Housewives Kissing eachother?

    Two Actresses Lock Lips in ‘Desperate Housewives’

    A recent scoop of ‘Desperate Housewives’ reveals that two of Wisteria Lane women residents will hook up in a kiss.

    See larger image
    Something is steaming on ““. Things are heating up between Gabrielle Solis () and Susan Meyer (), not in the sense of ‘bring out the claws’ but rather in the form of a kiss. An exclusive report by Celebuzz reveals that the two characters will lock lips in a future episode and romping will be going on. This remains an unconfirmed story but when the rep for creator March Cherry is approached for comment, they said they will “leave it to the imagination.” No clue yet in which episode the kiss would occur. Meanwhile, the show will be back this Sunday, February 15 with an episode called “In a World Where the Kings Are Employers”. Susan starts a new job in order to give son M.J. the best, but when Mike leaves their son in Katherine’s care, anger and jealousy pervade. Carlos receives a generous bonus when Gaby discovers his boss’ dirty little secret. Source: Ace Showbiz

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ Spoilers Crossover Event 3 Preview

    As Archer recoups from surgery, Derek has Addison work with his pregnant neuro patient; after Sam suffers a sudden asthma attack, Bailey and Naomi work together to find the root cause of Sam’s sudden attack; and at Oceanside Wellness, Cooper, Violet and Pete work together to treat a mother suffering from postpartum depression. (ABC)

    Addison’s new love interest (Josh Hopkins) will be part of a major storyline in March for five episodes. (Watch With Kristin)

    A pregnant patient who is dying becomes the case for Derek and Addison who argue whether they suppose to save the baby or the mother.

    See larger image

    The more heads available the harder decisions are made. In the third and last crossover event between “” and ““, Derek faces off with Addison over what course is best for their dying pregnant patient. Derek’s confidence is shaken like never before during the dilemma.

    Also in the “Grey’s” episode called “An Honest Mistake”, Cristina calls the abilities of a renown surgeon into question after she botches a standard procedure, and Bailey, who has decided to pursue a fellowship in Pediatrics, is appalled by the Chief’s less-than-stellar recommendation letter.

    In “Private” episode “Wait and See” meanwhile, Naomi and Archer grow closer as a couple, and Addison suspects that her brother may have returned to his old, bachelor ways. Meanwhile, Dell, Addison and Naomi heatedly debate the pros and cons of gender reassignment surgery when their patients’ newborn child is born with both male and female sex organs, and Violet and Sheldon settle some of their own issues when they co-lead a couples’ therapy group.

    The two hour event will start at 9/8c on February 19. Source: Ace Showbiz

    Preview of Second ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ Crossover

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 5.15 and ‘Private Practice’ 2.16 collide with the struggle to cure Addison’s brother and the complication in relationship.

    See larger image

    Another dip into the crossover event between “” and its spin-off “” has been given. Things got complicated not only in the medical cases but also the relationship among Derek, Meredith and Addison. The two-hours event will be kicked off with a “Grey’s” episode called “Before and After”. Addison, Naomi and Sam rush the ailing Archer to Seattle Grace and reunite with old friends Derek and Mark to help save his life. Meanwhile, Izzie employs her fellow doctors in a medical game designed to help teach the interns, and Owen runs into a significant someone from his past. Moving on to the second hour, “Private” will air “Ex-Life”. As Archer recoups from surgery, Derek has Addison work with his pregnant neuro patient. After Sam suffers a sudden asthma attack, Bailey and Naomi work together to find the root cause of Sam’s sudden attack, and at Oceanside Wellness, Cooper, Violet and Pete work together to treat a mother suffering from postpartum depression. The second crossover event this season will air Thursday, February 12 at 9/8c. Source: Ace Showbiz

    Preview of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ Crossover Episode

    A crisis brings Addison back to Seattle Grace Hospital in a crossover episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’.

    See larger image

    It is the crossover episode of “” and “” on February 5. From the preview given by ABC for the next episode of “Grey’s”, it is known that Derek receives a call from Addison in some kind of an emergency situation involving her brother, Archer.

    Based on the synopsis given on “Private” February 5 episode, Archer will have a severe seizure that Addison and Naomi try to find a cure using every resource possible. And when they don’t, Addison seeks the help of the neurosurgeon she knows well, Derek. Also in the episode, now that Derek has the engagement ring, he searches for the perfect way to propose to Meredith.

    Archer, played by Grant Show, moves to L.A. to work at Pacific Wellcare but he causes problems between Addison and Naomi.

    “Private Practice” is the spin-off of “Grey’s Anatomy”, which first aired in 2007 and focused on the solo journey of ‘s character. Addison once made a return for a specialized surgery to “Grey’s” several months after “Private” premiered. The crossover may be a multi-episode event in February. Source: Ace Showbiz

    New Heros Spoilers! Preview 3.16: “Building 36”

    One of the key Heroes dies at the end of this volume. (TV Guide)

    Heroes didn’t really kill of Daphne – at least not yet. (Michael Ausiello)

    Somewhere around episode 20, Tracy Strauss will be broken up. And yes, it’s the sort of breaking up that lands the character permanently in a grave. (Watch With Kristin)

    Preview of ‘Heroes’ 3.16: Building 26

    searching for his father.Nathan’s scheme to capture all the ‘Heroes’ continues while Sylar keeps

    See larger image

    The hunt for the heroes continues in the next week’s episode of “” and cameras are placed every where to follow their moves. While the government goes for the hunt, Nathan’s plan faces exposure when the President orders Homeland Security to start an investigation. Sylar embarks on a road trip to find his father with assistance from Luke, unaware of their pursuit by Nathan’s agents. John Glover will play the role of Sylar’s father, who is not yet known whether to be a protagonist or another villain. An insider told EW previously, “When Sylar meets his father, he’s going to see a path ahead of him that he doesn’t want to take. He has a lot more in common with his father than he realized.” Elsewhere, Matt’s prophetic images lead Hiro and Ando to India and the Heroes receive help from a mysterious ally. The episode called “Building 26” airs February 16.

    Source: Ace Showbiz

    Episode 3.16: Building 26 Airdate: February 16, 2009

    • Nathan’s plans face exposure as Homeland Security begins an investigation under direct orders from the President of the United States. Sylar and Luke (guest Dan Byrd) embark on a road trip to find Sylar’s father, but are secretly being hunted by Nathan’s agents. Life gets complicated for the Bennet family as Claire goes into action to protect a young man with abilities (guest star Justin Baldoni) from being captured by HRG. Elsewhere, Matt’s prophetic images lead Hiro and Ando to India and a mysterious ally comes to the aid of our Heroes. Ali Larter, Sendhil Ramamurthy and Milo Ventimiglia also star. Ashley Crow, Randall Bentley and Amrapali Ambegaokar also guest star. Source: NBC

    Episode 3.17: Cold WarsAirdate: February 23, 2009

    • Summary of spoilers revealed in Behind the Eclipse Q&A #13: We will see how Nathan and HRG have provided the Hunter and his men with information about each of the heroes abilities explaining how they can neutralize the abilities. [The episode] will give us more information about Angela and HRG’s involvement with catching the heroes. Source: SpoilerTV
    • While being held hostage, HRG is subjected to Matt Parkman’s unique brand of interrogation, revealing how he became involved with Nathan’s government plot to capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Matt’s discoveries bring Peter face-to-face with “The Hunter” (guest star Zeljko Ivanek). Sendhil Ramamurthy and Cristine Rose also star. Ashley Crow also guest stars. Source: NBC

    Episode 3.18: Exposed Airdate: March 2, 2009

    • Summary of spoilers revealed in Behind the Eclipse Q&A #13: Rachel Mills will appear in Episodes 3.18 and 3.19. Source: SpoilerTV
    • After receiving a tip from “Rebel,” Matt and Peter race to “Building 26” to rescue Daphne and recover files that will expose the government’s plans for those with abilities. Claire finds help from an unlikely source in smuggling Alex (guest star Justin Baldoni) out of the city. As Sylar and Luke (guest star Dan Byrd) continue their road trip, Sylar begins to have memories of his father that lead him to the truth about his mother. Meanwhile, “The Hunter” (guest star Zeljko Ivanek) puts his own agenda into action with an explosive surprise for one of our heroes. Jack Coleman, Adrian Pasdar and Cristine Rose also star. Randall Bentley, Ashley Crow and David Lawrence XVII also guest star. Source: NBC

    Episode 3.19: Shades of Gray Airdate: March 9, 2009

    • When Sylar comes face-to-face with his long lost father (guest star John Glover), the reunion proves to be what he least expected. Elsewhere, after receiving a tip from “Rebel,” Claire must decide if she will help her sworn enemy, Eric Doyle (guest star David Lawrence XVII), evade capture. Meanwhile, as “The Hunter” (guest star Zeljko Ivanek) plans to uncover the Petrelli family’s secrets and take control of Nathan’s operation, Matt finds himself in the spotlight and on the verge of leveling Capitol Hill. Jack Coleman, Ali Larter, James Kyson Lee, Masi Oka and Cristine Rose also star. Randall Bentley and Ashley Crow also guest star. Source: NBC

    Episode 3.20: Cold Snap Airdate: March 16, 2009

    • Somewhere around episode 20, Tracy Strauss will be broken up. And yes, it’s the sort of breaking up that lands the character permanently in a grave. Will she come back as yet another manifestation along the lines of Niki/Jessica/etc.? That remains to be seen. Source: Kristin on E!Online

    Episode 3.21: Into Asylum Airdate: March 23, 2009

    Episode 3.22: Face the Stranger Airdate: March 30, 2009

    Episode 3.23: Title Unknown Airdate: April 2009

    New Chuck Spoilers!

    Episode 2.13: Chuck Versus the Suburbs Airdate: February 16, 2009

    • It’s the moment you Chuck fans have been waiting for: Chuck and Sarah are getting married! […] Jenny McCarthy is totally trying to steal him away, the little trollop. It all goes down on this Monday’s episode and…OK, the Sarah-Chuck marriage is all a ruse for a mission. Source: Kristin on E!Online
    • 01/25 – Chuck and Sarah’s latest assignment forces them to pose as a happily married couple living in the suburbs. They meet some interesting characters including Brad (guest star Andy Richter), a cheerful next-door neighbor in the stationary business, and Sylvia (guest star Jenny McCarthy), a seductive and attractive woman who lives across the street and has her eye on Chuck. Meanwhile, Big Mike is on a work rampage after his wife files for divorce, so the Buy More gang sets him up on a dating website to keep him distracted. Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay also star. Source: NBC

    Episode 2.14: Chuck Versus the Best Friend Airdate: February 23, 2009

    • Chuck helps a heartbroken Morgan spy on Anna. After he flashes on Anna’s new boyfriend, Chuck, along with Sarah and Casey, is sent to discover his connection to a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester try to convince Ellie and Awesome to hire their band Jeffster! for the wedding. Source: NBC

    Episode 2.15: Chuck Versus the Beefcake Airdate: March 2, 2009

    • Chuck breaks up with Sarah after Ellie’s urging, but jealousy strikes when Sarah must seduce a handsome agent in order to retrieve Fulcrum intelligence. Morgan deals with his mother’s relationship with Big Mike by crashing at Chuck’s apartment much to Ellie and Awesome’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester talk their way into hiring the new Buy More employee but decide to search for the “Buy More Babe.” Adam Baldwin also stars. Source: NBC

    Episode 2.16: Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon Airdate: March 9, 2009

    • Chuck, Sarah and Casey learn about a man called “Perseus” who is behind Fulcrum’s plans to build their own Intersect. While Sarah and Casey are sent to find Perseus, Chuck and Agent Cole Barker (guest star Jonathan Cake) are forced to stay in a safety bunker. When the mission takes a dangerous turn, their orders to stay out of harm’s way go out the window. Meanwhile, Morgan tries to convince Anna that moving in with him would be a bad idea. Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay also star. Source: NBC

    According to cocreator Chris Fedak: “In upcoming episodes, we’ll see what Fulcrum thinks is going on at the Buy More, not necessarily that the Intersect is there or that Chuck is it. Arnold Vosloo plays a super-badass Fulcrum agent. We’ll get to see the inside of Fulcrum’s headquarters, and it’s like Tron.” (Watch With Kristin)

    Chuck: Jenny McCarthy Is a Man-Stealing Beyotch

    Source: Kristin @ E!Online

    It’s the moment you Chuck fans have been waiting for: Chuck and Sarah are getting married! And as you can see in the sneak peek above, Jenny McCarthy is totally trying to steal him away, the little trollop. It all goes down on this Monday’s episode and…OK, the Sarah-Chuck marriage is all a ruse for a mission.

    Still, we just interviewed Chuck boss Josh Schwartz himself at New York’s Comic Con, and he gave us some very promising news about the could-be couple’s future! (Did someone say cohabitation?) Jenny McCarthy may be putting the moves on Chuck, but that’s not the only action he’ll be getting this year, according to Schwartz. “This season Chuck will have his first kill and have his own move, a cool spy move.” Holler! Our dorkalicious hero is really stepping it up. But what about the sexy action between Chuck and Sarah? Once the Jonathan Cake debacleis over, that topic will definitely come up. Schwartz reveals: “There are natural obstacles to them getting together. For instance, if they fall in love it jeopardizes their job.” Bummer. Silver lining? “We’ve thought about Chuck and Sarah living together,” adds Schwartz. Ummmm…Yes, please!? With sister Ellie getting married, it only makes sense, right?

    Guest Stars Galore:

    • Tricia Helfer: According to Schwartz, she plays a hot agent, Alex Forrest, who seduces Captain Awesome. (Warning: Avert your eyes cause it may be too much prettiness on one screen.)
    • Arnold Vossloo: He’s a Fulcrum agent who helps to identify Chuck as the intersect. Also, says executive producer Chris Fedak, “We’ll get to see the inside of Fulcrum’s headquarters; it’s like Tron.
    • Chevy Chase: Tech mogul Ted Roark is not a friend to Chuck, especially when he orders him killed.
    • Scott Bakula: Sarah is actually going to help Chuck find his father via the CIA, but “don’t assume Chuck’s dad is a spy,” says Schwartz.

    Do you want Chuck and Sarah to end up together or do you think that’ll be the end of the show? How about the list of guest stars?

    Oh, and we forgot one. Check out Andy Richter putting the moves on Sarah and the other sneak peeks below…

    —Additional reporting by Breanne Heldman

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