CSI Episode Recap

Melindaclarkre_csi_240We open on Gil en route to a crime scene where Catherine is trying to preserve a tire track from a driving rainstorm. Nearby? The body of a man dragged under a car, whose fingertips and toes are missing. Good Lord, ouch. The theory is that the vic was tied to the undercarriage of an SUV, lost his appendages when they touched the asphalt at speed, and then came loose and fell.

As if that weren’t enough, Doc Robbins uncovers a slew of mysterious injuries: puncture wounds around his nipples, electrical burns on his tongue and nine post-mortem stab wounds. His true cause of death? Strangulation….Continue reading »

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 5.7 Recap: “Rise Up”

Katherine HeiglTonight’s Grey’s Anatomy opens with Meredith’s voiceover musing about death, a common occurrence on Grey’s Anatomy, actually. It’s early morning and Cristina (Sandra Oh) wakes Meredith up by calling to discuss Ellis’ old diaries, which are the Harry Potter books Cristina never had. Derek (Patrick Dempsey), who enjoys not getting woken up by a phone call at the butt crack of dawn, is annoyed to no end by Cristina. Later on at the hospital, Derek asks Mark (Eric Dane) to seduce Cristina to keep her occupied. Everyone is late for work today, even Bailey who is arguing with Tucker about marriage counseling. In skills lab, Richard introduces the residents to STAN, a state of the art animatronic robot for the residents to practice on. Operating on STAN will help Richard decide on which of the second-year residents will get to do their first solo surgery. Of course, the news of solo surgeries whips all the residents into a competitive frenzy to see who will get the first one. Just another day at Seattle Grace. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) asks Major McHottie (Kevin McKidd) to observe the residents to help him decide….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

Supernatural Episode 4.8 Recap: “Wishful Thinking”

Jensen AcklesTonight’s episode of Supernatural takes a break from the apocalypse to introduce a giant talking teddy bear named Teddy.  Seriously.

“Wishful Thinking” starts with a sexy shower scene, but calm down ladies and gents, because it doesn’t involve the Winchesters.  A woman named Candace turns off the water, dries off, and soon discovers that she’s being watched by a teen who’s turned himself invisible.  One might expect a creepy Kevin Bacon to be the see-through perv, but it’s actually just a random student with a crush on his teacher.  Meanwhile, Sam tries to get Dean to talk about his vacation in Hell, but the doe-eyed wonder isn’t feeling chatty.  In an effort to change the subject, Sam brings up the story about a “ghost” in Washington stalking women at a health spa….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

Smallville Episode 8.8 Recap: “Bloodline”

Laura Vandervoort and Tom Welling, SmallvillePreviously on Smallville: Chloe became a homicidal maniac because of Brainiac, Davis became a homicidal maniac because he’s Doomsday and Kara got locked up in the Phantom Zone.

Lois makes the rash decision to move in with Clark on the farm to get away from from Chloe and Jimmy. This shouldn’t be awkward at all. Clark receives a gift – Tess’ missing Blue Crystal. He picks it up and before you know it, Clark and Lois are trapped in the Phantom Zone, flying through space.

Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) wake up in the PZ, and she naturally freaks the hell out because they’re on another planet. Clark tries to calm her down, but she’s certain they’ve been abducted. Maybe Clark is so calm because he wouldn’t mind a good probing….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

Ugly Betty Episode Recap

Jesse_01Betty devises meet-cutes with Jesse all the time, listens to his demos like they’re love letters and talks him up so much that even Daniel starts to tease her. (By the way, I’m loving the big brother ribbing he gives her. It feels so true.) The girl is slightly embarrassing, but hey, she’s young.

When she invites him to the Mode Fashion Heats Up party, Jesse misunderstands and thinks that she wants his band, Dark Sexual Journey, to play. Since Daniel has already booked Mariah Carey, Betty instead tells Jesse that he’ll play at the rooftop after-party suggested by Amanda….Continue reading »

Privileged Spoilers & Preview 1.09: “All About Insecurities”

We’re going to meet Marco’s “very handsome” boyfriend and (separately) Megan’s father. — Kristin on E!Online

11/11 All New ‘All About Insecurities’

Upset that Laurel is still giving her the cold shoulder, Megan is nonetheless excited that her college pal Caryn (guest star Sarah Drew) is coming to visit her in Palm Beach. When Caryn reveals that she’s just been promoted from assistant to junior editor at The New Yorker magazine, Megan can’t help but feel bad about her own stalled writing career. Trying to be helpful, Caryn suggests Megan write an expose about the lives of the people she’s met in Palm Beach, but Megan rejects the idea. When Sage and Rose’s publicist (guest star Kathy Najimy) learns that Rose and Sage have musical talent, she books them a gig performing at the opening of a hot new Miami nightclub, where the girls are thrilled to have a red carpet encounter with Perez Hilton (guest starring as himself). Finally, Will invites Megan and Caryn to a tennis match he has been hired to photograph, but Megan accidentally tells his boss (guest star Robert Mailhouse) that Will is independently wealthy, causing a rift in their friendship.

Private Practice Episode Recap

Katewalsh_privatepractice_240Addison discovers she needs $487,000 to keep the practice floating. To earn the money, they’ll open one hour earlier and one hour later plus weekend hours. they’ll also be asking everyone to take on extra duties to help generate much needed cash.

Meanwhile, it’s Jenna Day. Who’s Jenna? Why a 17-year-old married, dying girl who’s last wish is to have a baby. Jenna, her teenage husband Nick, and her parents are in a room as Naomi performs egg retrieval with Pete in the room as backup. When Addison finds out what’s happening, she isn’t behind the idea at all, arguing with Naomi and Pete that they’re creating an orphan.

Addison runs into Nick after he donates his half of the baby-making materials and they talk. She asks what he wants and what his plans are, how he’ll be involved. She asks what he wants and he pauses to think. I’m telling ya’ll it’s sabotage……Continue reading »

New Spoilers: Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover

Exclusive: Multi-Episode Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover Is in the Works

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh

Talk about a delicate operation.

Sources tell TVGuide.com exclusively that ABC powerhouse Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off, Private Practice, will be embarking on a multi-episode crossover story come February sweeps.

Though at this very early stage the number of episodes and the sum total of actors involved has yet to be nailed down, it can at least be confirmed that Kate Walsh’s Dr. Addison Montgomery will again be walking the halls of Seattle Grace, as she did for one episode last spring (several months after Private Practice made its debut).

Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its fifth season on ABC. The concept for Private Practice first emerged in the form of a back-door pilot/May 2007 episode of Grey’s in which Addison ventured to Los Angeles to catch up with gal pal Naomi (originally played by Alias‘ Merrin Dungey, but quickly recast with Audra McDonald).

Who from Seattle Grace might show their pretty face at Oceanside Wellness? When I interviewed Walsh just a few weeks ago, she cast her vote for Eric Dane’s Mark Sloan, saying, “It’d be fun to have him cause some trouble!” That said, the actual laundry list of crossing over cast members from each show, outside of Walsh, has yet to be confirmed.

Privileged Episode Recap

Michaelcassidy_privileged_240_002Sage gets a call from Patricia Kingston, a publicist who is friends with Nigel Barker. Nice ANTM reference, CW. Maybe there could be a crossover episode. Sage tells Rose they are having lunch with Patty Kingston and Rose balks because of a history test the next day. Megan’s delight is thinly veiled at Rose’s good decision making and Sage says she’ll go alone. She sits down to email Kingston and discovers Megan’s folder marked “Laurel Limoges Bio.”

Sage blackmails Megan into signing her permission slip for the Kingston lunch by telling her grandmother about Megan’s biography project. Megan runs off to tell Laurel before she can see Sage’s email including Megan’s notes. Marco heads her off and wants to hear the story, then reveals that Laurel is stuck in Tokyo and will probably read the email on her blackberry….. Continue reading »

One Tree Hill Spoilers & Preview: ‘Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous’

11/10 All New ‘Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous’

One Tree HillTension fills the air backstage at Peyton’s USO Show, as Lucas deals with Peyton and Julian’s (guest star Austin Nichols) romantic past. Haley battles stage fright and Nathan struggles with a decision that could change his career. Brooke gets a call that threatens her relationship with Sam (guest star Ashley Rickards). Millicent confronts Mouth on his relationship with Gigi (guest star Kelsey Chow).

The preview of “” next week’s episode has arrived. This time the One Tree Hill residents will attend a USO concert at a Marine base that is produced by Peyton. Rock band are featured in the episode along with Kate Voegele who plays her recurring role as young singer named Mia Catalano.

Haley has to take the stage again with the Enation band and struggles with stage fright. Meanwhile, off the concert, Lucas must deal with Peyton and Julian’s romantic past while Brooke’s relationship with Sam is threatened. Milicent is out to confront Mouth.

Named after a song by , “Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous” will air November 10 . A behind the scene for the episode when the cast and crew mingle with the Marine people have been provided by The CW and can be viewed below. — Ace Showbiz

New Supernatural Spoilers!

Episode 4.09: I Know What You Did Last Summer  Airdate November 13, 2008

Ruby (guest star Genevieve Cortese) tells Sam and Dean that a powerful demon named Alastair (guest star Mark Rolston) is searching for a girl named Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) who can hear the angels’ conversations. The three set out to find Anna but once they do, Alastair attacks them and Ruby escapes with the girl. Believing they were set up, Dean lashes out at Sam for trusting Ruby, so Sam tells him what happened during those months Dean was in Hell and how Ruby saved his life. Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) and Uriel (guest star Robert Wisdom) return and demand to be taken to Anna but not for the reason Dean thinks. — Source: The CW

Episode 4.10: Hell’s Angels  Airdate: November 20, 2008

Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) remembers her past and Sam and Dean finally understand why Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) and Uriel (guest star Robert Wisdom) want her dead. However, they disagree with the angels’ orders and try to help Anna restore an important part of her past so she can be saved. Meanwhile, Alastair (guest star Mark Rolston) and his demons continue to close in on Anna and the brothers. Source: The CW

In other news, the show is now casting for an 18-year-old Dean. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Supernatural Supernatural is on a tear this year. There’s so much going on and yet, we need to know more, no? I set my girl Marisa Roffman up with writer/producer Sera Gamble, so we could get some answers…

Congratulations on Supernatural’s success this year. It seems like people are finally catching on to what an awesome show it is.

I’m not an expert on why these things happen exactly, but for the season premiere this year, we got a million more viewers than we expected. I thought it was a really great episode that Kim Manners directed and I think the story is compelling this year and our fans have been extremely loyal for the past three seasons and really adamant in their word of mouth about the show, so it’s caught on.
Speaking of the premiere, Sam was in a bad place while Dean was in Hell. Are we going to be seeing any flashbacks that deal with Sam’s life while Dean was dead?
Actually, that’s coming up very soon! For sweeps, we have a two-parter, episode nine and episode ten. But in episode nine, which I actually wrote, called “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, we will see several flashbacks to Sam’s time [alone], starting literally 24 hours after Dean was dragged to Hell. If you are a viewer who is interested in what the hell happened to Sam when Dean died, this is what you’ve been waiting for.
Will that include more insight into the Sam/Ruby relationship?
I feel like we’ve been addressing it since the season premiere. We’ve just been unfolding things little by little when it comes to Sam’s story. We didn’t want to just lay it all out on the table because there really is so much going on with that character this season. We didn’t want to give the cliff-notes version. We wanted to peel it back, layer by layer. That’s how we’re dealing with Sam and that’s how we’re dealing with Ruby, as sort of one aspect of Sam’s story. They definitely had things going on. They had a relationship that consisted of Ruby hanging out with Sam while Dean was dead. As for the exact nature of that relationship? We’re being cagey about it. I can tell you, what we really have been trying to do is be mum about what happened to Sam in general while Dean was in Hell because we want the fans to come to the episodes and watch it all unfold in real time. It’s been so hard for me because I hate being cagey about spoilers. There has been so much stuff I haven’t been able to talk about ahead of time. Obviously Ruby and Sam had a lot going on. For the exact nature of their relationship, you’ll just have to tune in and find out.
And how about Dean? He and Castiel seemed to almost have a semi-bonding moment at the end of the last episode. Will that lead to Dean being more open to what the angels have to say?
What do you think? [Laughs] Do you think Dean is just going to submit to anybody? Besides Bobby, when is the last time we brought anybody on to the show just to be nice and help the boys? No, the angels, Castiel and Uriel, are some of my favorite characters that we have ever created for the show. They are so fascinating. They’re not only good, they’re the embodiment of good, they’re from God. More often than not, they function directly as obstacles to the boys on every level. They are obstacles for the stories, and they are deeply obstacles on an emotional and spiritual level. And they will continue to mess with [Dean] in every way possible, I think. I hope. For the rest of the season, and maybe the rest of his life.
For the rest of his life? I can only imagine Dean Winchester of all people having angels on his shoulders, guiding him through life…
The interesting thing is the angels have a job to do and Dean has a job to do. Those two things overlap. But the job they want Dean to do is not always the job Dean wants to be doing. They just don’t have the same view of the world. The story we have to watch unfold between Cas and Dean in the first part of the season is that Dean’s whole view of the world has changed so much now that he’s seeing angels, but Cas is being changed a little bit by Dean as well. The chemistry of that relationship is really rich and there’s a lot to explore. I think you’ll be seeing more of that because they’re so much fun to write. And just when you think [Castiel] is a problem, you meet Uriel. Uriel really puts Castiel into perspective.
Lately, it seems like there have been a lot of television shows adapted into movies. Do you think there’s any chance of seeing Supernatural on the big screen at some point?
I don’t know! I don’t know. That would be a thing people in suits talk about. I can imagine [show creator] Eric [Kripke] having a blast with a Supernatural feature film. Having that kind of budget — knowing what we go through on an episodic basis, taking the ideas we all have in our heads and shrinking them down to what can be done in eight days — would be [amazing]. This upcoming two-parter that Eric and I have been working on, episodes nine and ten, when we first started talking about it, it was right before The X-Files movie came out and we were joking that if we were breaking a Supernatural feature film right now, this is the story we would be doing. This would be the Supernatural feature film. What you will see will be shrunk down and will be made for television and translated into that form of story-telling, but it originated from us sitting back in the writers room and imagining that we were creating a movie.

Anything else you want to share about upcoming episodes?

The episode we have coming up [tonight] is hilarious. Ben Edlund wrote this episode where a wishing well starts to work. The important information is that a girl’s teddy bear comes to life. There’s a seven-foot teddy bear — like a drunk, existentialist teddy bear — wondering why he’s been brought to life. It’s probably one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever seen, period.

Will Sam and Dean be encountering this giant teddy bear?
Oh yeah! It’s definitely one of the more bizarre cases they’ve ever had to deal with. Comedic and hilarious and delicious. And then, episodes nine and ten have that epic sweeps feel to them. Very interesting case and fantastic guest stars: Mark Rolston and Julie McNiven from Mad Men, who plays a girl in a mental institution that is hearing angelic voices. I think they are going to be a couple of episodes that fans talk a lot about. There’s going to be a lot for people to enjoy and a lot for people to argue about. It’ll be a long week between episode nine and episode ten.

New Gossip Girl Spoilers & Preview: ‘Bonfire of the Vanity’

Tell me something good about Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl?
How about the fact that our girl Blair is going after her man?! Blair applies for membership at a tony NYC women’s club, but after the ladies start talking smack about Chuck, Bart, Lily and Serena, Blair decides membership privileges are overrated. She defends Lily and Serena and announces, “Chuck Bass needs me!” And then promptly runs off to find him. Um…holler! — Kristin at E!Online

Old man Bart has a brother we never met, but that’s about to change. His name is Jack, and here’s the twist: Dude’s only 30!  — The Ausiello Files

11/10 All New ‘Bonfire of the Vanity’

Gossip GirlBlair does not approve of the new man, Cyrus Rose (guest star Wallace Shawn), in her mother’s life, so she makes it her mission to break up the lovebirds by any means necessary. Jenny moves in with Agnes (guest star Willa Holland) as the friends move forward with their plans for a fashion line. Serena continues to fall for the new guy in her life, Aaron (guest star John Patrick Amedori), but she learns something about him that threatens to end things just as they are getting really good. Dan decides to win the trust of Bart Bass in order to learn more about the man and possibly write an expose on him for Vanity Fair, but things get heated after Chuck finds out the real reason Dan is spending so much time around his family.
Things got a little tense within the Waldorf clan when Blair finds out about her mother’s romance to Cyrus Rose (guest star Wallace Shawn), and decides not to give her seal of approval. All new in ““. Blair tries everything possible to make them break apart while, Cyrus’ son Aaron keeps charming Serena.

However, as she leans closer, Serena finds out something about Aaron that threatens to end things just as they are getting really good. Meanwhile, Jenny moves in with Agnes as the friends move forward with their plans for a fashion line. Dan decides to win the trust of Bart Bass in order to learn more about the man and possibly write an expose on him for Vanity Fair, but things get heated after Chuck finds out the real reason Dan is spending so much time around his family.

The episode called “Bonfire of the Vanity” will air November 10 and present Cyndi Lauper as a guest star. The show has been extended by The CW to have 25 episodes in total in the second season.

On other news, the question on which character may die in the show has been narrowed down further when an on-set photo where the cast were shooting a funeral scene has been outed. On November 3, all the principal actors of the show , , , , Taylor Momsen and Ed Westwick were all seen ‘alive’ in a Brooklyn shoot. — Ace Showbiz

The CW have been generous at sneak peeking to the next chapter of ““, by releasing five clips for the episode called “Bonfire of Vanity”. Most the clips chronicle Blair’s effort in dealing with her mother’s new lover, Cyrus Rose.

The first one is on Dan coming to Bart Bass’ office where the two find out that they share mutual interest in each other. This later on causes a rift between Chuck and Dan. The second clip is on Jenny and Agnes’ effort in getting themselves a representative for their new clothing line. Coming to a manager’s office, the two fashionitas who have lived together have disagreements over some details of their business.

Third one is a gathering involving Blair, Elanor and Cyrus. Cyrus is trying to charm Blair and her mother but the former is obviously unimpressed. Blair then confronts her mother for liking Cyrus in the fourth clip, asking what she sees in the “short” man. The fifth and final clip shows Blair communicating her problem with Cyrus to Serena, but the smitten best friend is too deeply in love with Cyrus’ son, Aaron to pay attention to Blair’s dilemma.

“Bonfire of Vanity” will air November 11, presenting Cyndi Lauper as a guest star. — Ace Showbiz

CSI Spoilers: Will a Certain Lady Make CSI’s Grissom Forget Sara?

Will a Certain Lady Make CSI‘s Grissom Forget Sara?

by TV Guide News

Melinda Clarke and William Petersen

Since sultry dominatrix Lady Heather first appeared on CSI in 2001, she’s been no stranger to peril. She’s seen her employees and daughter murdered, and nearly got herself killed by a customer living out his morbid fantasies. Each time, Grissom (William Petersen) has come to her rescue, raising viewers’ hopes that the unlikely pair — whose chemistry is strong enough to spark a brush fire — will finally stop dancing around each other and pull out the whips. But when Melinda Clarke returns on November 6, their roles are reversed. Get ready for Heather to save Grissom.

“She’s in a good place now where she’s made some changes in her life,” Clarke says. “And we won’t necessarily see Lady Heather as a dominatrix anymore.”

Murders involving S&M bring Grissom back to Heather. “I think he’s probably at one of the lowest points in his life — personally and professionally,” Clarke says. “He comes to Lady Heather to ask for her help on a case, but she questions whether he’s here for the case or because of himself. She’s helping with this murder, but she says, ‘You don’t need me for this. Why are you really here?’ ”

For Clarke, who’ll appear in a three-episode story arc on Eli Stone starting December 9, exploring the relationship between Heather and Grissom for the past seven years has been a dream come true. “Heather, to me, is that woman who’s so evolved and so cool in her own skin — she’s the female version of him.”

But Petersen’s departure from the show later this season may put an end to her regular appearances, at least for now. “It doesn’t quite seem right to have Lady Heather there without Grissom,” Clarke says. “I think they belong together because they balance each other and it’s fulfilling for the audience and frustrating at the same time. This is an interesting episode because it’s all about what’s not said. They are true friends, but maybe he’s looking for something more from her.”

For executive producer Carol Mendelsohn, the Heather-Grissom chemistry has been fascinating to explore. “Lady Heather’s knowledge of human behavior has always been an interesting complement to Grissom’s encyclopedic knowledge of forensic science,” she says. “The two characters feel at ease with each other and share an intimate respect for one another. In a different world — one without Sara Sidle in it — Lady Heather and Grissom might end up together.”

So what about Sara (Jorja Fox)? Clarke hesitates to imply that her episode will answer any questions about who will walk into the sunset with Grissom. “Sara and Heather are still very much a part of his life and [the episode] is going to be very moving for the audience in so many ways,” she says. “It’s definitely an intimate episode.”

Does she think the CSI and the dominatrix ultimately belong together? “From my point of view, sure. Why not? Lady Heather’s not going anywhere.” Clarke pauses. “It’s just a matter of what Grissom’s compelled to do.” — Carita Rizzo

New Heros Spoilers & News!

  • You know how Elle channeled her overly abundant electricity into Claire? Later this season she’ll do the same thing to a male character, only this time it will have some distinctly sexual overtones. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.10: The Eclipse Part 1 Airdate: November 24, 2008

After reuniting Sylar and Elle, Arthur orders them to find Claire and bring her to him. Matt, Hiro and Ando team up together and follow Daphne to her hometown of Athens, Georgia to discover what she’s been hiding. Meanwhile, Nathan and Peter Petrelli travel together to Haiti in search of the the only man that can stop their father from destroying the world, the Haitian. Jack Coleman and Ali Larter also star. Robert Forster also guest stars. Source: NBC

  • Summary of spoilers revealed in Behind the Eclipse Q&A #4: The Eclipse will provide us with more details about Daphne’s powers including strength and healing. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 3.11: The Eclipse Part 2
Airdate: December 1, 2008

The eclipse continues to impact the Heroes’ abilities as Elle and Sylar face off against a vengeful H.R.G. while Claire struggles to survive. In Haiti, Peter and Nathan join forces with the Haitian to battle the Haitian’s brother, Baron Samedi (guest star Demetrius Grosse), and Nathan comes to a shocking decision. In the meantime, Ando, Sam (guest star Seth Green) and Frack (guest star Breckin Meyer) work hard to get Hiro’s memory back with the help of the “9th Wonders” comic books at a local comic bookstore. Greg Grunberg, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Ali Larter and Cristine Rose also star. Brea Grant and Robert Forster also guest star. Source: NBC

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers & Preview “Do You Believe in Magic?”

NEW: [Robert] may miss the birth of [his] child because of a press conference. And things could get even more complicated when he starts considering a run for governor of California.

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Episode 3.07: Do You Believe in Magic? Airdate: November 9, 2008

Since Kitty can’t keep her big mouth shut, the rest of the family will meet Ryan’s father, George, this week at Tommy and Julia’s anniversary party. Look for Holly to ruin the close-to-family reunion though, but with the casting of Ryan, we all know he’ll be popping up soon. Source: Kristin on E!Online

revious episode of “” featured Kitty and her husband Robert McCallister waiting for a birth mother. Next week in “Do You Believe in Magic?”, Kitty’s neurosis will cause McCallister’s chance to adopt to be in danger.

As the title states, the episode will have something to do with magic and all this stuff. Saul does some magic trick, while Rebecca, Sarah, Kitty and Nora visit a fortune teller who predicts that there is a big chaos about to happen. Kevin’s first day is an eyeopener to the reality of politics, and of respecting his new boss.

Magic spell also happens in Tommy and Julia’s wedding anniversary. In the other side, Justin and Rebecca need some magic spell for their romance which is being disturbed by some issues of their relationship. Tommy razzes Justin over Rebecca’s response to his three little words.

Guest starring and Eric McCormack, “Do You Believe in Magic” will air on ABC, November 9 at 10/9c.  — Ace Showbiz

Episode 3.10: Just a Slice (aka “Just a Sliver”)  Airdate: December 7, 2008

The Walkers encounter some scheduling conflicts on Thanksgiving, leaving Nora and Sarah to celebrate alone, until Elizabeth endures a medical emergency that brings the family together. — Source: ABC

All signs point in the direction that Kevin is Elizabeth’s biological father. Sarah will launch an environmental company called Greenatopia. — Source: TV Squad

New 90210 Spoilers: 1.10 “Games People Play” Is Brenda Pregnant?

Is it true they’re killing Shannen Doherty off 90210 with some illness? Say it ain’t so. I will boycott the CW if they dare go there.
Right now the buzz is that Doherty will be back for two more episodes, one of them to possibly be directed by Jason Priestley. I’m also hearing some health-related rumblings, but not necessarily about Brenda. And they don’t involve death — quite the opposite, in fact. — TV Guide

More about Kelly and Dylan will be dished out on the new episode of ““. Back from her trip, Kelly reveals what happened between her and Dylan during the leave. She also heard rumors about Ryan hooking up with a student and confronts him, all in “Games People Play”.

Meanwhile, on Annie’s 16th birthday, Naomi sees her kissing Ethan and decides to get back at her by inviting someone from Annie’s past to her birthday party. Adrianna has dinner with Navid and his family and finds out that Navid is a virgin. Also, Harry’s illegitimate son, Sean (guest star Josh Henderson), visits the Wilson family for the first time.

“Games People Play” will air November 11 on The CW at 8/7c.

According to TV Guide, Sean will actually move in with one of his birth parents, and his friendships with their kids will create half-sibling rivalries.

On other news, the show which has been extended to 24 episodes this season, will have somebody pregnant. Kristin Dos Santos from E! said that “this pregnancy storyline is indicative of a new direction for the show: to tackle issues that are relevant to both teens and adults today, the way the original series did.” — Ace Showbiz

New Ugly Betty Spoilers!

Somebody will be making out with Jesse (Val Emmich), and it’s not Betty! There will be more smooching behind people’s backs when Marc cheats on Cliff, which (oddly) just might lead to a marriage proposal. …Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) finds true love! She’ll be locking lips with Connor Owens (Grant Bowler) this week. — Kristin at E!Online

Nikki Blonsky Takes Assistant Role on ‘Ugly Betty’

ABC has announced that they have signed “Hairspray” star Nikki Blonsky to star in an episode of “Ugly Betty“. Her role will be as an assistant at Elle magazine named Teri who “develops a friendship” with Betty “but who may have an agenda of her own.”

The camera has begun rolling on Friday, October 31 for her episode which will air on December 4. No other details have been shared regarding her scenes. According to WENN, Blonsky has only signed on for one episode, but producers insist there could be more. — Ace Showbiz

Exclusive: Val Emmich’s Ugly Betty Love Song

By Mickey O’Connor, TV Guide

On Thursday’s jam-packed episode of Ugly Betty (8 pm/ET, ABC), Betty’s neighbor and new crush, Jesse, will dedicate a love song to her. It’s called “Snowy Day,” and it was written by Val Emmich, the actor who plays Jesse, who is also a musician. (Aside: Watch this episode. In addition to Emmich’s spotlight, it’s full of surprises, featuring standout performances by Becki Newton and Vanessa L. Williams.)

You might recognize Emmich from his recent run of man-candy guest-starring roles. That was him sucking face with Lucy Liu on Cashmere Mafia. He made Frank gay as the Oedipal intern Jamie, who comes on to “sexy librarian” Liz Lemon on 30 Rock.

When Emmich learned that starving-artist Jesse and his hilariously named band, Dark Sexual Journey, would be performing two songs at a “Mode” magazine function, he approached the producers about using his own music on the show. “I only recently learned how to fight for these things. They told me about the concert, and I said, ‘Well, please use my band.’ And they were cool with it; it made sense.” In addition to “Snowy Day,” which Emmich wrote specifically for the show, during the episode he also sings “Get On with It,” the first single from his album Little Daggers (in stores and on iTunes now; check out his MySpace page to take a listen). If you listened closely earlier in the season, you also heard Emmich’s cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” on the show as well.

Emmich, whose singing voice at times evokes that of a young David Bowie, says that he has resisted auditioning for musician roles in the past. “They often don’t ring true to me,” he says. “This seemed like a ‘get out of jail free’ card in that the show is trying to be larger than life. These are caricatures of people in a way. So I figured it could be fun.” After snagging an early copy of the episode’s script, he tailored “Snowy Day”‘s lyrics to a recurring motif in the episode: that Betty is like a “snow day” to Jesse because she makes him forget his crummy life.

So does Jesse’s love-song dedication mean that Betty has found true love? Emmich confirms that he hasn’t kissed America Ferrara yet, but that he has been contracted to appear in future Ugly Betty episodes. So stay tuned.

Beckinewton_michaelurie_americaferr We haven’t seen a whole lot of Amanda and Marc this year. I liked watching them set Betty up to take Kimmie down last week, but I want more!
And this week, you’ll see quite a bit of Amanda: Seems she walks around Mode totally naked during off hours — but that won’t last. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Amanda’s moving in with Betty tonight, and will actually be quite helpful with operation Jesse. Turns out, Amanda’s a freakin’ genius when it comes to landing men… As for Mr. Marc, well, his love for Cliff will lead him in a few different directions this evening. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing the show takes place in New York City and not L.A., because the passage of Prop 8 would put a damper on his plans.

Valemmich_2 I hate to say it, but I love the new neighbor guy on Ugly Betty. I was pissed when we lost Henry and Gio, but this guy is so cute, it’s hard to hate him. Will he and Betty hook up this week? –
He should be giving it up — considering B goes out of her way to organize a huge party  so he and his band can get some exposure — and he is. Just not to Betty.

Anaortiz Am I crazy or did the Karate Kid show up on Ugly Betty last week?
Indeed he did. Ralph Macchio’s looking pretty good these days, no? And we’re going to see more of him. Not tonight, but word is, he’ll show up again. Apparently, Hilda’s going to have some trouble getting that business license he warned her about.

Grantbowler Hey Korbi, Can you tell me who the new guy on Ugly Betty is? You know, the new CFO guy who Daniel tricked Wilhelmina into hiring? He’s hot. Is he sticking around?

Grant Bowler is the actor playing Connor Owens (you may recognize him from a few guest appearances on Lost) and yeah, he’ll be around for a bit. Seems Willie’s about to fall for him. She’s crushing so hard, she’ll totally forgive the fact that he and Daniel completely played her. Unfortunately for Ms. Slater, I’m hearing he’s not exactly available. Stay tuned for an awesome Slater/Suarez scene which actually makes Willie seem human… — Korbi at Zap2it.com

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: “It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy”

This Wednesday’s (Nov. 5) DirecTV episode, titled “It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy” put the show back on solid footing and included at least one massive plot development.

Matt and Julie finally made sweet, sweet love!

Some people will probably feel like Julie and Matt (or “Mulie” if you’re one of those people who likes to combine couple names) rushed into the sexy-time, but they’d done the protracted build-up before. It yielded “I Think We Should Have Sex,” which ranks as either my second or third favorite Friday Night Lights episode ever. But in the context of this season, the impetuous decision made a lot of sense. With his grandma, his ma and his benching, Matt has been going through a lot lately, while for Julie it was a bit of over-obvious symmetry that last week she got flowered (on her ankle) and this week she was deflowered. And, honestly, thank heavens she didn’t sleep with The Swede or John From Cincinnati….Continue reading »

Top Model Episode Recap: “The Final Five” Elina Goes Home

On this week’s Top Model, the five remaining ladies struggle with the always troublesome go-see challenge, and come time for their photo shoot, Tyra plays the part of photographer….read more

Tyra Banks/Pottle Productions Inc

ANTM, Elina Ivanova

Smallvile Spoilers!

11/6 All New ‘Bloodline’

Clark receives an anonymous package containing the crystal that Tess found in the Arctic. When he removes the crystal, it activates and sends him and a visiting Lois to the Phantom Zone where they run into Kara. Kara opens a portal for Lois to return but Zod’s wife Faora escapes with her and takes over Lois’s body. A possessed Lois goes on a rampage in Metro

Smallville‘s Supergirl Returns! (But She’s Feeling Not-So-Super)

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

Laura Vandervoort with Tom Welling, Smallville

After spending what to us seemed like an eternity trapped in the Phantom Zone (thanks, Brainiac!), Clark Kent’s cousin returns this Thursday to Smallville (8 pm/ET, the CW). Laura Vandervoort shared with us a super peek at where Kara has been… and where her own career is going. (Hint: She donned a bikini to follow in Jessica Alba’s barefootsteps.)

TVGuide.com: Where in the universe has Kara been?
Laura Vandervoort: She’s been in the Phantom Zone — and apparently Smallville had forgotten that, because no one has mentioned her since the season started. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Is she any worse for the wear?
Vandervoort: Yeah. Time passes by faster in the Phantom Zone, but when Clark finds her she’s a little bit messed up in the head. She’s on-edge and not quite herself.

TVGuide.com: What, overall, is the “Bloodline” episode about?
Vandervoort: It’s about Clark and Kara coming together as a family, but perhaps deciding that they need to not be in the same place to best help the world. There’s a little line at the end of the episode about how they’ll always be close to each other’s hearts and be family, no matter what.

TVGuide.com: Is this where Kara urges Clark to don some tights already?
Vandervoort: I don’t think you’re ever going to see him in tights. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Does she at least give him that much-needed flying lesson…?
Vandervoort: Um, no. There was that one episode last season where she attempted to teach him and it didn’t work out, so I don’t think she’ll be the one to do it.

TVGuide.com: Do you have scenes with anyone outside of Tom Welling?
Vandervoort: I have scenes with Erica [Durance, Lois], but they don’t last too long, because I knock her out — mistakenly! And I have a brief scene with Allison [Mack, Chloe].

TVGuide.com: Does Kara suspect that, as rumored, Chloe has been possessed by Brainiac?
No, she doesn’t. Kara doesn’t talk about Brainiac at all.

TVGuide.com: Were you glad to get the call to make this return appearance?
Vandervoort: Yeah! When they told me last season they had kind of run out of storylines for me and they needed to focus on Clark, I was upset because in my mind I was planning to be back for another season. And there was also the [once-rumored Supergirl] spin-off thing. I took it personally and said to the producers, “Look, is there something I could have done better?” They said, “We want you all the time on the show.” But they’ve got to focus on Clark and Lois, and having another superhero around who could fly, while Clark can’t, wouldn’t work out.

TVGuide.com: Yeah, it’s a bit emasculating for ol’ Clark.
Vandervoort: Tom, when I left, said, “You’re going to move on to good things,” and [the producers] did mention I might come back for one or two [episodes]. I’ve been back for one, and I think that’s probably it.

TVGuide.com: Were you up in Canada anyway, shooting this Jazzman film?
Vandervoort: I did Into the Blue 2 [a sequel to the 2005 film starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker] and then I went home to Toronto and I shot The Jazzman.

TVGuide.com: That’s a passion project for its director?
Vandervoort: Yes, Josh Koffman, who’s the grandson of Moe Koffman. It’s inspired by Moe’s life story. Josh is a young director with a lot of passion, so we were excited to be a part of it. [Vandervoort’s longtime boyfriend] Cory Sevier is basically playing Josh, and I play his girlfriend, the one who inspires him to do what he can with his music.

TVGuide.com: Will Into the Blue 2 be as fun-to-watch of a guilty pleasure as the original?
Vandervoort: I think it will be better. We had some really great actors, like Chris Carmack [The O.C.] and Marsha Thomason (Las Vegas) and David Anders (Alias)…. I can’t wait to see it. There’s a lot of action for me!

TVGuide.com: Did you learn any new skills for it?
Vandervoort: Yeah, all of us had to get certified for scuba diving before we left for Hawaii. We also had volleyball training.

TVGuide.com: Which did you wind up better at — scuba diving or volleyball?
Vandervoort: Scuba diving. [Laughs] I wish I could say volleyball, but that’s a sport I’ve never been able to pick up very well.

TVGuide.com: How is Audrina Patridge (The Hills) in it? This was one of her first legit acting projects.
Vandervoort: I didn’t have any scenes with her….

TVGuide.com: What, not even one on-screen catfight?
Vandervoort: No, my character has nothing to do with hers. Chris Carmack and I are a couple, and our worst enemy is dating Audrina. But she’s so sweet, a really great girl. I heard she did a great job.

TVGuide.com: Do you have anything else coming up?
Vandervoort: I did a TV-movie called Out of Control, playing a forensic scientist/criminologist/wannabe cop….

TVGuide.com: Oh lord. Did you master the lingo?
Vandervoort: That was the toughest part, the CSI lingo. I had a lot of scientific terminology to spout out like it’s nothing, but it all worked out in the end!

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