New Desperate Housewives Spoilers! Preview 5.09: “Me and My Town”

5-9 (Episode 96) “Me and My Town” November 30

Written by Lori Kirkland Baker; directed by David Warren

Thanks to an injury caused in the fire, Orson broke his nose. As a result, he’s now snoring loudly. Orson refuses to have the surgery that could fix the problem. Bree does a cooking demonstration for children, but since she’s using sleeping pills due to Orson’s snoring, she acts extremely odd.

A doctor informs Carlos and Gaby that Carlos’ sight might be able to be fixed. They’re both happy, but Gabrielle’s worried about what Carlos will think of her looks. She thinks she has a month to lose the weight, but the doctor informs her the best eye doctor in the state can perform the surgery in a few days. Can Gabrielle get the surgery postponed?

Susan learns about Mike and Katherine.

How far will Lynette and Tom go to protect Porter? Lynette suspects Porter started the fire. Gail O’Grady continues to guest star as Anne.

Mrs. McCluskey and her sister Roberta (Lily Tomlin) appear.

5-10 (Episode 97) “A Vision’s Just a Vision” December 7

Written by David Flebotte; directed by Larry Shaw

Lynette does what any mother would do to protect her son; Carlos realizes the sacrifices Gaby has made for their family; Bree longs to prove to Andrew she has accepted him for who he is; Katherine finds happiness; Susan and Mike recognize the fate of their relationship; and Dave begins to lose his grip. Guest stars include Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McCluskey and Lily Tomlin as Roberta. Source: ABC

Porter’s arrested, but skips town afterwards, and Preston takes his twin’s place. Lynette sells Tom’s heirloom baseball to a Japanese businessman to raise bail, but then Lynette needs to get it back before Tom learns what she’s done.

Bree wants to prove to Andrew she’s accepted him being gay. His boyfriend (Todd Grinnell) makes an appearance.

Carlos’ surgery goes well as he begins to regain his sight. He realizes how much Gabrielle has sacrificed for their family.

Katherine finds happiness; Susan and Mike recognize the fate of their relationship.

Mrs. McCluskey and her sister Roberta continue to investigate Dave’s past; they’ve tracked down his doctor’s office, but that may be a bust, what with Dr. Heller being missing. Dave calls for a refill on his prescription and mentions his address as being on Wisteria Lane. Out of pills, Dave begins to lose his grip as he suffers from hallucinations.

5-11 (Episode 98) Airing in 2009

Susan’s at a gay club for the first time; she’s with Lee (Kevin Rahm). She believes a shirtless guy is flirting with her, til he mentions he’s gay.

We will hear but not see Jackson (Gale Harold).

Gabrielle learns one of Carlos’ former associates has a job opening perfect for Carlos. Carlos, however, has decided to teach the blind, to Gabrielle’s horror. Carlos and Gaby host a dinner party where they learn they might be happier than his former associate and his wife are now.

We meet Andrew’s boyfriend’s mother, Melina, who’s very liberal. She’s played by the always fantastic Joanna Cassidy.

5-12 (Episode 99)

One of the women may be set up with a produce guy.

Gabrielle has her roofer order her kids to pick up their toys.

Porter is laying low at the retirement home of his grandmother Stella (Polly Bergen) who might have had a heart attack.

5-13 (Episode 100) “The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened” January 19, 2009

The show will air its 100th episode this season!

Allison: An officious, short-tempered caterer in her late 40s, she shows her employee no mercy while preparing for a wealthy woman’s event. Source: SpoilerTV

A short-tempered caterer (not Bree or Katherine) prepares for a wealthy woman’s event.

— Desperate Housewives Tripod Blog

Don’t worry about Mike getting axed from Wisteria Lane, because James Denton just assured me, “I’ve got some great stuff coming up with Dana Delaney; Mike and Katherine aren’t finished.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

In the aftermath of episode 5.08’s deadly fire, the residents of Wisteria Lane begin their recovery on the next episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’.

Preview of “” episode 5.09 has been released. With the title “Me and My Town”, it focuses on the residents’ recovery after a deadly fire disturbs the peaceful life of Wisteria Lane’s citizens in the series’ last episode.

The episode shows the injuries sustained in the fire by Gaby and Carlos leading them to a fortunate discovery. Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom Scavo vow to protect their son, Porter, who gets arrested. For Susan Delfino, she must learn to let go of the man she loves. Also, Orson Hodge’s attempt to get a good night’s sleep puts Bree in a most precarious position on the day of her big cooking demonstration.

Guest starring Annalise Basso as Denise and as Roberta, “Me and My Town” is scheduled to air on ABC on November 30 at 9/8c, two weeks from the broadcast of episode 5.08. — Ace Showbiz

New Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers, Why is Izzie really seeing Denny?

Jennifer Westfeldt is joining Grey’s Anatomy for a multi-episode arc. [… She] is coming on as a patient. [… The crossover will] take place over the course of three episodes (Feb. 5, 12, and 19) and the only confirmed participant as of now is Kate Walsh. […] Denny will be haunting Izzie at least through February. Source: The Ausiello Files

A brain tumor is still the number one speculation circulating around Katherine Heigl’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ character, Dr. Izzie Stevens, though there are other interesting posibilities as well.

Several speculations have circulated around Dr. Izzie Stevens, one of “Grey’s Anatomy” characters, regarding her recently complex situation with her deceased fiance, Denny Duquette. E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos has given some speculations about what truly happens to Izzie, played by .

Similar to what has already been speculated previously, Kristin first guesses that Dr. Izzie’s character may suffer from a brain tumor. Though “Grey’s Anatomy” creator, Shonda Rimes, has made a statement to EW’s Michael Ausiello hinting that Izzie’s brain tumor is only a rumor, Kristin thinks that Izzie’s recently behavior has a strong implication of someone suffering from a brain tumor.

Next assumption implies that Izzie’s character could have lost her mind. In other words, Izzie may become mad for she is having hallucinations over the dead Denny Duquette. Another hypothesis suggests that Izzie may suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder because she is too busy fighting for surgeries.

Other than those speculations, Kristin also believes that Izzie may have an overactive imagination which proof comes from the fact that Izzie has sex with the dead Denny in her mind. Finally, the last assumption lets out the possibility of Izzie already becoming among the dead people too. — Ace Showbiz

Private Practice Episode Recap

Chrislowell_privatepractice_240 Over the river and through the woods we go, and Addison’s brother Archer has come for a visit… and to stir up some trouble with our Oceanside doctors. Charlotte’s secret also comes out, and Pete’s friend Meg is back for a visit too. We’re reaching some storyline arcs tonight, I think.

Addison and Officer Kevin return from a night of go-kart racing to find her front door open. Officer Kevin morphs into policeman mode (with Addison following right behind, yeah, right) to find Addison’s brother Archer and Addison’s neighbor getting it on in the kitchen. Archer Montgomery, an ex-doctor and current famous author, is anti-L.A. and decidedly anti-Officer Kevin.

Archer invites Addison and the doctors to a swanky book party, and during the party, Archer works the room and all of the doctors. Officer Kevin and Archer start in on each other, and Archer says that Addison is a trust fund baby worth millions, who is only “enjoying” Kevin for now. Archer also hooks Sam up with a hottie, and hooks up with Naomi himself. The next morning, after Archer’s walk of shame, Addison asks Archer where he was, hoping that he helped Naomi home before his night of debauchery. Addison’s eyebrows realize what happened before we switch to… Continue reading »

Gossip Girl News!


Exclusive: ‘Gossip’ Guy Nixes Contract

by Michael Ausiello, EW

Warning: If you’re an out-of-work actor, this story may induce uncontrollable head-scratching and/or violent convulsions.

Gossip Girl third-stringer Connor Paolo, who plays Blake Lively’s little (and recently outed) brother, Eric van der Woodsen, has rejected an offer from the show to become a series regular.

OMFGRUSERIOUS? Totally serious.

So what’s the deal? Is he scared to be gaycast, as Thomas Dekker allegedly was circa Heroes? Nah. My Gossip rumor monger insists that the One Life to Live alum is “totally comfortable playing a gay character.” More likely, it’s about dollars and common sense.

See, the deal that was put before Paolo was not for all shows produced, or ASP as it’s called in the biz. Rather, the contract called for him to appear in only half of this season’s 25 episodes, which is about what he’s been averaging as a recurring player, anyway. So, basically, by remaining a free agent, he’s got the same gig with none of the strings attached.

“He probably didn’t want to commit to being ninth fiddle on a show,” theorizes one TV agent. “Sure, he’ll make less money, but he’s free to accept other opportunities in TV and film should they come along. It’s not a bad move if you have aspirations to do other things.”

And although a Gossip rep declined to comment, and so did Paolo’s agent, my insider stresses that, contract or no, the young thespian remains happily committed to TV’s hottest soap for the foreseeable future. Schedule permitting, of course.

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers!

Kitty’s quest to become a mom remains a struggle. After all their adoption woes, Robert and Kitty decide to try in vitro fertilization, but that doesn’t go any better. As for the Walker family’s professional chaos, Justin isn’t too happy when he finds out Rebecca is a pawn in Tommy’s sneaky plan to get back at Holly. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Rumor has it producers are casting a love interest for Kitty. His ETA? April. Source: The Ausiello Files

A special two-hour episode airing in March will find a member of the Walker clan experiencing a potentially life-threatening medical crisis. Source: The Ausiello Files

Episode 3.09: Unfinished Business Airdate: November 30, 2008

Steven [Weber] is back next week as Graham Finch. He attempts to buy out Greenatopia from Kyle and Ethan. That doesn’t work out, but he does get a sweet consolation prize, and it rhymes with Farrah Talker. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.10: Just a Sliver (aka “Just a Slice”) Airdate: December 7, 2008

Guest starring are Dierdrie Henry as Dr. Williams and Kim Rowe as the lab tech. Source: ABC

The Walkers encounter some scheduling conflicts on Thanksgiving, leaving Nora and Sarah to celebrate alone, until Elizabeth endures a medical emergency that brings the family together. Source: ABC

New Supernatural Spoilers: Interview with Misha Collins & An Ultimate Fight!

Three Questions With Supernatural’s Misha Collins

Posted by Ian Spelling on 11/25 at 10:52 AM

Misha Collins is having a hell of a good time on Supernatural.

The actor plays Castiel, the angel who saved Dean Winchester from you know where, and he’s fast emerged as a fan favorite. And so Collins – an actor whose credits include Charmed, Girl, Interrupted, 24 (as Dennis Hopper’s assassin son), ER, CSI: NY and Over Her Dead Body – will appear in at least another half dozen episodes of Supernatural this season and just might stick around far longer than that. UGO recently caught up with Collins for an exclusive interview. Here’s what he had to say.

UGO: So, your gig on Supernatural started out as a six-episode recurring character arc and now it looks like you’re going to on the show for the foreseeable future. How cool is that?

Collins: It’s totally awesome. It’s kind of like a dream come true, really, because it’s so much better to come into a show like this that’s establish and, in my opinion, really good, than doing a pilot that might shoot six episodes of and you don’t know if it’s going to catch on. It’s so great to come into something that’s established and already has a fan base. It’s a great character. I have got nothing to complain about. I love Vancouver. I’m sort of pinching myself. It’s great.

UGO: How are you enjoying working with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Robert Wisdom, who plays Uriel to your Castiel?

Collins: I can say in all honestly that this is probably the best television set I have ever worked on, which is amazing because it’s probably also the hardest-working set I’ve ever been on. They are working incredibly long hours and Jared and Jensen are shouldering virtually ever scene. So they work really hard, and they’re not doing season four eye rolls or yawning or spending the entire time off in a corner texting their girlfriends. They’re really there and they do their work, and they have senses of humor. They’re both actually really witty and sarcastic, which makes it so much more fun to work with them. And Robert Wisdom is an awesome guy. We had an incredibly long van ride back from the set one day, where the traffic was just horrible and we were in the van for about two and a half hours. We told each other our life stories and we found out that he had lived in Washington, D.C. and I lived in Washington, D.C. I had interned at the White House and he had interned at the Capitol. We both worked at National Public Radio headquarters in D.C., and we’re both now playing angels. We both practice similar kinds of meditation. So he’s a fascinating guy.

UGO: We couldn’t help but notice that in last week’s episode, Uriel did all the heavy lifting in the fight scenes. When is Castiel going to kick some ass?

Collins: I’m going to make an uneducated prediction and say by the end of this season there will be some ass-kicking. The show is going on a little break, but it should pick up after that. (In last week’s episode) I was a bit disappointed when we choreographed the fight scenes and I thought Castiel got cheated of his warrior qualities, but I’m sure that time will come.

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